Best pH Meter for Hydroponics | Top 5 Digital pH Meter Reviews

best digital ph meter for hydroponics

Have you ever noticed how plants grow without soil? Well, we can tell you how. Hydroponics is a method that helps plants grow in a water-based solution or a solution high in nutrients, but without soil.

Sounds amazing right? But where do the plants spread roots? The answer is – Perlite and Rockwood support the whole root system of plants.

If you want to experiment with this, then let us help you find the best pH meter for hydroponics.

A pH meter helps you monitor the growth process and germination of the plants. Your plants need minerals and an adequate level of temperature to grow.

These pH meters help in assessing temperatures and pH levels.

To make your research easy, we have listed 5 of the best pH tester for hydroponics.


Selection of the  5 Best pH Tester for Hydroponics

Best pH meter for hydroponicsApera Instruments A1209check price button
Best pH tester for hydroponicsBluelab pH Pencheck price button
best digital ph testerDigital PH Metercheck price button
Best hydroponic ph meterDr.meter PH100-V Pocket Sizecheck price button
Pancellent Water Quality Test Meter TDS PH ECPancellent Water Quality Test Metercheck price button


Top Digital pH Meter Reviews

You would see many pH meters out there in the market, but not all of them are reliable and accurate. Very few of them provide appropriate results.

To make sure you are buying only the best hydroponic pH meter, you can check the listed pH meters below.


1. Apera Instruments A1209 – Digital pH Tester

Best pH meter for hydroponics

The Apera Instruments A1209 is one of the best pH meters for hydroponics.

It’s manufactured by Apera Instruments, famous for scientific innovations. To your surprise, the range of their products is available across 50 countries, and they’re further expanding their operations.

A1209 is a PH20 tester, making it feasible to measure the pH levels. It has a long battery life, meaning you won’t have to run every other day to grab a new set of batteries as it lasts up to  2000 hours. Great, isn’t it? For a smooth experience, this pH meter also offers two years unlimited warranty.

Do you want to know more? It comes with an option of self-diagnosis, meaning this pH tester gives alarms in case of wrong calibrations or out-of-range measurements. You know how most of the testers give deceptive readings, which deteriorates the health of plants. A1209 adjusts the temperature automatically that allows you to get correct readings. The high-sensitivity glass bulb allows for faster responses, making your task easier.

Compared to other pH meters, A1209 requires recalibration more quickly. If you’re skeptical about this product, then remember it’s the most accurate pH reader and very easy to use. It has a large digital screen, making it the best pH digital tester.



2. Bluelab pH Pen for Plant Germination.

Best pH tester for hydroponics

PENPH can help you measure the pH levels, which is important to determine the condition of minerals because plants get their nutrition from the available minerals.

Is manufactured by Bluelab, a brand based in the United States, famous for manufacturing various water-based plant growing systems. Bluelab has produced various types of pH meters, but PENPH is one of their most popular products.

Are you wondering what’s different in this pH meter? Well, it helps to determine whether the present solution is acid or alkaline. Just like other pH meters, it also determines the temperature of the solution.

You might be new to this and hence, prone to making errors. In that case, don’t worry. The product comes with a calibration indicator, that would ring whenever something goes wrong.

The feature that makes it the best hydroponic pH tester is its automatic temperature control and automatic ‘switch off’ feature. Not just this, but it comes with a one-year warranty.



Best pH tester for hydroponics


3. Digital PH Meter – Hydroponic pH Meter

best digital ph tester

Digital pH meter is ranked among the best digital pH testers because it’s suitable for many more things than just hydroponics. For instance, with the help of this, you can check the temperature of aquariums, pools, water filters, etc.

The famous manufacturers, Apera Instruments, Thermo Fisher Scientific, have produced their pH meters with similar functions.

Digital pH meter also features automatic temperature compensation, meaning it would adjust the temperature on its own. The digital pH meter is not huge, it’s pocket-friendly so you can carry it anywhere. After checking and adjusting the temperature of hydroponics, you can move to your aquarium. Sounds simple, no?

Just to enlighten you a bit more, digital pH meters have an ATC function, helping to enhance the accuracy levels. It has the ideal measuring range of 0 to 14 pH, making it the best hydroponic pH meter.

If you’re looking for a multi-functioning pH meter, then there’s no better option than a digital pH meter. However, the glass electrodes are too thin and fragile. You need to be very careful while handling it because it can break easily.



4. Dr.Meter PH100 – pH Tester for Water

Best hydroponic ph meter

Most of us look for a pH meter with smart functions and high durability. Well, Dr.Meter can provide you with not only highly accurate results but also a lot quicker than other pH meters. Great, isn’t it? The manufacturers have designed it to cater to all sorts of needs.

If you’re skeptical about investing money into a pH meter specifically for hydroponics, Dr.Meter is your best pH tester for hydroponics. You can use it for many other things, rather than just hydroponics. For example, you can use it for water quality processing, medical research, cosmetic evaluation, and much more.

Dr.Meter has a high level of accuracy, ensuring you don’t end up with wrong results. Just like other pH meters on our list, it has automatic temperature control and calibration alert. However, it also offers convenient pH reading, helping you learn the liquid quantity.

You may wonder, with so many functions, it may be difficult to use. No, you’re wrong. Let us guide you through this step by step.

Step 1: You have to remove the cap from the pH meter and rinse the bulb into the water, after that wait for the bulb to dry out.

Step 2: Press the ‘switch on’ button and place it inside the solution you want to check. Make sure the whole part with the electrode of the pH meter is inserted.

Step 3: Look into the digital screen and wait for the value to appear. The LCD screen will display the temperature, along with pH levels.

Isn’t that extremely easy? However, you need to keep the bulb always hydrated, so it remains moist. If you forget and the bulb dries out, the pH meter would still function, but it would fail to give accurate results.



5. Pancellent 4 in 1 Water Quality Test Meter (TDS, PH, EC & Temp.)

best hydroponic ph tester

Moving further, this is a water quality test meter, that measures the water quality in 5 seconds. Its commendable response and accuracy rate make it the best pH tester for hydroponics.

This tester is manufactured by Tech Instrument, providing calibrating instruments for their customers for decades now.

But you know what makes it special? It comes with an automatic calibration system, eliminating the need to insert screwdrivers to adjust calibration. If you want to know about the size, it’s very handy as you can carry it anywhere.

It comes with a money-back warranty, so if the product is unsatisfying, you can get your money back within 30 days. Moreover, they are also offering replacement services after 120 days. Yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds.



best ph meter for hydroponics


Wrapping Up with the Best Digital pH Meter for Hydroponics.

We understand that most of you are looking for a reliable and durable pH meter.

There are so many options available to you; you just need to select the one that fulfills your requirements.

By now, with the availability of so many options, it must be confusing to select the best pH meter for hydroponics.

We have made things easier for you by listing five of the best pH testers.

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