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5 Best 4×4 Grow Tent Setup | 48″x48″x80″ Grow Tents Reviews


4x4 grow tent review

Are you a green-thumbed owner of an indoor garden? If that is so, you surely know that plants need the perfect environment and essentials to prosper, especially indoors.

Similarly, we all know that plants take 80% of their energy from sunlight. So, maintaining their prosperity indoors will require the tools that replicate the same. Enter, the best 4×4 grow tents.

An ideal grow tent will not only protect your plants but will provide the required temperature, light, and nourishment.

But which one is the best grow tent? You’ll find a long list of related products when you search online, so choosing one will be a tough task.

This 4×4 grow tent review will help you through your dilemma and so you can choose the perfect tent for your greens.


Selection of the Best Grow Tents 4×4



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VIVOSUN best 4x4 grow tent

VIVOSUN Hydroponic

Gorilla Indoor 4x4 grow tent review


CoolGrows 4x4 grow tent review

Cool Grows Hydroponic

Apollo Horticulture 4x4 grow tent

Apollo Horticulture Hydroponic

iPower 4x4 grow tent



Indoor Growing 4×4 Tent Reviews


1. VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Tent

VIVOSUN best 4x4 grow tent

The VIVOSUN grow tent is a great choice for beginners who want to create their own indoor gardens. It’s easy to set up and you can place it inside your apartment or condo. What makes it ideal is that it takes up less space and doesn’t create a nuisance around your house.

The reflective Mylar attached to the inside of the tent material makes sure that 98% of the light generated stays inside the tent. That means none of the energy your tent equipment uses goes to waste. Almost all of it is used for your plant’s well-being.

In addition, the double-stitching and 0.8 mm thickness of the outer material contribute to the growth of your plants as well. The high-quality 600D canvas is tear-resistant, great for rough users. The metal poles that support the tent structure are made out of strong metal. Also, they are equipped with easy-to-use connectors to make installation easier for beginners.

The high-quality metal zippers will stay put and work flawlessly even after rigorous use. So you can check on your plants again and again. For curious users, there’s a transparent window to give you a convenient view of your little garden.



2. Gorilla Grow Tent 4×4 – Lite Line

Gorilla Indoor 4x4 grow tent review

This LITE LINE grows tent boasts to give your plants the tender love and care they deserve. Designed especially for professional use, it helps experts get the most out of their indoor gardens by growing herbs, fruits, flowers, or vegetables.

Firstly, it’s a low budget solution for gardening hobbyists. The set up is easy, as the design has accessible ducting ports to fix the tent in place. The poles have a unique interlocking system to give the ideal enclosure needed for your greens to prosper.

Also, this gorilla grow tent 4×4 has a high quality ‘wrap-around’ zipper, that gives you full 360-degree access to the inside of your tent. This means you can easily water and tend to your garden through the tent set up.

Secondly, it controls pests and infestation of your garden through its Micro-Mesh technology. The pest control pre-filters protect your garden so pests won’t devour it before you do. Also, the Large EZ transparent windows allow you to track their growth without opening the tent. This means you can check their progress without disturbing the natural process.

Lastly, what makes this tent unique is its height adjustability. So, you won’t have to find another place for your plants as they grow tall, this grow tent will provide extra room for their height as well.



3. Cool Grows – 48x48x80 Grow Tent

CoolGrows best 4x4 grow tent

This grow tent by Cool Grows has all the features your plants need to grow with ease. It helps regulate the light and temperature in an effective way to create the environment your plants will love.

Firstly, it has a light-proof technology, which locks light inside. The interior is made out of reflective mylar so that the amount of light generated by the tent is retained and used by your plants to the optimum level.

Secondly, the tent is made out of durable materials to provide your plants with a protective shelter. The 600D material can withstand rough use through its tear-proof technology.

Also, the fabric is closely stitched to avoid light leakage through seams. Bad odors and moisture also stay inside the tent to avoid the nuisances created by an indoor garden.  Apart from the fabric, the metal rods that hold it up are sturdy as well. These strong poles are made out of metal, that connects easily with just a click.

Thirdly, Its accessibility is what makes it the top-rated grow tent. The installation is a breeze, so you can set it up and start using it in no time. Also, The zippers are strong and flexible and give the tent a sleek, tidy look. In addition, you’ll get a spill tray, and carbon filter straps to avoid any kind of a mess while tending to your plants.

Lastly, the window on this tent works wonders. It helps filter the unneeded white light and lets you check on your plants without disturbing their growth process. And if you’re a beginner, there’s a user manual included for you to get started. The tent comes with a one-year warranty so you can trust the customer service as well.



4. Apollo Horticulture Hydroponic 4×4 Tent

Apollo Horticulture Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

The high-quality grow tent by Apollo, ticks all the boxes for the best grow tent. The material, making, and features make it a great choice for an indoor set up in apartments and condos.

The material is thick and durable with a mylar lining on the inside. This ensures that the light reflects on the inside towards the plants and does not leak out.

Also, the sturdy zippers and the close-knit seams contribute to retaining the light inside the tent to provide your greens with an ideal environment. Apart from that, this feature prevents bad odors from leaking out to your living area. Pests will also have a hard time getting in and feasting on your harvest while this protective lining covers your tent.

In addition, the tear-proof material works to keep the heat generated through the light inside the tent to maintain the right temperature for your plants as well. To make cleaning easy, there’s a Mylar removable tray as well, so you can check for spills or messes in your tent.

Other than that, you can create the ideal environment to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruits in your tent. Also, a detailed user manual is provided for you to get the best out of your tent, and grow all the plants you want to through the right procedure.



5. iPower – Top 48″x48″x80″ Grow Tent

iPower 4x4 grow tent

Grow tents should have a good combination of durability and accessibility with the ideal features, and the iPower tent has everything you need for your beloved garden. Whether you install it in your apartment or condo, it will keep your plants healthy and safe.

The interior of the tent is ideal for your plants. The mylar reflective lining makes sure the light does not escape and gives its optimum benefit to the vegetation. Also, there’s a removable tray made out of the same material so you can clean the mess out easily.

Similarly, the exterior is made out of durable, heavy-duty material as well. Even if you tend to move it around a lot, the material won’t get ruptured or damaged. That’s because it sports a 5 mm three-ply vinyl outer covering, with tear-resistant technology to help you get the best out of your indoor tent.

Moreover, this tent has an accessible installation system. It’s tool-free so you can set it up as soon as you unbox it and start gardening. Also, it comes with a tool bag to organize all your indoor gardening equipment, so you can store all of them in one place.

The design is sturdy, this feature attributes to the metal rods that hold the tent up. Also, the rods and the tent material work together to carry up to 100 pounds of weight, so you can plant to your capacity and the tent won’t budge. And if you want to check on your plants without hindering their growth, there’s a sealed transparent window so you can view their progress from outside while maintaining their ideal environment.



Faqs about 4×4 Tents


How many plants grow in a 4×4 tent?

You can grow 4-6 plants depending on your growing methods and grow bag sizes. Make sure there is always good airflow around your plants. It is not recommended to put many plants because the air gets stagnant and affects your buds and leaves.


What size pots for a 4X4 grow tent?

If you are looking for large size plants, then I would choose 4 to 7 gallon pots in a 4×4 grow tent. This allows you to do either LST or HST for as long as you want, allowing you to use all of your space and spread out your plant for good yield.


How much can you yield in a 4×4 tent?

The max yield of a 48x48x80 grow tent is about 6 medium-large plants every three months. This can vary depending on your growing technique and the different types of equipment you use.


What size LED light for a 4×4 grow tent?

A 4×4 tent requires a grow light between 500-600 watts. Assuming they are in the flowering cycle and require a lot of light.


What size inline fan do I need for a 4×4 grow tent?

So for a 48x48x80 grow tent with ~106 cubic feet area, a ~215 cfm grow tent inline fan will be enough to do the job.


What size carbon filter for a 4×4 grow tent?

The short answer is 4 inch Carbon Filter. Since a 4 × 4 grow tent has a small volume, a 4-inch carbon filter should easily remove all odors from the air before they are exhausted from the tent.


Wrapping Up with the 4×4 Grow Tent Setup

The grow tent reviews provided above show that there’s an individual blend of features in all the products. The required specifics are that the tent should maintain the right amount of light and temperature, and be durable enough to hold the garden as it grows.

Almost all the products have durable exterior materials, with anti rupture seams and high-quality zippers to retain the light. This also helps to use energy efficiently. This also helps regulate the temperature and keep the bad odor and insects inside the tent.

While you can see these features in all the products, other features such as easy setup, price, and warranty differ with each brand. So, you should consider your budget, and your expertise with a grow tent before deciding on which brand to go for.

Apart from that, the point that appealed to us was the height adjustment and accessibility all around the zipper on the Gorilla Grow Tent 4×4. While all of the listed are great in their own way, this made it stand out in our opinion.

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