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7 Best 1000 Watts Led Grow Lights for Grow Tent [Reviewed]

best 1000w led grow light

If you’re an indoor planter, LED lights are probably nothing new to you. In fact, you may even have a few in your collection right now.

You would also know the struggle of having to replace them frequently because they stop working.

That’s the case with low-quality LED lights, and we understand. But don’t worry because I have picked out the best 1000W LED grow lights in the market for you.

I know the struggle of growing plants and having them die out on you. It can get frustrating investing in these lights only for them to fail you.

That is precisely why the list I have compiled is filtered to give you the best quality for your money’s worth.


Selection of the Top 1000w Grow Lights

Relax, sit back, and enjoy these 7 products that will be sure to make your heart race faster for your future indoor planting.

VIVOSUN VS1000 LED Grow Light-


LED King Plus 1000 W

King Plus

Spider farmer SF1000 LED Grow

Spider Farmer

SUNRAISE 1000w LED Grow Lamp


BESTVA Dimmable Pro1000 LED Grow Lights



Best 1000w Led Grow Lights Reviews:


1. VIVOSUN – 1000W LED Grow Light

VIVOSUN VS1000 LED Grow Light-Vivosun is a leading American hydroponic store that has been supplying equipment for more than a decade now. One thing that this company has never compromised on is its top-notch quality standard. That’s why I have included the Vivosun 1000W Led Grow Light in this list.

This particular product speaks for itself. It is built with highly durable Samsung LM301H diodes to ensure a longer lifespan. As far as energy consumption is concerned, its efficiency of 2.75 umol/J utilizes just 100W of electricity, which is quite impressive.

Moreover, it provides the perfect sun-like full-spectrum coverage to the blooms at maximum distances. If you have a large planting area, this 1000w grow light is your way to go.

Not just that, you will also love its low-noise cooling system. It consists of an efficient power supply and multiple ventilation holes, which dispose of the heat quietly.

The package includes:

  • A VS1000 LED Grow Light
  • A grow light glasses pair
  • A patented rope hanger pair
  • A user manual

All this comes with a 3-year warranty and a price range of $149 (available at $129 at a discount). With all these perks, it is definitely worth buying.

  Check on Vivosun.com  >> 


2. King Led Plus – Top 1000W LED Grow Light

LED King Plus 1000 W

KingLED is a China-based company that started in 2012 and amassed immense popularity over the last few years. They have quickly become a large-scale production company for quality LED grow lights. That’s why I chose the King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light to be the first product.

This product is definitely one of the best LED grow lights you can find. With double 10W chips, it is better than the traditional 3W and 5W LEDs. This has been engineered to keep the lumen output and coverage balanced.

As far as energy saving goes, it consumes 185W power, which is pretty good. My favorite thing is the full spectrum feature, including all the lights similar to those a plant would usually get from sunshine.

Moreover, the design has an efficient cooling system with 3.0mm holes on the LED board combined with the glass forming convection with the fan. This allows quick heat dissipation and protects your product from overheating.

They have quick customer service that replies within 24 hours and provides a three-year warranty. It is priced at $112, which is a fairly decent amount. In the LED grow light reviews, customers have enjoyed their experience stating that they have gone through successful plant growth.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that this particular product may work better for vegetation rather than flowers. It can produce buds, but if you’re looking for something to give you blooming flowers, I’d suggest you skip this one.

Check on Amazon.com  >> 


3. Spider Farmer – Highly-Efficient 1000W LED Grow Light

Spider farmer SF1000 LED GrowSpider Farmer is the perfect choice when it comes to providing the best 1000-watt led grow light at budget-friendly rates. This brand has a wide range of products with the latest upgrades to cater to almost everyone.

What makes this product stand out is its higher yields at lower costs. Even with the upgraded Samsung LM301 diodes, it consumes only 100W of electricity.

Moreover, it provides an excellent full spectrum that boosts the plant’s growth at every phase. In contrast with HPS, this 1000w led grow light will give you a 50% more yield on both vegetation and bloom stages. This feature is, so far, my favorite one.

I adore this product’s user-friendly approach as well. It comes with a dimming knob and a light switch that allows you to customize the light intensity as per the plant’s requirements.

Priced at just $159.99, this Spider Farmer 1000W LED Grow Light is equipped with a low heat-producing aluminum board that eliminates the need for a fan. Besides, the long-lasting components, like protective cable covers, a high-performing driver, and a 5-year warranty, can save you dollars.

Check on SpiderFarmer  >> 


4. SUNRAISE 1000W Grow Light

SUNRAISE 1000w LED Grow Lamp

Sunraise is one of the world’s top companies in providing better, brighter, and high-quality LED lights for your use. Their efforts to create convenient designs for you to maximize your experience truly show how they care for their customers.

What sets this product apart is its innovative design. Starting off with the 15W triple chip LED system that gives you a brighter outcome. This also improves the lumen output value. If that wasn’t enough, each LED has one Zener diode, which makes a total of 96 in this product.

Furthermore, I am highly impressed with the way they have combined optical lens technology with the LED grow light. This basically provides you with more light. Compared to other products on the market, Sunraise gives about 30% more light than usual and higher lumen output values.

A daisy chain is included as well, which is great for saving power. You are provided with a power cord that doubles in use as both the main power and the daisy chain. So you use more grow lights through only one output.

As far as options for vegetation and blooming go, they give you two separate switches. One is provided for seedling growth and the other for when blooming flowers and fruits. The bloom switch provides more red and blue lighting.

This product is $112 and has a three-year warranty. It also has great customer service and provides you with other items as well, such as a stainless steel hanger hook and an adjustable rope hanger. It is a good option as one of the best 1000W LED grow lights you can find.

Check on Amazon.com  >> 


5. BESTVA – Dimmable 1000W LED Grow Light

BESTVA Dimmable Pro1000 LED Grow Lights

If you are looking for more options in BESTVA, this P1000 LED Grow Light is one of their best 1000 w LED grow lights. They are known as one of the top 1000w LED grow lights in the world due to their sturdiness and value for money.

This 1000w LED grow light comes in an attractive green color with a super-cool design. Its structure is built with a waterproof LED board and driver protection to be the safest option for your plants.

Consuming only 105w, it proves to be more energy-efficient than the typical 200w HPS lamps.

I would suggest using it for a 3′ x 3′ growing area at an 18″ height to make the best out of it.

Furthermore, its full spectrum gives plants a healthy and natural sunlight atmosphere to grow. It emits deep-red and white lights for the vegetation stage while warm white, white, and IR for the bloom stage. Above all, you can also set the light intensity for different plant-growth stages with its dimmable knob feature.

In addition, instead of those noisy fans, it cools down through an aluminum board to give you a peaceful indoor planting experience. If you are a sucker for good looks and efficiency, this 1000w LED grow light should be your next pick.

Check on Amazon.com  >> 


6. Giixer – Cheapest Top 1000W Grow Light

Giixer 1000Watts LED Grow Light

Giixer comes in as another favorite amongst indoor gardeners who like to have options for good products that don’t cost an arm and a leg. This would be your saving grace because Giixer provides you with great grow lights at an affordable cost.

Now the specifications are also top-notch of this product because it provides a 10W dual chip for a higher intensity of light. But here’s the catch, this only consumes 110W which I think is not only sustainable but further helps you reduce cost and energy.

As far as options go, it does have two switches vegetation and bloom. For the vegetation stage, it provides blue and white LED lights. Whereas the bloom stage gives off red and white LED lights. Also, to be noted, it does give you a full spectrum to give off the natural light environment to your plants.

Most LED lights are usually rated to be used somewhere around 50000 hours of use, but these particular grow lights can last up to 20000 hours of use without the need to be replaced. Not only so, but they have also added protection diodes to the chips so that if one stops working, the entire thing can still continue on.

Priced at only $69.96 with a two-year warranty, it is the most inexpensive LED grow light on this list. Not only so with the perks you are getting at that price, but it is also one of the best cheap LED grow lights you can find on the market.

Check on Amazon.com  >> 


7. Dimgogo 1000W LED Grow Light

Dimgogo Upgraded 1000 watts

If you want quality assurance then a company like Dimgogo should be the one you should go for. Not only do they make an effort to create an environment-friendly LED lighting system, but they also test out their LED lights 48 hours before shipping them out. Their efforts for customer satisfaction make them reliable.

This product has the 10W dual-chip as well as a full spectrum light band to allow intense and natural sunlight for your plants. It also has a longer lifespan with good lumen output and coverage. It includes a resistance to keep the lights working longer.

Energy-saving-wise, it consumes around 185W. Also, you get a great cooling system for the lights. One that has two cooling fans and a heat sink in every light fixture. This allows them to work without noise or any chances of overheating.

For only $98.99 and a three-year warranty, you get all the specs of a high-end LED grow light. It can be included as one of the best affordable LED grow lights. But other than its price, it is truly a high-quality product and can easily be up to par with the best lights for growing weed.

Check on Amazon.com  >> 




How many plants can a 1000W LED light grow?

The Short answer is 6 to 9. You have to look out for what suits you more. Generally, most people grow around 6-9 plants with one 1000w LED grow light. While on the other hand, some like to follow the SOG and SCROG method and grow many smaller plants per 1000w light.

Therefore, if you are thinking of using the SOG method, I won’t recommend that you go for it with a 1000w LED light. Typically, a 400-600w light is enough for this method.

However, you must have seen SeeMoreBuds’ method of planting. He grew around 50-100 plants with a 2000w LED light.

In the end, it all comes down to the quality of the LED grow light you are using and the plants’ size.

In short, if you want to plant through SOG method, refrain from using a 1000w LED light. I will suggest you grow 6-9 plants in a 5 by 5 feet area to get higher yields and healthy growth.


How much does it cost to run a 1000W LED Grow Light?

Typically, a 1000w incandescent equivalent light uses 10-15% of the power consumed by an actual 1000w LED grow light. For instance, the best 1000 w LED grow lights, operating on absolute power, emit very bright light. They produce a minimum of 50,000 lumens, which is quite beneficial for plant growth.

If you want to know your actual 1000w LED light’s operating costs, you will have to do some math. Usually, the power is 150 watts, and electricity is charged in kilowatts per hour.

Therefore, 1000 W = 1 KW

Using 150 watts will give, 150 W = 150/1000 KW => 0.15 KW per hour

Now, multiply the kilowatt-hour rate mentioned on your electricity bill by 0.15.

This will be your cost per hour. If you use your LED grow light for different time durations each day, your total cost will vary accordingly.

 $0.15 x 18 (hours a day) x 30 (days) = $81.00/month approximately.


How much area does a 1000-watt LED grow light cover?

The best 1000-watt LED grow lights easily cover a 5 by 5 feet or 25 sq. ft. area generally.

However, some people argue that the coverage limited to 4 by 4 feet only. In reality, they are using a planting tray that measures 4 by 4 ft. After some time, the plants fill in the tray grow and extend to an area of 5 by 5 ft.

Hence, that evens the standard area that a 1000w LED grow light covers.

But there are a few factors to consider before expecting much from these LED grow lights. The coverage area may differ from the type and quality of the light, the plant requirements, the vegetation area, and more.

If you want to play safe, always invest in the top 1000w LED grow lights as they have outstanding functionality.


Wrapping Up with the Best 1000w Grow Light

Now, you must be wondering which one I would think is the best 1000W LED grow light. Well, I think it truly depends on you because every product has its own uniqueness which may or may not catch your eye.

But as far as quality and information from multiple LED grow light reviews go, all seven are great, and you will have success with whatever you choose.

Of course, you could invest in a higher price such as HIGROW or a lower price like Giixer. It depends on you, your budget, and your comfort.

I hope you find this helpful and happy growing.

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