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Not long ago, I was an amateur in cultivating marijuana, not knowing how to use the best marijuana seeds to achieve a fruitful harvest.

I asked many expert growers about the best cannabis seeds to produce a sturdy marijuana plant. All of them suggested:

  • First, studying marijuana seeds types
  • Second, choosing the best one to go for as per my goals

So, let’s dive in to have a glance at each type.


Types of Marijuana Seeds


Marijuana Seeds by Sex

Regular Seeds: In cannabis cultivation, regular seeds are the product of hand-pollination. They offer a 50% possibility of producing male and female plants. Breeders use these to create new strains.

Feminized Seeds: Feminized cannabis seeds guarantee to germinate female plants with 99.9% surety. These are ideal for cultivators who look for dank buds and prefer a cost-effective growth process.


Cannabis Seeds by Genetics

Sativa Seeds: They produce thin and tall plants and take a longer time to attain maturity. Their yield is more than the Indica-seeds plants, but the THC percentage is quite low. The Sativa strain is highly energetic and produces stimulating effects.

Indica Seeds: These produce short, bushy plants that take less time to mature and have higher THC content than Sativa kinds. The yields from Indica species are smaller but offer relaxing and soothing properties.

Hybrid Seeds: A hybrid is a result of combining both Indica and Sativa cannabis strains. Pro growers consider hybrid seeds as top performers as they hold both the species’ best traits in a single growth.

Autoflowering Seeds: Autoflowering cannabis seeds can be feminized cannabis seeds or regular seeds. They produce plants with a life cycle of around three months, with flower ability without needing a light cycle change.

Autoflowering weed seeds have rapid flowering times and are best for guerrilla growing.


Selection of the Best Cannabis Seeds Banks

ImageSeeds BanksVisit
seedsman SeedsManvisit button
msnl seeds bankMSNLvisit button
crop king seedsCrop Kingvisit button
ilovegrowingmarijuana seedsi Love Growing
visit button
sensi seedsSensivisit button
amsterdam seed supplyAmsterdam Seed
visit button
cannabis seeds storeCannabis Seeds
visit button


Best Marijuana Seeds Banks Reviews

With all the knowledge of seeds mentioned above, I knew that the next step is to look for the best marijuana seeds banks. I was looking for a responsive and reliable supplier who offers the best marijuana seeds online.

Want to know which seeds banks appeared on my list of the best place to buy marijuana seeds? Read on to find more.


1. Seedsman

seedsman best cannabis seeds

Unlike other online seed banks, Seedsman has expertise in selling the best marijuana seeds that originated from different breeders. It is a famous and trustworthy marijuana supplier worldwide and has emerged as a strong competitor in this field.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the company services based on my analysis:


  • Seedsman accepts different payment methods, including cryptocurrency, which is the safest way of conducting a monetary transaction.
  • It delivers its products worldwide except for countries where the import of cannabis seeds is restricted.
  • It provides discreet packaging, considering the protection requirements for the seeds.
  • The company offers free shipping to European residents. It has a superb loyalty program for its customers, and it also provides a maximum 20% discount depending on the order size.
  • The company’s website is easy to navigate, with all the necessary descriptions of each product to make a confident choice.



  • It does not allow its customers to switch to another payment method after selecting one.
  • Seedsman takes no responsibility in case of packaging interception, irrespective of the reason behind it.

With so many pros, I feel that Seedsman stands prominent among the legitimate online seed providers that I can consider for all my cannabis needs.



2. The Original Seed Bank: MSNL

msnl best cannabis seeds

MSNL is one of the top online seed banks. In 1999, it was the first company to enter into the seeds bank market. Today, it is known to offer superior quality marijuana seeds that are purely from its growth supply.

Let’s move on to discover its major selling points, as well as some negative aspects.


  • The company offers commercial growers a wholesale purchase option.
  • It has the best genetics in the marijuana market, and their quality is excellent.
  • It offers a stealth delivery option for customers who want to hide their marijuana seeds purchase.
  • The company delivers all the seeds with properly labeled names to avoid any confusion.
  • It offers award-winning marijuana strains at affordable prices.
  • The value packs are the best choice for new marijuana users.
  • There are various payment options for customers.



  •  If seeds fail to germinate, MSNL does not provide a replacement.
  • The company sells just its own developed strains, so it has a restricted variety of strains available.

Overall, I conclude that the Original Seed Bank is a solid choice to buy the best cannabis seeds. Its outstanding reputation clearly reveals its concerns about its products and customers’ experience.



3. Crop King Seeds

best marijuana seedsCrop King is another shining name among seed banks. It takes pride in offering its customers the best quality seeds with an extensive range. It aims to provide its customers with marijuana seeds having contemporary cannabis genetics.

Wondering if the Crop King seeds are worth the money? Does the company really live up to be the best cannabis seed bank?

Read below the benefits and drawbacks of buying marijuana seeds from Crop King.


  • Crop King guarantees its customers 80% seed germination, or else it rectifies the issue.
  • It offers a massive variety of seeds to choose from, including auto-flowering seeds and feminized seeds.
  • Its seeds are especially useful for medicinal cannabis users due to their high CBD content.
  • The customer service is prompt and helpful.
  • The company’s team is highly experienced and makes careful genetic selections.



  • Crop King’s strain selection is limited to other seed banks.
  • The seeds are quite expensive.
  • Customer support needs improvement.
  • Its website has a confusing layout.

With a few cons, Crop King Seeds is not perfect but is a worth-considering option for my next purchase of marijuana seeds.



4. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

ilovegrowingmarijuana Feminized cannabis seeds

ILGM is one of my favorites when it comes to choosing the best marijuana seeds supplier online. Let’s find out the reasons why I consider this seed bank the top choice.


  • ILGM seeds are popular in yielding excellent buds. It guarantees seeds germination, and if seeds do not sprout, it replaces them with a new one.
  • It guarantees delivery, and in case of any issues, it ships them for free.
  • ILGM offers free shipping to Canada, Western Europe, and the U.S.
  • It ships the seeds in discreet packaging.
  • ILGM’s VIP program gives access to exceptional quality strains, huge discounts, and other perks.
  • It accepts Bitcoin and other popular payment methods.
  • 24/7 customer support is available.
  • It ships to New Zealand as well as Australia.
  • It provides a forum on its website to connect with fellow growers.



There are a few cons that I would like to highlight.  These include:

  • ILGM does not offer a vast collection of strains compared to its competitors.
  • Shipping charges for Australia and New Zealand are $25 unless the order price exceeds $150.
  • It charges an additional fee of $25 for shipment tracking.

With numerous positive points, I consider ILGM the best place to buy marijuana seeds.



5. Sensi Seeds


sensi seeds marijuana seeds

Another prominent name that I consider the best place to buy cannabis seeds online is Sensi Seeds. This online seed bank is particularly useful for beginners as it offers comprehensive seeds, serving those with zero experience in the CBD cultivation process.

I like Sensi Seeds due to the following reasons:


  • It is a highly established venture with a history of outstanding quality seed distribution for recreational and medicinal purposes.
  • It offers discreet shipping and delivers seeds with full confidentiality.
  • A considerable variety of options are available both for beginners and experienced cultivators.
  • It provides exceptional customer service, catering individual needs of every cultivator.



Few cons to consider include:

  • The company’s shipping time is often longer due to the vigilant delivery processes.
  • Its seeds are costly compared to other seed banks.

In my opinion, Sensi Seeds represent excellent value for money, especially for new marijuana cultivators. The company’s reliability in producing top-quality marijuana seeds cannot be questioned.



6. Amsterdam Seed Supply

amsterdam seed supply

Do you know that marijuana lovers consider Amsterdam as a weed hub of the world? That is why I believe that Amsterdam Seed Supply is quite a reliable source of top-notch marijuana seeds.

Here is my stance on the company’s products and services.


It has the best strains from the well-known breeders of the world.

  • The company has 30 years of experience in seed germination and dealings.
  • The seeds’ quality is magnificent, and the company has an extensive variety suitable for seasoned growers as well as beginners.
  • It offers seeds that possess prize-winning genetics, and this has resulted in attracting a huge customer base.
  • It accepts different modes of payment, including Bitcoin.
  • It offers a flexible return policy with new product delivery in case of damaged products.



  • The company is not liable for indirect damage to goods.
  • It does not ship to the USA and a few other countries.



7. Cannabis Seeds Store

Best cannabis seeds bank

Cannabis Seeds store is a highly trusted marijuana seed bank with online dealings worldwide. I just love this store and refer its products to others as well due to the many distinctive benefits it offers to its users, with limited drawbacks.


  • It has an enormous variety of seeds and has thousands of marijuana strains.
  • The store has connections with more than 100 breeders.
  • It provides free guaranteed delivery.
  • It offers to ship to its customers anywhere in the world.
  • The company’s seeds have got a 4.7-star rating from users.
  • It is a top reputed best cannabis seed bank.
  • Cannabis Seeds Store gives unmatched offers, discounts, and promotions to its customers.
  • It has the best customer care service.



  • It does not provide any germination information to customers since marijuana seeds germination is illegal in the UK.

So, this company outshines as the best cannabis seed bank due to its exceptional customer support except for the strict policy of germination information.



Is It Illegal to Buy Cannabis Seeds?

Can I be totally honest with you?

Cannabis seed’s legality is a vague concept. A product within the boundaries of a specific country is subject to that land’s law. Thus, there is a possibility that buying cannabis seeds is illegal in my country but allowed in another.

Every country views cannabis legality from its perspective. However, the germination process is the primary factor that alerts the law regarding buying cannabis seeds. Hence, it is legal to purchase cannabis seeds with no intention to grow cannabis from them, whether commercially or privately.


Can I Get Marijuana Seeds to Any Country?

I recommend online purchasing if an individual lives in a country where cultivating marijuana at home is legal. In this regard, a reputable and reliable seed bank can ship to numerous states, taking care of discretion.

These vendors are experts in packing their products to evade detection. So, buying marijuana seeds is not an issue, if purchased online from a known vendor, irrespective of the user’s location.


Wrapping Up with the Cannabis Seeds Banks That Ship to the USA

From my experience, I can say that growing marijuana is a simple process if one has the best cannabis seeds. The marijuana plant type depends on the seeds that can be feminized weed seeds, auto-flowering cannabis seeds, or regular seeds.

With so many popular seed banks out there, it has become difficult for me to choose one name that provides the best marijuana seeds.

Almost each of the seed banks I reviewed offers great seeds variety, excellent customer support, high germination rate, discreet packaging, and above all, fine-quality cannabis seeds. However, there is room for improvement in each case.

As far as cannabis seeds’ legality is concerned, buying online is safe where growing marijuana is illegal, provided the supplier is trustworthy and offers discrete delivery.

If state laws allow growing marijuana, purchase options from dispensaries and stores are also available.

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