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7 Best Miracle-Grow Aerogarden Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

aerogarden reviews

Ever wished you could grow your herbs and plants all year round, faster than the traditional soil method? Then your wait is finally over.

This Miracle-Grow AeroGarden review will give you the ultimate product for indoor gardening.

The best AeroGarden will not only assist your green thumb by taking care of your herbs but will give the best result up to five times faster.

Aerogardens grow kits use the hydroponic system to create a natural ecosystem for your vegetation.

AeroGarden International produces the best aerogarden models for you to choose from.

Each of these tabletop hydroponic systems varies in size, type, and basic features.


Selection of the Best AeroGarden

aerogarden sprout review

Sprout LED

Size: Small

in. 11 x 4.5 x 10

Pods: 3

Grow Height: 10"

Grow Light: 10w

AeroGarden Classic 6 review

Classic 6


in. 16 x 11 x 15

Pods: 6

Grow Height: 12"

Grow Light: 20w

AeroGarden Harvest review



in. 11 x 8 x 15

Pods: 6

Grow Height: 12"

Grow Light: 20w

AeroGarden Bounty review



in. 17.2 x 11.2 x 15

Pods: 9

Grow Height: 24"

Grow Light: 45w

AeroGarden Bounty elite review

Bounty Elite


in.17.5 x 11.5 x 34

Pods: 9

Grow Height: 24"

Grow Light: 45w

AeroGarden Ultra review



in. 19.2 x 14.8 x 34

Pods: 7

Grow Height: 24"

Grow Light: 30w

AeroGarden Bounty farm plus review

Farm Plus


in. 36 x 12 x 34

Pods: 24

Grow Height: 36"

Grow Light: 60w

Choosing one from the list can be tricky, but our aerogarden reviews are sure to help you through this ordeal. Check Price & Availability  >>  

But before we begin with the aerogarden comparison, here’s a basic overview of the subject to give you some prior information before we get into the details.


Miracle-Grow Aerogarden Reviews

The aerogarden range has versatile models to fit almost anyone who has a passion for gardening and fresh produce. If you’re someone who has that, this aerogarden comparison is just what you need to get started.


1. Miracle-Grow AeroGarden Sprout LED

With this aerogarden sprout, you can grow vegetables, herbs, and your favorite salad greens all year round. The hydroponic system simply nourishes the plants through water as an alternative to soil. This pod is the smallest one in the aerogarden range. You can grow up to three pods at a time.

In addition, this model has a full spectrum LED light system that provides your plants with the light they need for photosynthesis. The 10-watt lights make the process faster and more effective so you will get better results in lesser time.

Apart from that, it has a control panel that allows you to regulate growth. It will turn the lights on and off automatically, according to your plant’s needs. Also, it gives regular alerts when the herbs need water or nutrients.

Most importantly, this aero garden comes fully equipped and ready to use. The three pods you need to get started with are included in the package. You will get basil, parsley, and dill pods with their essential nutrients as well. So just unwrap your aerogarden and get started.

Also, this model is lightweight and compact, great for people who want to use their space effectively. It’s affordable, therefore a good choice for beginners who are apprehensive about their first move.

Check Price & Availability  >>  ​


2. AeroGarden Classic 6 – Miracle-Grow

If you want to grow more than three pods of herbs at a time, then this aero garden classic is the one for you. With this model, you can grow six plants at a time. What’s more? You will get the six pods you need along with the aero garden. These include basil, parsley, dill, thyme, etc. Yes, all the essentials for basic cooking.

In addition, this model has the features to facilitate the growth of all six plants at once. The light is upgraded to 20 watts which means your plants will get the optimum natural conditions. The control panel is somewhat the same as the previous model, gives out alerts when your plants need water or nutrients, and turns the light on and off automatically.

While this model is great for short herbs like the ones mentioned, it won’t be able to support other plants which grow tall. Nevertheless, the aerogarden comes at a great price for beginners and provides ample space for six herbs to grow well. It’s also not space-efficient so you can place it on your countertops and side tables and it won’t look bulky or out of place.

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3. Miracle-Grow AeroGarden Harvest

With the Areogarden Harvest, you’ll be able to grow plants that grow to a considerable height, in the comfort of your home. Although the features of this model are almost the same as the Classic version, it’s great for someone who wants to go a bit advanced with their home garden.

Basically, this model sports a 20-watt full spectrum LED grow light system. It has space to grow six plants at a time, but the light setting gives leverage to the plants to grow about 12 inches in height. This means you will get an ample, fresh harvest.

Apart from that, the control panel on this model is also advanced. It has an LCD control that gives you a step-by-step guide to your plants’ growth. With this model, you can actually control your plants’ growth to some extent. Along with that, you will get regular alerts and automatic light controls as well.

Most importantly this model comes with the six basic herb pods you will need to get started. So you can grow basil, parsley, thyme, mint, etc, as soon as you unbox your aerogarden. Patented nutrients enough for a full season are provided as well.

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4. AeroGarden Bounty | Miracle-Grow

This is one of the most high-performing models from the aerogarden family. With a large growing space for nine pods at a time, this aerogarden boasts to give 50% better results than others in its league.

In addition, it has a staggering 45-watt powerful LED light system to boost your plant’s growth. Also, the lighting system is extendable to about 24 inches, providing room for your plants to grow taller. This means you can grow almost anything from herbs to fruits, vegetables, and beautiful flowers at home.

Apart from that, the control panel is helpful and accessible at the same time. Not only does it show alerts when your plants need water or food, but it also gives useful gardening tips as well. Also, it shows the growth process step by step and shows help functions when you need them.

Most importantly, it has a touch screen system as well so you don’t need to bother with buttons.

Of course, the seed pods and nutrients you need for one full growing season are provided with the package. This aerogarden has a high price but is great for professionals and people who wish to each clean, fresh produce every time.

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5. Miracle-Grow Bounty Elite AeroGarden

The Bounty Elite model is capable of growing nine seed pods at a time. It produces a fresh and ample harvest every time so you’ll get all the herbs, salad greens, and even vegetables, on your kitchen countertop.
Apart from that, it has a 45-watt LED light system which provides ideal conditions for your plants. Also, the full spectrum helps maximize and speed up the photosynthesis process for faster and better results.

The LCD control panel is a great help while gardening with this model. It gives you great gardening tips and guides you through step-by-step functions so you can customize and monitor the way your plants grow. Also, this model is wifi-enabled. You just have to download the aerogarden app and you will get your water and nutrient alerts on your smartphone.

And if you’re a beginner, you can use the touch-operated control panel to contact customer support any time you need it. The package includes a nine-herb seed kit with essential nutrients. The model is a bit pricey but has great functions and a finished, classy stainless steel look. That means it will work and look better than a regular pot sitting on your kitchen countertop.

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6. Miracle-Grow Ultra (LED) AeroGarden

This aerogarden Ultra is no less than the Bounty Elite model when it comes to growing plants in an ideal environment, and looking classy as well. It can house up to seven pods at a time and helps your plants grow tall. You can grow all kinds of herbs and vegetables.

In addition, the light system consists of a 30-watt LED full-spectrum light. This provides a great environment for the plants to photosynthesize. Also, the light can be extended up to two feet, to encourage your plants to grow taller and healthier.

Apart from that, its LCD screen control panel has the same features as the Aerogarden Bounty. The panel gives regular alerts when the plants need water or nutrients and shows functional details and tips as well. The first seven seed pods for your essential herbs are provided with the package, along with its vital growth nutrients.

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7. AeroGarden Farm Plus Hydroponic Garden

What’s better than an Aerogarden? A whole Aerogarden Farm. Yes, if you’re thinking of going big on your indoor garden, the Farm Plus AeroGarden is just the model for you. This latest model in the Aerogarden family has ample room to grow a staggering 24 pods at one time. So no more choosing or shortlisting, you can just grow all the herbs, vegetables, and flowers that you like.

In addition, this large aerogarden comes in a sleek and stylish design that won’t look bulky sitting indoors at all. The Aerogarden Farm Plus has a 60-watt light setup in full spectrum. This creates the ultimate environment to fully maximize and speed up photosynthesis, and result in an ample, fresh harvest. The lights are individually adjustable, so you can adjust them to grow tall and short plants at the same time. This means you can grow short plants like herbs and salad greens alongside tall plants like tomatoes or pepper.

Apart from that, this Farm has tech-savvy smart features as well. The control panel is equipped with a wifi-system. Now you can get your alerts and tips on your smartphone through the aerogarden app. So you can be concern-free about forgetting to water or feed your plants. Also, the touch screen panel gives you social media access as well so you can post beautiful pictures of your garden with just one touch.

Most importantly, to manage a large indoor garden like this, the package comes with assorted seed pods and a setup guide as well. So you can set it up easily and start gardening right after unboxing.

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Types of Miracle-Grow Aerogardens

An AeroGarden is basically an indoor pot that you can place anywhere inside your house to begin the growing process.

As it generates its own light, you don’t need to worry about making space alongside the window.

The machine uses water which replicates the ideal ecosystem for your herbs to grow. All you have to do is provide water and nutrients when the aerogarden reminds you to.

If this is your first encounter with an aerogarden review, and you’re thinking this is no place for you, then you can’t be more wrong.

This Miracle-Grow pro aerogarden review will show you that no matter how small or large your home is, there’s an aerogarden model that will suit you perfectly.

Here’s a list of the types of aerogardens available so you can choose the best aero garden for yourself.


Aerogarden Bounty

Bounty aerogardens are large and advanced indoor gardens. They have the capacity to grow nine pods at one time.

Also, it has full-spectrum lights that maximize the photosynthesis process. This means you will get fast and ample harvests.

In addition, this model has tech-savvy details like full LCD touch control panels and wifi-alert systems.

If you’re a pro, you can choose exactly how you want your aerogarden to grow your plants through the control system.


Aerogarden Ultra

Ultra is bounty’s next-of-kin when it comes to advanced features and cutting-edge technology.

It’s a tad older model but works well nevertheless. Equipped with LED lights in full spectrum, it can facilitate the growth of seven plants at a time.

The fun part is, you can adjust the spectrum to white, blue, or red lights according to what you want to grow.


Aerogarden Classic

The classic model comes with extendable lights, giving your plants plenty of space to grow tall.

Apart from that, it has a window to check the water levels. Nevertheless, you will get constant updates when the system needs more water as well.

In addition, the classic stands apart with its compact triangular shape. It’s convenient and can fit easily into cramped spaces.

You can grow up to six plants at a time with this model. In terms of width and space, the classic is a bit smaller than the ultra model.


Aerogarden Harvest

With this model, you get the space for about six pods. It’s a bit smaller than the classic version, but the alert and control systems are almost the same.

It has push-button controls that can be easily operated. Also, its high-functioning light setup can be extended.

Overall, the harvest model is slightly smaller than the classic one. It measures a few inches less in width and length which means less space for the plants than the classic model.


Aerogarden Sprout

This is the most basic and smallest aerogarden in the range. Great for beginners or ones who just want to try it out first, it has room to grow three pods.

It’s compact and lightweight, ideal for use in condos and studio apartments.

Apart from that, it has CFL lights that extend up to 10 inches, and that’s the threshold your herb will be able to grow up to as well.

Also, it has a convenient button-control system with a window at the water reservoir so you can customize and monitor how it treats your plants.


Now that you are all about the different types, it’s time to choose the best aerogarden for yourself.

We’ve rounded up the aerogardens we like the most in the following aero garden reviews to make the choice easier for you. So let’s go.


AeroGarden Buying Guide

The aerogarden reviews above gave you all the details you need for our favorite aerogarden models. But if you’re serious about bringing one home, you will need to make a choice according to your own personal needs.

Basically, aerogardens are something anyone with a passion for gardening and maintaining a healthy lifestyle should have. It’s easy as it gets because it’s a self-controlled appliance that comes pre-programmed to grow your plants efficiently. Also, it works with a hydroponic system as an alternative to the soil which creates less mess and clutter. Now all you have to do is decide what you want to grow, your budget, and where you will place your aerogarden.


How Much Space do you Have?

While making a choice you should keep in mind how much space you have at home. If you’re living in an apartment or condo which has limited space, then the Sprout models will work great for you. The Classic aerogarden is also a good choice because it has a compact shape and design.

Similarly, if you want something that will fit your kitchen, and grows a considerable number of herbs, that means you are looking for a medium-range model. In this case, the Ultra LED model is the best choice for you as it doesn’t take up as much space as the other larger models, and houses quite a lot of plants as well.


Is Aerogarden Expensive?

The aerogarden models with the fancy features don’t come cheap at all. So if you’re buying on a budget, price is something you should keep in mind. Remember, it’s not a one-time cost. You will constantly need to spend on maintenance and new seed pods as well.

Basically, the Aerogarden Sprout is the cheapest model in the range. So if you are a beginner who wants to practice first, this is the choice for you. The Aerogarden Classic is also comparatively light on the pocket with great features and ample growing space.

If you want the best model without compromising on the space and size, but you don’t need the fancy wifi alerts and control features, you should go for the Aerogarden Bounty. It comes with considerable space for nine pods and a good control system as well, at a lower price than the Elite and Farm Plus models.


What do you Want to Grow?

The main thing to consider is, what you want to grow. If you’re targeting vegetables that grow tall like tomatoes or peppers, then the Sprout or Classic model won’t work for you at all. For example, the Classic and Harvest models have the same pod space, but the Harvest model has extendable lights which allow plants to grow tall.

If you only want to stick to herbs and salad greens, then the question is, how many of them do you need? The basic choice is the Sprout model, but if you want to grow a large variety of herbs without any tall plants then go for the Aerogarden Classic. Obviously, you have Farm Plus if you want to grow a variety of both herbs and tall plants.


Last Thoughts about the Best Miracle Grow Aerogardens

The Aerogarden hydroponic system is a great way to grow your own clean, fresh produce at home.

If you want to bring out a difference in your lifestyle, then you should totally bring one home to try out and become a pro.

The best thing is, growing plants in this indoor garden is child’s play. You just choose what you want and let the Aerogarden do the rest.

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