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15 Best CBD Subscription Boxes Out There | CDB Products Every Month!

best cbd subscription box

Since Hemp’s been legalized, it has become the most sought-after ingredient for natural health and wellness products. That’s why the best CBD subscription boxes have been created.

CBD goodies come in various doses and varieties. Many people prefer to use CBD oil, while others like to vape or ingest CBD gummies. Moreover, other individuals prefer to buy CBD lotion as it helps them in relieving pain.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of CBD in all its forms to relax from stress or treat different medical conditions. All thanks to the monthly CBD subscription box!

Instead of buying a single product, try out different items per month! Several companies allow you to choose your products and offer themed boxes. So you get a monthly delivery of self-care products and budget-friendly boxes!

The good thing is that these hemp products will not get you high so you can experience the benefits of hemp without the high. Here, we have put together some of the best monthly subscription health boxes for you.


CBD Subscription Box Reviews

You can find numerous CBD subscription boxes in the market; but, how do you know which subscription box meets your requirements?

We have compiled a list of CBD boxes ranging from premium boxes to affordable ones. This way, you can make a well-informed decision to sign up for a premium CBD subscription box.


Hemp Crate Co. Subscription Box

Hemp Crate Co Subscription box

Whether you are a seasoned user or a newbie, Hemp Crate Co. provides exceptional hemp subscriptions that can alleviate almost everything from migraines and anxiety to skincare issues.

What’s more? Hemp Crate Co offers the following three unique themed box options with premium CBD products:

  • Health Wellness – If you want to relax your mind and body, you can opt for this CBD subscription box.
  • Hempa the Explorer – As the name suggests, it’s an all-rounder box that contains all kinds of CBD products, such as bath items, topicals, and delicious edibles.
  • Furry Friends – This subscription box is exclusively designed for your pets.

You can choose the quantity of CBD inside a package according to your needs. For example, their starter box contains four to six premium products, while their pro boxes have five to eight premium products.

These boxes have top-notch wellness items such as tincture oil, capsules, bath bombs, sleep sprays, balms, aloe creams, CBD gummies, etc.

Visit Hemp Crate Co


Lucky Box Club Subscription Box


One of the most significant reasons for signing up for the Lucky Box Club subscription box is that it asks you to fill up a questionnaire before signing up. For instance, you need to share your preference regarding the products you want to receive, such as flowers, vapes, edibles, concentrates, pre-rolls, or tropicals.

This way, the Lucky Box Club understands your requirements and has curated a CBD package exclusively to match your preferences.

Based in California, the Lucky Box Club offers the same delivery within the Sacramento region. Additionally, the Lucky Box Club collaborates with other renowned cannabis brands, such as Legion of Bloom, Somatlik, Cresco, and others, to give you the best products.

Visit LuckyBox.com


CBD Flower Club Monthly | CBD Flower Subscription Box

CBD Flower Club Monthly subscription box

Hemp Crate offers you the first and only premium CBD flower Club subscription box. These flowers provided by Hemp Crate Co. and Tweedle Farms are of high quality and are lab-tested.

These CBD flower club boxes are discreetly packed and contain four different strains. Each strain is 2 grams, and that makes a total of 8 grams.

The different strains inside the box may include special sauce, sour space candy, kush hemp, hemp star, frosted lime, and more.

Moreover, these boxes include other specialty products like honey, tea, bath bombs, lip balm, edibles, pain rubs, and several other goodies by the other partners.

Visit CrateJoy.com for the CBD Flower Club


Cure Crate | Customize CBD Box

Cure Crate subscription box

Cure Crate only ships within the US and lets you customize the selection. These boxes are shipped within 48 hours on the Monday of each month.

It delivers the best CBD products! This hemp subscription box is carefully curated, keeping its customers in mind. But, of course, every CBD product cannot work for everyone. Therefore, Cure Crate has a quiz you can take. This helps them understand your needs, taste, health, and wellness.

Then they design your box. Great work, right?

However, these high-quality products come at a price but will help reduce your pain levels and fatigue significantly.

Visit CrateJoy.com for Cure Crate


Eco Green – Premium CBD Flower Club

Eco Green CBD Flower Club

This CBD subscription club box offers 22 CBD flower strains featuring a new CBD flower strain per month. Firstly, the premium CBD flower strains are non-psychoactive products available for subscribers within the US.

Although you can consume them through smoking, these CBD products are best suited for eating. This CBD flower subscription box offers benefits such as pain and anxiety relief, enhanced cognition, and relaxation. Therefore, it is one of the best CBD products on the market right now.

Grown in the state-of-the-art cultivation facility, the Eco Green Flowers are entirely organic. Hence, it complies with state laws regarding THC and CBD content. The subscriptions renew every 11th of the month, and there is free shipping.

Visit CrateJoy.com for ECO Green


Furry Friends | Hemp Crate Co.

Furry Friends

As the name suggests, Hemp Crate Co. has specially designed the Furry Friends subscription box for your furry pets. The box is great for dogs, puppies, and cats. The package contains six to nine rotating CBD items and pet products in each box, such as dog treats, topicals, and pet tinctures.

Furthermore, the Furry Friends is essentially a companion hemp box which means the dad and mom also get to enjoy their treats. The good news is that Hemp Crate Co. offers free shipping. Additionally, you can get your box within two business days, while the other boxes usually ship in the third week of every month.

Hemp Crate Co. focuses on creating awareness and educating people regarding CBD products. That’s why all the boxes include brochures, infographics, and pamphlets allowing users to understand how CBD works.

Visit CrateJoy.com for Furry Friends


LiveHempily | CBD Edibles Box

LIVEHEMPILY subscription box

Are you in search of a goldmine? It’s one of the best CBD subscription boxes available that will add ease to your life! The unique CBD power present inside the hemp box can eliminate your stress, pain, and anxiety.

This CBD subscription has unique goodies for you to enjoy. It includes oils, tinctures, creams, rubs, candies, chocolate, coffee, tea, baked goods, soft gels, bath soak, and relief spray.

All the products provided by LiveHempily are organic and contain no herbicides, chemical cannabis fertilizers, pesticides, and solvents. Moreover, items are shipped worldwide in discreet packaging.

Visit CrateJoy.com for LiveHempily


Green Gorilla | CBD Favorites Bundle

green gorilla

The CBD Favorites Bundles by Green Gorilla is a one-for-all and all-for-one affordable subscription box that contains impressive CBD products. Each package includes a single-serving pack of CBD gorilla gummies, pure CBD oil, botanical balm, and CBD-infused lip balm.

The CBD favorite bundle is a balanced bundle that contains CBD oil to calm your nerves and delicious CBD gummies if you have a sweet tooth. Furthermore, the botanical balm helps in relieving sore muscles and joints. You can massage the balm on your chest, neck, shoulder, and back.

Lastly, you can place five drops of CBD oil underneath the tongue, but make sure not to swallow for 30 seconds. It’s better to start with five pumps and later modify the dosage depending on how you feel.

Visit iLoveGreenGorilla.com


CBD Club | Organic Hemp Products

CBD Club subscription box

This CBD subscription box is ideal for anyone who wants to become an expert in different hemp products. It is a monthly hemp box that provides you with incredible, organic goodies.

Every box has a wide variety of premium CBD goods that are delivered around the US. Furthermore, these boxes are shipped on the 4th of each month, and you can select from their three themed boxes.

So what’s inside the box? You will find smoking essentials, edibles, wellness products, and CBD bath and skincare goods like CBD bath bombs, soaps, lotions, chapstick, body butter, salve, etc.

Visit CrateJoy.com for CBD Club


Zatural CBD | CBD Goodies Subscription Box

Zatural CBD subscription box

What distinguishes the Zatural CBD subscription box from the rest is that it contains pure and all-natural products that don’t contain additives, fillers, or harmful chemicals. CBD’s subscription boxes are best if you wish to try all the hemp products they are offering. Their monthly boxes come in two different strengths, i.e., 300 mg and 1000 mg.

This CBD subscription box has four to six premium products that you can enjoy and treat yourself with. The products include CBD topicals, tinctures, essential CBD oils, edibles, soft gels, CBD body care products, and much more. Furthermore, you can sometimes get a bonus T-shirt or stickers.

This fantastic box allows you to enjoy different CBD products per month. Thus, you can reap the benefits of high-quality hemp products, and this subscription box will be worth every penny!

Visit CrateJoy.com for Zatural


Budzy Box Subscription

budzy cbd box

One of the most distinctive qualities of the Budzy box is it’s designed exclusively for women. Moreover, it’s an affordable CBD subscription box that contains all kinds of CBD products ranging from food to skincare.

The Budzy Box is essentially a women-led CBD subscription service designed for millennial women. You can gift it to your friends or subscribe to it yourself to indulge in some self-pampering every month.

Their primary purpose is to empower women and create awareness; it also includes a magazine about beauty, style, and cooking recipes.

Moreover, the box contains different cosmetic products, such as CBD radiance facial sheet masks, toothbrushes, CBD peppermint toothpaste, tasty treats, feel-good teas, soothing balms, etc.

Visit BudzrBox.com


Docent Delivered Subscription Box

docent delivered

The Docent Delivered promises to deliver lab-tested plant-based products for the health and well-being of its customers. Moreover, all the products are carefully added so you can enjoy reliable and non-additive products.

You can receive full-sized CBD products and a collection of premium samples per month. Moreover, all CBD products are hand-selected by certified CBD professionals. These items include lotions, tinctures, and other unique products that you may not find easily in the market.

All the packages contain educational insights, tips, and hints from the subject matter experts regarding CBD products, their proper use, and their benefits.

All you need to do is sign up by entering your email address and sharing your previous experience with CBD. Moreover, you also have the option to fill out the CBD survey form so Docent Delivered can customize the package for you accordingly.

Visit CrateJoy.com for DocentDelivered


Lord Jones | The Best Sellers Gift Box


If you want to enjoy one of the best CBD-infused topicals and edibles, you must sign up for the Lord Jones bestseller gift box.

Made from USA-grown hemp, the box comes with CBD products, including lip balms, lotions, oil tinctures, moisturizers, gel capsules, and more such products. Furthermore, the box also includes delicious dark chocolate chews and old-fashioned gumdrops.

What’s interesting about strawberry and lemon-flavored CBD gumdrops is that they don’t contain any THC; they just have 20mg of CBD. It means these gumdrops offer relaxation without getting you high.

Another good news is that the Lord Jones topicals don’t contain any chemicals, such as sulfates, synthetic dyes, or phthalates.

Lastly, you can only choose from the three available options for the body lotion in your cart – signature, grapefruit, or no fragrance.

Visit LordJones.com


Green Box Monthly | Premier CBD Box

Green box monthly

The Green Box Monthly is one of the best CBD subscriptions in the UK. In terms of variety, it features edibles, cosmetics, CBD-infused oils, etc. The edibles include teabags and gummies.

It’s a wellness hemp subscription box that will provide all the benefits of hemp. The benefits include relaxation, pain relief, and refreshments for the users. Each product comes in green wrapping.

Hence, the name Greenbox. Proper wrapping preserves quality for long-lasting usage.

It can take around three to five days for your products to reach you after shipping. Green Box Monthly is available for worldwide shipping from the UK. Also, in case you want to cancel your subscription, you can do that at any time.

Visit CrateJoy.com for GrennBoxMonthly


Half Baked Box | Vannah CBD Subscription Box

Half Baked Bus

Vannah’s Subscription box is a treat from North America. The packaging is a recyclable 8x4x4 van-like box with various hemp products that actually inspired the subscription name.

The Vannah contains about four products that give you the ultimate joy. However, the Half-baked box features about ten items. Furthermore, the products in this hemp subscription box are handmade. Each item in the packet goes through rigorous lab testing.

The product shipping starts on the 24th of every month. There are no shipping charges for the Half baked boxes. Moreover, you can cancel anytime you want. All half-baked and Vannah products are shipped worldwide from the US.

Visit CrateJoy.com for Half Baked Box




What are CBD Subscription Boxes?

A CBD subscription box is an all-rounder package containing high-quality CBD products that make you feel relaxed, improve sleep and help in stress management.

These subscriptions are a service offered by CBD companies that deliver a selection of CBD products to customers monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. What you receive depends on the company’s specialties and the selected subscription box.


What is Included in a CBD User Subscription?

These subscription services typically include a wide range of different CBD products: flowers, edibles, tinctures, smoking accessories, and personal care items.

Some companies allow you to customize or purchase items for an extra cost. Alternatively, some companies curate the box according to the specifications that you provide in the initial questionnaire.

The specific items that subscribers receive are usually random and a surprise. Furthermore, some subscription boxes also include informative material regarding the use and efficiency of CBD products. Some boxes also contain samples of the products they plan to launch shortly and want you to try first. Cool!


How Much Do CBD Subscription Boxes Cost?

The price varies depending on the company according to the number of products and their quality.

Generally, the subscription cost varies from 40 to 60 dollars per month. Moreover, companies may offer discounts if extended subscriptions are purchased. For instance, choosing a yearly subscription will cost you less than opting for it per month.


How Did We Choose CBD Subscription Boxes?

We have selected and reviewed the best 15 hemp subscription boxes based on price, variety, quality of products, customization, and delivery service. Moreover, we have offered you an unbiased view along with the unique features of all the subscription boxes mentioned in the above review.

Therefore, you can select a suitable subscription box, or you can try all of them one by one. We hope this information helps you choose and buy the one that best suits your needs. Enjoy!

best hemp subscription box

Wrapping Up with the CBD Subscriptions

CBD is a top-selling herbal product, and these monthly CBD health boxes are an excellent way to get high-end cannabis products.

With a wide variety of benefits, CBD is very therapeutic. Cannabidiol is a chemical plant that naturally occurs in the cannabis plant and does not have psychoactive properties.

These hemp products that come in various monthly subscription boxes will help improve your sleep, treat Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy, and manage your chronic pain. Moreover, CBD has medicinal properties and helps to treat a variety of medical conditions.

However, if you like to dip your toes into the different cannabis products, these subscription health boxes are your way out. So order and get yourself these hemp health boxes, and they will deliver to your doorstep!

We discussed the different subscription boxes in the above context, and now you have our list of the best monthly CBD boxes. Thanks for going through our article, and we are hopeful that you have found your perfect hemp health box.

Furthermore, these subscription products will help you discover brand-new products that lead you to a happy and healthy life. With that being said, which subscription box is your favorite?

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