Best Hydroponic Humidity Controllers – Top 5 for 2020

Hydroponic systems are great for growing indoors, especially cannabis. It gives you all the tools to control the process and have them grow faster and better.

One of the tools you will need for your grow tent is a hydroponic humidity controller. Humidity for hydroponics is of great importance as too little or too much can have an adverse effect.

You definitely need these controllers regardless of the fact whether the climate you live in is humid or not. You never know how low humidity can be, especially indoors where hydroponic systems are usually found.

Keeping a humidity controller within the system will ensure that your plants get the kind of environment they need in order to grow to their full potential.

The best hydroponic humidity controllers will ensure that the humidity levels are as per the requirements of the plants.

They basically monitor the levels and humidify or dehumidify, whatever the need be.

The following products are exclusively chosen for you based on favorable hydroponic humidity controllers reviews:


Best Hydroponic Humidity Controllers- Top 5 for 2020.

 ImageProductCheck Price
1CAHUM1 15 Amp 120 VAC Humidity ControllerCahum1 Humidity Controllercheck price button
2Custom Automated Products, CACGC1, Complete Greenhouse ControllerCACGC1 Greenhouse Controllercheck price button
3Titan Controls Humidity ControllerTitan Humidity Controllercheck price button
4Inkbird ITC-308 Temperature ControllerInkbird Temp & Humidity Controllercheck price button
5Titan Controls Digital Environmental ControllerTitan Saturn 4 Digital Controllercheck price button


Hydroponic Humidity Controller Reviews


1.- HydroFarm C.A.P. Cahum1 Humidity Controller

CAHUM1 15 Amp 120 VAC Humidity Controller

This one can rightly be regarded as the top hydroponic humidity controller as it works with any system and produces the best results. It is compatible with equipment that is operating on max 120 Volts. All you have to do is set the desired humidity level, and the rest is its job.

It is one of those appliances that you just have to buy once and then perhaps use the rest of your life. It is a favorite among gardeners, farmers, especially those who grow weed. The humidity level can be set up with the knob on the controller.

Weighs just 2.7 pounds so easy to transport as well. C.A.P (Custom Automated products) made sure that you do not have to replace your humidity controller anytime soon by using only the best materials and technology.



2.- Hydrofarm C.A.P. CACGC1 Greenhouse Controller

Custom Automated Products, CACGC1, Complete Greenhouse Controller

If you are looking for something a bit more all-rounder then CACGC1 is the perfect fit for you. This one is a complete greenhouse controller, i.e. it regulates humidity, temperature, pump cycle, and CO2 cycle. Not only that, but it can also control the lights in the greenhouse with a 24-hour clock.

It is a modern tool designed for bringing the entire control of the hydroponic system in your hand. It helps to optimize all the aspects so that your plants can grow fast. That qualifies it as a contender for the top hydroponic humidity controller. Considering you are getting multiple controllers in one, this one is good value for money.

The HID lights are controlled 24/7 and there are two outlets for that. Light, as you know, is equally important as moisture or pH. When lights are off at night, an auxiliary nightlight is turned on. It weighs just a little over 5 pounds and is quite easy to use with the most knobs for controls. Since everything is timed, you can sit back and relax as your plants grow at above average rates.



Top hydroponic humidity controller


3.- Titan Controls Humidity Controller

Titan Controls Humidity Controller

With a 20% – 90% range, this controller accurately detects the humidity in the room and adjusts it to your required levels. There is a switch for humidification or dehumidification which you can set up depending on the weather for the day.

This one features ventilation louvers that protect from water accumulation. You can be sure that this product will last longer and help you grow many batches. It requires 120 Volts tops and can work in virtually any setting. It is made of durable powder-coated steel that makes it ideal for use in any kind of climate.

It comes with a grounded piggyback cord that makes it easy to work with. It is built in 4 percent split differential. If you live in an already humid climate, this is the product you need.



4.- Inkbird ITC-308 Temperature and Humidity Controller

Inkbird ITC-308 Temperature Controller

Inkbird Controller is a dual-purpose as you can control both temperature and the hydroponic humidity level. With calibration functions, you can calibrate the temperature and humidity. It works with a simple on and off switch. It features an alarm system that notifies you if the levels are below or above the range you have set.

The sensors in these controllers are waterproof and work highly accurately. If you are looking an affordable but functioning controller, this is it. The probe wire length of 6 feet is quite generous and makes it more flexible.



5.- Titan Controls Saturn 4 Digital Environment Controller

Titan Controls Digital Environmental Controller

One of the best hydroponic humidity controllers is the Saturn 4 which is highly useful for controlling temperature and humidity. It basically works to keep the whole environment better for the kind of plants you are growing. It also features a CO2 controller and a night only device, making it a complete solution for your hydroponic system.

It is equipped with a 15-foot remote sensor and photocell for the night. Since it is digital, you can trust it to be accurate. The device is covered in by a plastic enclosure to keep it safe from dust and moisture. It is expensive, but you can think of it as an investment in your garden.

This is a good buy as you are not just getting a humidifier, you also get CO2 controllers and night control so that your plants have optimized conditions round the clock. The best part is that it comes with a three-year warranty. This is an ample period to see how effective this device really is for the plants.



Hydroponic humidity controllers reviews


Last Thoughts About the Hydroponic Humidity Controllers

Based on positive hydroponic humidity controllers reviews, these are the top five products that have helped many growers.

Every plant requires a certain level of humidity and if that is not consistently maintained, the growth rate can slow down.

If you opt for the best hydroponic humidity controllers, you ensure that regardless of what the climate or conditions are in your indoor garden, the plants have the required humidity.

It comes down to your budget in the end as to which one you can afford. Any of the above controllers can easily last a lifetime if used properly.

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