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How Much is an Ounce of Weed? A Zip of Weed

how much is an ounce of weed

Joining the stoners’ world might look easy until you hear slang terms related to cannabis, such as a zip of weed. When I first bought a half ounce of weed pre-rolls from the dispensary, I didn’t know how much is an ounce or a quarter ounce of weed and how the weed cost works for different marijuana measurements.

Fortunately, the dispensary’s budtender told me that an ounce or a zip of weed is 28.35 grams of marijuana. Moreover, the same person told me about a gram, an ounce, and half an ounce of weed. But it took me days to memorize how much weed comes in a zip or in a dub sack.

So if you are also curious about how much is an ounce of weed is or what’s a zip of weed, keep reading this post.


How Many Grams are in an Ounce of Cannabis?

An ounce of cannabis has 28.35 grams of weed. The same grams of weed comes in a zip. Moreover, a zip of weed is the legally allowed quantity you can keep for recreational use. If security officials find more than an ounce of weed with you, they might arrest you for legal proceedings.

An ounce of cannabis is a lot of weed. Therefore, different US states have allowed a zip of weed in possession per person as a recreational marijuana legalization law.


What Does an Ounce of Weed Look Like?

Roughly, an ounce of weed is 28 grams and looks like a coconut. An ounce of weed gives you around 60 joints. But that number depends on the grams consumed per joint.

If you are a beginner or want to taste different cannabis strains, you should buy less than an ounce of weed. Here’s how cannabis flower is typically measured in the US:

  • 16 ounces in one pound (one zip of weed is 1/16 pound)
  • An Eighth of weed – 1/8 of an ounce (3.5 grams)
  • Quarter ounce – A size of an apple (seven grams)
  • Half ounce (Half O) – 14 grams
  • One ounce – 28 grams


Always use a quality weed scale to ensure you are getting the right amount of weed for your money.


Where Did the Term “Zip” Come From?

If you are familiar with the Ziploc bag, you can relate to where the term “Zip” in the zip of weed came from. That’s the most relatable explanation so far. Moreover, the famous rapper Wiz Khalifa used “there are 28 grams in a Ziploc” in his song, which made the theory more sensible.

Although Ziploc bags were not famous before, people still used zip of weed. So, the origin of the term “Zip” might have an unsolved mystery.

Another explanation might be in the 1930s when people called an ounce of cannabis “Oz” or “O-zee”. Later, modern weed consumers converted “Oz” into “Zip”.

The term “Oz” and “O-zee” later became “O”, representing an ounce of cannabis. By 1980, O became an icon for one ounce of marijuana.


How Much is a Zip Of Weed in Terms of Joints?

A zip of weed or an ounce of cannabis gives you almost 60 joints. But this number varies, depending on the consumption per joint. For instance, my joint has 0.4 – 0.5 grams per joint which give me around 60-70 joints.

Experienced stoners need higher, and that’s why you will find more grams of weed in their rolling papers.


How Long Does a Zip of Weed Last?

Again, the life of a zip of weed depends on your usage. Remember that an ounce of a cannabis flower can be used in multiple forms. For example,

  • Edibles, such as brownies, firecrackers, and gummies
  • Smoke, such as joints and blunts
  • Tinctures, such as THC or marijuana tinctures


The way you save marijuana if not in use also determines how long a zip of weed lasts. For instance, I preserve the dime bags of marijuana in an air-tight, cool, and dark place when I enjoy half-gram joints alone.


How Does an Ounce of Weed Compare to a Pound?

First, let’s understand the simple marijuana measurements in ounces.

One dry-weight ounce of marijuana has 28.53 grams of weed. If we simplify the figure, we get 28 grams in one ounce, referred to as a zip of weed.

Now, one pound has 16 ounces according to the standard. If one ounce has 28 grams, multiply 28 by 16 to compare an ounce of weed to a pound. That will be 448 grams of weed in one pound or 16 ounces of marijuana.


how much an ounce


How Much Do Zips of Weed Cost?

The average price of zips of weed starts from $150 and goes over $350. The cannabis cost depends on quite a few factors, including:

  • Brand
  • Quality
  • Location
  • Market value
  • Growing method
  • Cannabis strain type


For example, a zip of weed costs $170 in Mississippi while the exact quantity will cost you around $400 in California. So asking, “how much for an ounce of weed” will give you different answers depending on where you are.


Cost of Half Ounce of Cannabis

When you cut the quantity from an ounce to a half O, the cannabis cost doesn’t get halved. Instead, you might have to pay more than half the price of half O. That’s how the cannabis world works.

Besides, you might get lucky if your dealer is a generous person. They might sell you a half ounce of weed at half or even at lower prices.


How Much Weed is an Ounce?

Let’s understand the breakdown of how much weed is an ounce and how many grams you get per ounce.


One Ounce

One ounce has 28.35 grams of weed.


Half Ounce (Half-O)

The half-O has 14.18 grams of weed.


Quarter Ounce

A quarter ounce of weed has 7.09 grams of weed.


Ounces Vs. Grams In The Legal States

In the US, where cannabis is legal, the legalization status allows one ounce or 28 grams of weed with a person for recreational use. Even if you have a quarter pound, you might get punished as it’s considered a serious criminal offense.




What is 1 Oz Weed?

1 Oz is one ounce of marijuana. Don’t get confused with one gram and one Oz.


Does Weed Have to be Measured in Ounces?

Yes. Weed is commonly measured in ounces instead of grams or kilograms (the metric system). However, many dispensaries will guide you about cannabis products in ounces and grams. They use “Key” for larger quantities, which means a thousand grams.


How Much is a Real Ounce of Weed?

The cost of an ounce of marijuana varies from location to location. It also depends on the quality of the cannabis flower, strain, growing method, and brand.


How Much is in a Zip?

You get 28.35 grams of cannabis in a zip of weed.


How Big is an Ounce of Weed?

While weighing an ounce of weed on the scale, it looks like a normal coconut or about two handfuls of dried nuggets.


How Much an Ounce of Weed?

The average cost of an ounce varies from $160 – $350.


Is a Zip of Weed the Same as a Pound?

No. A zip of weed has 28 grams of weed, while a pound of weed has 16 ounces or 448 grams of marijuana in one pound.


How Many Grams in a Zip of Weed?

You get 28 grams in a zip of weed.


How Many Zips in a Pound?

In a pound, you get 16 zips or ounces of cannabis.


a zip of weed


Last Words

A zip of weed is a slang term used for marijuana measurements. In one zip, you get one ounce of weed which is 28.35 grams. So, if your joint has around one gram of weed, buying cannabis in a zip will be cost-effective for you.

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