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13 Best Rolling Papers for Joints | For a Unique Experience!

best rolling papers for weed

We understand technology has undoubtedly made our lives easy with advanced smoking methods, such as vaporizers, glass bongs, pipes, tubes, and others. However, the traditional way of grinding your favorite dry plants and rolling in the papers is never out of style.

Furthermore, rolling cannabis or marijuana in raw joint papers allows smokers to enjoy and conserve the true essence of dry herbs. Since you are here, it means you like the old-school method of rolling your own joint.

That’s why this article presents an in-depth review of the best rolling papers for weed, pre-rolled cones, rolling paper brands, and a buyer’s guide.


What Are the Best Rolling Papers for Weed?

In the cannabis world, rolling papers hold great significance. Don’t consider rolling or raw joint papers as ordinary papers; instead, these are unique papers designed to roll dry herbs in the form of a cigarette. A rolling paper is porous to customize the burning rate.

Moreover, you’ll find rolling papers of different brands, weights, and sizes, allowing smokers to personalize their smoking sessions.

Here are some of the qualities of the best rolling papers for joints:


Burn Rate

A good-quality rolling paper offers consistent and even burning. For instance, rice papers offer the slowest burning rate because they are thin and enhance airflow. On the other hand, wood pulp paper burns faster, while hemp paper neither burns too fast nor too slow.



You can say rollability as the ease of rolling a particular joint paper. For example, rolling hemp or wood pulp paper is a piece of cake; however, it’s comparatively difficult to roll rice paper.


Selection of the Best Rolling Papers

RAW Classic Black King Size

RAW Clasic

Natural ultra thin slow-burning

OCB Organic Hemp Unbleached Rolling Papers

OCB Organic

Unbleached unflavored

Juicy Jay's x Flavoured rolling Papers

Juicy Jay’s Flavoured

Flavoured, Multiple Colors

Zig-Zag Rolling Papers


Natural Gum Arabic slow-burning

SHINE 12 Sheet Gold

SHINE Sheet Gold

Edible 24k gold Smooth Burning

Elements Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Paper


Ultra Thin Rice Sugar Gum

Rizla Silver Rolling Papers

Rizla Silver

Super Thin

JOB Gold Rolling Papers

JOB Gold

Acacia gum Ultra thin

Randy's Unbleached Cigarette Rolling Papers

Randy’s Unbleached


Smoking Black Deluxe Rolling Paper

Smoking Deluxe

100% natural vegetable gum

Vibes Pre Rolled King Size Cones

Vibes Cones Pre

Rice, arabic Gum, chlorine free

Trip2 Trip 2 Clear Rolling Papers

Trip 2 Clear

Asiatic cotton mallow, Ungummed

Pure Hemp Cigarette Rolling Paper

Pure Hemp

Tree free natural gum


Rolling Papers Benefits

Rolling your joint is definitely cheap because you don’t need to buy any additional equipment except for a weed grinder. You need raw rolling papers, a lighter, and you are good to smoke.

Additionally, rolling your joint costs you less compared to purchasing pre-rolled joints from the market. Yes, we understand it takes practice to roll a perfect joint, but it’s a skill.

You don’t need to pay someone extra for rolling your joint when you can enjoy the authentic aroma of the cannabis while grinding and rolling.

Grinding the marijuana buds and rolling them in the shape of a perfect joint is no less than an art. That’s why clear rolling papers play a make-or-break role during the entire rolling ritual.

In addition, weed smokers can elevate their smoking experience by customizing their beloved joint’s shape, size, and burn rate.

You can buy unflavored or flavored rolling papers, depending on your preferences. For instance, you can go for a non-flavored paper to enjoy the pure original flavor of marijuana or cannabis.

Alternatively, a flavored paper allows smokers to experiment by combining different flavors.


Best Joint Papers Buyer’s Guide

It’s all about the smoking experience. You can’t judge rolling papers from the outside. That’s why this buyer’s guide allows you to select the finest rolling papers for joints:


Selecting the Size and Thickness of the Rolling Papers

The size of the rolling papers depends on the following two things:

  • Joint size
  • Weed quantity

You can find rolling papers of different sizes in the market, including 1 ¼ inch,1 ½ inch, King Slim, King, and Double Wide. In addition, you can make a bigger joint with more paper as it can accommodate more buds and dry herbs.

After selecting the intended size of the paper, you must also choose the rolling paper thickness. For instance, a thinner paper allows sufficient air to pass through the pores;  however, they offer a slow burn rate. Moreover, it’s definitely harder to roll thin papers.

You shouldn’t let thin paper joints leave unattended as they will burn faster. On the other hand, it’s pretty convenient to roll a thick joint paper, and you can smoke it freely without any hassle.



If you want to personalize your joint and make it a smokeable treat by adding an extra flavor, you can buy a flavored rolling paper. For example, you can enjoy Black Magic and Very Cherry by none other than Juicy Jay’s.

You can make your joints vibrant by using paper prints. Whether you want to add complementing aroma or flavor, you can find the rolling papers of your choice.

Moreover, you can go for simple flavorless raw papers to experience natural weed flavor. The beauty of raw papers is 100 percent organic without any chemical binders.



One of the most important things to look for while buying rolling papers is the material of the paper.

The ingredients of the paper determine how the joint will taste after assembling and how slow or fast the joint will burn. Not only that but the rolling technique is also based on the material used to make the rolling paper.

Generally, the rolling papers contain chemicals and are bleached for a finished look. That’s why these papers contain chlorine or calcium carbonate that can make the joints toxic.

For instance, a thick white paper symbolizes that you’ll be smoking a rather deadly joint. That’s why it’s essential to look for the ingredients on the packaging.

The premium-quality rolling papers mare is usually made of hemp, pulp, wood, or rice. For example, wood pulp papers are easy to handle and burn faster as compared to hemp papers.

We have compiled the following list of paper ingredients, their burning rate, and taste:

  • Rice – Tasteless, slower-burning rate, and difficult rolling.
  • Hemp – Semi-tasteless, average burning rate, and semi-easy rolling.
  • Wood pulp – Flavorful, Easy rolling, and faster burning rate.


rolling paper brands


Best Rolling Paper Brands



As the name suggests, RAW rolling papers consist of pure plant materials with the least post-processing and refinement. Therefore, you can enjoy the authentic aroma and flavors of your herbs. Moreover, the unique Criss-Cross watermark ensures a consistent burning rate.

You can find RAW papers in different sizes and styles to match your smoking requirements. Not only that, but you can also buy rolling trays, pre-rolled cones, rolls, and other filters manufactured by this reliable manufacturer.


Juice Jay

If you want to incorporate extra flavor into your joints, Juicy Jay is an apt choice for you. Another good news is that you can select any of the 32 available flavors to match your herbs to diversify your smoking experiences.

Juicy Jay uses a unique triple-dipped system, comprising a three-flavoring process allowing the papers to absorb the flavors thoroughly. This way, the papers can retain the flavors for a longer time.

Furthermore, the papers are made of natural ingredients, such as soy ink, natural sugar gum, and hemp. As a result, you get to enjoy a pleasantly sweet taste with each puff.



Zig-Zag stepped into the smoking industry in 1879 and has been manufacturing state-of-the-art smoking products and rolling papers since then. The rolling papers are made of natural plant flax fibers to keep them thin.

However, since the papers are thin, Zig-Zag papers don’t offer a lot of grips and may be difficult for beginners to roll.



OCB stands for Odet Cascadet Bollore, which is a well-known brand manufacturing smoking products since 1822. By 1950, around 135 billion cigarettes were rolled using OCB paper across the world.

You can either buy a classic or a premium smoking paper to roll your joints. The good news is that both of these papers don’t contain chlorine and offer a slow-burning rate. Moreover, it doesn’t leave loads of ash, which is incredible.

You can check the OCB watermark on the paper to check the authenticity of the rolling paper.



Established in 1929, Smoking rolling papers don’t contain any additives, binders, or chemical coloring that can pose a health hazard to the users. Moreover, Smoking is dedicated to manufacturing eco-friendly Tree-Free products made without destroying precious woods and forests.

Lucky for you, Smoking rolling papers come in the following sizes:

  • Regular – 69 x 37 mm
  • Medium – 77 x 37 mm
  • King-size – 108 x 37 mm

If you want to enjoy slow-burning, you can buy the ultra-thin Smoking Master rolling paper. On the other hand, Smoking Re paper is a medium-weight paper that also offers a slow burn speed. Lastly, Smoking White paper is fast-burning, thickest paper.


The Best Joint Papers Reviews


RAW Classic Black King Size Slim Natural

RAW Classic Black King Size Slim Natural

As the name suggests, the RAW Classic Black King Size Slim Natural Unrefined Ultra Thin Rolling Papers feature six paper packs containing a total of 32 king-size rolling papers. Lucky for you, 32 king-size papers mean a total of 94 papers.

The pack contains ultra-thin papers made of hemp featuring a patented watermark to guarantee even slow burn speed. You can either roll cigarettes by hand or use a 110 rolling machine. Furthermore, these rolling papers appear to work perfectly fine with RAW filters and tips.

One of the distinct features of these organic hemp papers is that they are unrefined and chemical-free. Moreover, these papers are neither bleached nor dyed. It means you can enjoy the real taste of marijuana while smoking your personalized joint.


OCB Organic Hemp Unbleached Rolling Papers

OCB Organic Hemp Unbleached Rolling Papers

If you want to experience the natural flavor of weed or marijuana, the OCB Organic Hemp Unbleached Rolling Papers are made of natural ingredients. Even the gum on the paper that allows you to seal the joint comes from the hardened sap of the acacia tree.

The package containing the best rolling papers is made of recycled paper. Not only that, but OCB uses vegetable inks to print the packaging, thus making the entire pack eco-friendly. The package contains a total of 24 unflavored 1 ¼ inch rolling papers.

One of the essential qualities of organic hemp rolling papers is that they are extremely thin and highly porous. That’s why they ensure a slow burn speed. Furthermore, they are unbleached; which means they don’t contain chlorine or any other chemicals that can distort the original flavor of the dry herbs inside the joint.


Juicy Jay’s x Mixed Flavoured Cigarette Papers

Juicy Jay's x Flavoured rolling Papers

As the name indicates, the Juicy Jay’s x Mixed Flavoured Cigarette Papers feature multiple colored 32 papers with random fruity colors, such as blueberry, grape, raspberry, and more. You’ll be able to enjoy the mouthwatering flavor of the paper while smoking your weed or cannabis.

However, the fruity flavor of the rolling papers doesn’t overpower the taste of your herbs inside the joint; instead, it simply elevates the marijuana flavor.

The triple-dipped flavoring mechanism of the Juicy Jay’s infuses delicious flavors such as strawberry, kiwi, banana, and more. The process is to dip the paper three times and let the flavor soak inside the paper for more than a week.

You can see the corresponding print of the flavor all over the paper to add color and style to your regular hand-rolled joints. For instance, the strawberry paper features strawberries on the rolling paper.

The rolling paper is made of a combination of hemp and natural sugar gum to keep the ingredients organic and environment-friendly.


Zig-Zag Rolling Papers

Zig-Zag Rolling Papers

The Zig-Zag Rolling Papers are one of the best rolling papers, featuring premium-quality Original White rolling papers that are thin, sturdy, and flexible. Each booklet contains 32 papers of medium size with total dimensions of 70 x 38 mm.

All the papers come with a unique thin blue line allowing you to roll without wasting any herbs. In addition, the gum used on the paper is natural Arabic gum, which is non-toxic and without any chemical binders. Therefore, it won’t distort the flavor of your joint.

The Zig-Zag rolling papers are made of natural flax plant fibers that ensure even slow burning to elevate your smoking experience.


SHINE 12 Sheet Gold Rolling Papers

SHINE 12 Sheet Gold

The SHINE 12 Sheet Gold rolling papers are no less luxurious and classy rolling papers. However, don’t consider them just ordinary shiny rolling papers; instead, these are the first-ever 24-karat weed rolling paper available in the market. You have heard it right; these high-end rolling sheets offer both an elegant outlook and a top-class smoking experience.

You can buy the SHINE 12-sheet gold rolling papers for special occasions where you want to feel fancy while smoking.

Based in South Carolina, USA, Shine Papers takes pride in manufacturing edible 24k gold rolling papers and selling them in 20 countries. They are expensive, but it’s worth the exclusive smoking experience.

The 24k gold leaf on the rolling paper’s exterior is food grade, while the gold remains on the ashes.


Elements Size Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Paper

Elements Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Paper

The Elements Size Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Paper is one of the best rolling papers, comprising a complete box of 25 packs with 50 leaves inside each pack. It means the box contains 1,250 leaves, perfect for multiple weekend parties. Moreover, these ultra-thin joint papers are essentially rice papers and come with sugar gum to seal the herbs.

Since the Elements papers are made of rice, they offer a slow and smooth burning rate.

One of the most significant benefits of using the Elements rice paper is that it doesn’t produce ash. Instead, you can only see the caramel that sugar gum creates while burning.

The overall dimension of the rolling paper is 76 x 44 mm. Moreover, the papers come folded at one side instead of in the middle to make the rolling more convenient, especially for a beginner smoker.


Rizla Silver Rolling Papers Ultra Thin

Rizla Silver Rolling Papers

The Full Box Rizla Silver Rolling Papers Single Size offers 50 rolling papers of 70 x 36 mm.

Founded in the late 1730s, the Lacroix Rolling Paper company initially manufactured the best rolling papers for the Napolean soldiers. However, Rizla+ came into existence in 1865 with the first-ever Rizla booklet produced in 1881.

The ultra-thin characteristic feature of the Rizla Silver makes it thinner as compared to human hair. It means you get to enjoy a slow burn speed with minimal ash.

Moreover, the Rizla silver rolling paper is see-through; which means you can see the herbs packed inside the joint.

Since it’s ultra-thin paper, it means you need to be extra cautious while applying the gum as moisture can increase the risk of disintegration.


JOB Gold Size Rolling Papers Set

JOB Gold Rolling Papers

The JOB Gold Size Rolling Papers Set is one of the best rolling papers, featuring 100 percent natural wood fibers that make the rolling paper ultra-thin. Moreover, the paper is unblocked and doesn’t contain any chlorine or any other harmful chemicals. In addition, this no-tear paper comes with natural acacia gum that ensures a perfect seal.

All the organic ingredients used in the JOB Gold Size rolling paper guarantee a clean burning.

Since 1838, JOB has been manufacturing thin rice rolling papers. The best thing about these rolling papers is the sustainable sourcing and organic ingredients.

The entire bundle includes 24 booklets with 24 1 ½ inch rolling papers inside each booklet. It means a total of 576 rolling papers in one bundle; that’s huge.

The slow burn rate allows you to enjoy the flavor of cannabis during each puff. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about uneven or one-sided burning.


Randy’s Unbleached Joint Rolling Papers

Randy's Unbleached Cigarette Rolling Papers

Made in the United States, Randy’s Unbleached Cigarette Rolling Papers are made of 100 percent hemp. Moreover, these rolling papers come in 1 ¼ inch king-size thickness.

Furthermore, you can see a thin stainless steel wire built into the paper, running along the entire length. Don’t worry this wire is entirely safe and non-toxic. Moreover, it doesn’t alter the taste or produce any other fumes.

You must be wondering about the purpose of the wire. The wire gets bigger as you smoke the joint. It means you can bend the wire to create a built-in joint holder. How cool is that!

Randy’s rolling papers are thicker as compared to other papers reviewed above. However, it’s relatively easy to roll a thicker paper, especially for a beginner smoker.


Smoking Black Deluxe Medium Size Rolling Paper

Smoking Black Deluxe Rolling Paper

The Smoking Black Deluxe Medium Size Rolling Paper features 100 percent vegetable gum with zero additives or coloring. The box contains 25 booklets with 50 papers in each booklet, offering a total of 1,250 papers.

The rolling papers are medium size with dimensions of 77 x 44 mm. Furthermore, these papers ensure slow burning with the most negligible ash.

Another good news is that paper is tree-free, which means no forests are cut to produce these rolling papers.


Vibes King Size Pre Rolled Cones

Vibes Pre Rolled King Size Cones

The Vibes King Size Pre Rolled Cones is one of the best rolling papers, featuring a big container with 30 display packs. Additionally, each pack contains three pre-rolls, offering 90 cones made of natural rice paper.

If you are a beginner who doesn’t know how to roll, you can buy the Vibes pre-rolled king-size cones. Another advantage of using these pre-rolled cones is their slow and consistent burn rate and low ash.

Since they are king-sized cones, it means you can quickly fill about one gram of dry herbs to share a joint with your friends.

All the pre-rolled rice papers include an already-fitted filter and a packing tool. Moreover, the packs come with an exclusive limited-edition VIBES sticker.

The Vibes pre-rolled cones are a great addition to your collection of the best rolling papers.


Trip 2 Clear Rolling Papers

Trip2 Trip 2 Clear Rolling Papers

As the name suggests, the Trip 2 Clear Rolling Papers are see-through joint papers made of 100 percent organic ingredients. That’s why the paper burns slowly and produces less ash.

The Trip 2 clear rolling paper features tree-free ingredients with cellulose sources from Asiatic Cotton Mallow.

A clear rolling paper comprises a mixture of glycerine, cellophane services from plants, and water. Cellophane is essentially a form of cellulose. Moreover, the cellulose is further treated to form rollable, flat sheets, which are then dipped in glycerine.

Another good news is that Trip 2 rolling papers are compatible with the latest rolling machines or joint rollers.


Pure Hemp Joint Rolling Paper

Pure Hemp Cigarette Rolling Paper

Made in the USA, the Pure Hemp Cigarette Rolling Paper features a box of 25 booklets containing 1 ¼ inch joint paper made of hemp.

Pure Hemp has been manufacturing rolling papers since 1879. All the rolling paper features a Pure Hemp watermark to ensure the authenticity of the all-natural ingredients.

As the name indicates, the hemp rolling papers are made of nothing but 100 percent hemp material. Moreover, all the rolling papers are ultra-thin, no-tear, and of course, easy to roll.

The natural gum is efficient without requiring any additional moisture to seal off the dry herbs inside the joint.

The rolling paper is unbleached, which means it doesn’t add any taste to the paper. Furthermore, the paper guarantees an even and smooth burning.

One of the benefits of using Pure Hemp rolling papers is that they are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and offer a perfect thickness.


Flavoured rolling Papers


Wrapping Up with the Best Rolling Papers

One of the best ways to enjoy cannabis with your friends is to roll it in flavored joint papers. Although it may seem to be a tricky task at first, once you ace your rolling skills following the above guide, you’ll be able to roll raw joint papers within minutes.

You can opt for simple, unbleached RAW rolling papers offering even burning. On the other hand, you can add more flavors to your joints by using Juicy Jay’s colorful and flavored rolling papers.

If you are one of the cannabis enthusiasts, you can also opt for pre-rolled cones, 24-karat gold papers, or transparent joint papers if you want to diversify your smoking experience.

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