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8 Best Weed Growing Kit | Marijuana Grow Kits Reviews

weed growing kit

Are you a weed enthusiast who loves the best quality marijuana? Do you want to take a step forward and grow your own cannabis at home?

A weed growing kit can help you achieve that effortlessly.

With more and more scientific evidence emerging on its health benefits, the demand for medical cannabis is heavily increased. Even if you are a recreational marijuana user, you would want the best quality home-grown weed.

So, what’s better than to grow it under your care?

Growing weed at home is an intricate task. It not only requires an optimum environment and care but the best weed growing supplies for each stage too. Most importantly, you need to buy a complete marijuana grow kit.

Since so many people are now opting to grow marijuana at home, you can find various high-tech indoor grow kits in the market. They include every necessary equipment required for the process to save you time.

But how to find the best marijuana grow kit if you are new to this arena?

In this guide, we will discuss a buying guide for the best grow tent kits for beginners. Also, we have compiled a list of the 8 best indoor marijuana grow kits to help you grow premium quality weed.


Selection of the Best Indoor Grow Tent Kits


2′x2' 600-W

1-3 plants

from $ 697,95


2′x2' VS1000

1-2 plants

from $ 399,99

Super Room

5′x5' 750 Kind

6 plants

from $ 2908.00

Mars Hydro

4'x4' TSW 2000

6 plants

from $ 569,99

Spider Farmer

2'x4' SF2000

4 plants

from $ 599,99

Topo Lite

2′x2' 300W

4 Small

from $ 230,19

Bloom Grow

4'x4' 1200W

6 plants

from $ 502,91


2′x2' AL600W

2 plants

from $ 319,99


What Is a Marijuana Grow Kit?

A weed growing kit is an all-in-one solution for your entire marijuana growing needs.

You must be wondering, what does ideal cannabis grow kit contain? Well, everyone new to this field does.

The best weed growing kit typically includes:


In addition to these, you’ll need other essential items if you intend to start growing weed personally;

  • Hangers/Beams
  • Ventilation system; inline fan and carbon filter
  • Thermometer and hygrometers to keep an optimum environment
  • Timer
  • Grow pots
  • Drying rack and trimming scissors


Advantages of a Cannabis Indoor Growing Kit

A weed growing kit has everything you need for growing cannabis by yourself. It has such widespread benefits that one cannot discuss them all.

Therefore, here are some of the most important advantages of the best indoor grow tent kit.


A Complete Indoor Grow Kit

Indoor grow kits save you time and extra money that you otherwise have to waste on buying all the items separately. However, if you are a novice, you don’t need to buy the ideal indoor grow kit. But, you ought to have complete tools that will help you till you’re ready to upgrade the equipment.


Risk-free Shopping

When buying tools individually for growing marijuana, beginners may fall prey to substandard and low-quality products. Using incompatible items would ultimately harm your setup altogether. Also, the weed quality would not be high as you may want.

As the cannabis grow kit is manufactured with a special focus on component compatibility, the risk of low quality is minimum. All the indoor grow kit components work in collaboration to provide the plants with the correct nutrients and LED light.


Ideal Light and Ventilation System

The grow kit manufacturers ensure to pick a grow tent that is completely compatible with the lighting. If you buy weed growing equipment separately, you’ll need to double-check the LED lighting, and ventilation system, and grow tent size according to your indoor space.


Friendly Setup

Excitingly, if you are a beginner, you’ll not have to grow through the agony of setting up a cannabis garden. Also, there’s no need to reset your garage or a closet to make space for the garden.

As the marijuana growing kit comes with all the necessary products and instructions, you can easily set it up. You only need to make space to place an indoor grow tent, and you’re good to go.


No Odors

When growing marijuana, odor production is inevitable. So, your next-door neighbors may complain about the smell coming from your garden.

However, the indoor grow tent kit has a carbon filter that eliminates that strong smell. This keeps the inside of the grow tent fresh and keeps the odor from escaping.



Who doesn’t want to save extra cash?

If you go and buy tools separately, you’ll find them at a higher price than a grow kit. Therefore, all-in-one cannabis grow kit is not only economical but time-saving too.


Maximum Harvest

To get the maximum yield, you need the best tools. Indoor grow kits are a complete package with all the necessary and ideal products that complement each other. Therefore, the quality and quantity of the weed produced will be high.


Cons of a Weed Growing Kit

To keep this review unbiased, we will also discuss potential downsides to the indoor grow tent kit. However, there aren’t too many cons to them.


Limited Expansion

It can be a problem when you decide to have a larger plantation since you will need several grow kits, in this case, the best thing is to set up a large grow room.


100% Energy Dependent

The health and growth of the plant completely depend on the power.


Our Weed Growing Kit Picks [Reviewed]

Now that you are akin to the advantages and requisites of an ideal weed growing kit, it’s time to look at the top indoor grow kits.

The following list contains products varying in sizes, shapes, and prices.


1. The Bud Grower Complete Indoor Grow Kit

the budgrower Starter Grow Kit

A household name, The Bud Grower indoor kit is a complete package with an easy to install equipment. This hydroponic grow kit is the one-stop solution for all your marijuana growing problems.

Saving you time and shopping hassle, this indoor grow kit lets you harvest premium quality weed even from scratch. It includes 1200 W LED lights, the best quality growing tent, and nutrient-filled soil to give your marijuana plants an ideal growing environment.

The overall aluminum-based frame provides excellent light reflectibility, and the cooling system ensures that the temperature inside is right.



Indoor Grow tent

Equipped with a highly reflective diamond mylar, the hydroponic grow room in the tent is 2’x2′. It is secured by heavy-duty zippers that are easy to close and open. They also keep the light from leaking which could create problems for the growing plants.

With a sturdy structure, the grow tent can support up to 300 pounds. The large space inside it allows you to yield even 9 plants. Moreover, the space ensures proper air supply inside.

Grow Lighting System

The light accompanying the grow kit is a 1200w XP summit LED grow light. It gives a full-spectrum light, particularly made for indoor grow setup.

Carbon Filter

The carbon air filter featured inside the grow kit is 4 inches and capable of removing any odor or dust from the tent. On average, it has a 2-years life span.

Other Components

Apart from the main products, the Budgrower indoor grow kit includes a CFM inline exhaust fan, 6 duct clamps, rope hangers, 2 bags of soil, a temperature monitor, a humidity monitor, an electronic timer, and a drying rack.


  • Durable and longlasting
  • Economical price
  • Complete garden control
  • Complete grow kit
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Three years warranty
  • Leak and waterproof
  • Guaranteed satisfaction


  • Expensive than the other grow kits in the market
  • Requires large space



It is an ideal product for amateur growers. You don’t have to hassle buying any additional items as it includes everything necessary for growing weed indoors. If you want to grow at full potential, this weed growing kit is your way to go.

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2. VIVOSUN Complete Indoor Beginner Kit

VIVOSUN 2x2x4 Indoor Grow Tent Complete Beginner Kit

Having a year-long experience in the bag, Vivosun is a brand selling the best grow tent kits in the market. If you are a marijuana enthusiast who loves to grow it yourself, the Vivosun indoor grow tent is a perfect choice.

The tent has support from 600D super thick and tear-proof canvas that leaves absolutely no doubt about its extreme durability. Also, its size is enough to grow 6-8 plants simultaneously.



Tent Size

The indoor tent has two chambers. On the left is a smaller chamber that is primarily a nursery for young plants. A removable Mylar sheet separates it entirely from the chamber on the left.

There’s a central shelf in the right chamber, too, which allows you to further part the chamber. You may stock seed cones on it till their germination. Once they are mature, you may relocate them to the bottom shelf.

The left-hand chamber can easily enclose large plants. Also, if you want to have a bigger space for plants, you can easily remove the central divider.

Light System

There’s a 300 W full spectrum LED grow light to ensure full plant growth.

Other Accessories

The grow tent has a 4-inch air carbon filter that delivers 100% filtered air constantly. Moreover, the frame is sturdy and strong that can bear higher weights too. The zippers that come with the tent are top-notch, and you can easily pull them up to give your plants an optimum growing environment.

Furthermore, the 98% reflective mylar sheet prevents any light from escaping the tent.


  • Allow you an option of multiple growing environments
  • Water-proof
  • The study zipper prevents light leakage
  • The two windows on either side allow you to keep an eye on the inside
  • Contains three trays and a tool bag
  • Warranty of two years
  • An excellent reflective sheet that reflects light in the grow tent


  • A bit difficult to setup
  • Sometimes, light may leak
  • At first, zippers may be problematic to operate


So do we recommend it? Absolutely, yes. Vivosun Grow kit is a durable and heavy-duty indoor grow tent kit with all the essential equipment. Moreover, the grow tent provides an optimum environment for weed growth.

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3. SuperRoom Smart 5′ x 5′ Grow Tent Kit

SuperRoom Smart 5 x 5 Grow Tent Kit

An all-in-one product, the grow tent kit from SuperRoom makes your indoor weed grow experience all fun and successful. This is an ideal grow room setup with the best products from the most reputed brands out there.



Grow Tent Size

The tent is 5 -inches wide and 5 inches deep, with a height of 7’11’. There’s a jaw-dropping space of 25 cubic feet inside. It allows you to grow many plants simultaneously. Also, the height makes it easy to place lights at a safe distance from the plants and other equipment.

LED Lighting

There are two options for lighting;

  • Kind LED XL750 grow light
  • Kind LED XL1000 grow light

One amazing feature of this indoor grow tent kit is that you can control the lighting from your mobile with a smart app. The LED lights are also equipped with enhanced UV diodes that increase terpenes and flavor options.

Grow Medium

Like lighting, the growth medium also features multiple options, including;

  • 20-site super flow system that has adaptable trays capable of fitting to any kind of space
  • 6-site bubble flow buckets that produce swift results due to having a hyper-oxygenated environment in each bucket
  • Normal soil that has the ability to accommodate 9 five-gallon soil buckets

All these options offer you an easy and stress-free weed-growing medium.


  • Large-growth tent space
  • Two lighting choices
  • Best quality activated carbon air filtration system
  • Sturdy structure and 1680D thick fabric that prevents lighting leakage
  • 3 years of warranty
  • Specialized app to control lighting, and transit between different growth stages


  • Installation is not beginner-friendly


It is the best choice if you want to grow marijuana indoors without any complexity and stress. You will be able to control the growing medium, such as its lighting, with a single touch through an app. Also, the firm structure will prevent you from any mishap due to extra weight or otherwise.

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4. MARS HYDRO TSW 2000 – Complete Grow Kit

Mars Hydro TSW 2000 LED Indoor Tent Kits Combo

A leading brand, Mars Hydro, is focused on easing the indoor weed-growing predicaments of people. Their indoor grow tent kits come with an excellent grow tent and LED grow lights. Since the package has a light suitable for the tent, you don’t have to waste time finding a match.



Grow Tent Size

The 4×4 grow tent provides more space than the usual smaller grow tents. The hydroponic grow tent is super thick with reflective Mylar canvas. These features ensure that neither any light seeps into the tent nor light leaks out of the tent.

The metal frame of the tent is covered with 1680D durable canvas.


The 300 w Full spectrum LED lights come with the kit. They aid marijuana growth from start to end. Moreover, power-efficient lights save up to 50% of the electricity bill.

Additional Accessories

For newcomers, this kit includes easy setup instructions that do not require any tools. Furthermore, the robust zippers prevent any light or odor from escaping the tent. Although the size is small, you can still place 1-2 crops in it.


  • Affordable cost
  • The structure is solid and protected with 1680D canvas
  • Water-proof and tear-proof
  • Multiple dedicated ports for ventilation and electrical connections
  • Comes with a viewing window
  • Sturdy zippers that secure the internal grow room
  • 99% Mylar reflective layer on the inside
  • Easy to setup


  • No information about the warranty
  • Installation instructions are not simple
  • Structural tubing is hollow


All in all, this is a complete grow tent kit that features all essentials for growing weed. This product is bespoke for you if you want a spacious single-chambered tent with a solid structure.

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5. Spider Farmer F2000 2’x4′ Grow Tent Kit

spiderfarmer SF2000 LED

Ideal for amateurs, the Spider Framer grow tent kit offers great value for money. It is a one-stop solution for all your weed growing needs.



Grow Tent

The durable and sturdy grow tent in the kit is spacious enough to accommodate multiple plants. The 100% reflective Mylar lining on the inside supplements the grow lights by preventing any light leakage.

Also, a 1680D thick Oxford cloth, and a reliable double-stitched zipper adds to the durability of the tent.

LED Grow Light

The full spectrum 200 w led light is excellent for every growth cycle of the weed plant. The lights are adjustable with a water-proof coating on them.

Carbon Air Filter

Along with aluminum ducting, the carbon filter makes an effective ventilation system. They ensure a strong airflow throughout the tent and eliminate bad odors.


  • Strong tent frame
  • Screen to keep a check on the internal conditions
  • Tray to clean the tent
  • The ventilation system is excellent for humidity control
  • Cost and energy-efficient
  • 3 years of warranty


  • Noisy fan
  • Lights may get hot
  • Unsatisfactory customer service


Although the customer reviews suggest one or two downsides, they can be ignored in the bigger picture. If you are a first-time grower, this kit might be ideal for you as it has everything you need for growing weed indoors.

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6. TopoLite Hydroponic Weed Growing Kit

TopoLite Grow Tent Room Complete Kit

A powerful tool for short-scale cannabis growers, the Topolight grow kit provides a perfect growing environment for cannabis. It is an excellent choice for even focusing on growing the particular life cycle of a cannabis plant.



Firstly, the grow tent is available in various sizes. However, ideally, you should go with a 24*24*48 inches tent for making a small grow space for indoor plants. The structure of the tent is firm with a 600 D highly reflective Oxford cloth on the outside.

Moreover, the reflective Mylar canvas enhances the reflective properties of the system. Since it is smaller in size, it can fit in any place, such as a basement, and is also easy to move around.

The lights in this hydroponic grow system are 300 w and are energy efficient. They can also operate for up to 18 hours continuously and are long-lasting.

There are multiple fans and vents inside the tent to ensure better ventilation and airflow throughout the system. Besides, the durable zippers and the Mylar layer protect the light from leaking and the outside light from barging inside.


  • Portable and light-weight tent
  • Hydroponics system
  • The durable canvas that can hold large weight
  • Zippers are heavy-duty
  • The kit has activated carbon filters


  • Not suitable for amateur
  • Unable to support multiple LED lights
  • The fan has no speed control


Since it has a robust structure with a small size, the tent can fit in multiple locations. The activated carbon filter does not let any odor accumulate in the tent or your house. So, if you want to grow weed plants on a smaller scale but with complete autonomy, this grow kit is best for you.

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7. BloomGrow 4’x4′ Marijuana Grow Kit

BloomGrow 1200W LED grow kit

The grow kits by BloomGrow are one of the best in the business, especially for rookie growers. The kit includes everything you need, from a durable tent to every essential for yielding a top-notch weed.



Grow Tent

The size of the tent is 48″*48″*80,” and it has a 600D light-proof Oxford cloth on the inside. On the outer side, there’s a highly reflective Mylar layer that is also waterproof.

The reflective properties of the tent are excellent, and a strong zipper completely closes the tent. This keeps the outside hazards at bay.


With 300W full spectrum plant-friendly grow light, the plants grow in the optimum environment. The lighting is perfect for any growth cycle, for instance, germination, seedlings, or flowering.

Other Components

in addition to important equipment, the grow kit also contains grow-light hangers, a timer, and a digital hygrometer.


  • Ideal for the amateurs
  • Long-lasting and enduring tools
  • Economical product
  • Light height is adjustable
  • Excellent carbon filters for the ventilation


  • The tent is small sized with a capacity only for 2 plant


If you are looking for a durable small sized grow tent, this kit is right for you. It not only saves space but also keeps the weed growing discrete.

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8. iPower 2’x2′ Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit

iPower Grow Tent Kit Complete AL600W

Having a low cost, the Power grow tent kit is one of the best choices to grow weed indoors. A grow tent, detachable mylar trays, a couple of filter straps, and an instructions guide accompany the product.



The grow kit includes a grow tent that is spacious enough for a large-scale yield. Also, the double-stitched zippers keep the internal environment secure and prevent any light leakage.

There’s a proper ventilation system with carbon filters. Moreover, numerous duct ports are present that make electricity transmission easy through the tent.

Also, the detachable water-proof Mylar tray allows you to clean the grow tent occasionally. Two security stars are also attached to the tray to make sure the tray does not dislocate.


  • Provides an ideal environment for weed growth
  • The sturdy zippers and durable fiber of the tent ensure there is no light leakage
  • The tent is easy to clean due to the Mylar tray


  • You will need someone’s help to adjust the height of the tent
  • Light may leak out of the tent


Due to its medium size, it is easy to install. Also, it can effortlessly house enough plants. All in all, the grow tent kit is a complete package for growing high-quality weed at a low cost.

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weed growing kit


How to Select a Weed Grow Kit [Buyer’s Guide]

Usually, every grow kit differs from the others in one way or another. First, you need to fix a budget so that you don’t have to window-shop a lot.

But, how to find the best indoor grow tent kit? Since, so many products out there in the market, it is definitely difficult to select one. You may find different grow kits in different price ranges, functions, and quality as well.

Here’s a guide for you to help you choose the right product per your needs.


Indoor Grow Tent:

Size: Foremost decide the size of the grow tent you want to buy. Factors such as the place you want to set the grow tent in, and the quantity you are targeting can help you lock on a particular tent size.

For instance, in a 4’x4′ grow tent, you can easily fit 4-6 plants with enough space between them. There would be sufficient space to make two rows of two to three plants.

Apart from the width, the tent’s height is another primary consideration when selecting the right grow tent.

Ideally, the height of the tent should be maximum so that the led grow light hanging above doesn’t burn the cannabis plants. Also, extra height will allow you to add a carbon air filter, fans, and ducting.


Durability: So, always make sure that the tent frame and fabric are of the best quality—usually, the price increases as the quality of the tent increases.

However, using a cheap substandard product with flimsy materials may cost you much more in the long run. A good quality fabric will keep the external light out. Hence your plants will get the optimum light.

The grow tent is typically multilayered, with the outer layer stitched to the inner layer creating a heavy-duty combination. The internal layer is primarily reflective. It is important for the equal distribution of light to the plants.

At the end of the day, the fabric must be thick enough to keep internal conditions optimum and prevent the odors from escaping outside of the hydroponic grow tent. Also, remember the ensure the tent is heat-resistant as the led lighting will produce a lot of heat.


The frame: Must be strong enough to support the entire internal equipment. Even if you integrate additional equipment into it, the tent should not cave in.

Typically, steel is the best material for large grow tents. However, you can get light aluminum-based smaller tents. Although the frame should be secure, at the same time, it should be easy to separate when storage is needed.


Safety: Make sure the tent is safe and secure for the plants. You can fasten the tent with zippers. However, different quality zippers are available. But you should always choose the best quality metal zippers to secure the tent.

Another thing to remember while setting up the tent is that the grow light should not be too close to the plants or tent components. Also, the ventilation system must be effective so that no hot air/ odor is trapped inside.

Furthermore, try and use multiple electrical sources to power all the equipment as needed. Overburdening a single electrical outlet may backfire.



You should decide whether you want to use good quality soil or soilless/ hydroponic grow medium before buying the grow tent. Today, a variety of tents are available for both mediums.

Although both have advantages and disadvantages, they can give you high-quality weed effortlessly.



The lighting system inside the grow tent is an important factor that helps the plants grow massively. You can choose from various LED lighting options, including fluorescent, HID, or Led grow lights.

However, no matter what lighting type you select, it should be full-spectrum to help the marijuana plant during vegetative and flowering periods.


Choose your Complete Marijuana Grow Kit

Growing weed at home is not a difficult feat with the right equipment. If you are a first-time grower, you may find it difficult where to start, but not with the above-reviewed best indoor grow kits.

Each one of the above-mentioned grow kits has its own advantages and downsides. However, they all have a solution for your growing needs in one place. All in all, they are worth their price.

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