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Bernie Hana Butter Strain

bernie hana butter strain
  • THC 30% 30%
  • CBD -% -%
  • Sativa 30% 30%
  • Indica 70% 70%
5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

Bernie Hana butter is a potent weed strain by Cookies. Well-refined cross of GSC genetics, including Jet Fuel Gelata x Guava x Blue Cookies x Oreoz, making it the Leafly strain of summer 2022.

This cross lives up to the expectation because of its excellent flavor, mellow high, and strong aroma. Bernie Hana butter is amongst the best cannabis strains due to the dense buds covered in milky trichomes.

The iconic buds have hues of purple and dark green. Moreover, they are frosty and thick with a high cannabinol content.

Most Bernie Hana butter batches have up to 30% THC, making it a very potent strain. The Bernie Hana Butter strain is known for its extremely dense and frosty nugs that are mostly purple.



Bernie Hana butter has a high cannabinol content, and the terpenes offer excellent effects. However, the overall effects are mellow.

Bernie Hana butter gives you a mild high even if you have a high THC tolerance. In addition, the strain produces giggly and goofy feelings. If users want to feel relaxed, Bernie Hana butter is the strain they need.


Bernie Hana Butter May Relieve

  • Helps you relax
  • Produces goofy feelings
  • Mood lifter



Bernie Hana butter is a cross of the best-tasting buds, which gives it an excellent flavor. It has a strong taste that hits hard. Every inhale tastes like buttery candy and cookie dough.


Its Scent

Bernie Hana butter has a strong aroma of cookie dough, butter, berry, and flowers. The floral undertones give out a jasmine aroma.

But on the first inhale, Bernie Hana butter gives more of a buttery and earthy scent. The after-smell is slightly pungent as the nugs break down and amplify the mixture of smells.



January 1, 2023

I am an experienced smoker and this strain is one of my favorites, tasty indica that gives a nice body high. I recommend it for smokers with high tolerance.



December 20, 2022

Cookies definitely did a good job with this strain, THE BEST! Rich buttery caramel flavor and it hits very hard so I don’t recommend it for beginners.


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