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AutoPot Review – 4 Pot Hydroponic System [Gravity Fed]

autopot review . 4pot hydoponic system

Water is one crucial element the plants need not just to grow but to survive. While watering the plants daily is a must, it does tend to get a bit of a bother, especially if you have more than one plant to take care of.

There are many options for watering the plants; you can use the hose, watering can, sprinkler, etc.

One thing that can have a significant impact on your choice is time.

If you are taking care of the plants yourself, with all these options you will have to take the time out for watering them.

However, with the AutoPot 4pot System Gravity Fed Watering System, life can be a whole lot easier!

The auto system does everything by itself you just have to set it up and that’s one major task off your daily list for the rest of the whole season!

Check out our complete AutoPot System review below.

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AutoPot Hydroponic System Overview

AutoPot 4pot System Gravity Fed Watering System is the best hydroponic system and just what you need to take care of your plants.

The system is efficient and completely reliable with its fully automated functionality and doesn’t require much supervision as it works.

Also, it takes up minimal space and hence is ideal for indoors as well as outdoors.

Here’s a good representation of how the AutoPot 4pot system actually works:



The Autopot – 4 Pot System Features:

  • Four buckets with a capacity of four gallons each
  • Can be expanded and connected with the other grow pots
  • No electrical or battery requirements
  • Gravity-fed reservoir – doesn’t need a water pump


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Pros & Cons of the 4 Pot Gravity Fed System


  • The best thing about the AutoPotgravity-fed watering system is that you just have to install it once and you are good to go for the whole season. Installation is super easy and quick.
  • Plus, there is no monitoring hassle; you just sit back and relax while the system takes care of everything itself.
  • The system is very energy efficient, in fact, it does not need any electricity or pump, and that allows you to conserve a lot of energy and water, unlike the other systems.
  • The pots of the AutoPot 4pot gravity-fed system are quite large in size and hence, ideal for marijuana growth.
  • Everything is completely automated and it all comes at the best price!


  • One downside of the system is that there are only four pots in one system and the instructions are sort of vague.
  • If you are a first-timer It may take some time to set it up
  • There’s also no timer in this system. However, since it doesn’t require much supervision, you don’t really need a timer with this one.
  • Also, it does not include the grow lights and the other essential nutrients and growing mediums for the plants.

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Different 4 Pots Layouts:

Pot 4pot System Gravity Fed Watering System. 1

Before Buying a Hydroponic Grow System

When it comes to choosing the best hydroponic system there are a number of things you should consider.

  • To ensure you know what you are bringing home, it is best to check out some of the grow systems reviews by the actual users of the system. It will give you a fair idea about the system and glitches – if any – it may have.
  • Another vital element to think of is the components of the system. Some of these come with built-in accessories such as trays, other parts, and reservoirs that make installation simpler and easier. With other types you may have to buy the parts separately; that may have compatibility issues not to mention the increased costs of purchasing the other parts.
  • The size is another thing to consider and that includes the number of pots or any factor that tells you how much of an area the system can cover. You have to think of your requirements and get the system that is most compatible with your home. You can also look up systems that have an expansion option, particularly if you have a large plantation area to consider.
  • These systems are also available in indoor and outdoor units. So again, depending on your plants and whether you wish to keep them inside the house or out, you can select the system accordingly.
AutoPot 4pot System Gravity Fed Watering System. 2

Wrapping Up the Autopot System Review

The AutoPot 4pot gravity-fed watering system is the best hydroponic system you can get for your plants. Be it indoors or outside, it is one efficient system that operates on a simple mechanism and gives you amazing results. Your plants will never be neglected and will be raised in a faster and more proficient environment.

This marijuana grow system review has all the key information you need to make the right purchase for your plants. Make a wise choice and leave your plants

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