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6 Best Soil pH Tester for your Garden | Top pH Soil Tester Reviews

best ph meter

One of the things people forget when growing their own plants is to check for the pH level of the soil. There are virtually hundreds of kinds of vegetables and plants that require a specific pH to grow properly.

People spend a lot of money on fertilizers when all they really need is the best pH Soil Tester. Fertilizers, in fact, go to waste if the pH level is not as it should be.

Anyone embarking on growing something in their backyard or setting up an indoor tent should have a basic knowledge of what pH means. It means the potential of Hydrogen and indicates the number of Hydrogen ions concentration.

Using a meter can give you the chance to lime up your crops to bring the best soil for weed to the desired pH level.

This small tool can tell you the pH of your soil, which ranges on a scale of 0-14. A reading of 7 indicates a neutral level while below 7 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline (check chart below).

You should know what the required level is for the kind of plants you are growing. Here are the best soil pH testers you should consider for your garden.


Selection of the Best Soil pH Tester

Sonkir best ph soil tester

Sonkir - MS-X1

iPower 3 in 1 ph Soil Meter

iPower 3 in 1

Dr.meter S10 best soil ph tester

Dr.meter S10 Ph Sensor

Kelway Soil pH and Moisture Meter

Kelway Soil pH & Moisture

best digital ph soil tester

Luster Leaf Digital

Soil Ph & Moisture Meter Long Electrode

Gain Express / Long Electrode


PH Soil Tester Reviews, Choose the Right One!


1. Sonkir Top Soil pH Tester, MS-X1

Sonkir best ph soil tester

Sonkir is known to be one of the best soil ph meter producing companies. The gardening tool kit comes with a 3-in-1 function. It allows you to test soil moisture, and check ph levels as well as sunlight levels of your plants. Also, the tester notifies you when you need to water the plants.

The meter alarms you immediately if the readings deviate from the recommended; the same goes for the amount of sunlight it’s getting. The new model comes after two-year thorough research conducted by professionals. It comes with a large built-in display that shows clear readings.

The meter is portable and lightweight, which means it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Although this is considered one the best ph soil tester and it comes with a 12-month warranty, it must be used carefully. The tester should not be kept in the soil longer than required, and it must not be used to test liquids in general.

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2. iPower 3 in 1 Ph Soil Meter.

iPower 3 in 1 ph Soil Meter

When it comes to talking about the best soil ph tester, iPower’s model doesn’t lag far behind. Similar to the others, the meter also tells you about the moisture level in your soil, how acidic or alkaline it is, and whether or not it is getting enough sunlight, making it a must-have for gardeners.

What’s great about this tester is that it neither works from solar energy nor through batteries. All you need to do is insert it into the soil and wait 10 minutes to get your results. The meter tells you whether the soil is dry, wet, over-watered, or under-watered, all in real time. This way, you won’t ever have the doubt about how much to water ever again.

The majority of the plants die if their ph levels exceed 8.0, and that is why 8.3 is the maximum value of one of the contenders for the best soil ph tester.

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3. Dr.meter S10 Ph Soil Moisture Sensor

Dr.meter S10 best soil ph tester

Dr.meter’s S10 Soil Moisture Sensor is the best soil tester from the company. The analog reading scale is divided into three colors and ten units. Also, the tester does not work on batteries and neither through electricity. Plug it in, note down your readings, and act accordingly.

The small size makes it portable and lightweight, perfect for outdoor use, and you can fit it right in your pocket. With one of the best ph meter companies by your side, you will surely see that the plants and flowers in your garden are growing healthier.

It is important to be careful that you do not plug it into hard ground, and you most certainly would not want to keep the tester submerged in the soil longer than needed.

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4. Kelway Soil pH and Moisture Meter

Kelway Soil pH and Moisture Meter

Kelway produces some of the best ph soil testers. This moisture meter can measure ph levels ranging from as low as 3.5 to an ordinary maximum of 8. The readings of moisture in the soil are given in percentages.

The tester also does not need to be powered externally, through batteries, or otherwise. The product by Kelway comes with a conditioning film and has the ability to take readings over a very large, widespread area.

If you’re new in the field, Kelway’s best ph meter comes with a manual filled with instructions. Also, the pH meter has an uncertainty of 0.2 while the moisture meter could deviate from the original value by 10%.

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Best PH Soil tester


5. Luster Leaf Digital Moisture Meter

best digital ph soil tester

As the name suggests, the moisture meter gives out digital readings, which makes it more accurate than the rest. The moisture levels are instantly measured, and the numbers can be easily read.

Designed and engineered in America, the package comes with a list of the most common types of plants found across the world. It also provides you with their recommended ph and moisture levels. Considered to be the best ph soil meter, it tells the user when to water the plants and how much is needed.

Moreover, the digital meter comes with a stainless steel electrode that is able to take readings at the root level.

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6. Soil Ph & Moisture Meter 295mm Long Electrode


Soil Ph & Moisture Meter Long Electrode

This device is highly accurate with an accuracy rate of +/-0.2 pH. Not only does it indicate the pH level on a scale of 3-8, but it also measures the moisture content of the soil. It is simple and lightweight which makes it the best pH soil meter if you want something portable.

There is no need to insert batteries as this device comes ready to be plugged into the soil. A simple color-coordinated meter reads the pH levels. The red indicates acidity and the green indicates alkalinity.

The metal electrode is 295 mm long which is ample for any kind of field. With this in your pocket, you can constantly measure the pH level of your plants and give them the best environment to grow in.

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Classification of Soil pH Ranges.


pH range

Ultra acidic

< 3.5

Extremely acidic


Very strongly acidic


Strongly acidic


Moderately acidic


Slightly acidic




Slightly alkaline


Moderately alkaline


Strongly alkaline


Very strongly alkaline

> 9.0


Last Thoughts about the Soil pH Testers

When growing plants you have to make sure that all the conditions for optimal growth of that particular plant are met. This includes moisture, pH level, humidity, and CO2 levels.

The PH of soil depends on the kind of plant you are growing but most plants need a level of 6 or above. Using the best pH soil tester will ensure that you get an accurate reading. Some might even give you an accuracy of 2 decimal points.

These tools should be a part of your garden or lawn equipment and do not cost a lot. For under $20, you can get the best pH soil meter that you perhaps will use for years and years.

If you do not have tools for other things like humidity or moisture, you might want to invest in something that contains all of these things in one tester.

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