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Best Portable Dab Rig out there | Top 7 Portable Wax Rigs [Reviewed]

Portable dag rig

A revolution in dab culture is seen with the rise of a portable dab rig. Before this technology, dabbing was nothing like we see it today. In all honesty, it was considered to be quite sketchy.

Whether it was a giant troche, a red rig, and the anonymous black goo, there were endless things that were unlovable about the earlier dabbing days.

With the advent of portable dab rigs and electric dab straws, dabbing has been made mainstream. It is the fastest-growing facet of the industry. The sleek, stunning, and user-friendly designs make dabbing a lot more exciting and fun.

With all the fun, portable electric dab rigs allow people to go discreetly.

The vapors are gone in an instant while the smoke still lingers.

To appreciate these game-changing devices, let’s have a look at the best portable dab rigs on the market today:


Selection of the Best Portable Dab Rig

Dr. Dabber SWITCH Kit

Puffco Peak Pro

Utillian 5 (V3)

Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition

Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig

DabTech Elite Pro Rig

XVAPE Vista Mini


Portable Wax Rig Reviews


1. Dr. Dabber SWITCH Kit – Portable Dab Rig

Dr. Dabber SWITCH Kit

The sleek and stylish Portable e-rig SWITCH Kit by Dr. Dabber is revolutionary and compatible with concentrates and dry herbs. SWITCH can be transformed from a portable dag to a vaporizer with a single click.

One can easily enjoy 150 uses with a single charge, which makes it a winner. It features two heat settings that enable you to alternate between different heating styles.

The box includes a switch vaporizer, a white ceramic induction cup for concentrates, a black ceramic induction cup for herbs, tweezers, a charger, a dab tool & carb cap, a glass percolator attachment, a wax container, and a herb filter.



2. Puffco Peak Pro – Portable Wax Rig

Puffco Peak Pro Electric rig

Peak Pro portable e-rig has set the standard high in concentrate consumption technology, and that’s why it makes it to our list of Best portable dag rigs. It is beginner-friendly and offers excellent customization.

That is one of the main reasons it makes it to our list of best portable dag rigs.

Some of this portable dag rig’s prime features include a 2-hour USB charge time, real-time temperature control, a large sealed ceramic chamber, customizable lights, large water capacity, auto-sleep function, 30-second heat-up, pre-programmed settings, and a sealed ceramic chamber.

One of the best features of Peak Pro’s Portable dag rig is its large atomizer, which makes it capable of handling a higher load which is a major plus for all dab enthusiasts.



3. Utillian 5 (V3)

Utillian 5 (V3)

Utillian 5 (V3) is an affordable wax pen capable of producing intense and strong vapors. With a rugged and sturdy build, the Utillian 5 comes with a 5000 mAh battery which keeps the device running for various sessions.

This vape pen features a single power button with a mouthpiece at the top. In addition, it has a USB port on the side for charging. This sturdy device comes with four heat settings and two ceramic coils. Therefore, it has good value for money.

The Utilian 5 also features an adjustable airflow under the mouthpiece, allowing users to control their draw resistance. So if you want increased airflow with bigger clouds, its airflow options have you covered!



4. Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition – Portable e Rig

electric dabber

The Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition vape comes in a beautiful wooden box. This portable eNail dab rig employs titanium, ceramic, and quartz nails. For replicating desktop concentrate, the glass water filtration system is used.

Using Dr. Dabber’s portable eNail dab rig is very easy to use. It is ideal for solid concentrates, comes with portable eNail, fifty to sixty times with a single charge, and heats up to 700F in 30 Seconds.

Maintaining this best portable eNail is a breeze, a significant plus for regular users. The box comes with a glass water attachment, domeless titanium nail, ceramic nail, quartz nail, magnetic carb cap, magnetic loading tool, silicone storage container, and micro USB charging cable.



5. Pulsar RoK Portable Electric Dab Rig

Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig

It is undoubtedly one of the best portable electric dab rigs. The Pulsar Rok portable wax rig enables you to enter the water into your dab session for a smoother experience. This product has set standards high in the dabbing world.

Rok portable wax rig comes with three LED temperature settings and is 6.75 inches in height, making it very easy to carry around. The rig activates in only five seconds and gives up to 30 sessions on one charge.

Easy functionality and premium design allow you to enjoy your herbs without creating a lot of waste. The Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig comes in 3 color options and stunning designs: Black, gold, and black, and an all-blue one (it is a limited edition).



6. DabTech Elite Pro Wax Rig

Portable electric dab rig

The Elite Pro is one of the best portable eNail rigs available on the market. DabTech Elite Pro is ideal for an everyday dabber. The temperature of the eNail can be adjusted easily between 200°F to 900°F degrees with a single push.

Once you set the temperature, elite pro takes less than a minute to heat up fully. One of the most outstanding features of this device is pro XL nails and an inner heating rod. All in all, you can create any concentrate of your choice.

The box comes with a DabTech Elite Pro, protection case, magnetic stand, 18650 battery, pro xl quartz nail, pro xl titanium nail, pro xl ceramic nail, USB charger, silicone concentrate container, silicon protector, and a spill-proof glass attachment.



7. XVAPE Vista Mini Electronic Dab Rig 2

XVAPE Vista Mini Electronic Dab RigXVAPE took dabbing to another level with Vista Mini Electronic Dab Rig 2. The dab rig is relatively compact and portable. The cutting-edge technology allows you to get the most out of your oils and concentrates.

One of the best features of this product is powerful water filtration which adds to the experience. The portable dag rid has many exciting features, including four heat settings indicated by LED lights, wireless charging, USB charging, a replaceable atomizer, and haptic feedback.

A powerful battery of 2000mAh heats the portable electric dab rig in less than 10 seconds. Vista Mini is very compact, measuring only 5.75 inches. It comes with a one-year warranty as well.



Electric dab rig


Wrapping Up with the Top Portable Enail Dab Rigs

Price is one of the most important factors one looks at before purchasing a portable electric dab rig. Typically, the price starts from $50 and goes up to $400. Generally, the new, eNail kits are more expensive.

However, you get what you pay for. A higher-quality portable e-rig will give you a better experience. DabTorch and burn models and smaller mods can help you save money. Other factors which affect the price include water filtration, quality of materials, and overall user experience.

Generally, high-quality dab rigs, better build, and features such as temperature control offer a premium experience and therefore cost a lot. The investment is still worth it if you are a regular dabber.

We have listed all the best portable dag rig options above, so you don’t have to spend your time researching. You can choose anyone according to your preference.

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