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Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain Aka Matanuska Thunder Fuck or ATF

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain
  • THC 13-27% 13-27%
  • CBD -% -%
  • Sativa 70% 70%
  • Indica 30% 30%
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Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain, the most legendary Sativa dominant, is known as Matanuska Thunder Fuck or ATF. This strain originated in the Matanuska Valley in Alaska. It is a cross of an unnamed Northern Californian strain and Russian ruderalis.

Despite the unknown genetics, ATF is a world-favorite strain that produces a strong high. With THC content varying between 13% to 27%, even a small dose of this hybrid strain is enough for experienced cannabis users.

This rare strain contains a 70:30 Sativa to Indica ratio, which produces strong Sativa-dominant effects. This strain stands out due to its medium-sized chunky buds shaped like spades. The nugs are covered in orange pistils.

ATF has a fluffy look with sea-green leaves. The buds can easily be torn away from the stem. But the dense trichomes cover the inner and outer surfaces, which makes Alaskan Thunder Fuck an extremely resinous and sticky strain. Due to this, you cannot break up the hard nugs without a grinder.


Effects of Matanuska Thunder Fuck

Alaskan Thunder Fuck produces potent effects even for experienced cannabis users. This strain alters senses, and certain sounds take a dynamic significance.

Regardless of ATF producing immediate effects, users do not feel the need to crash on a couch. Instead, cannabis users love ATF due to its cerebral activity, as it puts them in their problem-solving mode.

With creative brainstorming and relaxing effects, ATF helps you engage in conversations, makes you enjoy trippy music, and produces a euphoric feeling. However, when the high wears off, ATF does produce physical tingling with disorientation.



  • Treats pain
  • Boost appetite
  • Treats anorexia
  • Relieves stress
  • Boosts creative thinking
  • Eases depressive episodes
  • Clears mind



Alaskan Thunder Fuck has a fruity taste with strong orange and banana flavors. The aftertaste turns spicy for hours.


ATF Aromas

Properly cured Alaskan Thunder Fuck has a woody aroma with hints of cedar and pine. The base notes are damp earth and herbal with chocolate-like scents. When combusted, ATF produces a pungent smell with hints of sour lemon.


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