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Top 6 Grow Tent Ventilation Kit Reviews | Grow Room Ventilation Setup

best grow tent ventilation kit

With evolving technology, it is now easy to grow indoor plants of your own choice. They can be of any season. Moreover, you can completely control your yield.

To do so, all you need is the right type of grow tent ventilation system. Such a grow room ventilation setup helps your plant grow smoothly without any nuisance.

A grow tent ventilation system provides the right amount of light and air to your plants. In addition, it checks the amount of humidity present in the air.

Thus, it is essential to get such a kit for your grow room. That is why this article aims to help you find the best grow tent ventilation kit.


Selection of the Best Grow Room Ventilation System

We know it is a difficult task to get the right type of grow tent ventilation system.

However, after reading this article, you will be able to find a suitable type for your grow tent.

Here is our selection of the best grow room ventilation kits.

iPower grow room ventilation kit


4 / 6 / 8 Inches


TopoGrow Hydroponic Grow room Ventilation kit


4 / 6 / 8 Inches


IOBIONICS Grow room Ventilation combo


4 Inch - 190CFM

iPower grow tent ventilation kit


4 Inch  -190CFM

VIVOSUN grow tent ventilation combo


4 / 6 / 8 Inches


prime garden grow tent ventilation kit


4 / 6 / 8 Inches



Grow Tent Ventilation Kit Reviews


1. iPower Ventilation Kit With Monitor

iPower Grow Tent Ventilation Kit

Featuring a heat removal system, this ventilation kit keeps the bad odor away from your grow tent. Moreover, its handy size is perfect for your grow room. So, let’s explore its further specifications:

  • Inline Carbon Filter: Available in a size of six inches, this filter runs on 1050+IAV Australian Charcoal. In addition to this, its moisture-absorbing capacity is very effective. Its switchable filter flange helps you customize the filter easily. To allow maximum airflow, the filter features 53% outer and inner mesh. Also, it contains a free pre-filter.
  • Fan Blower: The kit has a six inches long 350 CFM duct inline fan blower. Moreover, its blades and center hub keeps vibration and noise low.
  • Fan Speed Controller: To let you control fan speed, the kit features a controller at four different speeds. From high, mid, and low to off, you can set the best speed of the fan.
  • Temperature Monitor: One of the best features of ventilation kits is their display screen. Similarly, iPower’s ventilation kit comes with a temperature monitor. So you can have track of maximum humidity and temperature. Besides all this, the monitor has a touch screen.
  • Extendable Duct: Lastly, the kit comes with an aluminum duct extendable up to 16 feet. In addition to this, the duct is corrosion-resistant and can endure temperatures from 0°F to 185°F.

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2. Topogrow’s Hydroponic Grow Tent Ventilation kit

TopoGrow Hydroponic Grow Tent Ventilation kit

This ventilation kit includes a fan, filter, ducts, clamps, timer, and much more. Here is all you need to know about the cool specifications of Topogrow’s Grow Tent Ventilation Kit.

  • Filter Ducting Combo: With its four inches long filter ducting combo, this kit keeps the air of your grow room clear and clean. Secondly, its more than one-inch thick carbon layer is enough to absorb and filter the surrounding air. Third, its double-layered duct and 120 V fan work efficiently in the grow room.
  • Timer: The analog timer of this kit lets you set a time for 24 hours setting. Also, it features a switch knob for your convenience.
  • Hygrometer: Another feature of this kit is its hygrometer with selectable units. So you can easily switch between Fahrenheit or Celsius for your own easiness. Other than this, it also features a clock and calendar. You can easily place the meter over the desktop or can even hang it somewhere.
  • Fan Speed Controller: If you want to adjust the speed of the kit’s fan, you can do so very easily. For that, you just have to select speed options from high, medium, and low.
  • Premium Carbon Filter: Available in four-inch diameter, its inline carbon filter efficiently works in your grow tent. Also, it can endure temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius.

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3. IOBIONICS Complete Ventilation Kit

IOBIONICS Grow Tent Complete Ventilation Kit

What makes this kit different from others is its color. Where all of our selected best grow tent ventilation kits are available in black or silver color, IOBIONICS presents its ventilation kit in all white color. So, let’s get to know further about its features.

  • Inline Fan: If you want to have such a kit that consumes minimum energy, then this ventilation kit is the right pick for you. Consuming only 20 Watts, this inline saves energy for you. Also, it is quite silent means it does not produce noisy sounds.
  • Adjustable Speed: From zero to 100 percent, you can select any fan speed that you want. Even at 100% speed, the fan works without any noise or vibration.
  • Air Carbon Filter: Not only its filter keeps the air clean, but also it maintains a very pleasant odor in your grow room. Working on 200 CFM, its filter comes with Australian Virgin Charcoal. Furthermore, the large surface area of the filter keeps all contaminants away from your grow room.
  • Hygrometer: To let you have complete control over your grow tent, this kit brings a multifunctional hygrometer. Be it temperature, moisture, time, or alarm, this hygrometer provides a wide range of functions.
  • Rope Ratchet: Lastly, the completely adjustable rope of this kit helps you work smoothly in your grow room. Capable of handling up to 68 kg of load, this rope ratchet adds more dimensions to your work.

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4. iPower’s Ventilation Kit

iPower 4 Inch grow room ventilation kit

So iPower has brought a variety of options for you. If you want to buy a ventilation kit of the same brand but at an affordable cost, you can go with this option. Here is the list of all features this kit brings:

  • Inline Fan Blower: First, its composite blades keep the noise low. Also, it has a four-inch-wide duct. The fan works on 190 CFM.
  • Charcoal Filter: Second, the kit features an Australian charcoal filter with a high absorbing capacity.
  • One Control Switch: Third, you can select the speed of the fan from high, medium, or low. However, you cannot adjust the speed below 50% as it prevents the motor from burning.
  • Wide Applications: Be it your kitchen, grow room, grow tent, bathrooms, or greenhouses, you can fit this ventilation kit anywhere you want. Thus, it provides a wide range of applications.
  • Rope Hanger: Lastly, the kit features a stylish rope hanger. Its metallic hanging clips provide strength to the rope.

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5. Vivosun Grow Tent Ventilation System

VIVOSUN grow tent ventilation system

VIVOSUN filtration kit stands exclusive to the other filtration kits due to its complete package. You don’t have to worry about compatible parts that are safe to go with each other. The kit comes with a Three-part system that includes all you may require.

  • Inline Carbon Filter: The superior quality filter runs on 1050+ RC 48 Activated Carbon to deliver highly effective filtered airflow. It’s available in a size of four inches. The filter’s switchable flange allows you to customize it without any hassle. It includes a pre-filter. Moreover, it features 53% inner and outer mesh to support maximum airflow.
  • Inline Fan: The kit comes with a fan made-up of ELT-recognized components.  Consuming only 68 Watts with a current level of 0.62 amperes, the fan’s noise level is only 49 dB i.e. very little noise.
  • The Optimum Conditions: The fan included in the VIVOSUN filtration kit maintains perfectly safe conditions for the setup, which includes temperatures ranging from 104℉ up to 149℉ and relative humidity levels oscillating from 5% to 95% RH. Moreover, it keeps the atmosphere of the area under operation and free of electrically conductive particles like ferrous powders or active carbon particles, etc.
  • Ducts and Clamps: VIVOSUN includes ducts and clamps, in the kit, made up of top-notch aluminum with three layers (Aluminum Foil + PET + Aluminum Foil) for superior quality and nonflammable coating for added safety. These are; Heat resistant, Highly durable, and Corrosion proof. The duct comes in flexible lengths for quick and easy setup.
  • Wide Application: VIVOSUN delivers an air filtration kit that is ideal for Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC), kitchens, hydroponics, green rooms, hospital rooms, grow rooms, and numerous industrial and commercial cooling applications.

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6. PrimeGarden’s Ventilation System

PrimeGarden Hydroponic Grow Tent Ventilation System

Although this kit comes in a very sturdy shape, it has a complete range of basic options that you need in any ventilation kit. However, you cannot use it on brushless type motors. So, here is a complete list of all of its features.

  • Inline Fan Filter Combo: This kit features a fan and 1.5 inches thick filter combo. Moreover, it can endure a temperature of up to 400 degrees Celsius. Further, the combo comes with galvanized steel clamps. In addition to this, the fan is wired with a junction box.
  • Speed Controller: This option lets you adjust fan speed according to your choice. However, you cannot adjust it below 50%. This way, it prevents the motor from burning.
  • Digital Thermometer Hygrometer: Its vast range of indoor and outdoor temperatures lets you fully adjust the environment of the grow room. Also, you can have complete control over the humidity level. Above all, you can also change the time display from 12 hours to 24 hours. Lastly, you can also set a date in this hygrometer.
  • Timer Dual Outlet: To let you adjust the lighting in your grow room, this kit comes with a mechanical 24-hour timer.

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Grow Room Ventilation Setup

Now that you’ve got the best grow tent ventilation kit, all you need is to set up the system properly. Here is our guide to help you set up your best grow room ventilation kit.


1. Placing the Right Fan

First of all, you need to find the right type of fan for your grow room. It can be either an oscillating fan or an air extractor fan. The former is cheap, effective, and blows continuous air. Whereas the latter replaces the old air of your grow room and fills it with fresh air every three to five minutes.


2. Bring Air into Your Grow Room

Secondly, you need to bring air into the grow room. You can either go for passive or active air intake. While taking air passively, the room maintains a negative pressure. Whereas, an active airflow draws air into the room with the help of a fan.


3. Control Humidity

Third, you need to monitor the humidity of your row tent regularly. Else, it can ruin all of your setups. By using an exhaust system or air filtration system, you can check the moisture content of the air.


4. Inject Carbon Dioxide

Lastly, you need to maintain the amount of carbon dioxide in the grow room. As it is common to everyone that plants need carbon dioxide to sustain, an adequate supply of this gas is very necessary to help your plants grow.


Last Thoughts about the Grow Room Ventilation Combo

Grow room ventilation kits are very effective in keeping your plants alive and healthy. Also, it lets you control all conditions of your grow tent.

That is why we have selected the best grow room ventilation kit in this article.

Let’s hope that you pick the right option to avoid wasting your money on any other ineffective ventilation kit.

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