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Best grow lights for indoor plantsIndoor gardening is not as easy as it seems. If you’re unsure whether you should try indoor growing or not, I would recommend you to try it once. One of the significant benefits of indoor growing is you don’t need to worry about garden pests eating your plants.

The grow lights allow you to cultivate any type of plant all around the year. They are mainly designed to provide a substitute for natural sunlight. They give the right color spectrum that helps the plants to grow efficiently.

If you think of using regular light bulbs for indoor growing, it might not be a great idea. These bulbs don’t provide the full-color spectrum necessary for plants to grow in every phase of the growth cycle.

There are many types of grow lights available for indoor growing. All of them have different specifications and strengths.


Selection of the Best Lights for Indoor Growing

Wills 600WWILLS 600Wcheck price button
Spider Farmer SF-1000Spider Farmer
1000Wcheck price button
EZORKAS Grow Light, 80WEZORKAS80Wcheck price button
Hytekgro indoor Grow Light 45W-001Hytek Gro 45Wcheck price button
Exlenvce 1200WExlenvce 600Wcheck price button
vogek Plant Grow LightVOGEK 72Wcheck price button
Giixer 600WGiixer600Wcheck price button
Phlizon Newest 1200WPhlizon 12000W1200Wcheck price button
King Plus 1200wKing Plus 1200Wcheck price button


Criteria for Choosing the Right Indoor Grow Light

First up, decide whether you want a grow bulb or lighting fixture. It depends on your requirements, budget, and convenience.

  • Grow Light Bulbs: Do you want a reasonable grow light? I would recommend you to buy grow light bulbs. Just pop in the grow light bulb in an old ceiling or lamp that needs a bulb replacement, and you’re good to go!
  • Grow Light Fixtures: It is an expensive option as compared to the bulbs. However, the grow light fixtures provide a full-color spectrum for plant growth. The best part is you can illuminate various plants using a single fixture.


Do you know which grow light is suitable for indoor growing: an Incandescent Light, LED Light, or Fluorescent Light? Here’s a brief description of all three of them:

  • An incandescent is a basic type of grow light. Even though they are quite cheap, their low efficiency and high heat output make them the least popular grow light option among buyers.
  • Fluorescent is expensive but more energy-efficient as compared to the incandescent grow light. It provides a low heat output and a suitable spectrum of light for growing.
  • LED lights are the best among other grow lights providing an ultra-low heat output. They are extremely energy efficient and offer an ideal range of the light spectrum.

Choose the grow light that provides a proper light spectrum for photosynthesis as it is necessary for plant growth. Also, before purchasing, see the light spectrum range it offers.

Now, let’s move on to the best LED grow lights for indoor plants.


Best LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

You can find LED grow lights in different sizes, shapes, prices, and brightness.

Are these lights costly? No! They are available in various options that fit every budget. Additionally, many grow lights work well for growing weed indoors.

Here is my review of the best LED grow lights for indoor plants.


1. WILLS Upgraded 600W Full Spectrum LED Light

willis Best grow lights for indoorThe WILLS 600W LED grow light is a product of WILLS, a renowned LED grow light manufacturer. It is a great LED grow light for indoor plants offering a full light spectrum range. The 600W output makes it an ideal alternative for plant growth.

It is a dual switch product, featuring Veg and Bloom switch. So, you can use the switch according to your needs.

The WILLS grow light has a daisy chain function, which allows you to connect five or six lights simultaneously.

Why should you buy this product?

If you want an energy-efficient product, consider buying WILLS 600W Led light as it only consumes 102W energy. Moreover, it offers a US power cord, two-year warranty, adjustable rope, and amiable customer service.



2. Spider Farmer SF-1000 LED Grow Light

Spider Farmer SF-1000 indoor grow lightThe spider Farmer SF-1000 LED Grow Light is designed specifically for indoor growing. You can use it to grow indoor vegetables and flowers. The full light spectrum provides a great substitute for natural sunlight.

It is extremely easy to install; just take it out of the box and plug it in.

How does this grow light differ from others? It’s made out of Samsung LED diodes, making it durable and maintenance-free. Also, it doesn’t need to be replaced often.

These LED diodes provide better canopy light penetration.

It is an energy-efficient, and noise-free LED grow light. Moreover, it’s a lightweight product weighing only 2.77 pounds. The best part is it offers a three years warranty.



3. EZORKAS LED Grow Light

EZORKAS indoor Grow Light, 80W

This grow light is the latest addition in the plant growth lamps that offer four-headed grow lights. You can use the EZORKAS grow light for indoor gardening, plant propagation, or food production.

It allows you to change the brightness and the distance between the plant and light, depending on the plant’s requirements.

The total number of lamp chips are 48, including 32 red and 16 blue lights. Both of these lights play a significant role in plant growth.

Now, let me tell you about the modes of this grow light. It has three spectrum modes and nine dimmable modes. You can change the ways according to the growth phases of the plant.

The power used is approximately 80W, while the lifespan of the light is 50,000 hours. It weighs 1.8 lbs. You can find this grow light on Amazon for $36.97.



4. Hytek Gro 45W LED Grow Light.

Hytekgro indoor growing plant 45WThis LED grow light offers a full light spectrum providing the same wavelength plants need from sunlight. So, it helps in growing plants faster and healthier. It is a lightweight option that also features upgraded hanging brackets.

You don’t need to worry about your plants being harmed as it offers excellent heat control. These LED grow light bulbs made the plants grow stronger with straight stems. The square shape of the light allows it to cover a plant area of 3ft by 3ft.

It is an energy-efficient product consuming only 45W of energy with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The height at which you should hang it is one or two feet. You can buy this product from Amazon for only $45.99.



5. Exlenvce Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Exlenvce 1200W Grow LightThis LED grow light consists of three 5W chips in each LED. It is a newly introduced feature in any LED grows light, making it more efficient and brighter.

It is a dual-channel LED light, including bloom and veg channel. You can use the Veg channel for sprouting the seedlings while consuming the power of 155W. On the other hand, bloom channels are used for flowers in the flowering phase while consuming 80W of power.

The Exlenvce grow light offers a dual chain function that allows connecting different lights to a single supply. It offers a lifespan of 100,000 hours with four years warranty.



6. VOGEK Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

vogek Plant Grow Light

The VOGEK grow light is a great choice for indoor gardening. It offers a full light spectrum that plays an important role in the plant’s growth.

It offers an adjustable brightness setting, which you can adjust by pressing the plus (+) and minus (-) button. Manual operation is not required as it starts automatically. It is an energy-efficient grow light that consumes only 72W power in total.

When a bulb’s lifespan ends, you can replace them with the new ones. It makes the light environment friendly.

It is a three-headed grow light that comes with a strong clip and can be attached to any surface. The neck of the light is flexible, so you can rotate it in any required direction.



7. Giixer 600W LED Grow Light.

Giixer 600W Grow Light for indoorThe Giixer 600W LED is one of the best grow lights for indoor plants. It offers a full range light spectrum, which makes it perfect for growing indoor vegetables and flowers.

As compared to the other grow lights, the Giixer 600W is offering bigger, efficient, and bright LED lights. At the same time, it is energy efficient, consuming only 70W of power.

This product also has dual switch functions, including Veg and Bloom. It’s completely your choice to use the type of switch. The lifespan offered is somewhere between 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

It weighs only 5.14 pounds and is considered a highly rated product on amazon. The price of the product is $45.99.



8. Phlizon 12000W LED Grow Light.

Phlizon Newest 1200W LED indoor Grow LightPhlizon LED grow light is considered a great product due to its amazing performance. As an alternative to natural light, it consumes less wattage power while providing coverage to a large area.

Moreover, this product is safe to use due to the absence of reflectors. It offers all essential features, including a full light spectrum. Additionally, it has Veg and Bloom switches as well as daisy chain functions.

If you don’t want an expensive grow light, you should go for Phlizon as it is one of the most appropriate choices for indoor plants.



9. King Plus 1200W LED Grow Light

King Plus 1200wThe King Plus 1200W grow light is a product of King LED, famous for developing the most energy-efficient LED grow lights. The King Plus 1200W offers a full light spectrum, which gives the desired natural light to plants.

It offers an advanced cooling system that protects your plants from being harmed. This grow light consumes 243W of power, which is far less than the light it produces.

Like other LED grow lights, you will also find a Veg or Bloom switch in this growing light. It offers a massive coverage of 3.5′ X 5′ and weighs 6.61 pounds. This LED light has a high rating on Amazon and costs $135. You can also buy this product in 1000W or 600W.



Final Thoughts about the Best Indoor Grow Light

I have reviewed some of the best LED grow lights for indoor plants. While purchasing a grow light, look for the size and type you want. Then, see whether the grow light is easy to install.

You can find a large variety of best lights available for indoor growing. Always choose the one that fits your requirements.

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