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ACDC Strain

ACDC strain
  • THC 1% 1%
  • CBD 13% 13%
  • Sativa 50% 50%
  • Indica 50% 50%
4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 12 reviews)

ACDC strain bridges the gap between therapeutic relief and recreational delight. A true gem in the cannabis world, this hybrid offers a unique blend of genetics and cannabinoids that cater to a diverse spectrum of needs.

With a low THC content (usually below 1%) and a soaring CBD level (often reaching 13% or more), ACDC exemplifies balance. Derived from the iconic Cannatonic and an undisclosed Ruderalis, this strain has earned a reputation as the ultimate CBD-rich cultivar.

ACDC is known for its broad therapeutic appeal, often used to alleviate chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, epilepsy, and even the relentless grip of insomnia. Its cultivation, though a bit tricky, rewards the dedicated gardener with a harmonious plant.

Awards have showered ACDC for its consistent ability to deliver solace through cannabinoids, making it a go-to choice for those seeking the healing powers of cannabis.



Indulge in ACDC strain, and you’ll find your senses graced with a gentle euphoria that doesn’t impair. This strain is your passport to a tranquil voyage. It ushers in a serene focus and mental clarity while melting away tension.

For those seeking a creative spark, ACDC ignites inspiration, without the paranoia often associated with high-THC strains. A soothing body buzz complements the cerebral experience, making it an ideal choice for a peaceful night’s rest or daytime relief without the heavy high.



  1. Pain Relief: ACDC is a soothing balm for chronic pain, from migraines to arthritis.
  2. Anxiety & Stress: It eases the mind, promoting calmness and reducing anxiety.
  3. Inflammation: Ideal for managing inflammation-related conditions.
  4. Epilepsy: ACDC has shown promise in reducing the frequency and severity of seizures.
  5. Insomnia: This strain’s calming nature can help you bid adieu to sleepless nights.


ACDC Flavor:

ACDC’s flavor profile is a symphony of citrus notes, reminiscent of fresh oranges, with earthy undertones that ground the palate. Hints of pine and lemongrass add depth, leaving a delightfully herbal, slightly spicy kick on the tongue.



The aroma of ACDC strain is a breath of fresh air. Zesty citrus bursts through with invigorating energy, while subtle earthiness and floral bouquets create a harmonious blend. It’s a fragrant journey that enchants the senses.


No Title

November 22, 2023

ACDC is my go-to for inflammation relief. It’s like a spa day for my body. The taste and aroma are an added bonus.



November 22, 2023

As an artist, I rely on inspiration. ACDC fuels my creativity without the usual paranoia. A must-try for anyone seeking a clear, uplifting high.



November 21, 2023

The aroma alone is therapy. Banana OG’s tropical fragrance is like a vacation for the senses. I can’t get enough of this strain’s taste and euphoria.



November 21, 2023

Banana OG is a life-changer! It erased my chronic back pain and replaced it with pure bliss. I feel like an artist every time I indulge, thanks to its creativity boost.


Sparks my imagination

November 19, 2023

As a writer, I rely on Banana OG for creative breakthroughs. It sparks my imagination and keeps me focused. Plus, the euphoria is a fantastic side effect.


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