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best grow tent

Best Grow Tents Reviews.

best grow tent

Nurturing young plants is challenging as minor temperature, moisture, and environmental changes can make your plants wither and die. Hydroponic growing provides a high level of environmental control.

With the help of the best grow tent, you can adjust and control your plant’s growing conditions. Grow tents are vital for excellent hydroponic systems because they offer flexibility to the growers who lack soil space.

Grow tents can be used inside and outside for your hydroponic plants as they provide a suitable environment for your plants anywhere. But due to the popularity of this growing equipment, numerous brands have crafted high-quality environmental control grow tents with a variety of features.

Finding the best grow tent is crucial to controlling your plants’ environment. But what makes a grow tent worth buying?

You can read our detailed guide to understand the numerous features of a grow tent, such as strength, quality, plant capacity, ventilation, and reflective properties, and how they impact your plants. Here is a comprehensive buyer’s guide with some of the best grow tents.


Most popular

600D Oxford cloth

From $169.99



1680D Canvas

From $388.95


Easy to assemble

Size: 3ft x 3ft

From $65.99


Extremely durable

600D Canvas

From 69.99



600D Canvas

From $67.77

AC Infinity

Durable Frame

2000D Canvas

From $129.00

Green Houser

Eco friendly

600D Canvas

From $65.77


What Is a Grow Tent?

A grow tent is a compact tent made of woven fabric featuring reflective interior walls for nurturing and growing plants. It has metal frames and steel poles that shape the tent. The fabric’s inner reflective clothing allows the light to disperse more efficiently.

This tall yet compact tent does not have light leaks and is waterproof. It also has airtight vents. The inside of the grow tent features a space for grow lights, and you can also attach a fan. Most growers use these grow tents for raising crops for personal use as they are very small for commercial use.

A grow tent is compact and has quarantined plants. As a result, they are mostly disease and pest free. So growers only have to worry about air circulation inside the tent to avoid fungus and mold.

In addition, you can add granular or liquid nutrients to provide your plants with maximum energy for their growth stages.


Why Should You Use a Grow Tent?

If you lack an ideal outdoor growing space, indoor grow tent kits are perfect for you to create an isolated garden ecosystem in your home. Grow tents will allow you to produce your crops by creating a suitable environment. Here are numerous benefits of an indoor grow tent.


Controlled Growing Environment

Indoor grow tents let you grow your plants in a controlled environment. You can control the plant’s environmental factors such as water, light, and humidity. This way, your plants grow faster.

Due to a controlled environment, you don’t have to worry about weather and other external factors. Grow tents also let you attach accessories such as humidifiers, grow lights, air conditioners, and fans to better control temperature and humidity levels.

With the help of a grow tent’s flood-proof flooring and airtight seals, you can protect your plants from external temperature changes. It also helps keep insects and pests away.


Say Goodbye to Odors

A high-quality grow tent can save your home from odors because it contains carbon filters and a controlled ventilation system.

Some plants give off strong odors and allergens. Grow tents aren’t 100% airtight, but they effectively contain humidity, temperature, and smell.

If you want to protect your home from the overwhelming smell of marijuana plants, you can use a grow tent to contain these nasty odors.


Energy Efficient

A hydroponic grow tent is energy efficient as it has a reflective coating that circulates the light by amplifying the rays. This makes indoor growing processes more energy efficient as the reflective surface provides your plants with the energy they need without expending energy from grow lamps.

The reflective surface also disperses the light throughout the tent. This works better than a centralized light source because your plants can photosynthesize better. This also saves you from using multiple light sources.


Saves Money

Energy efficiency saves more money as you don’t have to spend your plant growing budget on more grow lights to provide your plants with better light sources. In addition, if you use a high-quality grow tent, it will save your plants from external weather changes, pests, and flooding.

This minimizes your risk of losing the crops. You’re also not spending money on building a greenhouse as a grow tent has the perfect growing environment. Moreover, it’s highly accessible, allowing you to tend to the plants anytime.


Better Plant Growth

Indoor growers want the light to land on their plants to carry out more photosynthesis. Grow tent’s reflective surface allows the light to disperse, allowing your plants to receive plenty of light from one light source. This maximizes photosynthesis, resulting in faster and better plant growth.


Grow Tent Reviews

Some of the best grow tents offer numerous advantages to indoor growers for growing their cannabis plants. They feature sturdy frames to handle equipment and also provide a light-tight seal.

Besides these essentials, top grow tents must have excellent growing features to increase the efficiency of your growing setup. For beginners, it’s crucial to read grow tent reviews to find a suitable plant-growing product. Here are some of the best grow tents.


VIVOSUN Mylar Reflective | Most Popular

vivosun 4x4 grow tent

VIVOSUN Mylar Reflective Grow Tent is an all-in-one solution to your growing needs. This grow tent offers 40 x 40 x 80 inches growing space for indoor growers who lack outdoor space.

In addition, this tear-resistant tent has 98% reflective interior walls that efficiently disperse light, boosting your plant’s growth rate.

Vivosun’s grow tent uses 600D tent fabric and a heavy-duty zipper to avoid light leaks. In addition, this tear-proof and lightproof grow tent features an all-iron metal frame that lets you hang your ventilation systems and grow lights.

Indoor mylar hydroponics grow tent works as a clever growing solution for beginners to provide their plants with a controlled environment.

With a human-centered design featuring an observation window, filter strap, and hanging filters, it lets you monitor the growth status of your cannabis plants. However, the observation window has poor quality.

You can also monitor the temperature, light, and humidity levels to maximize results. The best thing about Vivosun’s mylar reflective grow tent is that it takes about 15-20 minutes to assemble it as it comes with all the assembling accessories.


  • Easy installation
  • 600D tent fabric
  • Heavy-duty zipper
  • Tear-resistant
  • No light leaks
  • Comes with assembled accessories


  • Poor observation windows


Gorilla Grow Tent | Best Quality

gorilla grow tent

Gorilla Grow Tent is suitable gardening equipment for beginners and experts as Gorilla tents are the best quality grow tent available on the market.

If you have shorter ceilings, the compact Gorilla grow tent is just what you need. This cheap grow tent features large view windows. You can easily monitor your plant’s growth status without compromising the environment.

The Gorilla grow tent is about 4’11 inches in height, ideal for compact indoor plant growing. Despite the height, it has excellent plant capacity as you can grow up to five plants.

The Gorilla grow tent also features a sturdy frame that can hold about 250 lb of equipment. Moreover, it has reflective mylar walls that provide your plants with 360 degrees of light dispersion and coverage, preventing light leaks.

Most indoor growers lack sufficient growing space. In that case, the Gorilla Tent is one of the best grow tents they can buy on a budget.


  • Light tight built
  • Thick canvas
  • Suitable for limited space
  • Strong metal poles
  • 100% reflective walls
  • Includes spill tray
  • Features IR-blocking roof


  • Poor customer service
  • Not suitable for growing more plants

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iPower with Reflective Mylar | Good Price

ipower indoor hydroponic grow tent

The iPower Grow Tent is the best budget tent for indoor growing. This tent is tear-proof, wear-resistant, and waterproof, made from high-quality Oxford fabric.

It also efficiently blocks the light from escaping as it has no air and light leaks. You won’t require additional flaps or tape to make the tent lightproof.

The iPower tent is lined with 98% reflective mylar, which helps boost the output efficiency of a growing setup. Featuring heavy-duty zippers and double stitching, this tent ensures durability and longevity.

Strong metal poles and metal corners support the frame. This sturdy tent can handle 110 lbs of equipment. The sturdy frame is also easy to install.

This grow tent has an easy-access door zip, observation windows, a tool bag, metal poles, metal connectors, and a removable floor tray for enhanced growing convenience.

In addition, since this grow tent comes with a user manual, beginners can easily install it in a confined space to grow their plants in a controlled environment.


  • Ideal for limited growing space
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • No air and light leaks
  • Budget tent


  • No straps for hanging additional accessories

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CoolGrows | Best Durability

CooloGrows mylar hydroponic grow room

CoolGrows Grow Tent is an ideal grow tent for indoor gardening. It comes with high-quality observation windows that let you monitor your plants’ growth status without interfering with the environment.

Featuring a 95% mylar reflective lining, this durable tent assists your indoor gardening light fixtures by increasing the grow light’s intensity and dispersion.

CoolGrows hydroponic grow room has a removable, waterproof floor tray for hard soil. You can easily remove the floor tray for washing.

Moreover, this grow tent has heavy-duty zippers and a sturdy construction due to double stitching and metal poles that ensure stability. The 600D thick tent fabric makes this grow tent highly durable and long-lasting.

The CoolGrows grow tent comes with a user manual for easy assembly and installation. It also has a good quality observation window, and the zippers unzip smoothly.


  • High-quality tent
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy viewing window
  • Highly light proof
  • Dual ventilation socks for easy light and air seal around ducting and cords


  • Growers have to buy lighting, fans, and ductwork separately.
  • The user manual has poor details.

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TopoLite | Cheapest Grow Tent

TopoLite Dark Room

Confined indoor spaces require smaller tents. This is where TopoLite Hydroponic Grow Tent comes in to fulfill your growing needs. This small indoor tent features plastic corners and a high-density 600D canvas.

It doesn’t require tools for installation. Thus it is suitable for professional and amateur growers.

Multiple vents are one of the unique features of this compact tent. The vents have adjustable drawstrings for more convenient usage. It also features white windows with mesh.

This multiple-vent feature is ideal for the ventilation system of your plants. In addition to this, the TopoLite Mylar hydroponic grow tent has a highly reflective diamond mylar layer to ensure that there is no light leak.

The sturdy construction is reliable because of the paint-coated steel poles that increase this grow tent’s weight capacity. Overall, it is an affordable tent with an excellent ventilation system and tool’s free installation.


  • Tools free installation
  • Multiple vents for excellent ventilation
  • Affordable


  • It does not come with fans or hangers
  • The instruction manual lacks information about holes and flaps

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AC Infinity CLOUDLAB Advance | Best Canvas


The AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 733 Advance Grow Tent is amongst the top grow tents because it helps growers efficiently create optimal environmental conditions for their plants. Offering a growing space of 26 x 26 x 72, you can grow as many plants as you want in a limited space.

This dynamic tent comes with additional accessories such as a removable tray, a carrying case, and a tool bag. This sturdy tent has taken the grow tent market by storm because of its durable frame constructed from thick steel poles that support twice the weight capacity of a standard grow tent.

In addition to this, the high-density 2000D grow tent canvas efficiently prevents air and light leaks. The diamond mylar reflective surface also amplifies the light reflectivity, centralizing it on your plants. As a result of even light distribution, your plants grow better.

The inner ribbon stitching also seals the tent’s corners, preventing light from escaping. In addition, this grow tent has observation windows that let you monitor your plants at any growing phase without opening the zipper.

Overall, the AC Infinity CLOUDLAB grow tent is a highly functional compact tent you can buy on a budget.


  • Thick steel poles
  • Extremely thick canvas to prevent light leakage
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Durable fabric


  • The frame doesn’t lock properly

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Green Houser Reflective Hydroponic | Easy to Clean

GreenHouser High Reflective

Green Houser Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent features a highly reflective inner surface made from waterproof diamond mylar. Made from environmentally friendly PEVA material, this grow tent offers enhanced convenience to make your indoor garden more functional.

The outer material is made from durable 600D lightproof fabric. The metal rods have a white paint coating for smooth finishing. Moreover, it has heavy-duty zippers for maximum protection against air and light leaks.

The Green Houser Hydroponic Grow Tent also has round vents with mesh for more ventilation. It also features multiple vents for fan output.

It is amongst the top grow tents because it’s easy to clean, unlike other tents. The removable floor tray protects your tent from spills and flooding. You can take out the removable floor tray for efficient cleaning.

Moreover, it comes with an instruction booklet and nylon belts that you can use for filter straps. Overall, this hydroponic tent for indoor gardening is easy to clean, efficient, and affordable.


  • Multiple vent system
  • Removable flooring
  • Waterproof diamond mylar for enhanced reflection
  • Durable 600D fabric
  • Eco friendly


  • Small grow room
  • Limited plant capacity

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Buyers Guide

You must evaluate some critical features before choosing the best grow tent. Factors such as size, ventilation, insulation, observation window, material, and capacity play a crucial role in maintaining your indoor plantation.

If you wish to boost plant growth and maximize the results of your indoor plant gardening, you must consider the following factors before purchasing a grow tent.


Choose the Right Indoor Grow Tent Size

The size of your grow tent plays a vital role in determining how many plants you can grow, so you must look into the sizes of different grow tents. If you’re looking to grow taller plants, you must buy a spacious indoor grow tent with an adjustable height extension kit.

If you want to grow more plants, you need to buy larger tents because they can accommodate numerous plants. In addition, larger tents won’t damage the plants by crowding them as they provide your crops with plenty of space.

However, if you have limited indoor space, you must purchase an average grow tent for an indoor plantation. Smaller tents easily fit inside a closet and are easier to install.

Whether you buy a small or a large tent, you must place it correctly as you need to leave some space near the observation window to stand and monitor the plants.

Small Plants

(1 sq ft)

Medium Plants

(2 sq ft)

Large Plants

(4 sq ft)

2' x 2-2.5'




2' x 4'




3' x 3'




4' x 4'




5' x 5'




4' x 8'




10' x 10'






The frame of your tent is another critical factor to consider because it reinforces the tent’s structure by providing stability. Choose a tent with sturdy construction and durable frames made from metal rods or steel rods as they can support more weight.

Heavy-duty steel frames are more durable and can withstand more weight. However, tents with steel frames come with a steep price tag.

A Gorilla grow tent has a sturdy metal frame, so it’s best to buy a reliable Gorilla grow tent if you have a reasonable budget.



Grow tents come with numerous features like ports and vents. In addition, some indoor grow tents have several openings, while other tents only have one observation window or a few openings with flaps.

You must purchase a grow tent with maximum vents and ports as vents allow you to connect internal systems such as fans to external systems like electricity supply.


Quality Reflective Material

One of the most significant advantages of using grow tents is their reflective property that helps disperse light rays. This ensures that your plants get maximum light from your indoor grow light.

Suppose you invest in a grow tent with poor reflective material. As a result, your plants won’t receive sufficient light. This will negatively affect their growth rate.

For this reason, you must purchase grow tents with quality reflective material. Look for tents with 98 to 100% mylar reflective interior walls.

Some grow tent manufacturers create interiors with different patterns. However, you should opt for diamond-patterned mylar as it is the most reflective.


Zipper Durability

Your grow tent zippers must be durable as they are used regularly. Wear and tear are expected on poorly constructed grow tents. You must look into quality construction with double stitching to ensure that your grow tent lasts long.

The zippers should be easy to zip as harder zippers are more likely to get damaged. If you buy a tent with poor zippers, wear will result in light leaks, rendering your grow tent useless.



Grow tents come with chambers for more versatile usage. For example, if you want ample space to grow your plants taller and wider, you can purchase a grow tent with chambers as you’ll have a separate portion to germinate your seedlings.

Two-chamber grow tents are more versatile as they include a smaller nursery. You could also look for grow tents with a central divider for added flexibility and convenience.

Grow tents with a central divider can accommodate larger plants, but they’re more challenging to install.


Corner Construction

Many grow tents come with three-prong plastic corners, which aren’t as durable as interlocking snap pieces holding the steel rods together.

Some top-of-the-line tents have metal corner pieces for more stability as they hold the poles securely in place, ensuring that the tent does not wiggle. This also saves your tent’s frame from collapsing.


Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is crucial in holding your tent in place. If you use more grow lights, fans, reflectors, and other growing accessories, holding the tent in place will be challenging.

Your grow tent must be strong enough to hold the growing kit you will use. Look into the weight capacity, and specifications of a grow tent before purchasing, as the last thing you want is your grow tent to collapse with all your plants.


Viewing Windows

Viewing windows is essential for monitoring the plant’s growth phase. Growers have to actively check their indoor garden for progress without disturbing the growing environment. Good viewing windows are tightly sealed to prevent light and air leaks.


Extra Features

Some grow tent kits come with additional features such as removable trays, bags, removable flooring, etc. Extra features are not an absolute necessity, but they’re pretty helpful.

For example, removable trays allow easy cleaning, while features such as doors and windows allow better temperature and humidity control for hydroponic gardening.


Top Grow Tent Brands

VIVOSUN Standard 5x5 Grow Tent


Vivosun is one of the most renowned grow tent manufacturers known for their reliable and affordable grow tents. Unfortunately, some people often confuse the lower price tag with cheap quality.

Vivosun defies such common beliefs by offering superior build quality and essential features in its grow tents.

One of the best things about Vivosun is its exceptional after-sales communication and customer service. Moreover, it offers a partial refund if any issue arises in the grow tent.

Furthermore, all you need is to write an email to customer services for a prompt replacement in case of a missing or broken piece.

Gorilla Grow Tents

If you are a professional grower, you must make a one-time investment in buying the Gorilla Grow tents, one of the sturdiest and tallest tents.

Gorilla Grow Tents are the most versatile tents, courtesy of their patented height extension kit, whether you want to create a hydroponic garden or a soil growing environment.

Do you know that your plants can grow up to 50 percent larger in these indoor tents? Yes, you have heard it right.

The Gorilla Grow tents are made of premium-quality 1680D threaded fabric with a reflective interior to make them three to nine times denser than the regular grow tents.

Gorilla Grow Tent


Mars Hydro

Mars Hydro is a Chinese company offering LED grow light space, perfect for growing marijuana, weed, and cannabis plants. Furthermore, it specializes in manufacturing compact grow tents of 2×2 feet to fit two medium-sized or four small grow pots.

However, the larger grow tents come with a diamond Mylar coating, guaranteeing 99 percent light reflection. Moreover, the 1680D canvas of Mars Hydro grow tent doesn’t let the light escape from the inside.

One of the most significant advantages of using a Mars Hydro tent is the removable floor tray attached to the tent’s bottom with the help of traps. Moreover, the Mars Hydro grow tent comes with metal poles to enhance stability.


best hydroponic grow tent


Wrapping Up with the Best Grow Tents

Cannabis growers must look into the features, customer reviews, niche companies, and prices before purchasing a grow tent.

We hope that this buyer’s guide helps you find one of the best grow tents for your cannabis plants, as we have thoroughly reviewed their various parts and features.

These seven products are better in terms of durability, price, assembly, and features as they have exhaust ports, hanging bars, thick fabric, and metal frames, perfect for growing plants.

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