Home growers are killing it with hydroponic systems that allow you to grow plants without soil and controlling the nutrient supply. Experts are predicting it to be the future of food production. In case you do not know much about it, brace to have your mind blown by these amazing facts:

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  1. Absolutely no soil

Could you have imagined 20 years ago growing plants without soil? This system saves you from all the trouble of using soil.

  1. 90% less water needed

As opposed to traditional soil-based growing, these systems use 90% less water which means all that talk about water scarcity should no longer be a problem for growing plants.

  1. Same space, four times the crops

Not only do you save water, you also save space. You can grow the same crop in a hydroponic system that takes one-fourth of the space.

  1. Grow anything

The best thing about these systems is that with the right balance of pH, nutrients, and oxygen you can grow any type of plant.

  1. Growth at twice the rate

One of the main reasons why so many farmers are opting for this system is that plants grow at twice the rate as they would with traditional gardening.

  1. You have the control

Let’s be honest, all of us like a little control but what if you could control every little thing about your buds? That is exactly what happens when you go for a hydroponic system.

  1. No pests

No soil means there is no threat of bugs or pests harming your plants.

  1. No harmful chemicals

Since there are no pests you do not have to use pesticides and your plants remain free from any dangerous chemicals.

  1. Tremendous market growth

Hydroponic systems are estimated to grow at 6.7% in the 2017 to 2022 period. This means that more farmers and home gardeners will be opting for water-based cultivation.

  1. It is not as difficult as it seems

If you think putting together such a system would be a hassle, you are wrong. The small-scale systems designed for homes are quite simple.




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