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6 Best Co2 Regulator for Grow Room | Top Cannabis Co2 Regulators

Best co2 regulator for grow room

When growing weed indoors, simply relying on the fact that climate change is happening and the current CO2 levels would be enough for your plants to flourish, is not enough.

Sure, you can use mushroom boxes or fermentation, but what can really make a difference is if you use the best CO2 regulators for grow room.

It is believed that there is 400 PPM of CO2 in the environment these days, thanks in part to climate change.

However, if you ramp it up to upwards of 1000 PPM, your weed can grow fast. If you utilize the best cannabis CO2 regulators, you can end up with 30 percent more yield.

CO2 levels in the environment are crucial for good growth, and indoors, the levels can be even lesser as compared with outdoors.

So here we have the best grow room CO2 regulators for you to choose for your grow tent.


Selection of the Best CO2 Regulators for Marijuana

Titan Controls HGC702710 CO2 Regulator

Titan Controls

Autopilot APC8200 Monitor & Controller

Autopilot APC8200

VIVOSUN Hydroponics CO2 Regulator


CO2 Generator NG 11,068 BTU

NG Generator

Day and Night CO2 Monitor and Controller for Greenhouses

Co2 Meter

Hydroponics Extoic Injection System Regulator

Extoic Injection


Grow Room CO2 Regulators Reviews


1. Titan Controls CO2 Regulator

best grow room co2 regulator

The Titan controls are compatible with all 120 Volts controllers and timers.

Titan Controls is known for its high-quality products for indoor gardens and if you already have their light or humidity controllers, you can get this one for maintaining required CO2 levels.

It features a strong solenoid valve and an oil-less pressure gauge. The CO2 dispensing line is quite long measuring 12 feet. It also comes with two plastic tank washers which makes it all the better in terms of value for money.

If simplicity cuts it for you then this is the best CO2 regulator grow room. It is easy to install, easy to use, and works well with other controllers.

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2. Autopilot APC8200 Monitor & Controller

best grow room co2 controllerAutopilot APC8200 monitor and controller is the best co2 regulator for the grow room. It comes with an option to monitor CO2 for minutes, hours, or even a week. This will help you in setting the CO2 levels according to your needs, it’s user-friendly and easy to use.

The display shows recordings of current CO2 levels and the selected settings. The zoom chart on display shows up to 17 recordings done previously.

It comes with a sensor unit, photocell, 15-foot data cable, and user manuals. The sensor gets readings of the surrounding lights and activates the CO2 outlet when the levels are low. It allows you to tune the environment settings for your grow room.

The Autopilot APC8200 comes with a three-year warranty plan that would keep you covered at all times if the need be.

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3. VivoSun Hydroponic CO2 Regulator

best grow room co2 regulator

This is one of the best CO2 regulators for marijuana as it is made from sturdy brass. It is not vulnerable to moisture or humidity and will work seamlessly for years to come. It has a solenoid valve flow meter and a high-pressure gauge for 0-4000 psi.

You also get a 5-meter plastic dispensing tube with this regulator. It keeps the CO2 levels that are ideal for weed and potentially can yield up to 40 percent more. It fits all standard CO2 tanks and can work with any kind or size of the grow tent. The maximum level you should keep is 2500 PPM as anything above that can be harmful too.

The manufacturer of this product specializes in hydroponic system products so if you are growing weed in a hydroponic system, this is the best CO2 regulator for the hydroponic grow room you should have in your grow area.

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4. CO2 Generator NG 11,068 BTU 10.8 CU/FT Hr.

CO2 Generator for grow room

High levels of CO2 enhance plant growth and productivity. You can easily adjust the CO2 levels in your grow room by using the Autopilot CO2 generator. It takes a few pennies only to operate this device.

The CO2 generator is covered with a coating of steel that helps avoid discoloration, rust, and moisture. These are safe and easy to set up and operate. The electronic ignition module contained inside the regulator creates a spark to fire up the brass burners.

The units are fitted with a “Tip over” safety tip that shuts down the gas supply when needed. In case of any error, the LED lights will light up to alert the user.

This safe CO2 generator comes in three variable sizes, with different burner options. You can choose from the four, eight, and ten-burner options.

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5. Co2 Regulator

Best cannabis co2 regulators

CO2 is essential for the healthy growth of plants. This is the best controller for the CO2 levels of your plants. The device comes with an easily adjustable flow meter, a valve, and a regulator.

You could adjust the gas settings between 0.5 to 15 cubic feet per hour. You could fix the tubings provided in this regulator to a fan to evenly distribute CO2 across the room. It comes with a six feet long 120V cable, 5 meters of tubing a pair of whitewashers.

The product is easily available in online stores all across America and comes at a reasonable price. The manufacturers have a couple of other products related to indoor planting that you can explore.

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6. Hydroponic Extoic Injection System CO2 Regulator

co2 regulator for hydroponic

This product is made from industrial-grade materials and is designed to work with any grow room or greenhouse. It comes with 10 foot long ¼ inch air pipe and a generously long 6-foot power cable. It can be used within a system that runs on 120 Volts.

The flow gauge is capable of producing 0.5 to 15 SCFH of CO2 every hour which is optimal for weed. It can easily be connected with a 20# or 50# Carbon dioxide Tank. It works with the majority of the valves regardless of the condition they are in.

It is designed to last long with only quality materials used in the construction. You will need a CO2 meter to be used with this for accurate readings of CO2 levels.

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Last Thoughts about the Best Grow Room Co2 Regulators.

The above five products are the best grow room CO2 regulators on the market today.

CO2 is extremely important for any kind of indoor plant. In order to allow them to grow to their full potential, you have to provide optimal conditions for that particular plant.

Weed can really flourish if provided with CO2 levels of 1500 PPM. That may not be possible to achieve without the help of a regulator.

Most of the best cannabis CO2 regulators are quite affordable and will last for years. Nevertheless, if you have the budget for it, invest in the best one regardless of the price.

The amount of money you will save by growing your own weed should pay back for the regulator or any other device you may have purchased soon enough.

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