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best hydroponic systems

Growing Cannabis indoors can be exciting, but it can be difficult for those who do not have much experience with it. If you are an amateur at it, you will undoubtedly be baffled by all the advanced and contemporary gear available in the market.

For growing cannabis the easiest way possible, I’d suggest you go for the best hydroponic system you can get your hands on.

An absolute hydroponic grow system kit includes various components like a water gallon reservoir, aeration, nutrients, pots, and a few more. In this review,

I have addressed all of the issues that could become a point of bewilderment for you while picking the best hydroponic system for beginners.

I have also included my ten most favourite hydroponic systems reviews.

All of them are very user-friendly and highly intuitive, and they cover a broad range of budgets.


Best Indoor Hydroponic Grow Systems

PowerGrow Deep Water Culture 4 Bucket SystemPowerGrowDWCYEScheck price button orange
SuperPonics 16 Hydroponic Grow SystemSuperPonicsDWC
NOcheck price button orange
26-Site Super Flow Hydroponic Grow SystemSuper FlowEbb N’ Flow
YEScheck price button orange
PLATINIUM Pots aeroponic tops AerostarPLATINUM 80
AeroponicNOcheck price button orange
AutoPot 4-Pot Standard Hydroponics SystemAutoPotGravity FedYEScheck price button orange
Platinium 100 Series Hydro StonePlatinum 100
Hydro Stone
Drip SystemNOcheck price button orange
Root Spa 5 Gal 8 DWC Bucket SystemRoot SpaDWCYEScheck price button orange
12-Site Bubble Flow Buckets Grow SystemBubble FlowDWCYEScheck price button orange
Active Aqua Grow Flow 2 gal SystemActive Aqua
Grow Flow
Ebb N’ FlowYEScheck price button orange
VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Kit 1 Layer 54 Plant SitesVIVOSUNNutrient Film
check price button orange


Cannabis Hydroponic System Buyer’s Guide

A few important things to consider before:


Types of Systems

You need to be sure of the type of system you want to use to grow your weed.

There are six hydroponic systems in total, and all of them differ in terms of use. Choose the one that you believe is the easiest for you.


Required Yield

Some hydroponic systems accommodate a lesser quantity of plants while others do the opposite. Which one is best for you is depends entirely on your requirements.

If you want higher yields, go for a more extensive system and if your need can be served with a few pots, go for a smaller system.


Hydro System Cost

You would have understood by now that the cost of hydroponic grow systems has a lot to do with its features, number of components, and size. Naturally, therefore, you will find varying prices for these hydroponic systems.

The best way is to fix a budget beforehand and then shortlist the models as per the requirement. Even if your chosen grow system doesn’t include all the vital parts, you can always buy them separately.

However, I’d strongly suggest you keep your budget flexible enough to get a complete hydro system.  It is a very tiring experience to collect all the components individually.


Customer Service

Most of these indoor grow systems come with instruction manuals to help you out. But for additional help, customer service is still vital, especially if you are a newbie. So make sure the customer support is good and easily accessible.

It makes it easier for you to reach them immediately in case you get stuck somewhere.


Types of Hydroponic Systems

You cannot find the best hydroponics system for cannabis if you can’t differentiate between the various kinds of these kits.

First of all, you ought to know what hydroponics means and how it works, as it will let you have a better understanding of the subject matter.

Hydroponics refers to an unconventional way of the plantation, which doesn’t generally require soil. Instead, these systems use a still-growing medium for the development of your plants.

The system provides an entirely regulated and controlled atmosphere to the plant with a liquid nutrient feed with a stable pH. As a result, it helps the plant to thrive and nurture at a faster pace.

The plant keeps dangling right on top of the water, due to which the nutrient solution is sent straight to the roots of your plants. Thus, it allows the plant to receive all the vital nutrition without putting in too much struggle compared to soil growth, where roots have to do all the groundwork of locating and extracting the water and nutrients for survival and plant growth.

You might be thinking it is something new, but it isn’t. History shows several earlier cultures that made use of this system for the same purpose. It has recently become so popular that many gardeners are switching to this option to please their gardening interests.

These systems are specially used for planting marijuana these days by a lot of people. And well, that’s the exact reason why you are here too, isn’t it?

Here are the 6 Major Types of Hydroponic systems.


1. Deep Water Culture (DWC)

The DWC hydroponic system is one of the most prevalent systems because it is highly effective when planting cannabis.

This complete hydroponic grow system keeps the roots of your plants dangling above the nutrient solution all through their development period. The roots hang in a container having a nutrient solution while the unit hangs from the middle of the cap.

The DWC system also uses an air pump for delivering air to the plants for better growth.


2. Aeroponic System

In the aeroponic system, the quantity of water used for the growth of the plants is significantly less, and it doesn’t use soil at all.

It might sound like a very absurd thing to you, or you might be thinking how come a small quantity of nutrient-rich water, that too without soil, can aid you in the plantation. But, trust me, this method is highly operational and delivers exceptional results.

Another benefit of this system is that it lets you save up a lot of room and allows you to grow cannabis in both upright and parallel positions.

The aeroponic system doesn’t just make planting more manageable; it also delivers high production.


3. Drip System

As the name suggests, this drip system directly dispenses the nutrient-rich water to the plant roots while dribbling to the soil drop by drop, just like a drip.

Due to this gradual release of water, there are very slim chances of soil preserving the water for your cannabis. It’s because almost all of the water gets consumed, and none is left behind.

So, this method makes sure that all the nutritional elements efficiently reach the roots of the plants.


4. EBB and Flow System

This effective grow system first submerges the whole place where harvesting has taken place and then allows that liquid to get drained. It also uses an underwater pump for sinking the growing area.

You can use this structure with numerous growing mediums. Moreover, you can also use other things to fill up the growing place, like gravel, and growing stones.

Their presence aids the efficient drainage of the water. And the usage of growing medium in separate units also gives you the liberty of moving around your plants with ease.


5. Nutrient Solution (NFT System)

This general hydroponics nutrient film technique NFT also keeps the plants dangled over a container while constantly delivering them the nutrient solution for expediting their growth.

The container is used for grasping all the additional nutrient-rich water. The same liquid keeps getting sprayed back on the weed through a pump.

This method needs to keep the crops in a vertical position, and it doesn’t use a developing medium, as the weed is kept in a net pot.


6. The Wick System

A wick system doesn’t use any moving components, and it uses a straightforward method for plantation. What happens is that a wick absorbs the nutritive liquid from the tank and sends it to the weed using the growth medium.

You can use multiple growing mediums with this method, like coconut fibre, perlite, and more. However, this method is ineffective when planting cannabis because it supplies less water than cannabis requires.


Marijuana Hydroponic Systems Reviews


PowerGrow Deep Water Culture Four Bucket System

PowerGrow Deep Water Culture 4 Bucket System

As the name suggests, the PowerGrow Deep Water Culture Four Bucket System comes with a 10 inches four bucket system, perfect for medium and large plants. Moreover, it comes with industrial-grade air pumps and air lines coupled with air stones to enhance oxygenation.

All four buckets are made of FDA food-grade plastic, featuring a capacity of five gallons each. You can also place the six-inch pot lids on the bucket kit to grow mature vegetables and plants.

One of the distinct features incorporated by PowerGrow in its deep water culture DWC system is air stones in all the buckets. In addition to the industrial air pump, the stones are also responsible for oxygenating the water.

Another advantage of opting for the PowerGrow deep water culture DWC bucket kit is the convenient mechanism that requires grow lights to nurture the plants.

You can find the water level indicators and drains on all four buckets to indicate the refilling of the reservoir and cleaning. The highly efficient draining mechanism facilitates you in changing the water supply in no time.

The PowerGrow deep water culture is a comprehensive bucket kit that includes all the necessary accessories, including an air pump, air tubing, and growing medium. It means you can set up the entire hydroponic set-up without requiring any assistance.

On the downside, you need ample space to place the individual five-gallon four buckets.

To sum up, the PowerGroom DWC hydroponic system is a perfect choice for beginner growers and professional cultivators who want to buy affordable and highly functional cannabis hydroponic kits.


  • Hassy-free assembly
  • Affordable
  • FDA-approved plastic
  • Exceptional customer service


  • Space is a limiting factor



SuperPonics 16 Hydroponic Grow System

SuperPonics 16 Hydroponic Grow System

The SuperPonics 16 Hydroponic Grow System is a state-of-the-art marijuana hydroponic system that combines ebb and flow and aeroponics technology. Consequently, it guarantees five times faster growth than soil and two times faster than other hydroponics systems for growing cannabis.

The primary purpose behind integrating three technologies is to enhance the overall growth and safety of the plants as compared to a single hydroponic system for weed. This way, even if one system fails to function, the plants will still grow.

Moreover, the Top Feed watering system coupled with bottom feed oxygenation keeps your plants healthy and enhances their yields.

The fully automated SuperPonics grow system comes fully assembled, ensuring hassle-free plug-and-play operations. Moreover, it includes a custom moulded reservoir and lid that are easy-to-clean and, most importantly, UV stable.

The allrounder SuperPonics grow system is the best hydroponic growing system for beginners, courtesy of its included accessories include 16 net cups, two air pumps, and air stones. It means you can use the three inches cup to grow up to 16 plants.

The noiseless air pumps are durable and powerful enough to ensure oxygen to this marijuana hydroponic growing system.

Lastly, the light times allows you to monitor and optimize the light by automating the sunrise and sunset to control the seasons. Furthermore, the feeding timer informs you when to water the plants, thus saving you from over or underwatering.


  • Fully assembled
  • Offers plug-and-play operations
  • 185 GPH water pump
  • Eco-Ar four air pump
  • Two premium-quality air diffusers
  • Includes a timer and two-inches net cups


  • Expensive



Super Flow Hydroponic Grow System, 26-Site

26-Site Super Flow Hydroponic Grow System

The 26-Site Super Flow Hydroponic Grow System is the best indoor hydroponic system featuring a non-clogging aeroponic design. If you want to achieve a fast growth rate, you should buy this featureful hydroponics system, consisting of NF, AeroPonics, Ebb and Flow technologies.

It’s a low maintenance cannabis hydroponic system that comes with adjustable trays allowing you to customize the configuration according to the available space. Courtesy of the large diameter tubes, the Super Flow hydroponic growing system doesn’t clog. Furthermore, it can accommodate pure and thick organic nutrients.

Both the trays and reservoirs are made of UV resistant custom moulded food-grade plastic. Therefore, it’s the safest growing system for your plants and vegetables. In addition, you can conveniently clean the snap cap lids, drains, and tubes.

This automated hydroponic growing system for weed ensures five times faster and safer growth of your plants than the traditional watering system.

This large-sized hydroponic growing system comes with a 35-gallon plastic reservoir made of food-grade, UV stable plastic. Furthermore, the Ecor Air series pump ensures oil-free, noiseless and smooth operations, offering the desired oxygen to the entire hydroponic kit.

The Eco-Series water pump features an oil-free magnetic rotor and ceramic bearing, and shaft that requires minimal or no maintenance. All you need to do is plug the water pump into the timer to create your robotic garden without manual watering.


  • Non-clogging aeroponic system
  • Low maintenance
  • Adjustable trays
  • Custom moulded and UV resistant reservoirs
  • Snap cap lids


  • Pricey



PLATINUM Pots W/ Aeroponic tops

PLATINIUM Pots aeroponic tops Aerostar

If you want your plants to breathe fresh air, the PLATINUM Pots W/ Aeroponic tops are undoubtedly one of the best indoor hydroponic systems. This portable aeroponic system comes with UV-resistant and anti-light individual pots and pure ABS aero plates supply to minimize algae growth.

This one-for-all and all-for-one aeroponic system include all the required accessories, such as an xtrapump pump, tubing kit, drip system, irrigation ramp, and 360-degree sprayers. Therefore, you can distribute the oxygen-filled nutrient solution throughout the root system.

You can check the remaining water level on the graduated inlet so that you can add more nutrient-rich water if required. You can fill 15 to 110 litres of nitrate solution in the tank using the detachable hatch.

The PLATINUM growing system comprises a 6.6-gallon reservoir and 1.6-gallon pots sizes. Thus, you can grow up to six plants in the pots of dimension 7 x 7 x 9 inches.


  • Anti-UV barrier and anti-light
  • 15 to 110L of nutrient solution
  • Easy access to the detachable hatch
  • Easy to set up


  • Small capacity



AutoPot 4-Pot Standard Hydroponics System

AutoPot 4-Pot Standard Hydroponics System

The AutoPot 4-Pot Standard Hydroponics System is an entirely automatic system that saves you from worrying about manually watering the plants daily.

One of the most outstanding features of this marijuana hydroponic system is that it doesn’t require any battery, pump, or electrical connection to fill the reservoir. It’s because this innovative hydroponic kit comes with a gravity-fed reservoir.

The AutoPot hydroponic system ensures a one-time installation and easy assembly without requiring any assistance. Additionally, you don’t need to monitor the system twice or thrice a day continuously.

It’s because the gravity-fed system automatically refills the reservoir without requiring any pump. Therefore, you can save both your electricity and hydro bills.

As the name suggests, the AutoPothydroponic kit includes four pots featuring a tank capacity of four gallons. When combined, this hydroponic system for growing weed features 16 gallons, perfect for growing marijuana.

On the downside, the AutoPot hydroponic system features only four pots, which means you can only accommodate four plants simultaneously. Moreover, the instruction manual comes with vague instructions that may be difficult for beginners to comprehend.

Lastly, unlike the previously reviewed hydroponic system for weed, the AutoPot grow kit doesn’t come with any timer. However, it isn’t a big issue because the system is gravity-fed, and you don’t have a timer to notify you about reservoir refilling.


  • No manual or daily watering
  • Gravity pressure
  • Water-efficient irrigation system
  • Self-sustainable hydroponics system


  • Complicated manual
  • Doesn’t include any timer



Platinum 100 Series Hydro Stone

Platinium 100 Series Hydro Stone

The Platinum 100 Series Hydro Stone is a multi-purpose growing space that allows you to grow your plants in square pots and Rockwool cubes. It’s a complete kit that comes with a tubing kit, pump, drip system, tray, and easy-to-access reservoir lid.

The Platinum 100 Series Hydro Stone features a modular setup, offering plug-and-play operations. All you need to do is fill the pots with ball clays, and you are good to go. The ball clays provide the nutrient solution to the entire irrigation system.

The Platinum 100 Series hydroponic growing system comprises buckets made of 100 percent safe food-grade ABS plastic that doesn’t release harmful chemicals.


  • Includes 15 site setups
  • Plug-and-play operations
  • 100 percent food-grade ABS plastic
  • Comes with all desired accessories


  • Expensive



Root Spa 5 Gal 8 DWC Bucket System


Root Spa 5 Gal 8 DWC Bucket System

As the name suggests, the Root Spa 5 Gal 8 DWC Bucket System offers an affordable and efficient DWC hydroponic system. In addition, you don’t need to worry about any water leaks as the system comes with a watertight seal.

The Root Spa 5 DWC hydroponic system comes with a ten-inch bucket, perfect for growing medium or small plants. Moreover, the multi-purpose air hose is responsible for delivering clean and fresh air to the bucket’s bottom from the pump. Therefore it ensures an appropriate supply of oxygenated air to the nutrient solution, thus guaranteeing a healthy growth of the plants.

Another good news is that the Root Spa 5 DWC system for growing cannabis includes all the desired accessories, thus saving your money in buying them individually. The box contains a 0.5 inches grommet, air hose assembly, air pump, and tubing.

However, you need to buy a hydroponic media of your choice separately. The Root Sap 5 is a dynamic bucket system to support all kinds of hydroponic media, including clay pebbles, mini rock wool cubes, coconut chips, and perlite number four.

It’s recommended not to use soil in a hydroponic kit as it may contaminate the irrigation system and lead to the growth of bacteria, algae, and fungus.

Unlike the air pumps of the previously reviewed hydroponic systems, you may find the air pump of the Root Sap 5 to be relatively louder.


  • Five-gallon bucket system
  • Easy-to-use
  • Affordable
  • Multi-purpose air hose
  • Includes all the required accessories
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Doesn’t include clay pebble media
  • Loud air pump



Bubble Flow Buckets Grow System, 12-Site

12-Site Bubble Flow Buckets Grow System

As the name suggests, the 12-Site Bubble Flow Buckets Grow System features 12 bubble buckets that combine two state-of-the-art technologies, such as DWC and Constant Current technology. Therefore, it ensures a fully automated hydroponic growing system with continuous air and water recirculation.

If you want to maximize the yield, you should buy this efficient cannabis hydroponic system that ensures reservoir circulation. This way, it minimizes the growing issues such as nutrient hotspots and pH imbalance.

Each bubble flow bucket serves as an individual sitting for a plant with a constant pH and TDS level. It means you no longer have to monitor these parameters after every three or four hours.

Additionally, all the bubble flow buckets individually receive their oxygenation via the air pump to ensure faster growth.

You can conveniently access the 35-gallon reservoir to maintain all the water and other feeding requirements. Lucky for you, the reservoir is made of custom-moulded food-grade plastic resistant to UV light.  It means the reservoir lasts longer without any periodic maintenance.

The Bubble Flow Bucket system comes with 12 10-inches net pots and 12 five-gallon up-welling. You can consider the DWC bubble bucket equivalent to your plant spa that treats your plants with extreme care and offers the desired nutrients, water, and oxygen.

This durable hydroponic growing system includes a heavy-duty, oil-free air pump that ensures effective and noiseless operation. In addition, it’s responsible for distributing the oxygen within the bucket grow system.

Lastly, the Bubble Flow Buckets grow system includes a massive 185 GPH water pump featuring a sturdy magnetic rotor with a ceramic shaft and bearing.


  • 10 inches large bucket
  • Heavy-duty air pump
  • 185 GPH water pump
  • Consistent pH and TDS readings


  • Expensive



Active Aqua Grow Flow 2 Gal System

Active Aqua Grow Flow 2 gal System

The Active Aqua Grow Flow 2 Gal System is an advanced hydroponic growing system featuring an ebb and flow system to guarantee a healthy growth of your plants and, consequently, higher yield.

Moreover, the easy-to-program controller unit allows you to customize all the settings. However, it means you need to input the settings once to automate the water and air supply.

The pump supplies the air and water for a short time daily, making the Active Aqua Grow Flow system energy-efficient and fully automated.

For your safety, the active Aqua Grow Flow comes with fail-safe protection. The system comes with LED indicator lights that notify you in case the float valve stops working. Moreover, the emergency valve shuts down the entire growing system to prevent water spillage or damage to the system and plants.

It’s an entirely expandable system in which you can add more growing modules with time and experience.

Lucky for you, the Active Aqua Grow Flow system is easy to set up and includes all the accessories that you require for the initial installation. That’s why it comes with all the fittings, tubing, and 12-site growing system.

All the growing modules include an outer bucket and an inner bucket so that you can conveniently lift and move the plants.

Lastly, this robust growing system comes with a warranty of three years, thus ensuring a long-term and safe investment.


  • Includes tubing and fittings
  • Three-years warranty
  • 55-gallon distribution reservoir
  • Includes a drilled lid and lock
  • Two 250 GPH water pumps


  • Expansion requires additional cost as you need to buy 12 buckets systems
  • Individual buckets aren’t available



VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Kit 1 Layer 54 Plant Sites

VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Kit 1 Layer 54 Plant Sites

The VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Kit 1 Layer 54 Plant Sites features a nutrient film technique instead of the soil cultivation to increase the yield with less space and water.

One of the most distinctive features of this one of the best indoor hydroponic grow systems is the default timer setting that pumps for five minutes after every half an hour. After that, it’s entirely up to you to automate the circulate mode or operate the pump manually.

The VIVOSUN hydroponic grow kit offers an easy assembly setup, which is excellent for beginners with no prior experience setting a hydroponic system. Moreover, this complete kit includes a set of planting pipes, a water pump, a hose, a power plug, 54 planting baskets, and 96 sponges.

All you need to do is to soak the seeds in water for one hour and let the seeds germinate. Next, you can drip the germinated seeds in the included sponges and place them in the pipe till they are ready to be harvested.

Each PVC pipe is 1.3 meters long and 2.5 inches in diameter, offering enough space for the flowers and plants to grow. Moreover, you can quickly grow your plants and leafy vegetables, such as celery, beets, lettuce, and canola, in your homes and gardens,

This reliable hydroponic grow kit comes with a warranty of one year to ensure a safe investment.


  • Features a nutrient film technique
  • Timer for nutrients circulation
  • Hassle-free setup
  • One-year warranty
  • Includes all the required accessories


  • Complicated instructions in the manual
  • The pump isn’t quite strong enough



Tips for Obtaining a Healthy Yield Using the Best Hydroponic System

The following tips will help you achieve healthy production.

  • Regularly water your plants.
  • Keep monitoring the moisture levels through a hygrometer.
  • When leaves start turning yellow and falling off, cease the nutrient constant supply and only continue with the water.
  • When around 3/4th of the white hairs get a yellowish hint, that’s the time to begin harvesting.
  • If the sprouts quickly come off instead of winding, your plant needs more water.




Is Indoor Hydroponics Profitable?

Indeed. An indoor hydroponic system can almost double the yield as compared to traditional soil farming. Furthermore, it’s easy to set up and requires lesser operational costs. According to research conducted by the University of Florida, a grower can earn around $200,000 to $250,000 annually on an average acre of a hydroponic garden.


Does Hydroponic Cannabis Grow Faster?

You can grow marijuana or cannabis around 30 to 50 percent faster in general hydroponics. Moreover, you can increase the overall yield because the roots of your plants directly get the desired amount of nutrients mixed in water without any resistance. Moreover, the absence of soil protects cannabis from bugs or other insects.


What Is the Most Efficient Hydroponic System?

The answer to this question depends on your growing requirement. For instance, if you want to grow larger plants, you can opt for an Ebb and flow system instead of deep water culture. Similarly, you can’t use the wick system for plants that require a lot of water.


Wrapping Up with the Best Hydroponic Systems for Weed

Whether you are an expert or an amateur, it takes skills, expertise, and knowledge to grow cannabis efficiently.

I have covered every vital thing that you need to know in this general hydroponic system review. Moreover, it also includes the best hydroponic systems available in the market right now.

After reading everything discussed here, you will easily pick the best hydroponic system for beginners. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the hydroponic system for growing weed is a system that is tailored to your requirements. So, best of luck with the selection and happy harvesting!

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