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11 Best Dab Straws Reviews | Selection of the Top Nectar Collector Kits


Nectar collector kit

Recently, nectar collectors have gained more popularity as they allow users to enjoy wax concentrates anytime and anywhere.

If you survey the market a little, you find a wide variety of nectar collector kits and dab straws. This variety might make it a little tough to find safe and reliable products.

In this post, we will list some of the nectar collectors and dab straws in the market. In addition, we’ll discuss different types of nectar collectors and provide some tips to help you choose a device to get the best out of your dabs.

If you’re curious to know, then read on.


How to Choose the Right Nectar Collector?

What are some important things to keep in mind while choosing a nectar collector?

Well, firstly, you need to take into account the quality of the product you purchase. Ensure the company you are buying from is reliable. We suggest taking a look at the customer review section to get an idea about the quality of products.

Next, you need to ensure the device you purchase is durable. As glass nectar collectors are quite popular, you need to ensure the glass isn’t fragile.

You’ll be taking your nectar collector with you from place to place. You need to ensure the product your purchase can survive a few falls that come with traveling.

Another essential thing to consider is the design of your dab straw. The design is dependent on your preference. For instance, some people prefer having a place to add water to help cool the hits.


Selection of the Best Dab Straws in the Market

Glass Nectar Collector with Colored Tree Perc & Titanium NailColored Tree Perc
and Titanium Nail
Glasscheck price button orange
Freeze PipeFreeze PipeGlasscheck price button orange
ooze slugger dabbin dugoutOoze Slugger Dabbin
Dugout Travel Kit
Siliconecheck price button orange
Pulsar Glass Egg Vapor StrawPulsar Glass Egg
Vapor Straw
Glasscheck price button orange
DabTech Trio VaporizerDabTech Trio
check price button orange
Honey Dabber IIHoney Dabber II
Concentrate Straw
Woodcheck price button orange
Colored Glass Nectar Collector with Titanium NailColored Glass
with Titanium Nail
Glasscheck price button orange
Dip Device Evri Starter PackDip Devices Evri
Starter Pack
check price button orange
Waxmaid Silicone Nectar Kit with ContainerWaxmaid Nectar
Kit with Container
check price button orange
DabTech DaborizerDabTech DaborizerVaporizercheck price button orange
Glass Nectar Collector KitGlass
Nectar Collector
check price button orange


Types of Nectar Collector Dabs

Nectar collectors are available in a variety of types. Here are some of the main types that you’ll find in the market:


Electric Nectar Collectors

With electric nectar collectors, you don’t have to worry about butane dab torches as these devices come equipped with an in-built heating system. Moreover, the electric control makes these devices super simple to use.


Glass Nectar Collectors

If you want to make the most of your favorite concentrate, a glass nectar collector is an option for you. You’ll find a variety of options for this type of nectar collector. Just ensure the product you select is made of high-grade glass, and you’re set to enjoy all sorts of wax concentrates.


Silicone Nectar Collectors

If you want a quick dab and don’t want to fidget around attaching accessories, then a silicone nectar collector is a great option. These are pretty affordable and are an excellent option for beginners.


Dab Straws Reviews


1. Glass Nectar Collector with Colored Tree Perc

Glass Nectar Collector with Colored Tree Perc & Titanium NailIf you’re looking for a light and easy-to-use nectar collector, you’ll like the Glass Nectar Collector with Colored Tree Perc and Titanium Nail. Made of heatproof, clear borosilicate glass, this nectar comes with a glass tree percolator and a titanium nail.

You can easily control your intake without any concentrate going to waste.

Are you wondering how to use a nectar collector?

Using this nectar is very easy. Once you’ve assembled, heat the titanium tip and dip the end into your wax or essential oil, and then enjoy the hits.

The cleaning and maintenance of this device are super simple. With proper care, this glass nectar collector will last you years.


2. Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector

Freeze Pipe Nectar CollectorThe Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector brings you overall smoother and tastier hits. This glass nectar features a freezable glycerin coil and an in-built bubbler function. The latter allows water filtration that you’ll rarely find in other similar dab rigs.

While this is slightly larger and heavier than other glass nectar collectors, the bigger dabs combined with the great craftsmanship make it worth it.

This dab nectar also has a dab kit option available which includes two glycerin coils and a koozie.



3. Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugout Travel Kit

ooze slugger dabbin dugout travel kitThe Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugout Travel Kit comes with a glass dish and nail, a titanium nail, a silicone nectar collector, and four storage components. It is 6-inches in length, making it quite travel-friendly.

Don’t know how to use a nectar collector? It’s super simple.

Once you’ve attached the nail of your choice, simply place the concentrates on the dish at the top of the dugout, and adjust the nectar collector dab between your fingers. Next, you need to heat the nectar collector, then put the heated pip inside the dish and inhale.

You can use this nectar collector kit any time, any place. Plus, it comes in a small pocket-size package which is quite portable. You can get this kit in seven different color options: black, green/black, black/red, green, teal, and rasta.



4. Pulsar Glass Egg Vapor Straw

Pulsar Glass Egg Vapor StrawMeasuring around 11-inches in length, the Pulsar Glass Egg Vapor Straw is made of high-quality borosilicate glass. You can get cooler hits thanks to the glass egg-shaped swiss percolator.

This glass dab straw also includes a 14.5 mm titanium nail, a stainless steel joint clip, and a Pulsar logo. If you usually use wax concentrates, this dab straw is perfect for you as it is designed specifically for vaping waxy concentrates.

You can get this dab straw in a variety of colors. However, the color is delivered randomly depending on availability.



5. DabTech Trio Vaporizer

DabTech Trio VaporizerIf you’re looking for something a little high-tech, then you might like the DabTech Trio Vaporizer. This electric nectar collector comes with three temperature settings and an extended draw mode.

You get 850 MAH of power and a simple setup with this electric nectar collector. It may look small, but this nectar collector can power multiple sessions at a time.

So, how do you use this 3-in-1 vaporizer?

It’s pretty simple:

To enjoy the best dabs, connect it to any glass on a glass water piece and wait around 5 to 6 seconds for it to activate. You can remove the cap, add your dab, and then adjust the lid back on to smoke.

If you want to use it as a cannabis cartridge, connect it to a 510 threaded concentrate cartridge and then turn it on using the battery.

Lastly, if you want to smoke directly using a wax concentrate, you can use this device as a dab straw.



6. Honey Dabber II Concentrate Straw

Honey Dabber II Concentrate StrawIf you want a smooth yet straightforward session, then the Honey Dabber II Concentrate Straw is an excellent option to consider. This dab straw is made of premium cherry wood and is available in two straw options: titanium or quartz.

The titanium straw helps you get bigger dabs, while the quart straw helps enhance the flavor. If you’re worried about constantly having to replace your dab straws, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Honey Dabber is quite durable.

Not only does it use premium quality materials, but the press-fitted no adhesive construction makes this one of the best dab straws in the industry.



7. Colored Glass Nectar Collector with Titanium Nail

Colored Glass Nectar Collector with Titanium NailNext up, we have the Colored Glass Nectar Collector with Titanium Nail. This glass nectar collector features a straight glass body with a titanium nail and a bulb-shaped mouthpiece.

You can easily control the amount of concentrate with this nectar collector without wasting any concentrate. The plastic keck clip you get is there to hold the titanium nail and prevent any leakage securely.

When using this glass nectar collector, you can see the colored glass beads and glass bands of color. This device is available in two different colors: green and blue. However, they’re delivered randomly depending on availability.



8. Dip Device Evri Starter Pack Vaporizer Kit

Dip Device Evri Starter Pack Vaporizer KitIf you want an electronic nectar collector, you might want to look at the Dip Device Evri Starter Pack Vaporizer Kit. This three-in-one electric nectar collector comes with three different heat settings: blue or low (2.6V), green or medium (3.4V), and red or high (3.8V).

This electronic nectar collector is super simple to use and has a single-button operation. You will need to assemble the three pieces it comes in: the vapor tip attachment, the battery, and the magnetic attachment.

You need to press the power button five times to turn on the device. Press it three times to change the temperature settings.



9. Waxmaid Silicone Nectar Kit with Container

Waxmaid Silicone Nectar KitIf you want an aesthetic-looking silicone nectar collector, you may like the Waxmaid Silicone Nectar Kit with Container. This nectar collector is made of BPA-free food-grade silicone that is safe to put in dishwashers.

The kit includes a silicone dab straw with a glass percolator chamber and a dab station with two wax containers.

You can get the waxmaid kit in a variety of aesthetic colors. However, they’re delivered randomly, so you can pleasantly be surprised by the color you receive.



10. Dabtech Daborizer

DabTech DaborizerAnother great electronic nectar collector to consider is the DabTech Daborizer. Whether you want to take a hit at home or outside somewhere, this is one of the best dab straws on the market. All you need to do is put the tip into the wax concentrate and then inhale.

This Dabtech electric dab rig comes with a hardshell case which makes portability easy. With this nectar collector dab and its ceramic tip, you can get all the last bits of concentrate that normally go to waste.



11. Glass Nectar Collector Kit

Glass Nectar Collector KitLast on our list is the Glass Nectar Collector Kit. If you like traveling from place to place, this kit will take with you the perfect size. Made of clear glass, this kit is great to use with wax concentrates and essential oils.

You can choose between a titanium or glass tip depending on your preferences. Moreover, the glass nectar collector’s design and construction allow you to make the most out of each puff without wasting any concentrate.

Another great thing about this device is that it is long-lasting and easy to maintain.



best dab straws


Wrapping Up with the Top Nectar Collector Kits

With the correct information, finding a suitable nectar collector is super simple. If you want to purchase a nectar collector kit or dab straws, follow our tips, and you’ll have no trouble finding a suitable device.

There are various types available in the market, such as silicon, glass, and electric nectar collectors. Make sure you consider your preferences before you purchase any device.

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