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11 Best Joint Rollers | We have Reviewed the Best Rolling Machines

Raw joint roller

Joint rolling looks simple, but it is not. Let me solve the problem with the list of ten best joint rollers, but before that, why did I mention joint-rolling as a complicated task?

You place the filter wrong, and you lose the game. An overstuffed joint that seemed perfect on rolling just pops open when you’re about to puff for the first time. Boom! Wasted your time.

You are understaffed in that perfect joint, but it only ‘looked’ perfect. It won’t smash as you wish.

You’re about smoke to relax and get rid of all the tension, but a badly rolled joint will only make you more frustrated.

You can make this step so much easier with a joint roller.

It’s wise to prepare yourself before trying something new, even if you’ve been rolling for a while.

For the preparation part, here are some insights into how to use a joint roller.


How To Use A Joint Roller?

There are a few steps involved in getting the perfectly rolled joint through a joint roller machine. Let’s see them one by one:


Make a zig-zag roll off the filter paper

Start off with rolling a filter paper. Roll it in a zigzag pattern forming a small roll out of it. Place it on one end of the opened roller machine.


Place the stuff on the roller

Take the amount of weed you want to pack and roll the machine inside as long as there’s no herb visible.


Place a rolling paper on the roller

Carefully place it on the weed rolling machine so that it doesn’t tear, and keep the gum side up.


Roll the machine leaving an end of the paper to stick

The last step is to pack the joint by rolling the machine towards you. This step may take you to roll the machine a couple of times. After that, open the roller and take out your perfectly rolled joint.

Got it? The best rolling machine can make your life easier and save time. Now, I have some tips on how to roll a perfect joint using a weed-rolling machine.


Selection of the Top Joint Rollers

Raw Bundle
Rolling Tray

Hand rolling

1 ¼ rolling paper

Price: $

OCB Bamboo
Rolling Machine

Hand rolling

1 ¼ rolling paper

Price: $

Raw Cone Shooter
(Filler) KS

Manual rolling

Small and king size cones

Price: $$

Futurola King Size
Rolling Machine

Manual rolling

King Size Cone Roller.

Price: $$

Cone Artist
Cone Roller

Manual rolling

Cone roller, filler, and stuffer, all sizes

Price: $

Zen Automatic
Roll Box

Automatic rolling

King sized and 110mm

Price: $

PackNpuff (V2)
Cone Loader

Manual rollling

Small and king size pre rolled cones

Price: $$

Zig Zag 100mm
Rolling Machine

Beginners rolling

1 1/4, 1 1/2, and double-wide papers

Price: $

Buddies Bump Box
Cone Filling

34 pre-rolled cones at a time

1 1/4, 98 Special, and King Size

Price: $$

Rolling Machine

Automatic roller

Easy to use, durable

Price: $$

Powermatic 2 PLUS
Cigarette Injector

Electric roller

Regular, king size, and 100s

Price: $$$


Tips on How to Roll a Perfect Joint Using a Rolling Machine


  • Remove all big particles: The weed mix you put in the joint should be free of lumps and big particles. If there are any lumps, remove them before putting the mix inside the roller.
  • Spread the herb evenly on the paper: Make sure to put an even amount of the herb on the rolling paper. If you don’t do this, there is a chance of getting a loose joint that may not burn properly.
  • Do not roll it too much: An automatic joint roller can be a bit tricky to use. Too much rolling, and you can’t smoke the herb inside. You haven’t rolled the joint to taste only paper, so avoid going too harsh.
  • Pack the filter compact enough: The filter or roach is something of utmost importance here. If the filter isn’t compact enough, you will end up having small weed particles in your mouth, so make sure to secure it tightly.


Best Joint Roller Reviews

Now that you have learned the basics, here are some of the best joint rollers:


1. Raw Rolling Tray Small Bundle

Raw joint roller

This one is an all-in-one solution to your smoking problems. The product has a small tray that has a raw joint roller and both types of paper, the cigarette and filter ones. The papers are unrefined and very easy to roll.

Moreover, the compact design makes it easier to cover up all your adventures in the smallest possible spaces. In case you have an unexpected encounter with any of the non-smokers while smoking, you can hide it swiftly.

  Amazon.com      eBay.com 


2. OCB Bamboo Cigarette Rolling Machine

ocb bamboo rolling machineIt is a joint roller box of six wood and plastic composite rollers. Small in size and easy to use, you can use this machine for either thick joints or thinner joints with less herb inside. The number of rollers makes it a party prop at your home to get maximum joints at a time.

The bamboo wood makes a resilient design that endures the hardest rolls even when you’re in ‘airplane’ mode. Use the joint roller box and get your friends working alongside you.

  Amazon.com     Hemper.co 


3. Cone Shooter (Filler) KS

raw Cone Shooter

This Raw joint roller is a cone filler. If you’re one who doesn’t get the vibes with the usual cylindrical joints, this cone joint roller is the rolling machine you should own. It gives you large-sized cones with king-size capacity.

You can fill up to six cones at a time while using this filler, so it makes a great choice to use at your parties.

In addition to the above-listed points, it is a product that is designed to assist people with disabilities. Its ease of use makes it viable for people who cannot use their hands to roll their joints.

  Hemper.co     Amazon.com 


4. Futurola King Size Roller Rolling Machine (Silver)

Futurola Roller Rolling MachineThis best rolling machine is a cone joint roller that uses king-size papers for the joints. You can either use 100 or 10-mm cigarette paper or 78-mm paper to roll the cone joints. Other than paper, this joint rolling machine is designed to roll cigars as well.

The bottom end in some cases may not conceal properly, making the joint difficult to handle. Although it is a problem, you can reduce it by using small paper with less weed inside.

  Amazon.com     eBay.com 


5. Cone Artist Cone Roller

Cone Artist Cone Roller

It is a cone joint roller that works as a stuffer and filler as well, best to use with pre-rolled papers.

If you’re someone who prefers smaller joints to longer ones, this Cone Artist roller is for you. You may face trouble with larger paper sizes to get a perfect cone.

It may not be a great choice for filling up regular cigars because the rolling tip isn’t too wide. Works well enough for cigars that are too thin.

  eBay.com     Amazon.com 


6. Zen Automatic Roll Box 110mm

Zen Automatic joint roller

It is a basic cigarette roller box that comes in three different sizes. The Zen Automatic Roll Box is easy to carry with the paper, filter, and tobacco inside. All you need is a little practice to get perfect cigarettes in only a few seconds.

The limitation of this machine is its specific capacity for different sizes. If you have larger papers, they will not fit in. If you have smaller papers, they will be over-stuffed.



7. packNpuff (V2) Cone Loader

Cone joint roller

The next joint roller on our list is a simple cigarette roller that comes with pre-rolled cones. It’s specifically designed for newbies and people who have arthritis. The machine is easy to use with almost zero canoeing. There’s absolutely no hassle of getting a burnt cigarette without having much of the smoke.

It works well with large and standard-sized cigarette papers from different brands. The only problem with this machine is that it is not as great for rolling up a weed joint as for rolling regular cigarettes. But it may be a good choice if you seldom use a roller.



8. Zig Zag 100mm Cigarette Rolling Machine

Weed Rolling machine

The Zig Zag is a compact machine specially designed for rolling joints and cigarettes. The material used is plastic, hence this one is not a sturdy one.

An ideal machine for those who prefer tobacco over other types of fillers. It can roll out even cigarettes without much hassle. The handling is very basic, and it is designed to save you time. However, it is not designed for large-sized cigarettes, it only fits smaller ones.

  Grasscity.com     Amazon.com 


9. Buddies Bump Box Cone Filling Machine for 109mm Pre-Rolled Cones

Joint roller boxIt is a joint roller box that can roll up to thirty-four cones at a time and is specifically designed for pre-rolled cones of 100 and 9 mm size. You can use different types of paper to roll your joints to perfect cones with even filling.
With the number of joints to produce at a time, this product is a party pleaser and a must-have for those who love smoking with their gangs.

You may need a grinder because this one does not support flowers.



10. Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine

Automatic rolling machine

Made of stainless steel, this one looks different compared to the other rollers on the list. It has a steel lever on the top side that makes filling the cigarettes quicker than most joint rolling machines.

Despite being very speedy, it can only fill up pre-rolled papers, so if you’re someone who likes to roll from scratch, this one is not for you, but for those who want to roll a lot in a short time, this one is it.



11. Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

Automatic joint roller

This one is an automatic joint roller that comes with some special features. The first one is an instructional DVD that can clear the process of filling a joint by using this auto joint roller.

This automatic joint roller is an affordable option in the spoon injection electric joint rollers category. Manufactured to roll out cigarettes quicker than most manual rollers, this one uses a tobacco hopper that doesn’t need a continuous refill of the tobacco inside.

  Amazon.com     eBay.com 


Best joint roller


Wrapping Up with the Best Rolling Machines

I have listed some of the best joint rolling machines for you. There may be a downside to each one of them, but there’s nothing perfect in this world.

Any joint roller, either manual or an auto joint roller that fits your budget and meets your smoking preference, would make the best joint roller for you.

These little machines can elevate your smoking experience with quicker rolling. Even cannabis connoisseurs flunk at times, so why not give a machine a try?

If you are looking for a rolling machine for your business, you must automate with the best pre-roll machines.

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