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best hydroponic systems

Growing Cannabis indoors can be exciting, but it can be difficult for those who do not have much experience with it. If you are an amateur at it, you will surely be baffled by all the advanced and contemporary gear that is available in the market.

For growing the cannabis the easiest way possible, I’d suggest you go for the best hydroponic system you can get your hands on.

An absolute hydroponic grow system kit includes various components like a water reservoir, aeration, nutrients, pots, and a few more. In this review,

I have addressed all of the issues that could become a point of bewilderment for you while picking the best hydroponic system for weed.

I have also included my 10 most favorite hydroponic systems reviews. All of them are very user-friendly and highly intuitive and they cover a broad range of budgets.


Selection of Best Hydroponic Grow Systems

Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bubbler Bucket Kit by PowerGrowBubbler Bucket Kit DWCYEScheck price button
General Hydroponics EcoGrower Drip Hydroponic SystemEcoGrowerDrip SystemNOcheck price button
General Hydroponics GH4720 Farm ControllerFarm ControllerEbb and FlowYEScheck price button
Viagrow V4X4COMP Ebb & Flow Hydroponic System Tray, 4' x 4'Viagrow V4X4COMP Ebb and FlowNOcheck price button
AutoPot 4pot System Gravity Fed Watering System. Hydroponics and Traditional GardeningAutoPot 4pot Gravity FedYEScheck price button
General Hydroponics WaterfarmWaterfarm | GH4120Drip SystemYEScheck price button
General Hydroponics RainForest 66 Aeroponic SystemRainForest 66 AeroponicNOcheck price button
Oxygen Pot Systems 6 Bucket XL Ebb and Flow Hydroponic SystemOxygen PotEbb and FlowYEScheck price button
HTG Supply Bubble Brothers 6-Site DWC Hydroponic SystemBubble BrothersDWCYEScheck price button
Active Aqua Grow Flow Ebb &Gro 12 Site Hydroponic SystemActive Aqua GrowEbb and FlowYEScheck price button


Top 10 Hydroponic Systems Reviews


1- DWC Hydroponic Bubbler Bucket Kit by PowerGrow

best Hydroponic grow kit Hydroponic Bubbler Bucket Kit by PowerGrow ® Systems (4) 5 Gallon - 10 Buckets The DWC Hydroponic kit by PowerGrow Systems is a complete package for every one of you who are looking for a perfect blend of affordability and excellence.

You are going to find it extremely easy to use. The amount of human input this system requires for growing plants is almost next to nothing. And who minds convenience, right?

This amazing system includes all the parts that are mandatory in a complete hydroponic system. The huge 5-gallon bucket allows you to submerge the roots of your plants in oxygen and nutrients filled water, which results in their faster and healthier growth.

And the final outcomes are much more superior to what you get by growing your plants in soil. Every bucket in the system features a water level indicator along with a drain, which makes it a piece of cake for you to change the water or monitor its level at a glance.

One thing that I love about this hydro system is that you can seamlessly expand it, which means you have almost unlimited options for your garden.

Each system allows you to grow 4 individual plants in it until its development. The whole kit includes an air pump, basket covers, 5-gallon buckets, and air stones & lines.

It also comes with a 1-year warranty, so you can be assured that you have invested your riches wisely.



2- General Hydroponics EcoGrower Drip Hydroponic System

EcoGrower best indoor grow system

If you have been into gardening long enough, I am pretty sure you would know very well about the high repute and name of General Hydroponics. With an all-encompassing testing facility, this firm takes the advancement of their hydroponic system very earnestly.

This option is great for you if you take gardening very seriously because it will give you more versatility and flexibility for growing multiple bigger sized plants while making use of the available space very efficiently.

I personally love every feature of this system. Like my top choice, this kit also features a drip system that includes all the vital parts like clay pebbles, a jumbo water container, net pots, pump, and drip line system, that make it extremely easy to set up, even for the amateurs.

The kit also includes a CocoTek cover for the pots for preventing the formation of algae inside the pots. It also helps in stopping the light from entering into them.

You can easily access the water solution through any of the holes in the pots. For best results, I’d suggest you use only the nutrients blends from General Hydroponics itself (included in the package) and you should change the solution fortnightly.

If you live in a metropolitan where space might be an issue, this system with its hexagonal shape is going to be your best bet.



3- General Hydroponics GH4720 Farm Controller

General Hydroponics GH4720 Farm Controller

Another impressive system from General Hydroponics is the GH4720. This hydroponic system ideal for you if you are looking for a broader system for growing larger plants.

Includes 8 15/15” individual module units with a 13-gallon tank that are linked to a single hydroponics regulator unit of 8 gallons. If you want to grow more plants, you also have the option to include more modules up to the limit of 15 in total.

Just like the above-mentioned model, the modules in this growing system also feature a hexagonal design that will make it easier for you to place them anywhere. You will surely not face any space issues.

The feature that I found most attractive in this system is that the controller has the ability to manage the accurate levels of nutrients in all the individual units. This results in providing just the correct amount of nutrients to the plants, which consequently makes your plants grow healthier.

This is one of the best hydroponic systems for beginners, very user-friendly, and low maintenance.

For efficient and even dispersion of the nutrient solution, the system makes use of the company’s dual-diaphragm air pump. You will not have to get anything additionally to jump start it because the kit includes every single thing needed from start to the end.

The only thing that’s missing is the clay pebbles, so you will have to get them on your own.



4- Viagrow V4X4COMP Ebb & Flow Hydroponic System

best hydroponic system Viagrow V4X4COMP Ebb & Flow

This option is for those of you who want a bigger sized system for accommodating more plants.

The Viagrow ebb & flow system includes every single thing that you will need for arranging your whole new gardening station. The only things that you will have to buy individually are the nutrient feed and the light system.

This massive hydro system lets you grow a maximum of 25 plants very cozily and that too without taking too much room.

This is also one of the best hydroponic systems for beginners because of its extreme level of convenience and ease of use.

Being automated, the system does all the job pretty much on its own and doesn’t require you to put in much input. It uses the programmed hydroponics process of ebb and flow, which supplies the water, oxygen, and nutrients in accurate quantities to your plants.

You will surely feel a massive difference in the speed of growth as soon as you switch to Viagrow. And what’s even more awesome is that it doesn’t just speed up the growth, it also doubles the yields and significantly augments the flavors, scents, and nutritive value of the plants.

The whole grow kit includes via stones, an underwater pump, a forty-gallon water tank, a flood tray stand, flood and drain fitting, and poly tubing. Each and every single part of the whole kit is an epitome of high quality and is certainly going to last for a long time.



5- AutoPot 4pot System Gravity Fed Watering System.

autopot review . 4pot hydoponic system

This remarkable option makes traditional gardening a doddle for you at a very affordable price. I simply love how easy to use this kit is and I am 100% certain that any passionate gardener will agree with me on that.

This Autopot grow system comes with a single large water reservoir with a capacity of 12 gallons along with 4 small-sized units with each having a capacity of 3.9 gallons.

Features a gravity-fed watering system so it doesn’t need any power, timers, or pumps for functioning. The system simply diffuses the nutrients to the plants when they have consumed an adequate amount of those from their own units.

Does not include air stones or a potting unit, but it shouldn’t bother you considering its low price. Plus, you have the liberty to add them on your own.

Another great thing about this kit is that it is extendable. So, if your need doesn’t suffice in 4 pots, you can always add more.

Unlike soil gardening, you will not be required to constantly monitor the development and requirements of your plants. Because, once you have completely set and filled it up, the system will itself take good care of your plants.



6- General Hydroponics Waterfarm – Hydroponic Grow System.

General Hydroponics Waterfarm Complete Hydroponic System Grow Kit

Here is another high-quality product by General Hydroponics in the form of a WaterFarm GH4120 hydroponic system kit. What makes this model stand out from the others is its extremely minimal price.

So, if you are looking for a highly budgeted option, I would strongly recommend this Hydroponic grow system.

Now coming towards its performance and quality, I found it to be exceptionally stellar at both. The company has continued to maintain its reputation by providing much better functionality and value for its price. You will surely find it to be having the same quality and eminence as the company’s other pricier and premium level hydroponic systems.

This complete grow system is targeted at people who like to grow smaller to medium-sized plants. It can also be used for a bit larger plants.

Despite its inexpensive price, I didn’t find it to be fragile at all. It is definitely built to last for a pretty long time.

Features a distinctive square design that will let you place the units close to each other for creating bigger fittings. Another thing that makes it my favorite is that it is the best-selling hydroponic module of the company. You’ll get to know why once you use it.



7- General Hydroponics RainForest 66 Aeroponic System.

Best hydroponic grow kits Yes! General Hydroponics again! Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be as I already mentioned that it is the king in producing the best indoor grow system in the whole market.

This is another very moderately priced product, which is excellent for those of you who are looking forward to growing medium to larger sized plants.

As all of the above-mentioned makes from this awesome brand, this RainForest 66 also features a very high level of convenience. And similarly, the complete setup and installation are as easy as can be.

The whole hydro system includes a water reservoir with a capacity of 17 gallons, six plastic vessels of six inches diameter with CocoTek lids and liners, a spray, and a three-part Flora Kit.

For providing complete nutrition to your plants, the system itself adds Oxygen to the nutrient solution before softly squirting it on their roots.

One thing that you really need to be careful about is the probability of parasites’ attacks, such as aphids. So, I’d strongly recommend you to keep it at a place that is inaccessible for pests.

Also, you should clean and wash the pots every fortnight when they are in use. Just a little care and it will surely go a long way!



8- Oxygen Pot Systems 12 Bucket XL Ebb and Flow.

Oxygen Pot Systems 12 Site DIGITAL XL

What sets this system apart from the rest of others is that it features a concealed water tank with a huge capacity of 66 gallons. The capacity is good enough to hold more amount of water than what you are going to require.

The reason I like this covert tank is that it is handy, very light in weight, and is a perfect choice to be used as a hydroponic container or aqua storage. Also, covert tanks are generally collapsible so they are extremely compact when not in use. This means you can easily move it around for setting it up at any place you like.

The Oxygen Pot includes 12 grow pots with a capacity of 5-gallon each, making them amply big for easily accommodating the optimal growth of the roots.

The best thing about the pots is that they are aerated. This means they deliver a high quantity of oxygen to the roots of your plants, resulting in quicker and improved growth.

You can also regulate the timing of the water spray and fill pumps through the controller part.

The hydroponic system also inhibits the growth of fungus and ensures to deliver a yield that is rich in nutritional value.

Lastly, their customer service is just exemplary. So, if you face any problem while setting it up, you can just call them and they’ll resolve your issue right away.



9- HTG Supply Bubble Brothers 6-Site DWC Hydroponic System

HTG Supply Bubble Brothers 6-Site DWC Hydroponic System Another top hydroponic system for my budget-friendly readers is from the HTG Supply, which lets you grow six small to medium-sized plants separately.

Like all of my other picks, this one is again a very high-quality hydroponic system that offers a pretty impressive functionality for its price. So, if money is your problem, I’ll say you have no problem as long as “bubble brothers” is available.

The HTG Supply Bubble Brothers come with six small-sized buckets with each one of them having a capacity of 3.5 gallons. The buckets are designed in a way to save up your space as much as possible.

The hydroponic system also includes six covers of six inches each, a powerful professional-grade air pump, an air tube, and bigger sized air stones. It also includes a ten liters sack of premium quality growing medium.

With all of these things, the grow system is complete and doesn’t require you to get anything separately to get it into running condition.

Coming towards its installation, I found it to be a piece of cake and I believe anyone can do it easily.

However, if you do get stuck somewhere, you can take help from the user manual that comes with the product.



10- Active Aqua Grow Flow Ebb &Gro – 12 Site.

Hydrofarm Active Aqua Grow Flow Ebb & Gro The last on the list of the best indoor hydroponic grow systems is from Active Aqua. Just like all of my other preferences, there are so many things that I like about this kit as well.

First of all, this system will appeal to those of you who want to grow numerous plants. The standard number of pots that are included in the kit is 12 but you have the option to expand it up to 48 pots at most. This means, you will not need multiple systems for growing your plants and this alone will easily suffice your needs.

An awesome thing about this Flow Ebb &Gro system is that it is highly automated. So you have to do pretty much nothing for the upkeep. The setup of the system is so easy that you will regret not buying this earlier in your life.

Another great feature of this system is the foolproof overflow security that it provides. If the float valve ceases to function, there is no need to worry because the shut-off valve in the system automatically stops it and an LED sign starts showing up on the control panel.

This averts the chances of any leakage and keeps your growing area safe. This highly reliable hydroponic grow system is undoubtedly ideal for every gardening enthusiast.



To Consider while Choosing the Best Indoor Grow System

A few important things to consider before:

  • Types of Systems

You need to be sure of the type of system that you want to use for growing your weed.

There are 6 systems in total and all of them differ from each other in terms of use. Choose the one that you believe is the easiest for you.


  • Required Yield

Some systems accommodate a lesser quantity of plants while others do the opposite. Which one is best for you is totally dependent on your requirement.

If you want higher yields, go for a bigger system and if your need can be served with a few pots, go for a smaller system.


  • Cost

You would have understood by now that the cost of the kit has a lot to do with its features, number of components, and size. Therefore, you will find varying costs for these systems.

The best way is to fix a budget beforehand and then shortlisting the models as per the requirement. Even if your chosen grow system doesn’t include all the vital parts, you can always buy them separately.

However, I’d strongly suggest you keep your budget flexible enough to get a complete hydro system.  It is a very tiring experience to collect all the components individually.


  • Customer Service

Most of these indoor grow systems come with instruction manuals to help you out. But for additional help, the customer service is still highly important, especially if you are a newbie. Make sure the customer support is good and easily accessible.

This makes it easier for you to reach them immediately in case you get stuck somewhere.

Different Types of Indoor Hydroponic Grow System.

You cannot find the best hydroponics system for cannabis if you can’t differentiate between the various kinds of these kits.

First of all, you ought to know what hydroponics means and how does it work, as it will let you have a better understanding of the subject matter.

Hydroponics simply refers to an unconventional way of the plantation, which doesn’t generally require soil. These systems use still growing mediums for the development of your plants.

The system provides a completely regulated and controlled atmosphere to the plant with a liquid nutrient feed that has a stable pH. This helps the plant to thrive and nurture at a faster pace.

The plant keeps dangling right on top of the water, due to which the liquid nutrient is sent straight to the roots. This allows the plant to receive all the vital nutrition without putting in too much struggle in comparison to soil growth where roots have to do all the groundwork of locating and extracting the nutrients for both survival and growth.

You might be thinking it is something new, but it isn’t. History shows a number of earlier cultures who made use of this system for the same purpose. And now, it has become so popular that a huge number of gardeners are switching to this option for pleasing their gardening interests.

These systems are specially used for planting cannabis or marijuana these days by a lot of people. And well, that’s the exact reason why you are here too, isn’t it?


Here are the 6 Major Types of Hydroponic Systems.


1. DWC System ( Deep Water System )

This is one of the most prevalent systems because it is highly effective when it comes to planting cannabis.

This hydroponic system keeps the roots dangling above the nutrient liquid all through their development period. The roots are hanged in a container having a nutrient solution while the unit hangs from the middle of the cap.

The grow system also uses an air pump for delivering air to the plants for better growth.


2. Aeroponic System

In the aeroponic system, the quantity of water used for the growth of the plants is very less and it doesn’t use soil at all.

This might sound like a very absurd thing to you or you might be thinking how come a small quantity of water, that too without soil, can aid you in the plantation. But, trust me, this method is highly operational and delivers exceptional results.

Another benefit of this system is that it lets you save up a lot of room by allowing you to plant your cannabis in both upright and parallel positions.

The aeroponic system doesn’t just make planting easier, it also delivers high production.


3. Drip Hydroponic System

This system directly dispenses the water to the roots of your weed while dribbling to the soil drop by drop, just like a drip.

Due to this gradual release of water, there are very thin chances of soil preserving the water for your cannabis because almost all of the water gets consumed and none is left behind.

So, this method makes sure that all the nutritive elements efficiently reach the roots of the plants.


4. EBB and Flow System

This grow system first submerges the whole place where harvesting has taken place and then allows that liquid to get drained.

Also uses an underwater pump for sinking the growing area. This structure can be used with numerous growing mediums. There are many things that could be used for filling up the growing place like gravel and grow stones.

Their presence aid in efficiently draining the water away. And the usage of growing medium in separate units also gives you the liberty of moving around your plants with ease.


5. Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)

This structure also keeps the plants dangled over a container while constantly delivering them the nutrient liquid for expediting their growth.

The container is used for grasping all the additional water. The same liquid keeps getting sprayed back on the weed through a pump.

This method needs to keep the crops in a vertical position and it doesn’t really use a developing medium, as the weed is kept in a net pot.


6. The Wick System

A wick system doesn’t use any moving components and it uses a very simple method for plantation. What happens is that a wick absorbs the nutritive liquid from the tank and sends it to the weed using the growth medium.

You can use multiple growing mediums with this method like coconut fibre, perlite, and more. This method is not very effective when it comes to planting cannabis because it supplies lesser water than cannabis require.

Tips for Obtaining a Healthy Yield

The following tips will help you achieve a healthy production.

  • Regularly water your plants.
  • Keep monitoring the moisture levels through a hygrometer.
  • When leaves start turning yellow and falling off, cease the nutrient supply and only continue with the water.
  • When around 3/4th of the white hairs get a yellowish hint, that’s the time to begin harvesting.
  • If the sprouts easily come off instead of winding, your plant needs more water.


best hydroponic grow kit review


3 Best Ways to Grow With Hydroponic Systems



Conclusions about the Best Hydroponic System for Weed

Whether you are an expert or an amateur, it takes skills, expertise, and knowledge to grow cannabis efficiently.

I have covered each and every vital thing that you need to know in this hydroponic system review. This also includes the top systems available in the market right now.

I am certain after reading everything discussed here, you will be able to easily pick the best hydroponic system. A system that is tailored to your requirements. So, best of luck with the selection and happy harvesting!

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