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Best Medical Marijuana Strains and How to Choose Them

best medical marijuana strains

Since marijuana has a high medicinal value for relieving extreme cases of chronic pain and anxiety, it is no wonder that people want to get in their hands on the best medical marijuana strains

The marijuana plant has over a hundred varieties of cannabinoids. Each type has a different effect on the body, and these cannabinoids are the main active chemicals in medical cannabis.

Like chemicals in the body, cannabinoids can influence a person’s memory, pain sensation, appetite, and muscle movement.

But which strains do you even go for? With hundreds of marijuana strains available in the market, each strain will have a different THC and CBD content.

Keep reading our article to learn everything about different medical cannabis strains and how to choose them.


Selection of the Best Medical Cannabis Strains

Super Sour Diesel Sativa

16-22% THC - 1% CBD

Euphoric, happy, uplifted

Harlequin Sativa

3-6% THC 7-10% CBD

Relaxed, happy, uplifted

Northern Lights Indica

14-18% THC

Relaxed, happy, euphoric

Bubba Kush Indica

17% THC

Relaxed, sleepy, happy

Skywalker Hybrid

15% THC

Relaxed, sleepy, uplifted

OG Kush Hybrid

17-20% THC

Happy, relaxed, euphoric

Green Crack Sativa

17% THC

Energetic, happy, uplifted

Pineapple Express Hybrid

17-24% THC

Happy, uplifted, euphoric


Medical Weed Strains Reviews


1. Super Sour Diesel

Super Sour Diesel medical strain

​Super Sour Diesel is a Sativa strain with almost 16 to 22% THC content but less than 1% CBD overall.

As a result, you get a combination of relaxation and euphoria. Not only does the strain relieve your pain, stress, and anxiety, but it also enhances your creativity, mood, and energy.

However, new users should take caution while consuming the drug during the daytime as it can cause a powerful cerebral effect.

This medical marijuana strain has a strong fuel-like, pungent aroma, which reflects its potency as well. Overall, it includes strong limonene terpenes with mild notes of herbal and peppery smell.


2. Harlequin

Harlequin medical marijuana strain

Harlequin is a hybrid strain for medicinal purposes, which contains about 7% THC and 10% CBD.

The Sativa-dominant hybrid strain leaves you clear-headed, alert, and soothed after every dose or puff. With a high CBD content, it ranks relatively high in the treatment of anxiety and pain, without the need for intoxication. Notably, its popularity lies in its immediate pain-relieving effects.

Moreover, Harlequin keeps you uplifted, happy, focused, and relaxed and gives an earthy musk to sweet mango flavor.


3. Northern Lights

best indica strain of all times

The Northern Lights strain is a THC-dominant medical cannabis seed that contains almost 14 to 18% THC but negligible CBD. Therefore, the Indica strains lean more towards relieving pain, stress, and keeping you relaxed. Its couch-locking and full-body numbing effect has even resulted in its global recognition and awards.

The highly popular medical weed strain features resinous buds and a short flowering stage and gives off an intensely sweet and spicy aroma.

Northern Lights will relax your mind and muscles, allowing you to experience laziness and deep sleep.


4. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush weed strain

Bubba Kush is a popular, highly potent Indica strain for medicinal purposes. The tranquilizing strain has a profound relaxation effect on your whole body, top to bottom, by easing your mind and dulling your senses. As a result, you achieve a sense of euphoria, get rid of the stress in your body, and feel happy.

While the only side effects of Bubba Kush are dry mouth and eyes, it is helpful for pain, insomnia, stress, and anxiety. It has a sweet hashish taste with mild coffee and chocolate notes with each puff of the drug.


5. Skywalker

Skywalker strain

Skywalker is a 50/50 hybrid, has an earthy yet sweet, fruity flavor and aroma, and is widely known for its relaxation and sleep-inducing properties.

As its name suggests, it takes its user above the clouds, giving them another worldly experience. However, the effects do not lead to a couch-lock situation, as it is still a relatively mellow Indica strain. For precaution, new users should consume the strain only at night or evening to prevent massive sedation effects during the daytime.

Medical marijuana enhances your mood, makes you euphoric, and exerts mild sleepiness in regular users. Skywalker is ideal for treating pain, nausea, and anxiety too.


6. OG Kush

OG kush strain

OG Kush ranks among the best medical cannabis strain with more than 20% THC content and negligible CBD. While the buds give off a strong, musty, earthy aroma with mild citrus notes, the smoke itself is quite cough-inducing and harsh. As for the taste, OG Kush has a classic hash and spicy flavor on every puff.

This medical marijuana strain has a generally uplifting and euphoric effect with very pronounced mental relaxation, OG Kush relieves anxiety, headaches, migraines, stress, and improves your attention span.


7. Green Crack

GreenCrack strain

Greek Crack is a renowned, potent Sativa-dominant strain for medicinal purposes that has incredible energizing effects. Has a delicious tangy mango flavor with a hashy and citrusy aroma on every whiff of the drug.

It gives you a fantastic mental buzz, crazy-sharp focus, and an energetic feeling overall. Apart from uplifting your mood and mental status, Green Crack can even help you with chronic stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and fatigue, leaving you refreshed every time.


8. Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express strain

Pineapple Express is another potent hybrid strain. Give you a delicious mango and apple aroma with a strong, fruity pineapple, cedar, and pine flavor.

What’s more, this medical cannabis strain is trendy for its potent psychoactive effects too. With a THC content of over 24%, Pineapple Express has a more energizing effect than a calming or numbing one. As a result, you get a mildly numb body with a head-focused euphoric high that leaves its users overly talkative.

As for the medicinal benefits, the drug is ideal for patients with mild pains, inflammations, migraines, depression, fatigue, chronic stress, and even muscle tightness.


choosing right medical marijuana strain


Tips for Choosing the Right Medical Marijuana Strain.

Each strain features unique health benefits, so they’re recommended to treat various conditions. In this sense, some strains are more effective in treating specific ailments than others. Hence, selecting the right medical cannabis strain is essential to ensure maximum benefits.

We share some tips on selecting the correct cannabis strain for your medicinal needs.


Identify your Goal for Using Medicinal Marijuana

The type of strain you’re looking for will largely depend on the condition you want to alleviate symptoms. Thus, identifying what you want to feel or treat will help you narrow down your options and pick the product that will suit you best.


Familiarize Yourself with Key Information

You’ll find a vast array of product options and various cannabis strains that you can choose from. Because of the number of options available, you may need to take time to select one that would best suit your needs and preferences.

The three main types of cannabis strains are Sativa, Indica, and hybrid. Here are some details about each strain that you need to consider as you shop:


Sativa strains

Sativa is commonly known for its invigorating effect. This strain is ideal for those who want relief from stress or anxiety. It can also enhance your focus and motivation.

Sativa strain can also affect one’s mood and emotions by enhancing energy and concentration levels as well as curbing depression. It’s believed that the Sativa strain is recommended for daytime use.


Indica strains

The Indica strain is known for its physical effects, which is why it’s usually recommended for alleviating pain and muscle tension.

Is also known to promote relaxation. Because of its sedating effects, it’s commonly allocated for nighttime use since it also fosters restful sleep.


Hybrid strains

Hybrid strains have the combined genetics of Sativa and Indica strains. Many available cannabis products sold on the market have the traits of both strains, with varying levels of potency.


Select a Method of Consumption

There are also various ways to consume medicinal marijuana, and each technique in using medicinal cannabis has its pros and cons. By choosing a method of consumption, it’ll be easier for you to find strains that come in your preferred product form.

Here are some examples of consumption techniques you can consider:


Smoking or Vaping

This method helps the user feel the effects faster, though there’s a tendency to irritate the lungs and airways.



Some users consume marijuana in edible forms, such as gummies, chewable, and marijuana-infused food items such as brownies and drinks. Though it will take time to feel the effects of marijuana through edibles, users might experience more potent effects than inhalation.


choosing medical marijuana strain


Pills and Capsules

Taking cannabis products in pill or capsule form is ideal for those who want to enjoy the effects without food preparation or without having to smoke. Though it can also take time for the impact to be felt, many users consider taking medicinal marijuana in pill form as one of the most convenient methods.

Aside from these examples, there are other ways you can enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana, such as through transdermal patches or by consuming products in powder form. There are also oil tincture items and topical products that you can consider depending on your needs and preferences.


Gauge your Tolerance

When you choose products at a dispensary, you’ll see different percentages used to determine the potency of the marijuana. For instance, an average cannabis strain contains 14% to 21% of THC. On the other hand, the cannabidiol or CBD content usually starts at 0.02%.

You can start with the average percentages and gradually increase them as needed, provided that you have a good tolerance for the product you’re using.

Moreover, your weed tolerance level can help you identify if you need to use a different cannabis strain.


Learn About the Side Effects

Using medical marijuana also has side effects. For instance, some users report how it can impair one’s movement and perception. With this in mind, it’s essential to be aware of these side effects so you can schedule your intake accordingly.

Moreover, for products that may cause dizziness, it would be best to take them closer to bedtime to avoid untoward incidents. Aside from this, here are other common side effects:

  • Depression
  • Dizziness
  • Palpitations
  • Hallucinations
  • Low blood pressure
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Coughing or breathing problems for those who smoke marijuana


Some experts believe that there’s a possibility of developing dependence, especially for those with a history of substance misuse.


Wrapping Up with “Medical Cannabis Strains”

Given this, it’s best to seek professional guidance and recommendations when choosing the right marijuana strain to cure different illnesses. Apart from healthcare professionals, qualified medical marijuana specialists can help you select the right products based on your medical needs.

Consult with a trained staff member or a specialist who can assist you and answer your questions. This way, you’ll be able to explore your options for cannabis products and see which ones would best suit your requirements and preferences.

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