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The sale season is right around the corner, and we are here with impressive discount codes on your favorite products. Yes, you can save a huge sum of money with our exciting promo codes that you can use during checkout.

Whether you are looking for a recreational discount on cannabis products, Unique strain seed offers, or coupon codes for growing equipment and harvest, you will find it all here. We gather the best coupons for different brands, so you can indulge in wellness without emptying your wallet.

Save on Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are great if you want to try new products at a discounted price. With the many promo codes for weed subscription boxes, you can save a lot of money while trying different products.

We look for these trusted subscription services with a high discount, so you don’t have to. Each discount code is created by a certain brand to deduct the amount at the time of checkout. So, subscribe to a new trial box using a 420 sale coupon code.

hemper monster box

Hemper Box

Take 5% OFF your order coupon code: topgrows
Up to 50% off Bongs
The more you spend, the more you get

stoney babe

Stoner Babe

20% – 30 % Sitewide
Code: GLASSFRIDAY at checkout to add an additional 10% off our sale



10% off through link on all subscription boxes

daily high club subscription box

Daily High Club

Gift Box Included on 3mo/6mo/12mo Subscriptions
11/26 – 11/28: From the Vault Sale -Only $34.99
Coupon Code: BFCM2022

CBD Coupons Codes (Delta 8 THC, CBG & More)

If you want to try out CBD products, then look no further. We have a myriad of CBD coupons that will make your bill much lighter on your pocket. These coupon codes can get you 50 to 70% off your entire purchase in the store or online.

The marijuana plant is based on various other components other than CBD. Delta 8 THC and CBG are the most common extracts from the cannabis plant after CBD. You can get your desired CBD, Delta-8 THC and CBG products at a fraction of their cost using our coupon codes. These coupons also come in handy while you purchase a gift for your wellness enthusiast friend.



25% off sitewide CODE:BFCM

diamond cbd logo

Diamond CBD

This offer will be available Nov 24th-29th
Up to 65% off Select Items Code “SPBF
Buy 1, Get 1 FREE storewide Code: “BKGO



Take 20% off

Code SHAKE20 at checkout

Charlottes Web

Charlottes Web

Cyber Monday
40% off sitewide.
Coupon Code: CYBER40
27th to 28th November

Pure CBD Now

Pure CBD Now

Take 10% off for new customers only with code 10OFFPURE
What’s on Sale at PureCBDNow.com?

d8 thc shop

D8 THC Shop

The #1 seller of Delta 8 flower, gummies, & more. Fly on the Perfect High with all of our Delta 8 products
try the cbd

Try the CBD

Black November
Save Up 40% Off!
Up to 40% off on your favorite CBD

FAB cbd logo


11/04 – 11/30: Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale
Up to 55% OFF Sitewide (No Coupon Code)

Head Shops & Gear Discounts

Want to upgrade your marijuana smoking gear? We also offer coupon codes for the most popular head shops online. In addition, you can get massive discounts in-store using our special coupon code while checking out.

smoke cartel

Smoke Cartel

11/25 – 11/27: Black Friday Sale
-20% OFF Sitewide

25% OFF Order $200+
30% Off Orders $300+
(Coupon Code: BFCM2022)


Grass City

11/25 – 11/28: Black Friday
-20% OFF Sitewide (Coupon Code: BFCM20)

Dank stop

Dank Stop

11/25- 11/27: Black Friday Pre-Sale
-20% OFF Sitewide (Coupon Code: BFCM20)

hemper logo


Take 5% OFF your order with coupon code: topgrows
Up to 50% off Bongs
The more you spend, the more you get

Grow Equipment Deals

Weed grow equipment is also becoming common among cannabis enthusiasts, who like to consume marijuana for health or recreational purposes. However, such equipment can be a bit heavy on the pocket.

Therefore, we can gather different coupon codes for the best grow equipment online to help you save money. Furthermore, this equipment allows you to consume high-quality weed. This way, you can start your small weed cultivation system without breaking the bank.

Vivosun logo


Get 15% Off with code AFF15

the bud grower logo

The Bud Grower

Get 65-70% off retail prices with The Budgrower
Black Friday Sales Code: BF22
-50 $ off (orders +$499) BFDEAL22

super closet logo


All complete grow systems are up to 25% off!
SuperPonics systems are 20% off!



Use Coupon Code “420MAX” at check out

Harvest Promos

Weed harvest products include extraction, drying and curing devices. With these products, you can you can finish your cultivation process and enjoy your weed for medical or recreational purposes.

Thanks to this elaborate collection of promo codes, you don’t have to worry about the high prices of weed harvest products. We offer some of the top and most trusted coupon codes for renowned brands worldwide.



30% off CenturionPRO
This Harvest



Use Coupon Code “420MAX” at check out



Black Friday
Early Access

growers House


15% Off Sitewide!

Seeds Discount Codes

Looking for weed seed coupon codes? We offer various discounted deals for prime-quality weed seeds that give 100% satisfactory results. These promotions offer discounts on the checkout or other rewards that you can use to reduce the cost of your next order.

These seeds are from trusted brands. In addition, each seed goes under strict quality control tests to ensure a better product taste and the consumer’s health.

seedsman logo


Black Friday Deals Have Landed!

i love to grow marijuana logo

I love to Grow Marijuana

Black Friday Pre-Sale
Buy 10, get 10 Free

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds

13 to 19 nov
15% off all regular & feminized seeds

herbies seeds logo


23rd -30th Nov
Huge savings of up to 80% on strains

Infusers Sales

If you like to consume cannabis with everyday meals, you need to get a weed infuser. These machines help you make cannabis-infused products that you can add to your fovorite recipes.

With our mega collection of coupon codes, you can get the infusers at a much more reasonable price.

levo infuser logo

Levo Infuser

LEVO’s Black Friday Sale Spend:
up to $200 get 15% off
$200-$399 get 20% off
$400-$599 get 25% off
$600+ get 30% off

ardent nova infuser

Ardent Nova

Ardent´s biggest Sale of the Year

Black Friday Up to 50% OFF


420 Deals for Pets

Who said CBD is just for humans? It can help your pets overcome anxiety and other skin-related ailments. You can get coupon codes for Pet CBD products and introduce wellness to their lives.

Feel free to use these codes for bulk purchases, so your pets never run out of wellness goods.

Penguin CBD

Penguin CBD

20% of CBD Pet Oils % Treats woth code WOOF20



25% off sitewide CODE:BFCM

Lazarus naturals logo

Lazarus Naturals

Black Friday
Get up to  40% off

420 deals and coupon codes

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