Best 10 High-CBD Strains for Home Growing Beginners

high cbd strains for beginners

CBD has taken the world by storm. Once merely the second-most-prevalent cannabinoid in marijuana, over the course of a few years CBD has become one of the most sought-after compounds in all of health and wellness.

If you use cannabis products purely for the healing benefits of CBD, you aren’t alone.

If you want even more CBD in your life, you might consider growing a high-CBD cannabis crop at home.

Most states with medical marijuana programs allow cardholders to grow a few plants indoors, and states with recreational regulations tend to be even more generous with home-growing rules.

However, you need to be careful which cannabis strains you choose to grow, to ensure you end up with more CBD than THC. Here are a few of the best CBD strains for home growing, especially if you are a beginner grower:


Selection of the Best CBD Strains for Beginners


1. OG Kush CBD

OG Kush is a legendary strain that comes straight from the golden age of growing in the 1990s. Today, there are countless variations and descendants from the original strain, and this one, which mixes the OG with an unnamed CBD-rich strain, is one of the best.

In a brief flowering period of just 55 days, this cannabis crop can produce a THC: CBD ratio of 1:2 and a harvest of about 1100 grams per plant.

It is worth noting that OG Kush plants grow tall, like true sativas, and they need plenty of sunshine for proper growth.


2. Candy Kush

Sometimes called Kandy Kush, this strain boasts the legendary genetics of OG Kush combined with Trainwreck, creating an indica-dominant hybrid that is delectably sweet like lemon candy.

Candy Kush has equally high CBD and THC to provide intense body numbing, perfect for alleviating pain and muscle tension. Excellent for indoor growing, this cannabis crop stays bushy and small but produces a bounty of buds after a brief 65-day flowering cycle.

Beginners will find this plant predictable and manageable almost regardless of its growing environment, but if you are looking for a challenge, this strain also benefits from more advanced techniques like hydroponics.


3. CBD Blue Shark

CBD Blue Shark mixes Skunk #1, Blueberry, Shark Shock, and an unknown CBD sativa to become a slightly indica-dominant hybrid. Despite its name and its Blueberry genetics, this strain has strong citrus aromas with a hint of jasmine.

CBD Blue Shark is considered especially hardy, and considering that it stays below a meter in height, the strain is easy for beginners to control.

This strain has a balanced 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, but the content tops out below 10 percent. Thus, it might not be an ideal strain if you need CBD for medical treatment; for that, you might still need to visit an Oklahoma cannabis dispensary.


4. Great White Shark CBD

Great White Shark CBD strain

Another shark-themed strain for home growers, Great White Shark CBD comes from a cross between White Widow, Skunk #1, and an unknown, CBD-only strain.

This variety produces about 12 percent CBD content and THC content to match, providing a light and balanced high that smells and tastes like herby petroleum — something that not all weed lovers appreciate but some truly crave.

Great White Shark CBD grows well indoors with about 60 days of blooming, and if you want to experiment with either the Sea of Green or the Screen of Green growing techniques, this strain is a good candidate.


5. CBD Charlotte’s Angel

Though Charlotte’s Web is one of the most famous CBD strains in the world, it isn’t particularly easy to grow at home. Instead, you should consider Charlotte’s Angel, which is a mix of genetics from Charlotte’s Web and Red Angel, a little-known Dutch CBD strain.

This strain can have CBD content as high as 17 percent — which almost makes its excessively long flowering phase of 84 days worthwhile.

Even Charlotte’s Angel isn’t set-and-forget; you will need to administer top-quality fertilizer to encourage the growth of resin glands, but if you are ready for a CBD challenge, this is an excellent option.


6. Cannatonic

One of the oldest and most beloved CBD strains, Cannatonic isn’t an easy grower, but it isn’t out of the beginner realm, either. Earthy and citrusy, this strain provides a balanced and mellow high that is equal parts relaxing and uplifting.

Cannatonic prefers growing indoors, but you need to be mindful of the humidity to prevent the proliferation of mold, especially during the 60-day bloom phase.

Ultimately, individual plants can vary in their CBD and THC ratios, so it is a good idea to tend to multiple crops for a more balanced harvest.


7. CBD God Bud

The original God Bud strain originated in British Columbia way back in the 1990s, and even then, it was famed for its bluish buds and penetrating high.

This variant on the classic drastically increases the CBD content of the strain by adding genetics from Harlequin, resulting in a much more enjoyable high and greater medicinal benefit.

CBD God Bud needs at least 60 days in the flowering stage and plenty of UV light, ideally from a grow light, to create its notoriously large, resinous buds. Still, this strain grows easily indoors and maintains a manageable size and scope for beginners.


8. Cheese

The Original Cheese strain is one of the most easygoing strains out there, making it perfect for true beginners.

However, you should look specifically for Cheese Autoflowering clones, which require almost no attention to reach their max height of about 4.5 feet and have much higher CBD content than normal Cheese — which should better suit any medicinal needs.

Though it takes about 70 days to flower, this strain provides a relaxing, rewarding high, but its cheesy aroma might take some getting used to.


High CBD Strains for Home Growing


9. CBD Compassion Lime

Created expressly by breeders and seed purveyors Dutch Passion, this strain is another beginner-friendly auto-flowering option.

Though it takes 70 to 80 days to flower fully, Compassion Lime is hardy and can manage in outdoor environments and under the cool glow of an indoor UV light.

Balanced in THC and CBD, with a near 1:1 ratio of around 10 percent, this strain will keep your head on straight while providing the healthful benefits you crave.

Plus, as the name suggests, the strain offers a terpene mix that produces a comforting citrusy, piney, herbal smell while growing and when used.


10. Northern Lights

One of the most legendary Indica strains available in North America, Northern Lights is a strain that is easy to find and easy to grow.

Cute and petite at just over two feet tall, this strain is nonetheless highly resistant to pests and mold, so it can grow happily indoors or out.

During the flowering period of about 60 days, the plants start to emit a delightful aroma, not unlike a ripe berry field, so if you want your CBD crop to smell like blueberries and raspberries, this is the right strain for you.


Last Thoughts about High CBD Strains for Home Growing

When you are starting out in home growing, it is a good idea to stay in close contact with your local dispensary to maintain contact with weed experts and the latest, greatest CBD strains.

Then, you can continue to strengthen your sticky, green thumb and produce some of the best high-CBD buds in your own home.

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