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James Parker

Hi, I’m James Parker, a 48 years old Cannabis aficionado and the author of the website TopGrows.com. Although I start this project in 2017, my passion can be traced back to my early 20s.

Gardening intrigued me even as a child, but it piqued my interest like anything when I first got familiar with indoor gardening. Growing plants without soil?

Initially, hydroponic cultivation sounded like the outcome of some advanced technological practices to me. But soon, I realized that it was very common and well-known.

Learning a whole new method to grow plants drove my passion for cultivating weed at home. Slowly and gradually, I acquired knowledge in Cannabis indoor cultivation.

Soon, I figured out the many benefits of indoor gardening – not only does it prevent plants from pests, but it also benefits our general well-being by reducing stress and cleaning indoor air.

Unfortunately, society associates Cannabis consumers and cultivators with negative labels. From lazy stoners to slothful creatures, all these and many more disgraceful words come from narrow-minded stereotypes.

However, medical practitioners prescribe the plant to people experiencing chronic pain, sleeplessness, and muscle spasms despite its stigma. Truthfully, people aren’t yet aware of the many health benefits of Cannabis.

If you struggle to catch some ZZz’s at night or can’t finish your day-to-day tasks because of stress, Cannabis can be of great help. Blending a few drops of oil in your favorite beverage or consuming it via other methods eases insomnia and relaxes you.

In terms of the reputation of Cannabis, a lot of work is still required to gain society’s approval and enlighten people about its potential health benefits.

For this reason alone, I start writing for TopGrows.com in 2017. I mean, what’s the point of keeping all the information to myself when I can inform my readers about hydroponics and Cannabis?

I am no longer an amateur when it comes to indoor gardening. In fact, years of experience have made me knowledgeable about the subject. Therefore, I share information about indoor cultivation and review the best products for Cannabis consumption and hydroponics.

From reviews on varying tools and buyer’s guides to the primary aspects of indoor gardening, you’ll find everything in one place. My blogs also uncover valuable information about cannabis cultivation and hydroponic uses.

I take pride in being a legal activist of Cannabis. In fact, I support the study of Cannabis. Learning about its medical uses can benefit our general well-being.

Because stress, anxiety, and depression are inevitable in a fast-paced, growing world like today, I’m glad to introduce an organic solution that can alleviate symptoms of common mental health issues.

I want to break the stereotypes related to Cannabis and shun the myth that its users lay in bed all day smoking like dopeheads. The other side of the picture is bright and beneficial, but only if we lend an ear and educate ourselves wholeheartedly.

Visit my blog to learn about endless Cannabis advantages and improve your quality of life today!


Avenida de la Filosofia, 13. 41927, Seville, Spain.


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