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11 Best Smell Proof Backpack | Choose the right Weed Backpack!

best smell proof backpack

Are you worried about the weed odor while you carry recreational weed on your camping trip? If yes, you are at the right place.

The best smell-proof backpack facilitates you to transport weed and other accessories safely without raising any suspicions around.

Another great advantage of using a smell-proof backpack is to carry your dirty and smelly gym clothes inside without unnecessary embarrassment.

Lucky for you, this guide reviews all kinds of smell-proof backpacks with lock systems, including marijuana backpacks 140 – 19% and weed backpacks 720 – 68%.

Not only that, but the buying guide will help you select a suitable backpack that matches your style.


Top Smell Proof Bags

Cookies V3

Editor's choice

1680 quilted nylon

Skunk Element

Reliable and affordable

Combination lock

Cali Crusher

Active carbon lining

Low-profile lock

Dime Urban School

Discreet unisex design



Removable Logo

Triple combination lock

Skunk Nomad

High-quality fabric

Secret pockets


How to Choose Good Quality Smell-Proof Bags

With so many smell-proof backpacks available in the market, you may find yourself confused. Don’t worry; we have compiled a list of must-have features in premium-quality smell-proof backpacks.

Additionally, the best week backpack reviews will help you find a durable and spacious backpack at an affordable price.



The fabric quality, zipper seal, stitching, and carbon filter lining all these factors determine the quality of smell-proof backpacks. It’s no use buying an odor-proof backpack to carry weed if it can’t absorb or seal the cannabis smell inside.

That’s why you need to check these before buying a backpack:

  • Carbon lining
  • Total number of layers
  • Padding
  • Zipper seal
  • Lock system

Many premium-quality smell-proof bags offer five or six layers to filter odor, while some include a silver lining to enhance the antibacterial feature.



You can find a variety of smell-proof backpacks ranging from funky, vibrant bags to decent casual backpacks. This way, you can buy any smell-proof backpack according to your personality and style.



The purpose or motivation to buy a smell-proof backpack helps you in making a better selection. For instance, if you are an adventurer or a hiker, you can go for a spacious large-sized backpack to store your laptop, clothes, and other belongings.

Alternatively, you can opt for a small backup for occasionally carrying weed to your friend’s place.

A smell-proof backpack serves a multi-purpose role to carry your sweaty clothes and smelly socks after working out. But, of course, you don’t want people around you to get uncomfortable with the unpleasant odor as you travel via train back home.



In addition to carbon filtration technology and style, safety is another essential feature to look for while buying a smell-proof weed backpack. You should check the hidden zipper, lock system, and tape along the zipper to ensure seal and security.



The smell-proof backpacks cost more than the regular backpacks because of the activated carbon filters. You can find all kinds of smell-proof backpacks for under $100 that offer you the desired smell-proofing.

Alternatively, the majority of the backpacks that offer efficient smell-proofing usually cost more than 100 bucks.

It’s better to set a budget and invest in buying a premium-quality smell-proof backpack instead of relying on a substandard backpack that wears out in a couple of months.


Additional Features

You can also search for bonus features, such as different pockets, compartments, bottle holders, and extra smell-proof pouch cases. Furthermore, combination locks are always a plus to protect your belongings.

Lastly, waterproof zippers also seal the smell and keep the external moisture away.


Best Smell-Proof Bags Reviews

Are you excited to carry recreational weed on your next camping trip? Then, read the following reviews of the best smell-proof backpack with a lock system.


Cookies Smell Proof Bag Review (V3)

Cookies V2 Backpacks

Made of 1680 quilted nylon, the Cookies V2 Backpacks feature upgraded smell-proof technology.

The high-quality zippers enhance odor-proofing by perfectly sealing the cannabis smell inside. In addition, each of the zippers comes with a stopper to further strengthen the seal and offer protection.

Lucky for you, the backpack also includes a smell-proof pouch case to store valuable belongings. Similarly, the Cookies smell-proof backpack and pouch feature a carbon filter lining to absorb and filter the odor, allowing you to travel freely without worrying about the surrounding people getting disturbed by the weed smell.



Skunk Element School Backpack

Skunk Element School Backpack- Smell Proof

If you want to buy a reliable and affordable backpack, the Skunk Element School Backpack is a 100 percent smell-proof bag with a water-resistant exterior.

The backpack offers a straightforward design without any complicated outer pockets or mesh bottle holders. However, you’ll be surprised to see the interior storage options, including a padded laptop sleeve.

Furthermore, the combination lock offers the desired protection for your valuable belongings inside the backpack.

The Skunk Element backpack features a patented activated carbon technology for odor absorption. Additionally, the silver lining offers antibacterial properties to neutralize odors by trapping harmful gases and chemicals from the stored material. Finally, the sponge of the foam filter traps and absorbs the moisture.

As a result, the smell-proof technology works at the molecular level to neutralize the smell. Lastly, the exterior features a rubber-backed nylon fabric that keeps the smell inside and prevents the outside moisture from spoiling the stored material.

Similarly, the front pocket comes with a carbon filter lining to maximize the storage capacity.



Cali Crusher Smell Proof Backpack

Cali Crusher Smell Proof

Featuring a weight of 2.15 pounds, the Cali Crusher Smell Proof Backpack is one of the best smell-proof backpacks with active carbon lining, a laptop sleeve, and a combination lock. So whether you want to buy a backpack for outdoor activity or carry recreational weed to your friend’s party, the Cali Crusher is a perfect choice.

The Cali Crusher backpack offers a sleek smell-proof design with three compartments, two convenient side pockets, and adjustable straps.

Moreover, you can store your laptop in the inner department while organizing the rest of the belongings in three zippered compartments. Lucky for you, you can keep cannabis in a secret pocket.

The good news is the material of the backpack is water-resistant, making it a perfect companion as you hike in wet weather. Furthermore, the double zippers offer a multi-functional role to prevent moisture from seeping inside and seal the odor inside.

The zipper lock is designed to blend perfectly with the backpack fabric, making it difficult for intruders to find the low-profile lock.



Dime Bags Urban Hemp Backpack

Dime Bags Urban Hemp Backpack

We have great news for you if you want to explore a sustainable way to carry cannabis and other accessories. The Dime Bags Urban Hemp Backpack features a unique combination of polyester and organic hemp cotton lining to resist fading.

In addition to sustainability, the bag is tear-resistant and can withstand physical damage.

The list of features continues as the Urban backpack offers a comfortable fit with adjustable side straps. Moreover, the contoured shoulder straps offer you the flexibility to adjust the backpack accordingly.

Another great feature of the Dime Urban Hemp backpack is the discreet unisex design perfect for both men and women to carry to the gym, walk, or work. The durable zippers complement the sturdy design and offer the convenience of opening and closing the bag.

However, you should know that the entire bag isn’t smelled proof; instead, it includes a secret pocket that traps and absorbs the weed smell. Nonetheless, the backpack includes four large compartments and two water bottle holders.

Lastly, you can remove the velcro patch and replace it with other Dime badge patches to personalize the backpack.



ZERO Smell Proof Bag Backpack

ZERO Smell Proof Bag Backpack

The ZERO Smell Proof Bag Backpack proves that you can buy a decent and stylish smell-proof backpack without breaking the bank. With gray or black color shades, the ZERO backpack is one of the best smell-proof backpacks offering a discreet outlook.

It’s essentially a spacious backpack with different built-in pockets to store your phone, laptop, and other belongings. Not only that, but the outer larger pockets include smell-proof pouches to seal the cannabis or weed odor. Alternatively, you can store your wallet or sunglasses.

The grey or black exterior gives the ZERO backpack a casual appearance for everyday use. In addition, you can remove the logo from the backpack to carry recreational weed without raising any suspicions.

The double zipper and lock technology feature a ten gauge outer zipper which you can lock with the padlock. Furthermore, the triple combination lock protects your belongings while traveling. Lastly, the waterproof zipper doesn’t let moisture spoil the weed inside.

Instead of using large velcro flaps or double zippers, the ZERO backpack comes with a single zip puller to open the bag without any hassle.



Escobar Smell Proof Backpack

Escobar Smell Proof Backpack

If you want to buy an affordable backpack, the Escobar Smell Proof Backpack is an apt choice that offers durability and weather resistance.

With approximate dimensions of 18 x 16 x 7 inches, the Escobar backpack features a double zipper to perfectly seal the odor. Besides, the latest technology uses smell-proof material to absorb and filter the bad smell.

The Camo pieced poly canvas makes the Escobar backpack durable with enhanced resistance towards any abrasion. In addition, you can use the double zippers to stop them in different directions to effectively trap the smell of your dirty gym clothes and smelly socks.



Skunk Nomad Skaters Backpack

Skunk Nomad Skaters Backpack

Featuring an efficient activated carbon filter, the Skunk Nomad Skaters Backpack offers 100 percent smell-proofing. The good news is you can always reactivate the carbon filter by spinning the backpack in a dryer for 10 minutes.

This sturdy backpack comprises thick, high-quality fabric with a carbon filter and nylon mesh to enhance overall durability. Hence, the backpack offers the desired resistance to abrasion or any other physical damage.

Furthermore, the activated carbon lining is mixed with charcoal to trap the smell and keep the weed fresh and dry. The good news is that the maximum strength carbon filter linen not only the main pockets but also the front pockets to maximize cannabis storage.

The Skunk Nomad backpack includes four compartments, two small pockets, one large pocket, and another pocket with a lock system.

The combination lock mechanism secures and protects your belongings so no one can invade your bag. Moreover, you can place weed in the secret pockets and seal with a zipper to trap odor and prevent moisture from seeping inside.

To sum up, the Skunk Nomad backpack is a reliable smell-proof bag that offers spacious capacity.



Rolling Papers x RAW Burlap Backpack

RAW Burlap Backpack

If you love to collect different smoking accessories, the Rolling Papers x RAW Burlap Backpack is one of the best smell-proof backpacks that can be a valuable addition to your collection.

RAW is a renowned rolling paper brand that offers premium-quality organic hemp rolling papers to elevate the smoking experience.

That’s why the Rolling Papers and RAW have collaborated to exclusively design the Burlap backpack with six layers to guarantee 100 percent smell-proofing. These layers include:

  • Extra-thick activated carbon filter
  • Two layers of filter fabric
  • Mesh layer
  • Durable burlap
  • A waterproof foil layer

As a result, multiple layers inside the Rolling Papers x RAW smell-proof backpack collectively filter and absorb the bad odor of your dirty gym clothes.

The good news is that seven different RAW patches are embroidered on the backpack’s front and sides. Hence, you can roll your dry herbs and enjoy smoking while you camp.

The Rolling Papers x RAW smell-proof Backpack features double zippers with a lockable silicone gasket to ensure a perfect seal. Similarly, the smell-proof bag contains different storage compartments so you can organize your clothes, electronic gadgets, and other belongings.

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Dime Bags Omerta Transporter Backpack

Dime Bags Omerta Transporter Backpack

If you are looking for a secure backpack to carry marijuana, the Dime Bags Omerta Transporter Backpack won’t disappoint you.

The Dime Omerta backpack features activated carbon filter technology coupled with a sealed, double zipper lock to guarantee smell-proofing. The carbon lining filters and absorbs the odor from your sweaty gym clothes. Similarly, heavy-duty zippers offer the desired seal and firm closing.

In addition to the security and smell proofing, weather resistance is the next feature to look for while buying a backpack. The unique Hempster fabric features a smooth and soft texture resistant to water and fading. Similarly, the padded interior protects your fragile items while you jog, hike, and cycle.

Another great advantage of using the Dime Bags Omerta backpack is the customization. This way, you can remove the Velcro badge or use another badge that represents your personality and style.

The spacious Dime Omreta backpack includes bottle holders, nine large compartments, a sealed double zipper, and a secret smell-proof pocket.

The good news is you can always refresh the carbon lining in the dryer. All you need to do is to spin the backpack in the dryer for 10 minutes on low heat, and you are good to carry weed.



SP Backpack in Black Smell Proof Backpack

SP Backpack in Black Smell Proof BackPack

Featuring advanced smell-proof technology, the SP Backpack in Black Smell Proof Backpack is affordable and stylish. The hidden layer of activated carbon fiber efficiently absorbs a bad smell, allowing you to carry cannabis anywhere.

The SP backpack weighs only 1.75 pounds featuring the front and main compartment to organize your belongings. Lucky for you, you can also carry your laptop or iPad in the laptop pocket.

You also don’t need to worry about carrying marijuana during rain, thanks to the water-resistant zipper that offers additional tightness to the overall design. Moreover, the multi-functional zipper completely traps the smell so you can travel freely.

Unlike other smell-proof backpacks that feature exposed activated carbon lining, the SP backpack comes with a hidden activated carbon later. The discreet layout of the backpack conceals the activated carbon lining under a thin layer of polyester.

This premium-quality SP backpack features an activated carbon lining in the front and main compartment. Moreover, the canvas material offers the desired weatherproofing. Similarly, the TPU tap that runs internally along the zipper adds to the overall water resistance.



Cali Crusher Sling Convertible Shoulder Pack

Cali Crusher Sling

Whether you are a student or a traveler, the Cali Crusher Sling Convertible Shoulder Pack is a versatile shoulder backpack that won’t disappoint you.

As the name suggests, it’s a convertible design that you can use as a chest bag, backpack, or shoulder sling. Keeping in view your comfort, the Cali Crusher shoulder pack features a padded shoulder strap with adjustable length. You can unzip the sling strap to convert it into two backpack straps.

The activated carbon lining guarantees 100 percent smell proofing allowing you to carry recreational weed or dirty clothes after camping.

Besides, the spacious design features four zippered compartments, an inner sleeve, and a bottle holder. This way, you can keep other belongings in the small front pocket and place the phone in the hidden-phone compartment. Finally, the main compartment can hold your laptop, iPad, or any electronic gadget.

Lucky for you, the combination lock saves you from the hassle of carrying an additional lock and key. This way, you can keep your valuable items safe in the main compartment.





Is Cookies Smell Proof Backpack Effective?

Undoubtedly, yes. Cookies smell-proof backpack is a good-quality smell-proof bag with enhanced smell-proof technology and reversed zippers. It means you can close the zippers in the opposite direction to seal the odor.

Moreover, the advanced carbon lining in the Cookies smell-proof backpack offers improved odor protection.


Do Smell-Proof Backpacks Work?

Of course. An odor-proof bag is a more convenient option than carrying heavy-weight marijuana containers. It’s certainly not practical to carry smell-proof weed containers on a camping trip.

That’s why different brands, such as Dime bags, Cookies smell-proof backpacks, Skunk bags, and others, realized the requirement of designing smell-proof backpacks to facilitate stress-free marijuana transportation.

The activated carbon lining coupled with advanced zipper technology perfectly seals the weed smell inside the backpack.


How Are Smell-Proof Bags Made?

The smell-proof backpack is designed using different layers. For instance, the exterior is usually made of canvas to offer water resistance. Furthermore, the activated carbon lining absorbs and filters the odor while offering extra padding to protect the glass and other fragile materials.

The activated carbon absorbs the bacteria and other chemicals that cause the odor and locks the smell inside.


How Do I Stop My Weed Backpack Smelling?

The good news is you can reactivate the carbon lining by spinning the backpack in the drier for 10 minutes.

Furthermore, you can use a vodka spray to neutralize the weed odor. Alternatively, you can use a deodorizing product spray to minimize the odor.


weed backpack


Closing with the Best Smell Proof Backpacks

The key takeaway of the above guide is to present you with different smell-proof backpack options to fit your budget.

Weed odor can be a problem, especially while carrying it on public transport. That’s why you should buy a smell-proof backpack to ensure stress-free traveling.

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