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8 Best Grinders for Weed | We Review the Best Marijuana Grinders

best grinder for weed

Today, you are getting a list of the best weed grinders available in the market.

From weed grinders that grind your herb powder-fine to weed grinders made to build up tons of kief, by the end of this article, you’ll take your weed consumption to the next level with the best marijuana grinder from this list:


Selection of the Best Weed Grinders: Top Alternatives

Here, I will walk you through the best weed grinder options ideal for you. The following grinder models will put you close to the action.

Thus, keep reading to discover which is the best fit for you.

Santa Cruz Weed Grinder

Santa Cruz 4 Piece


GrindE Electric Herb grinder

Envium GrindE


Cali Crusher O.G. 2.5

Cali Crusher O.G. 2.5" 4pc

Manual Cleartop

Electric Smart Herb Grinder

OTTO by Banana Bros





Aluminum Lightning Pattern Herb Grinder

Aluminum Lightning 4 Pc 2.5"


Wakit - Electric weed Grinder



Electric Tobacco Shredder

Tobacco Shredder



Best Herb Grinder Reviews


1. Santa Cruz Shredder x Cookies 4 Piece Weed Grinder

Santa Cruz 4 Piece Weed GrinderFirst and foremost, Cookies teamed up with Santa Cruz Shredder to design this biodegradable herb grinder, which is made from industrial hemp. The Cookies herb grinder offers a patented tooth design to make an even and fluffy grind every time.

The portable and pocket-friendly design makes this pick the best for any stash box.

Designed in the U.S., the Cookies weed grinder is exceptionally durable. It gives you a consistent fluffy grind that Santa Cruz Shredder is recognized for. Besides, using the latest CNC technology, it is carved out of anodized aerospace-grade aluminum.

The Knurled Grip, along with the robust tooth design, ensures easy grinding. Most importantly, the entire build has no plastic, making it biodegradable. Also, the compact weed grinder has scratch-resistant gloss and a matte finish, so it stays longer.

The only downside is, it needs regular cleaning, which is understandable given the construction.

Overall, this is the best herb grinder if you want a pollution-free pick.



2. Envium GrindE Electric Weed Grinder

GrindE Electric Herb grinder

If you are looking for an electric weed grinder that can grind marijuana to a perfect consistency for dry packing bowls, rolling joints, and herb vaping, then GrindE is just for you.

Regardless of your weed consumption method, the GrindE offers the best grind possible. Moreover, the fine grind reveals more surface area for vaporization and combustion, resulting in a flavorful and smooth smash each time.

But what you might be interested to know is its charging ability, right? The GrindE weed grinder comes with a micro USB charging cable for super-fast charging. Moreover, its stainless steel cutting chain and built-in pollen catcher render over-the-top satisfaction to the user.

The compact weeb grinder delivers consistency in run time; however, be careful about the moving parts as they might catch kief.



3. Cali Crusher O.G. 2.5″ Clear top Herb Grinder

Cali Crusher O.G. 2.5 Grinder 4pcThis Cali Crusher 2-piece grinder is an incredible pick on the list.

It is popular for its distinctive tooth design. Besides, it churns out perfectly fluffy, ground cannabis into a canister sealed with a strong magnet. Thus, you don’t have to worry about getting a grinder again if you buy it just once.

Moreover, the Cali crusher is cheaper than the average grinders, and it is better than most grinders on Amazon.

You get a magnetic top chamber and a bottom catch chamber for pollen. Moreover, it features a textured lid for a smooth and comfortable grip.

But what makes Cali Crusher O.G. 2.5-inch Herb Grinder stand out is its classic diamond-cut blades for crushing. Besides that, you get the stainless steel micron screen to go with the solid aluminum construction.

It’s a durable grinder available in five different colors.



4. OTTO by Banana Bros Electric Grinder with Pollen Catcher

OTTO Electric Smart Herb GrinderBeing the best electric weed grinder, the Otto eliminates user errors altogether. It can sense what grind you need for the best results and then adjusts to the weed automatically. Later, it funnels the grind directly into a paper cone for easy joint rolling.

Above all, the Otto is USB rechargeable and faster than most of the other grinders. The grinder features a 4-in-1 cleaning tool. Along with the O-Tube sachet and cone holder, the grinder offers six free Banana Bros. premium cone-shaped sachets.

Also, the milling plates are made out of aerospace-engineered aluminum, making it a GMO- free grinder.

Moreover, you get a USB charging cable for quick charging.

Overall, it’s a cool pick if you want to have a travel-friendly weeb grinder. That said, it’s an expensive purchase and needs frequent cleaning as well.



5. KANNASTOR GR8TR V2 Weed Grinder


Kannastor is one of the best grinder brands. Likewise, this pick is worth your consideration if you want a good-looking grinder.

The GR8TR V2 is designed with hardened aluminum in a matte design that looks incredible. Besides, it comes with two interchangeable grater plates to provide you with convenience. This way, you may pick your type of coarse: medium or fine.

Moreover, this pick is a mix-and-match marvel with the option to break it down into a more portable size, two removable screens, and extra storage options.

When it comes to construction, Kannastor is in line with the top high-quality aluminum grinder brands.



6. Aluminum Lightning Pattern Clear Top Herb Grinder

Aluminum Lightning Pattern Herb Grinder

If you’re looking for an affordable yet colorful grinder with a clear top so that you may look at the grinding action, the Ben Yan’s Aluminum Lightning grinder might be the pick for you. Besides, it is available in many bright colors, and each one of them sports a lightening design making it look neat and classy.

Moreover, this pick offers you an aluminum alloy design ensuring robustness and reliability. More importantly, it won’t break your budget.

Although Ben Yan’s aluminum lightning weed grinder might not be much impressive, it is functional and will do your job well. Furthermore, it offers smooth threading for closure and is recommendable for grinding qualities.



7. Wakit – Electric Herb & Tobacco Grinder

Wakit - Electric Herb & Tobacco Grinder

With the Wakit herb grinder, you may grind your herbs in a fast and effortless way.

As you know, some electric grinders are not capable of using the blades to cut through stems. However, the Wakit grinder can perfectly do that.

Moreover, it has incredible battery life. You may charge it for just 45 minutes and use it for hours. If you prefer a fine grind, just tap it once again after use and control the texture!

There’s a durable drone motor that runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The revolutionary ball and chain blades run on beaded chain technology, making the process fast and effortlessly easy.

Moreover, this simple-to-use tobacco and herb grinder accommodates up to 5g of herb, which is a big plus. Add a quick, 45-minute charging, and voila. It is the best herb grinder if you are a time saver.



8. Electric Tobacco Shredder – Cutter – Converter

Electric Tobacco ShredderLast but not least, this best grinder for weed is a convenient pick for all your grinding needs. With this shredder & cut converter, grinding weed becomes easier than ever before. It features high-power blades with the touch of a button.

Besides, it can handle up to 50 grams of herbs easily, offering you to grind a substantial quantity at once. The clear top offers you to see the whole grinding process to control the consistency.

This way, you may power the grinder off and open the chamber for easy removal when you see you’ve achieved the perfect consistency.

Overall, this pick offers the most efficient and mess-free grinding experience in comparison with most of the grinders on the market.



Wrapping Up with the “Best Grinders”

Consequently, we wrote this article to help speed up your research and save you money. I evaluated the myriads of the best marijuana grinder models and identified the best weed grinders above.

Now, you know which weed grinder is best overall and which herb grinder is best for a particular purpose.

If you wonder which marijuana grinder I recommend the most, well, I’d pick the Santa Cruz grinder.

It is the best herb grinder on the list due to its high-quality yet simple design. Besides, its construction conceals a unique and patented cutting action that produces perfect fluffed kief.

All in all, any of the weed grinders in the list above will serve you well!

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