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CBG flower

Have you heard about CBG flower? The world of cannabis is constantly growing and evolving. Consumers of hemp are on a roller coaster ride because they now have the opportunity to try many different cannabinoids.

Most of you may know about THC and CBD, but over a hundred molecules are in the cannabis plant. CBG is one of them.

But what is CBG flower, and why are we hearing about it so late? CBG stands for cannabigerol and is essentially the building block of hemp. Other popular forms, including THC and CBD, are extracted from the acidic form of cannabigerol (CBG-A).

Unlike its offspring, CBG does not feature psychoactive properties. In simple terms, it won’t make you wasted or tipsy. This exciting property of CBG allows the uncommon cannabinoid to make it big in the coming years.


What is CBG Flower?

CBG flower is a form of cannabis that contains a considerable amount of cannabigerol. CBG serves the same purpose in the cannabis plant as stem cells act in the human body.

The extraction process of CBG is different from other cannabinoids. In a cannabis plant, all compounds are present in their acidic form.

When CBG-A (Cannabigerol acid) is treated, it acts as the parent compound and divides into two sub acids, THC-A and CBD-A. These acids are further treated to make CBD and THC.

CBG extraction is a tough nut to crack. This is the main reason it was out of the public eye for so long. Most scientists overlooked it because it was never prominent.

Owing to less than two percent CBG in most varieties and the unique extraction process, it has stayed behind the curtains.

CBG has been termed as “Rolls Royce” of the cannabis industry. This is because of the costly and complex procedure required for its extraction.

When scientists finally realized CBG-A’s potential, they managed to extract CBG as a separate cannabinoid. Cannabis growers have also begun inter-breeding and artificially modifying existing varieties to create potent CBG buds.


Selection of The Best CBG Hemp Flower

ImageCBG FlowerCheck
organic CBG FlowerBoston Hempire
Organic CBG
check price button orange
white CBG strainCannaFlower
White CBG
check price button orange
Organic White Whale CBG FlowerBoston Hempire
White Whale
check price button orange
CBG flowerAmerican Shaman
Jack Frost/John Snow
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Green Dream CBG FlowerIndustrial Hemp Farms
Green Dream
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organic CBG FlowerBoston Hempire
Organic Cinderella
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What is CBG flower good for?

CBG flower has massive potential for thousands of users who are unable to tolerate high amounts of THC. When used in conjunction with CBD, users have claimed to feel more relaxed and clear-headed.

Even though all cannabinoids have a trace amount of CBG, it is not enough to balance out the properties.

CBG is also gaining momentum because it contains properties to cancel out THC’s effects. This is because CBG attaches itself to CB1 receptors and allows you to feel calm while fully alert.

But that is not all. Even though there is a need for more comprehensive research, CBG has shown symptomatic relief for several medical conditions.


Pain relief

Research suggests that CBG strains have enormous potential to provide pain relief for chronic diseases. It may even be more effective than its widely known counterparts THC and CBD.



Irritable bowel syndrome affects millions of people worldwide. CBG strains can provide relief to patients suffering from this syndrome.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBG have also helped patients with neurodegenerative issues.



CBG has also shown tremendous potential in fighting off cancer cells. By blocking the receptors that aid in cancer growth, CBG has proved to stop the process, helping to slow down the disease.



Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes the skin to become inflamed and itchy. CBG is reported to help fight different skin conditions by eliminating the causes.


High CBG Flower Strains

The amount of CBG in naturally grown hemp plants is less than 2%. It’s not enough to create CBG rich strains.

However, owing to modern cultivation techniques and cross-breeding, farmers have developed high CBG flower strains. These flowers can contain up to 10-15 % CBG.

To reduce the amount of (tetrahydrocannabinol)THC in these genetically modified varieties, farmers use the hemp plant.

Each of these newly cultivated high CBG strains has exclusive smell, taste, and effects. Even though every high CBG strain will do the same job, they all have distinctive characteristics.

Some of the most famous and effective high CBG strains are Jack frost CBG, White CBG, and Lemon CBG. Having distinguished flavors and blends, each CBG strain is a star product.


Organic CBG Rich Flower

organic CBG Flower

The organic CBG flower by Boston Hempire is as close to nature as possible. The anti-inflammatory properties of this high CBG flower will leave your body lightweight and pain-free.

It will also help with drowsiness induced by CBD supplements so that you can perform your daily activities.

With a total quantity of 21.83 % CBG, this hemp flower will probably make you return for more.



White CBG Flower

white CBG

White CBG by CannaFlower is an earthy-smelling hybrid strain ideal for use at any time of the day. It is coated with frosty crystals(seems like snow) and uplifts the mind and body.

The THC content in this CBG flower is almost nil, which means it is suitable for daytime use.

If you suffer from anxiety, then this CBG flower with a not-so-pleasant taste is perfect for you.

Growers have cultivated this pretty frosted hemp flower under special care. Hence, it is free from additives and chemicals.



Organic White Whale CBG Hemp Flower

Organic White Whale CBG Flower

The organic white whale CBG flower by Boston Hempire contains 15.21% CBG content. It has a distinctive taste, and you can use it in the morning or mid-day. The zero percent THC content means this hemp flower will not induce any hallucinations or make you groggy.

For people suffering from anxiety and chronic pain, this CBG flower delivers excellent results. The hemp flower is cultivated indoors with minimal additives, highly essential for the high-quality CBG.



CBG flower by American Shaman

CBG Jack Frost Flower

The CBG flower by American Shaman is available in 5 different strains. If you are looking for immediate relaxation without mind-numbing effects, this is the perfect solution for you.

The two most famous varieties of this flower are :

1. Jack Frost CBG Flower

Jack frost flower contains around 12.74 % CBG and less than 0.2 % THC. Because of the low level of THC in this hemp flower, it is ideal for daytime usage. It will help you feel fresh and energized.

By using the Jack Frost CBG flower together with CBD, you can experience even more pronounced results.



2. John Snow CBG Hemp Flower

The John Snow CBG flower is chock-full of CBG. With more than 20% CBG and almost nil THC compound, the organic flower is ideal for users who want to avoid intoxication.

A third-party laboratory test confirms its purity and potency so that you can consume this hemp flower with peace of mind.



Green Dream CBG Flower

Green Dream CBG FlowerThe green dream CBG flower by Industrial Hemp farm is here to help you achieve a sweet mellow high without inducing paranoia. Containing over 12 % CBG and 0.09% THC, this CBG bud is a fantastic choice for hemp lovers.

A third-party laboratory has certified this indoor cultivated CBG flower. This ensures premium quality and optimum effects.



Organic Cinderella

organic cinderella CBG Flower

The Organic Cinderella flower by Boston Hempire is suitable for new and experienced users of hemp alike. The non-existent THC in this flower makes it ideal for users who only want the medical properties of cannabis.

The well-trimmed CBG bud has orange hairs and is covered in snowy white trichomes. The beautiful hemp flower has an earthy and citrusy smell which makes it stand out from other varieties of CBG.



What is the difference between CBG and CBD flower?

CBG flower is a cannabinoid that has not been fully researched yet. CBD, however, is fully studied and well known for its myriad of health benefits.

CBG can provide relief to patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and neurodegenerative issues by blocking receptors aiding in the disease process. The anti-inflammatory properties have also helped those.


Is CBG better than CBD?

While CBD has been studied to a greater extent, CBG does have many helpful effects.

CBD is known for relieving symptoms related to epilepsy, chronic pain, and treating nausea in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

CBG can help relieve those with insomnia-related problems and stress disorders and it has no reported side impacts

There is no clear answer since people will come up with one better than the other always depends on your needs.


Last Thoughts about the CBG Flower

You may now have a fair idea about CBG strains and CBG flower effects on our overall well-being. It is only a matter of time before CBG hemp is used in health and wellness products due to its non-existing side effects.

As more varieties of high CBG strains are cultivated, it will help bring the prices down and make them readily available.

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