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TopGrows has been the go-to for cannabis growers to find valuable information and recommendations since 2017. Founded by Jean Pierre Saona, TopGrows provides helpful guides for everything related to growing cannabis at home.

Whether you’re growing your own weed for the first time or you’re a pro looking to expand, you’ll find answers to all your questions here.


Why TopGrows?

You’ll find a treasure of information on cannabis that will educate you and make you an expert on the subject.

All information provided is backed by science and checked to ensure our readers get the latest, accurate information on various subjects regarding cannabis, in general, and growing weed, in particular.

For beginners, TopGrows is the place to find all the information they need to grow their very first cannabis plant. You’ll find detailed posts on every step of growing, preparing you to do the job well.

Every strain of marijuana is unique, and choosing which ones to grow requires research. To help you find the perfect match, we review strains regularly, giving all the details, from the growing process to the effects.

Growing weed indoors is an investment as it requires equipment and gear. We make the process of finding the best weed-growing equipment and tools easy by trying, testing, and reviewing everything.

From grow tents to trimmers, if it’s anything to do with growing cannabis, we’ll review it for you. All reviews are objective and impartial to ensure our community of cannabis growers only uses the best products.

Growing weed isn’t without it challenges and we’re here to solve them for you. We discuss common problems both new and pro growers face, with tried and tested solutions to help you nip the problem in the bud (pun intended)!

You’ll find many helpful tips and tricks to increase yield and growing hacks to make your life easier.


Meet James Parker, Cannabis Connoisseur, and TopGrows Author

James Parker is an expert on growing weed, who has been growing buds for many years. He’s an avid grower who has experimented with many strains, documenting his process along the way.

His vast knowledge of the subject helps many new growers avoid mistakes and improve their yield quickly.

Whether you’re looking for high-quality organic buds or dealing with a problem, James is the guy with all the answers!

Although an expert, James still considers himself to be a learner and keeps researching innovative weed growing techniques and new strains to find more information. He won’t stop until he reaches perfection.


Helps Us Get Better!

Do you think there’s something missing that we haven’t talked about? Are you facing a problem with growing cannabis and can’t find the solution on TopGrows? Do you have any valuable tips to share?

Contact us and let us know!


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