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14 Best Rosin Press Machines | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best Rosin Press

Did you know that more and more people are pressing their own rosin? With the latest technology, the rosin press size has dramatically reduced.

Dabbing or vaporizing rosin can be a great way to consume weed. However, if you are a fan of rosin, you will need the best rosin press machine to extract your own.

Just a few years back, a dedicated rosin press did not even exist. Instead, people used a shop press with heat plates exerting 10 to 20 tons of pressure.

What was even wilder was that some took the DIY approach and used hair straighteners to press flowers. It is a messy affair but still functional. However, all of that changed with the technologically advanced rosin press.

The commercial models can set you back thousands of dollars and are designed for high-scale production. However, for personal use, you can easily find the best rosin presses under 500. But before you do that, you should know about the different types out there.


Best Rosin Presses of 2023

Ju1ceBox handheld rosin press

Ju1ceBox Starter Kit

Type: Handheld

CannaClamp V2 Portable Handheld Rosin

CannaClamp V2

Tons: 0.3

Type: Handheld

NugSmasher Mini 2 Ton

NugSmasher Mini

Tons: 2

Type: Personal Under 500

MyPress Gen 2

MyPress Gen 2

Tons: 2

Type: Personal Under 500

Dulytek DM800 Manual

Dulytek DM 800

Tons: 0.5

Type: Personal Under 500

NugSmasher OG Original 12 Ton

NugSmasher OG Original

Tons: 12

Type: Manual

Helix Pro 5 Ton Manual Rosin Press .3

Pure Pressure Helix pro

Tons: 5

Type: Manual

NugSmasher Touch 12 Ton

NugSmasher Touch

Tons: 12

Type: Manual

Rosinbomb M-061

Rosinbomb M60

Tons: 3

Type: Electric

NugSmasher X 3 Ton Rosin Press

Nugsmasher X 3

Tons: 3

Type: Electric

Sasquash M1 10 Ton

Sasquash M1 10 Ton

Tons: 10

Type: Hydraulic

Triminator TRP Stack 25 Ton

Triminator TRP Stack

Tons: 25

Type: Hydraulic

Pure Pressure Longs Peak 8 Ton

Pure Pressure Longs Peak

Tons: 8

Type: Pneumatic

NugSmasher Pro 20 Ton Rosin Press

NugSmasher Pro

Tons: 20

Type: Pneumatic


What Should I Look for in a Best Rosin Press?

You may want to check out the rosin press review before you buy one. Regardless of the type, each rosin press can be assessed by the pressure it exerts, the quantity it squishes, and the temperature range it has.

However, aside from these basic requirements, you may want to invest in a quality rosin machine that will last for years to come.

Here are some of the things you need to consider:



When I say quality, I do not just mean the quality of the press itself but also the quality of the concentrate it will produce.

The heat is directly responsible for quality maintenance. However, too much heat can result in sub-par rosin that is almost burnt.

One way to control is with maximum pressure that yields more even at low temperatures.



Most people think the higher the pressure, the more yield the press would produce. On the contrary, too much pressure may infiltrate the rosin with unwanted plant material.

The pressure should be high but just high enough for the amount you are pressing.



Size is another important consideration when choosing a rosin press machine, especially if you are going to use it at home.

For a commercial setting, you usually would not care if it is too big or heavy.

However, for domestic extraction, the size has to be manageable and portable enough.



If you want a rosin press that does not make a significant sound, you should not go for a pneumatic rosin press.

These use concentrated air for exerting more pressure and can be fairly noisy. The electric ones would be the quietest among all.



Choosing the type of rosin press will directly affect your use, the yield, and, most importantly, the price.

If you do not mind some manual labor, a manual rosin press would be best.

If you plan on using it for producing multiple batches at a time, go for the pneumatic or electric one.



Some rosin press models have advanced features that allow you to control temperature and pressure, to achieve different consistencies in rosin.

It depends on what your production goal is. If you like experimenting, I would recommend buying the best electric rosin press with digital control of time, temperature, and pressure.



These equipment cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the type and size of the press.

Most brands do offer extended warranties. However, you should read in detail what parts the warranty is valid for and how long.


Different Types of Rosin Presses

Virtually all rosin presses have the same purpose: to extract the best rosin from cannabis flowers or hash. However, how they produce pressure and how they are pressed is what distinguishes them from one another. There are essentially four different categories of rosin press machines you should be aware of:


Manual Press

Manual presses are more portable and small, so it is best for personal extraction at home. These feature a hand crank or a twist-style mechanism to apply force to the material between the plates. Since there is no automation, manual rosin presses are usually the cheapest.


Hydraulic Rosin Press

Hydraulic presses use hydraulic pressure to squeeze out rosin. These utilize compressed fluids to apply pressure. The pressure on these machines is usually 10 to 20 tons. Thus, they are quite powerful and certainly less intrusive. You usually use a hand pump to generate force in a hydraulic press.

There is another type within the hydraulic rosin press category. Nowadays, you have a variable-hydraulic rosin press that gives you the freedom of choosing a hand pump, a pneumatic pump, and even an electric pump. You switch between these seamlessly to meet your extraction needs.


Pneumatic Presses

There are not many differences between a pneumatic rosin press and a hydraulic press. The main difference is that it is powered by an air chamber, producing more pressure through compressed air. Thus, it eliminates the need for a hand pump.

The pneumatic rosin press gives more control as you can control the amount of pressure. Since these do not need a hand pump, they are best for producing multiple batches of rosin in a commercial setting.


Electric Rosin Press

Electric rosin presses are the newest addition to the rosin press market, which itself is relatively new. These are expensive but are gaining traction gradually. Since these are entirely electric, you do not need a hand or air pump to press. Instead, they come with a cord that just needs to plug in, and you just press a button.

These are more desirable for small-batch production. The Electric Rosin Press can quickly produce one to two tons of pressure and press about 15 grams of flowers. Even if it produces a small batch, you can use it to produce multiple batches in no time.


Best Rosin Presses Reviews

To find out which model is the best rosin press, you should consider your needs. You have a personal-sized rosin press as well as those heavy commercial ones too, such as pneumatic and hydraulic rosin presses.

These can be pretty expensive, so you want to ensure you get what is suitable for you.


Handheld Rosin Presses [Cheapest Rosin Press]


Ju1ceBox HandHeld Rosin Heat Press

Ju1ceBox handheld rosin press

Do you want to feel like a pro rosin extractor? This cheap rosin extractor is pretty convenient to use and comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Moreover, you do not have to blow your budget to buy this best manual rosin press that delivers industrial strength.

This compact handheld rosin press, explicitly designed for average consumers, has a one-of-a-kind sloped design that directs the rosin flow and prevents terpenes’ burning.

Furthermore, Ju1ceBox rosin press plates require less pressure, and its gradual heating procedure guarantees maximum yields. However, it is not going to press large amounts, but it is perfect for personal use.

Since the plates can heat up to about 250 degrees, the Ju1ceBox rosin heat press allows various terpenes and rosin to exit the press plates. Hence, it delivers high-quality rosin with just one press.

If you are thinking of getting one, quit overthinking and have fun squishing your strains!

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CannaClamp V2 Portable Handheld Rosin Heat Press

CannaClamp V2 Portable Handheld Rosin

As the name suggests, the CannaClamp V2 Portable Handheld Rosin Heat Press is an electric press with a 2 x 3.75 inches plate size. Moreover, the plates can exert a pressure of 0.3 tons with a squish capacity of one to two grams.

The CannaClamp handheld press features Irwin 600 hand clamps, five pollen pressing bags, three-prong US plugs, and five parchment squares.

Lucky for you, this rosin press can heat up fast, offering a variable temperature setting that ranges from 100F to 300F degrees.

This compact and affordable handheld press is exclusively designed for personal pressing, featuring a pressing capacity of fewer than two grams of flower and less than ten grams of concentrate and sift.

Lastly, this reliable electric press features a warranty of 90 days to ensure a safe investment. This warranty is applicable in case of failure of the heating element or LED display.

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Best Rosin Press Under 500 [Cheap Rosin Presses]

Here is a list of some of the best personal rosin press available in the market, with a detailed review of features, benefits they offer, and limitations, if any.


NugSmasher Mini 2-Ton

NugSmasher Mini 2 Ton Rosin Press

The NugSmasher is a highly portable and easy rosin press that has a pressure of two tons. It is a manual rosin press that is very easy to use.

It uses a hand crank to press the plates. Since it is small in size, you can easily travel with it and keep it on a shelf or kitchen counter.

The plate size of this rosin press is 2.5 inches, which is ample to squish up to 5 grams. In addition, it is made of solid steel, which allows it to heat up fast.

I find its temperature control to be the best for a personal rosin press.

Other helpful features include circuit protection and fast retract plate release.

It is Made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty, making it the best personal rosin press. With its solid construction, anyone should be able to use it for a lifetime.

You can use it with other NugSmasher accessories like silicon pads and rosin press collection plates.

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MyPress Gen 2 Press

MyPress Gen 2

MyPress Gen 2 is a highly advanced personal rosin press with many useful features. I believe it is probably the easiest to use for anyone at home.

It is quite small in size so easy to transport too. The handle is ergonomic and makes pressing a breeze.

It features three-by-three-inch dual heated plates made of solid steel.

The automatic timer and the LCD screen can allow you to get better at rosin pressing over time. It automatically goes to zero as the plates are opened and then starts counting when closed.

The temperature range on this is 100 to 250 degrees (F).

What I like most, which is not even a technical feature, is that its cord stores at the back of the unit. Because of its design, it is easy to store.

This Colorado-made rosin press exerts a pressure of up to 6 tons is more than enough for extraction.

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Dulytek DM 800

Dulytek DM800 Manual Rosin Press

If you are looking for something affordable yet functional, the Dulytek DM 800 might just fit the bill.

For starters, it is very lightweight and weighs just under 10 pounds.

You can see the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. In addition, there is a timer that you can activate with just a push of a button.

The pressure is a bit low at 0.5 tons (1000 pounds). However, it does offer adjustability of pressure. There is a nut at the back, which you can adjust to change pressure.

The handle has an ergonomic design that makes working with it easily. The digital control panel is what adds to the overall convenience.

As for the heating plates, they are made of solid aluminum. They are two inches by three inches.

It comes from a reliable company based in the USA. So you can be sure that you are getting the best value for money.

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Manual Rosin Presses [Personal Rosin Press]

In case you’re looking for manual press rosin, here are some top options.


NugSmasher OG Original – Best Rosin Press

NugSmasher OG Original 12 Ton Rosin Press

I cannot complete this list without the OG Original from NugSmasher. It is one of the most popular products from the company.

With a whopping 12 tons of pressure, you can squeeze out up to 14 grams of rosin in one go.

That, combined with its steel construction, makes it the best manual rosin press.

I think of it as an upgrade to a personal rosin press. The NugSmasher OG Original is still very manageable so I would recommend it to someone pressing for the first time.

Since it is manual, there is not much of a learning curve. As a result, it is pretty easy to operate.

NugSmasher gives a lifetime warranty for this product to ensure long-term investment.

The Dual Heating element offers 160W ea. Moreover, the plates are just an inch and a half bigger than those on the Mini press (4 x4 inches).

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Pure Pressure Helix pro

Helix Pro 5 Ton Manual Rosin Press .3

If you want to buy a commercial-grade press, the Pure Pressure Helix Pro is a heavy-duty press that can effortlessly crush plant material. This way, you can extract pure and clean concentrates.

The good news is that the huge aluminum heat plates offer high pressure of up to five tons to extract 12 grams of flower, which is excellent. Furthermore, the two 2.5 x 7 inches plats feature individual thermocouples that ensure even heat distribution.

The heat plates can offer a low temperature of zero degrees and a maximum temperature of 300F degrees.

The intuitive Pressware technology offers a touchscreen LCD and custom software to offer you the desired control. In addition, you can save around 29 pre-set recipes which you can select with a single click to achieve the same results every time.

Lastly, this robust rosin press comes with a warranty of one year to offer you a long-term investment.

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NugSmasher Touch


It’s the most advanced manual rosin press you will find. It features a five-inch touchscreen that displays all the information and controls.

It applies 12 tons of pressure when its quad-heated plates are closed. The four-inch by six-inch plates also have LED lights.

You can use an extraction timer and surface area calculator to target the pressure better. You see three types of precise PSI reporting: fluid PSI, total PSI, and surface area PSI.

I find the touchscreen helpful, but it might not be absolutely necessary.

Quick start settings make it incredibly easy to work with the press.

The rosin extraction rate is pretty impressive, coming at 28 grams. The pump arm has a padded removable handle grip. Overall, this rosin press gives a lot of flexibility and control.

The tool is quite heavy, weighing 100 pounds. It’s also pricey, but you have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

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Electric Presses


Rosinbomb M60

Rosinbomb M-60

Featuring Flow Channel technology, the Rosinbomb M60 ensures continuous rosin pressing without requiring any solvent. It means you don’t need to stop and clean the presses in between. Furthermore, the plates are made of FDA-approved, non-stick food-grade material with a diamond-hard finish.

This premium-quality rosin press features robust conversion plates that allow you to select any pressing method. For instance, you can select the single-action press to make a test batch. Alternatively, you can use continuous flow collection plates or Flow Channel diamond-hard coated press plates if required.

Made in the USA, the Rosinbomb M60 features a fully electric design that can exert a high pressure of 6,000 pounds. Furthermore, you can press up to 15 grams of plant material in each press which offers up to 20 percent yield.

The good news is you don’t need to install manual cranks, hydraulics, or loud air compressors to operate the M60.

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Nugsmasher X 3 Rosin Press

NugSmasher X 3 Ton Rosin Press

If you want to buy an affordable electric press, the Nugsmasher X 3 Rosin Press is an apt choice for you. This easy-to-use rosin press comes with advanced features, such as digital temperature control and a single-touch up-and-down operation.

Made in the USA, this compact rosin press comes with 4 x 4 inches plates that extract up to 14 grams of pure concentrate. Furthermore, the dual heating elements of 160W ea come with an industrial powder coat finish to enhance durability.

Since this rosin press is electric, it offers a precision extraction rate by automatically controlling the pressure and matching it to the surface area of the plates. Courtesy of the premium bearings and rods, the Nugsmasher X guarantees perfect alignment of the dual heated plates.

One of the biggest reasons for buying this electric press is its lifetime warranty to ensure a long-term, safe investment.

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Hydraulic Rosin Heat Press Machine

For the Hydraulic rosin press, the following are our top recommendations.


Sasquash M1 – 10 Ton

Sasquash M1 10 Ton Rosin Press

Sasquash M1 10 rosin press has seen considerable improvements and can safely be called the best hydraulic rosin press.

The most significant improvement in its design is the open back and front. It makes it so much easier to collect rosin and clean the plates.

Speaking of plates, they are decent-sized, measuring 3.5 inches by 4.5 inches. You can quickly press 14 grams of flowers.

The pressure of this hydraulic rosin press is 10 tons. It is powered by an external pump. You have the freedom to choose whichever works fine with a variety of pumps. You can use a hand pump, a foot pump, and those fully automated electric pumps if you are willing to splurge a bit.

As for heating, it features four 125W heaters collectively providing a power of 500 Watts.

The blocks are made of 6061 aluminum with FDA-approved coatings.

The most helpful feature is perhaps the new Lean Tech function that allows rosin to drip down.

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Triminator TRP Stack 25 Ton [Highest Yielding]

Triminator TRP Stack 25 Ton Rosin Press

If you are looking to go big, the Triminator TRP hydraulic press might just be the answer. It offers a whopping 25 tons of pressure.

With plates sized six inches by ten inches, you know you are pressing a lot of grams. I am talking upwards of 250 grams per press.

You can use it with your choice of pump, whether pneumatic or electric. However, the highlight feature of the press is the Easy Pivot Drip Tech System, which offers effortless rotation.

With a dedicated 20A circuit, it requires 120 V voltage to operate. Because of its size, construction, and pressure, it is a favorite among commercial users.

With a PID temperature gauge, it offers individual platen temperature control.

Made from steel from Northern California, this press is made in the USA. It is quite heavy, weighing 151 pounds.

It will also be heavy on the pocket, but you have a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Pneumatic Rosin Presses

Last but not the least, here are our recommendations for the best pneumatic rosin press.


Pure Pressure Longs Peak

Pure Pressure Longs Peak 8 Ton

The PurePressure Longs Peak Rosin Press is a highly advanced pneumatic rosin press. It is similar to the Pikes Peak Rosin Press.

However, it scales up the squish capacity. It can be up to 35 grams of flowers or 70 grams of hash.

The plates are three inches by ten inches and apply up to 8 tons of pressure. I find this rosin press great for controlling production.

The Pressware technology features an LCD touchscreen with custom software. It allows you to save 30 pre-set recipes that can be used every time you need them.

The even heat distribution is 0-300 degrees.

There is a two-year warranty on the pneumatic cylinder and frame, while the rest of the press has a warranty of one year. In addition, the body has a powder coating to make it more long-lasting.

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NugSmasher Pro 20 Ton

NugSmasher Pro 20 Ton Rosin Press

If you are looking for a rosin press that works great with a pneumatic pump, the NugSmasher Pro is the best pneumatic rosin press machine you are looking for.

It has the biggest plates of any rosin press that can exert 20 tons of pressure. The plates are seven inches by ten inches, allowing them to press up to an ounce of flowers.

It has a built-in pressure gauge with pressure release. You can even use it with a manual pump. In addition, it has custom machined handles for pressing manually.

The temperature of the plates can go up to 725 degrees. This temperature is controlled digitally with 0.2% accuracy. The plates are T6 6061 aluminum.

Made in the USA, this rosin press offers a lifetime warranty. If there is anything wrong, you can always claim a warranty from the manufacturer.

You can use it with other accessories from NugSmasher to press rosin seamlessly.

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Top Rosin Press Brands on the Market

Rosin press is a fairly new product development in the world of cannabis. Therefore, there are not that many players or competition, specifically producing this machine.

However, a few brands have mastered it and produced some of the best rosin press we know today. There are three brands, in particular, you should know about:



NugSmasher produces a wide variety of rosin presses. This company specializes in rosin press production. There is something for all types of producers and consumers, from personal small rosin presses to big and heavy pneumatic rosin presses.

Made in the USA, the company is located in Corona, CA, so almost all products are locally made. The best part is that they provide a lifetime warranty on all the models.



Triminator specializes in many marijuana trimming machines, from hemp harvesters to shredders to rosin presses. Their Rosin TRP is the most popular hydraulic rosin press. They also produce some fantastic accessories. Made in the USA is a family-owned business from North California that is gradually cementing its name in the recreational marijuana industry.



It’s a lot of competition out there with so many brands offering cheap or low-quality machines. If you don’t want to waste your money and time, it’s better to buy rosin presses built by PurePressure.

PurePressure is known for designing a variety of rosin presses ranging from beginner-level to commercial-grade presses. Not only that, but the presses are made of durable parts, including aluminum plates, custom hydraulic plates, and stainless steel bolts and fittings.



Sasquash is a reputed brand, popular for designing hybrid and hydraulic presses. Founded in 2016 by Support the Roots, the Sasquash offers versatile presses to match all kinds of extraction requirements ranging from electric to pneumatic presses.

To ensure post-sale customer support, Sasquash offers a limited lifetime warranty for all its rosin presses. The warranty covers defects in material, hydraulics, or other parts. Not only that, but a 90-day warranty covers all electrical components.



If you are looking for the best electric rosin press, Rosinbomb is the brand for you. They produce premium quality fully electric rosin presses made from stainless steel. The company was founded as a family business that already has extensive experience in machinery.

You have plenty of variety to choose a press best suited for your needs. The products are designed to maximize yield. For commercial production, an electric rosin press is the most efficient.


Wrapping Up with the Best Rosin Presses

Rosin is becoming incredibly popular among stoners simply because it gives a pure and flavorful experience. The Jamaicans may have pioneered the rosin press, but now it is a global favorite.

Luckily, now you can get pretty advanced and high-quality presses that have entirely changed the game.

Even the best cheap rosin press would give you a way better yield than the good old hair straightener.

It is essential to keep safety in mind, especially with big and heavy rosin presses. You are dealing with thousands of pounds of pressure. If you are new to extraction, make sure you start small and work your way up.

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