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Best Presents for Stoners | 26 Cool Stoner Accessories

best presents for stoners

​If I was writing this article a few years ago, the long list of options I am going to talk about would’ve been nonexistent. Some time ago, before cannabis was legalized in 11 states across the US and in other countries in Europe, the best presents for stoners people could think of were pot leaves and bongs.

I know that’s just unfair. For every stoner, smoking is not just a fun pastime or leisure activity – it’s their personality.

That’s why, like any other hobbyist would have their accessories showing off their love for that particular object or activity, there are lots of cool stoner stuff to buy for your smoker friends.

Simply enough, there are no limitations. The best gift for stoners could be anything from their personalized wall decorations or kitchen utensils. Hard to believe? Go through my list for the best stoner gifts to see for yourself.

Best Presents for Stoners


1. Hemper Box

hemper subscription box

This box is the ultimate stoner gift for him or her. The package has everything a regular stoner could dream of. You see, sometimes, it’s the little things that make your moments count. To cater to that, this box takes care of all the small things you might miss while shopping for the best presents for stoners.

It includes durable glassware like glass filter tips and glass pads. Besides that, there’s a combination of luxury and twisted rolling papers, to help your friend customize his or her smoking experience.



2. Cannabox Subscription Box

cannabox subscription

Cannabox is a perfect subscription box that comes with many smoking accessories such as dab rigs, rolling trays, rolling papers, bongs, and even premium-quality glass pipes. The company also has an online shop that sells these high-quality essentials separately to give life to your smoking experience.

All the amazing items in your 420 subscription box are selected by experts who know how to put a smile on your face. What’s more, this box is available in different themes, which you can select from the brand’s website. From Blaze to April Showers, the amazing theme options help enhance the value of your Cannabox and its belongings.

You simply have to choose a subscription plan and then select a box. Also, if you want to pick up some essentials only, do so and wait for Cannobox to deliver your purchase to your doorstep.



3. RAW 10 Items Kit

RAW 10 Items Kit

Are you looking for a handy bundle of joy? This kit has all the best weed accessories, i.e., from the mini rolling tray to 4 piece grinder.

Therefore, you do not have to use books anymore. Moreover, another outstanding feature is that it is travel-friendly, and you can toss this bundle in your bag wherever you want to carry it.



4. PAX 3 Cannabis Vaporizer

PAX 3 vaporizerA cannabis vaporizer is one of the best presents for stoners. Especially if you have a boyfriend who likes to stay high on the go, this is the best stoner gift for him.

This portable device heats your cannabis flowers gently and discreetly without wasting any of your stashes.

Additionally, it has a low heat-up time and customizable temperature settings to give you the ideal flavor.

Most importantly, it has a sleek and smart design that makes it suitable to carry along for every occasion.



5. Black Leaf Beaker Bong

Black Leaf Double Percolator Beaker Bong

A beaker bong is a must-have accessory for every weed lover. Even if your stoner friend already knows one, he wouldn’t mind upgrading his old bong to this high-quality, beaker bong.

Made of premium borosilicate glass, the bong preserves and transfers the potent smoke with efficiency.

Apart from that, it comes with a showerhead dome percolator and a disc percolator as well.

On the aesthetic part, this bong has a leaf-shaped logo at the base, and can be bought with a black-colored mouthpiece too!



6. The Weezy Jack-Pod Smoking Pipe

Grasscity The Weezy Jack-Pod Smoking Pipe

Are you ready to smoke in a new way? These cone-shaped weed pipes work with a pod system, hence named jack pods. They are small refillable pods that are recyclable, and these capsules are filled with fresh herbs.

Moreover, this aluminum pipe comes with an activated charcoal filter, is smell-proof, and has an airtight storage container that offers an easier and cleaner smoking experience.


7. Trailer Park Boys Handheld Bubbler

Trailer Park Boys Handheld Bubbler

Trailer park boys have a great glass piece that you can add to your 420 accessories. Do you know its astonishing part? It has a portable handheld bubbler that you can carry anywhere you want.

This bubbler takes up less space and has a roomy bowl, and an angled bottom. Other than this, the slits present in the fixed diffuser separate the smoke and break it into small particles.


8. Buddies Bump Box

buddies box

The Bump Box is a must-have accessory for every weed lover out there.

This lightweight box lets you fill 34 pre-rolled cones at a time without making a mess.

Just place the cones into the compartments, fill them up with your favorite herb, and “bump” to make the magic happen.

This ultimate rolling box comes with useful accessories, so you and your stoner friends are always ready to start rolling.



9. Nestpark Death Star Herb Grinder


Official Death Star Herb Grinder

If you’re looking for cool stoner stuff to buy for yourself, then your search ends here. This three-piece herb grinder is a must-have for a star-wars fan who likes to smoke.

It’s made out of high-quality zinc alloy and aluminum, which helps make a perfect weed hash for you.

Besides that, what makes it an excellent stoner gift for a loved one is the star wars themed customization. The Death Star has a magnetic bottom and contains featured messages on the top.

These include funny excerpts like ‘this is why I’m broke’, and ‘Luke, I am your grinder’, to get you and your friend to share a laugh.



10. Hemper Windproof Torch Lighter V2

HEMPER Windproof Torch LighterThis is one of the best cheap weed accessories that you will need to add to your collection. It is custom-tailored and will be your best companion during smoking sessions.

This small but powerful torch lighter is windproof, reliable, affordable, and comes in three colors. The good news is the product is updated, and it comes with a removable cap to prevent dust from clogging.




LEVO II - Herbal Oil and Butter Infusion Machine

Are you yearning to make yourself some cannabis-infused butter? This easy-to-clean and straightforward machine decarbs your cannabis in 30 minutes without any smell or heat.

You can use this butter to make yourself some luscious desserts. Moreover, this butter maker machine is mess-free, and you can connect wirelessly via the Levo app.



12. Edibles: Modern Cannabis Kitchen


Edibles Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen

This is yet another edibles cookbook that you can add to your list of best presents for stoners.

It has an assortment of low-dose, unique recipes to help you deliciously fulfill your cannabis cravings.

It provides the ultimate guide for you to incorporate weed into sweet, savory, and baked goods as well.



13. Home Cannakit | Cannabutter Infuser/Decarboxylator kit

Cannabutter Infuser-Decarboxylator kit

It is another amazing kit to make your cannabutter at home easily. This kit includes 18 pieces that you can reuse. It is easy to clean, lightweight keeps the odor down, is mess-free, and straightforward to use.

Moreover, you can enjoy baking canna cookies at places you can’t smoke. Therefore, it makes this product a definite win!



14. RAW Hoodie

RAW Hoodie

Show off your RAWtastic style with this classy RAW hoodie. The iconic RAW logo, comfy pockets, and poker laces make it as perfect as stoner girl accessories can get.

The pokers at the end of the laces make it easier for you to roll up on the go.

The RAW hoodie spells style and comfort, and what better gift for a stoner than a badass hoodie like this one?



15. MedTrainer Container And Grinder

MedTainer Storage Container Built-In Grinder

Amongst all the cool stoner stuff to buy, this storage container with an in-built grinder is the best.

It’s small and compact enough so you can carry it around with you anywhere you go. This way, you can prepare your weed wherever you want to smoke and grind the amount you wish to consume.

With this container, you don’t have to carry a separate grinder if you want to smoke on the go.



16. Nuggy 2 | The 10-in-1 Smoker’s Multi-tool

Nuggy 2 - The 10-in-1 Smoker's Multi-toolIt is a smart device for those who like to indulge in heavy smoking. Nuggy 2 is one of the best cannabis accessories that have a lot of attachments.

It has many tool knives; therefore, you can trim your herb, roll them, and light them up. This handy and durable multi-tool has sharp blades; thus, it makes it perfect for regular smokers.


17. HotBox | A Weed-Filled Party

hot box game

Looking for cool stoner stuff to buy for your friends? We have the perfect weed-themed card game for you.

Hotbox is a weed-filled party game that includes 420 cards and a good laugh for all your stoner friends.

Pair the Hotbox with Indica for a mellow night, or pair it with Sativa for energy-filled parties.

It will keep everyone interested for hours no matter where you are.



18. Poké Grinder

poke ball grinder

Everyone has seen pokemon and you’ve probably come across Pokemon go as well. But wait, what’s inside this Poke ball? A grinder to give all your herbs a fine cut without losing the fun.

The Poke Grinder has an innovative design with a 2” diameter which makes it easy to use and carry.

You can unscrew the middle of the grinder to discover the lower compartment that holds all the pollen after it has sifted through.

These grinders can make the best presents for stoners who love Pokemon or just something new.



19. RAW “Triple Flip” Bamboo Foldable Tray

RAW Triple Flip BambooWhether you have a weed-loving girlfriend or a stoner boyfriend, cannabis lovers like to keep their stash organized. To cater to that, this triple-flip magnetic bamboo rolling tray is the best option.

This tray is made out of durable materials that are constructed with aesthetically beautiful craftsmanship.

What’s more, its magnetic locking system comes with eight different configurations that you can change according to your needs.

Besides that, you’ll get a variety of different sections to keep your stash sorted.



20. Enjoy Native Smell Proof Bag

Smell Proof Bag - Odor Proof Bag

Do you have a stoner friend who’s always afraid about his stash getting uncovered? Then this odor-proof bag is the best stoner gift for him. Made out of durable 600D fabric, these smell-proof bags are durable enough to handle rough, long-term use.

The bag opens wide to let you access the weed easily and is big enough to store large quantities as well. Perfect for stoners who like to take their stash on their outdoor endeavors.



21. Amped & Co High Neon Desk Light

Amped & Co High Neon Desk Light

Do you want to create a mesmerizing cool vibe at your 420 parties or at your home? This neon green light is high-quality, and it looks fantastic in any lighting and space.

Add ambient lighting in any dark places and corners and flaunt your area with a neon touch. These lights have an anti-slip base, are made from handmade blown glass, and are very well packaged.


22. Kriponite Cleaner | Bong Cleaner

kryptonite cleaner

Kryptonite Bong Cleaner cleans glass like a dream. The scientifically engineered formula cleans glass pipes, bongs, extraction tubes, and you name it.

Simply apply Kryptonite inside your smoking equipment, shake it, rinse it, and enjoy your brand-new pieces once more.

It is one of the best stoner accessories to keep things clean and hygienic, so don’t hesitate to share it with your stoner friends as well.



23. Digital Pocket Scale

American Weigh Scale AWS-100-CAL

Weight never matters more than when you’re buying weed. Especially if you’re buying cannabis from anywhere other than your local drugstore, you’ll need to recheck the weed weight to avoid getting ripped off.

The small, compact, and lightweight digital weed scale is great at weighing small quantities accurately.

Moreover, the device is easy-to-use and has an intuitive LCD to help you get clear fast results. Most importantly, it can fit in your pocket so you can take it along with you on the go.



24. RAW Trident Cigarette Holder

RAW Trident Wooden Cigarette Holder

Do you like joints and smoking with your friends? These dope 420 smoking accessories will jack you up.

This RAW Trident is a must-have because you can use it as a three-hitter to smoke or use it as a stem in a bong. Moreover, this high-quality product makes you high quickly, and it is small enough to fit in your pocket or a bag.


25. Shine King Size 6-Sheet Pack

Shine King Size 6-Sheet Pack

Nothing like a tasty, shiny sheet for the weed lovers out there, right? These high-quality gold sheets by Shine King are a great gift idea for your stoner friends out there.

The box has six individual sheets with an amazing potent taste that you’ll love.

The small box protects the sheets and helps them retain their taste even after long-term storage.



26. CraveBox Care Package


CraveBox Care Package

Not all stoners can take weed life seriously. For those stoner friends who need help coping with their cannabis consumption, this care package is the ideal gift.

The box has a complete assortment of various snacks that cater to all kinds of tastes and preferences. These include candies, popcorn, cookies, and chips as well.



About the Best Gifts for Stoners

Of course, several other weed accessories exist, but these best stoner accessories are the must-haves.

Whether you like to smoke a couple of times a week or smoke all-day, preparing and buying all the smoking essentials and keeping everything in one place makes things a lot easier.

Since the best cannabis accessories enhance the smoking experience, this paraphernalia is crucial in every stoner’s smoking kit.

When you are building yourself a smoking kit, we suggest that you thoroughly research the accessories you desire. Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before purchasing any smoking accessories.

  • Will I like this product?
  • Will this be helpful?
  • Is this accessory multi-functional?
  • Will I be able to use it effortlessly?
  • Does my kit have enough space for this product?
  • Will this help me improve my overall smoking experience?


We hope that you enjoyed discovering various smoking options that you can add to your kit. This list has all our favorite picks.


Cool Stoner Stuff for Him

The best stoner gifts for an important guy in your life are not hard to find at all. You see, while it’s common for guys to love cannabis smoking, there’s a good chance they don’t invest in accessories unless they’re basic and essential. That’s why you’re left with a lot of options at hand.

Considering this, you can think about upgrading his current set of accessories. Maybe get a new dab nail or the latest high-tech bong to enhance his smoking experience. Also, gold rolling papers are a good option that any guy would love but most probably won’t buy for himself.

Although, if your guy is fully equipped when it comes to cannabis, you can get him all kinds of weed-printed clothing, and customized weed-designed personal items to help him establish his stoner persona.


Best Girly Stoner Accessories

Believe it or not, the stoner percentage of women is getting higher every day. This might not be directly through regular smoking, but women are getting more obsessed with cannabis in one way or another. That’s why, if you’re looking for a stoner gift for her, you can find lots of unique options.

Women enjoy using cannabis-flavored cosmetics and cannabis-infused makeup. Besides that, cannabis edibles and weed-flavored chocolate are likely to get your stoner girl to fall in love with you all over again. However, if your girl needs to upgrade her basic cannabis equipment, that’s your first go-to option before you go for anything else.


Wrapping Up with the Cool Stoner Accessories

Wrapping this article up, all I have to say is, please don’t give your stoner friend a plain bong for their birthday this year.

If you want to buy something that helps them flaunt their stoner personality, you’ve got a wide array of options to choose from.

You can decide your budget and the type of accessory you need to buy before you pick the perfect stoner gift for your friend.

Get High!

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