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10 Best Pollen Press Reviews | What is Pollen Press and How To Use It?

best pollen press

Well, whenever you’ve ground up your herbs in a grinder with a kief caught for smoking, you may have noticed the kief collected in the bottom chamber.

You can sprinkle this kief in small quantities with a paddle tool or press it together with a pollen press, creating a hash patty that you may smoke on its own or on top of cannabis.

There are a variety of pollen presses available in the market. However, many of them are a waste of money.

Searching for the best pollen press suiting your requirements is not simple. With myriads of options, you may get distracted.

Therefore, we’ve narrowed down the research for you by putting together the list of best pollen presses for Kief.


What is A Pollen Press?

A pollen press also called a kief press is a handheld device people use for compressing the powdered trichomes of cannabis.

It compresses the small flower bud projections called pollen or kief into a hard disc-shaped solid form called the hash. Alternatively, people call these solids “pucks,” “disks,” or “cakes.”

This device offers a built-in crank for compressing the material inside a durable metal chamber. Also, you can use a pollen press for readily combining different blends of cannabis strains.


Pollen Press: Best Alternatives

Grindhouse T-Press Stainless Steel Pollen Press

Grindhouse T-Press

T Press Tool

T Press Tool

Pollen Tool


Cylinder Mold Made of Stainless Steel

Dabpress Pre Press

hash Push Press

Interplanetary Development

Dulytek Hammer Style hash Press

Dulytek Hammer Style

The Brick Press hydraulic pollen press

Brick Press

Hydraulic Pollen Press Mold

Jack Puck

Pollen Master

Bubble Magic Pollen Tumbler

Pollen Master

Pollen Masters


How To Use A Pollen Press?

Basically, a pollen press is a simple gadget. It goes hand-in-hand with a grinder.

After you use your herb grinder for some time, kief and trichomes will start building up in the grinder’s pollen chamber. Scoop your kief directly into the chamber of the pollen press to compress it into a hard puck shape. Save for smoking later on.

There’s a chamber for inserting the kief, a solid end cap, and an end with a plunger or auger-like press attached. The press compacts the pollen to the desired levels and allows it to sit in the press for some hours to retain its form.

People use a pollen press for various reasons. First and foremost, the kief has a much higher THC level concentration, which makes it a more intense high for the consumers, and the press makes using the hash easier.

After pressing, you can preserve the kief’s potency for some time. It is also used as a storage method since the disks are easier for storing and concealing the loose, powder-like kief. Besides, compressed kief won’t easily blow away or get lost as powdered kief does.


Pollen Press Reviews


1. Grindhouse T-Press Stainless Steel Pollen Press


T-Press Stainless Steel Pollen Press

First and foremost, Grindhouse T-Press is the top-pick pollen press on our list. It’s an easy-to-use, t-grip style, large, heavy-duty pollen press. The stainless steel design adds to its durability and efficiency.

The brand Grindhouse is trusted in the industry. This model of Grindhouse features multiple sizes. Besides, the solid, durable construction guarantees the tolerance close enough for capturing an air cushion in the cylinder.

Moreover, the T handle makes it easy to carry. However, the only downsides are that it’s not too easy to clean.

Overall, this is an excellent pick for individuals who want to avoid an aluminum pollen press with affordability.



2. T Press Tool 3.5 Inches Brass Cylinder

T Press Tool

This T Handle Pollen Press is absolutely excellent. Most importantly, it is the right size for making nice large pucks at ease. It can even fit parchment paper in it, making removals easy.

Cannabis enthusiasts may utilize this hand press for pressing down their kief into a perfect one-inch disc. You may also make it into a cool-looking Patty time shape.

You can very conveniently compress it all down into a small hard party size. The 2.5 inches handle is just right, not too small, and it’s easy to grab and tighten.

It is easy to use, especially for someone who has hand issues or is just not very strong.

Moreover, the zinc alloy material design adds up to its durability.



3. G-Leaf 5.5 inch T Press Pollen Tool

G-Leaf 5.5 inch T Press Pollen Tool

This easy-to-use pollen press makes itself an excellent pick with its quality and affordability. Precision CNC Machine designs it with Aluminum alloy. The structure ensures customer’s comfortability and resistance to galling.

It offers a Tincture Cap. This heavy-duty device has various uses other than just pollen press. The uses include stash-safe, portable ashtray, and much more.

Due to the foldable swivel handle, you can easily grasp it with just one hand. This way, you may easily twist the handle to grind your thing.

An important upside of this pollen press is that it’s 100% tasteless. Instantly, you can compress large amounts of pollen into a fine density of solid one-inch lumps. And, you can easily keep up with its cleaning and maintenance.



4. Dabpress 3 Pieces Pollen Pre Press Mold

hash press cylinder

The Dabpress Pre Press Mold is created from high-quality Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel. This is why it’s durable and robust. It comes in a three-piece design, and for use, you’ve to load the press, insert the included hammer nail, and then Strike it using a rubber mallet.

Ideally, the Pre-Press Mold has only 0.15mm between the gap, which is small to suit all kinds of Materials. Besides, it is easy to use the unit, and it is included with the PVC Sheet in the package.

Additionally, this product has an inner diameter of 1.18 inches and an Outer Diameter of 1.46 inches, with a height of 3.38 inches. The diameter ram of the pollen press’s ram is 1.14 inches which squeeze 7-14 grams of material.



5. Interplanetary Development Pollen Push Press

Pollen Push Press

Slightly smaller in diameter than the popular Grindhouse T-Press Stainless Steel Pollen Press, the Interplanetary Development Stainless Steel Pollen Push Press is rock-solid nonetheless.

Although you might think it’s even tougher to clean being narrower inside, it’s not, and that’s down to great design and build quality.

The biggest advantage to this model is that there is no threading to get stripped—and that’s among the biggest weaknesses of any pollen press. Force plus threading leads to stripping, but not with this pollen press.

There is no threading to get stripped. It is easy to use with a mallet. Thus, you don’t require much force to handle it.



6. Dulytek Hammer Style Pollen Press 

Dulytek Hammer Style Pollen Press

Food grade and dishwasher safe, the Dulytek Hammer Style Pollen/Herb Press is sort of like the modern kitchen version of the pollen press. This is the same kind of design as the Grindhouse Hammer style, so you do need a rubber mallet to make it work right.

The durable, robust design of this pollen press cram 7 to 14 grams of raw material into small, round pellets about 7/8 inch in diameter.

The only downside you may consider about the Dulytek Hammer Pollen press is that it needs a mallet to make it function.



7. High Tech Press The Brick Press

hydraulic pollen pressIf you’re a professional grower who wants the Cadillac of pollen presses, the Brick Press is here just for you. This is an excellent gadget that can apply forces up to 8,000 pounds.

If you feel hash coins are kiddie stuff and your speed is more compatible with bricks, then this pick is definitely your type.

This model is capable of pressing huge amounts of kief into bricks. Since this pollen press is super tough, it is an industrial-grade device.

The only downside you may consider is that it is expensive compared to the others on the list.



8. Jack Puck 2 Ton Square Hydraulic Pollen Press Mold

Hydraulic Pollen Press Mold

The Jack Puck Press 2 Ton Square is an excellent press. It transforms your extracts into a compact mixture. The mold is dismountable, which allows warm-up in the oven for improving its effectiveness.

The square shape of the mold allows for removing the extracts, facilitating the cleansing. The press equips a two-ton load capacity hydraulic jack. Moreover, it is a compact and light press that is easily portable.

It features two tons of pressure with an interchangeable mold.



9. Bubble Magic Pollen Tumbler 150 Gram

Bubble Magic Pollen TumblerThe Bubble Magic Pollen Tumbler 150 is a time-saving tool to convert your dry pollen into a compact mixture. The Dry Pollen tumbler takes just 15 minutes to process 150 grams of pollen, thanks to its compact body and state-of-the-art liquid-free thrashing.

The Bubble Magic Pollen Tumbler 150 features a 145-micron screen standard to disintegrate your dry flowers, frozen leaves, and stems, trimming them in no time. Plus, there’s no hassle of adding liquid or ice to quicken the trimming process. You can customize it with a 185-micron screen or a 125-micron screen according to your requirements.

This pollen tumbler is 20.75 inches long, 11.75 inches wide, and 13.5 inches tall, and is a smart tumbler press that doesn’t require manual pressing.



10. Pollen Masters – Electric Dry-Sift Tumbler

Pollen Master

Among others, Pollen Masters, with a range of Pollen Press models, clearly stand out. The company offers Pollen Master 150, Pollen Master 500, Pollen Master 1500, and Pollen Master 4500 to match your demands.

The Pollen Master 150 is equipped with a 150-micron screen, allowing you to trim up to 150 grams of leaves, flowers, and stems in just 15 minutes. Similarly, you can buy Pollen Master 500 which takes the same time to process up to 500 grams.

All Pollen Master products feature quality, durability, and work efficiency. The Californian company sources boxes from Switzerland. The top-grade material is made out of food-grade Polypropylene, ensuring high-temperature resistance and long life.

On top of that, you’re getting a one-year warranty on all Pollen Master presses.



Wrapping Up with the Best Pollen Press

Pollen presses are an excellent method for increasing your stash’s shelf life or improving the quality. With a little practice, you can get the perfect volume-to-pressure ratio.

If you want to make pucks in volume, make sure to use a high-quality material pollen press.

By our suggestions above, we hope you find the best pollen press for you.

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