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Are you a beginner looking for a way to grow weed discreetly at home? Well, stealth grow box is where your hunt ends.

A stealth box is the most convenient, and beginner-friendly way of growing cannabis. However, it might sometimes be hard to find the best grow box for beginners, due to immense competition in the market. Typically, a grow box is equipped with absolutely everything you need to grow and maximize your cannabis produce at home.

This guide will discuss what is a stealth grow box and why do you need one. In addition, we have also put together a list of the 10 best stealth grow boxes to help you get started as a home cannabis grower.


What is a Stealth Grow Box?

Simply put, it is the answer to the needs of growers who do not have access to an outdoor garden. By and large, automatic features and convenience of use for beginners give grow boxes an upper hand on grow tents.

Typically, grow boxes have a metallic structure and are available in various sizes and shapes. They have everything from high-quality LED lights to a proper ventilation system to help you kickstart yielding your weed. Hence, they make your life easy as a cannabis farmer.

These boxes create an optimum environment for the plant to help them grow indoors. Ideally, these hydroponic grow boxes provide the right amount of light, heat, and moisture to the plants. In addition, if you have a home garden, you can set them there for extending the growing season of annual crops.

Also, the demand for grow boxes has been on the rise ever since the legalization of hemp in many states around the world. Specifically, people living on the top floors of a building or small apartments can benefit from these automated grow boxes the most.


10 Best Grow Box for Beginners & Experts


Size "


Buy on

Grobo Premium

  • 14x14x48

  • 1 plant

  • From 1199.95 $

  • Sturdy structure

Supernova Smart

  • 24x46x78

  • 8 Plants

  • From 2,420.00 $

  • Extremely spacious

Roommate BCNL

  • 28x28x54.5

  • 4 plants

  • Harvest every 10-12 weeks

Armoire Bio

Chamber Kit

  • 25x25x50

  • 2 plants

  • From 1,595.00 $

  • Low energy usage / quiet


LED Smart

  • 18x24x30

  • 6 Plants

  • From 989.00 $

  • Compact size


Secret 6.0

  • 16x20x36

  • 4 palnts

  • From 995.00 $

  • life long warranty

Bloombox BCNL

  • 28x54.5x54.5

  • 9 palnts

  • Harvest every 6-8 weeks

Cash Crop 6.0

  • 11x16x35

  • 2 plants

  • From 795.00 $

  • Cheap

Stealth GrowBox

  • 16x18x35.5

  • 2 plants

  • From 769.99 €

  • Strong structure


  • 20x20x36

  • 4 plants

  • From 1095 $

  • Solid door lock


Benefits of Using Automated Grow Cabinets

If you are an avid grower, you’d already know why these grow boxes are a must-have. However, beginners may not be aware of the extensive advantages of a smart grow box.

Let’s look at the variety of benefits that the best Grow Box offers.


Convenience of Use

The hydroponic grow boxes are a straightforward and neat way of growing cannabis. Unlike traditional farming on soil, these boxes literally guide you at every step of the process.

On top of everything, they come in almost every size containing each and every content that you may need to grow a maximum yield. This can save you incessant trips to your local hydroponics shop to buy various tools.

Also, they help you focus entirely on the growth of cannabis by reducing the workload on you.


Closed Environment

By containing the plants in a contained environment, these grow boxes keep pests and diseases away from them. Overall, these two are the most dreadful enemy of the plant growers and the plants as well. Primarily, when you are growing weed insects such as spiders, mites, and powdery mildew tend to attack the produce.

In addition, they block the outside light from penetrating into grow closet. The light can disturb the optimum conditions created inside the box and destroy the plants.

Most of all, the closed box does not let the pungent smell of the cannabis plants escape and ruin the entire house’s atmosphere.


Easy to Move

Due to their metal or wood structure, you can easily move grow boxes around and fix them in a new location. Unlike grow tents, you do not need to disassemble the box to move it to another place and put it together again.

Also, they do not occupy a vast space. Hence, save you from creating room for them by reshuffling furniture or appliances.


Speedy Growth

Automated grow boxes serve you a crop faster than the usual soil farming. The reason for the rapid plant growth is that the box delivers nutrients timely and swiftly to the growing crop. Sometimes, the growth rate is 30 to 50 % higher with increased produce.

These grow boxes provide water, light, and nutrients directly to the roots. Therefore, plants do not have to look for the nutrients in the soil. This ultimately paces up the growth of weed plants.


Soil-less Farming

How can you grow something without soil? Well, a stealth hydroponic grow box can. One of the primary downsides to using soil is that it infests insects and other pests that harm plant development.

The grow box can use only water as a medium to grow plants. Hence, there’ll be no harmful organisms to impart diseases to plants when there’s no soil. Moreover, light, water, and nutrients are key to an optimum weed crop and not soil.

In addition, other soil-related problems such as poor drainage and sturdy or non-uniform texture can be avoided easily in a controlled grow box medium.


Stealth Grow Box Buyer’s Guide

Now you know what a smart grow box is and what it does for you. So, let’s move onto what essential things you should look for in the best grow box.


Size of the Grow Box

The foremost factor to consider before you buy a smart grow closet is its overall size. It’s an important consideration because the number of cannabis plants will primarily depend on how much a grow closet can accommodate.

In addition, you’ll need to measure the space first where you want to put the box. For instance, if you are planning on placing the box inside a cabinet, the box should be of the appropriate size. Moreover, some cannabis seeds grow taller than others. Therefore, the length of the grow box has to be in accordance with the length of the plants.

Bringing home an incorrectly sized grow box will only waste your time and money.


Your Budget

Another decisive factor for buying the best grow cabinet is your budget range. Just like size and shapes, the grow boxes are available in different price ranges too. Obviously, the cheap box would be less efficient in working. Therefore, you have to choose the one within an economical price range but the best quality.

Generally, the lower price grow boxes have lesser accessories. Each component of the box including LED lights, inline circulation fan, carbon filter, hydroponic system, etc is pretty expensive. But, if you’ll buy every tool separately, it’ll fall far more heavily on your budget than buying the complete grow box kit.

However, due to a wide array of grow boxes in the market, you can get hands-on an excellent product within your budget.



Typically, a marijuana grow box has almost every tool that you’ll need as a beginner cannabis grower. So, it is important to make sure the product you’re going to buy has all the essential accessories. Ideally, you should compare different products to get a clear view of which one is offering a better deal.

For instance, you should go for a grow box that has complete hydroponics grow system. This allows you to plant cannabis as early as you get the box. Also, the grow lights should be automatic, so they can turn on whenever the plants need lighting or it is dark.

All these and more features add to the overall value of the grow box.


Box Security

How secure is the box is a vital question prior to buying grow box. Does it offer you the discreetness that you’re looking for? Does it enclose plants properly to keep the insects, pests, and unwanted light out?

Moreover, nowadays, the stealth Grow Boxes come with a locking system to prevent your children from accessing the plants inside. In addition, the box stuff must be secure enough that nothing harmful succeeds in barging into it inside. If even a minute insect manages to break into the box, it can entirely put the plant growth at risk with a potential disease.


How You Want to Grow Weed

There are typically two kinds of grow mediums in a grow box i.e., hydroponic system or soil. You must select a grow box depending on the medium you’d want to grow your crop in.

If you are looking to use your grow box as a cloning or germination chamber, then soil medium is the best option for you. A hydroponics grow box acts more like a production machine than a traditional crop production method.


LED Grow lights

Almost all grow cabinets come equipped with lights these days. The lights ensure that the plants grow at an optimum rate. However, not all lights are equal in strength or composition. Some may be less strong and others may be more electricity-efficient for your home.

Overall, the lights should be according to your grow cabinet size and requirements. However, ideally, you should choose broad-spectrum lights for maximum light delivery and growth rate.


Grow Cabinet Noise

The noise emitted by the ventilation and hydroponics is highly annoying. In addition, the grow boxes that cause weird noises aren’t liked by many. Therefore, try selecting a box that has minimum system sounds and does not break decibel records.

Moreover, loud noises by the system will eventually let the neighbors know of your secret activity. So, invest in a best grow box to prevent the loud noise from shattering your home’s peace and to keep your activity discreet.


10 Best Stealth Grow Boxes

With the facts mentioned above, you can easily differentiate between a good and bad grow box. Hence, it won’t be difficult for you to find a suitable product anymore.

Now, have a look at our top 10 stealth grow cabinet picks.


1. Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box System

grobo premium automated grow box

If you are a newbie starting from scratch, the Grobo premium automated grow box gets you started in the easiest way possible. You can begin growing your first batch of cannabis within no time. Overall, the Grobo grow box is an epitome of a futuristic product.

The best part of this automated grow box is its app that takes care of your all growing needs. Moreover, the app takes you through each and every growing stage. So, even if you are not a tech-savvy or horticultural expert, you can effortlessly grow cannabis at home.

Just get seeds, and choose a cultivation recipe, the Grobo app got the rest covered. Excitingly, the app reminds you timely for filling the water tank or when to defoliate. Other things such as watering the plants, adjusting light, or tweaking temperature and humidity are the responsibility of this exceptional app.

The brand also offers another hydroponics grow box, Grobo Solid, with almost similar features. By and large, the main difference between the Grobo premium and Grobo solid is only the door.


Educational Community

Uniquely, the brand has a supportive educational community known as “All Growers“. You can learn new things every day and even get help from the maestros of the game for a maximum yield. Moreover, the platform has a plethora of educational blogs and videos to aid you in growing.



  • Automated hydroponics grow box
  • Sturdy structure
  • Top-quality locking system
  • Yields 1-3 ounces
  • Drying space within the box
  • 24/7 tech support



  • Comes with an integrated LED lighting system
  • The dual-intake fans and high-performance carbon filters reduce bad odors
  • Completely automated with an app integration to assist you at every step
  • Modern, sleek, and futuristic design
  • Heavy-duty steel lock secures the internal environment from external harms
  • Helps you grow cannabis discreetly
  • It uses a hydroponic Deep water culture technique
  • Has an online educational platform to help you interact and take guidance from fellow growers



  • Grow cabinet can accommodate only 1-2 plants
  • Price is relatively higher
  • Light leakage is quite noticeable
  • Fans make loud noises

  Grobo.com      TrimLeaf.com 


2. Supernova Smart Grow Closet

SuperNova Smart Grow Closet

Looking for a real smart grow closet for growing crops? Supernova smart grow closet is bespoke for you. It includes a complete, reliable, and quality grow kit for avid weed growers. It’s a ready-to-use weed plant grow box with an option to plug and play right out of the box.

The structure of the box is highly secure and robust. It is 46 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 78 inches high. The size manifests that it’s a giant closet that can easily fit a large number of plants. On average, the box is spacious enough to accommodate 8-12 plants. Hence, you can have maximum yield.

Apart from its huge space, the product is highly technically advanced with two separate cabinets to let you grow crops more efficiently. In one chamber you can harvest and the crop in the other chamber can keep growing. This way the time difference between growing and harvesting diminishes that ultimately saves you time.

Conveniently, you can grow either hydroponically and with soil as you may like. Moreover, the grow box is highly flexible and can fit into almost all places.



  • It can fit 50 seedlings owing to its SuperCloner and comes with an adjustable tray to arrange height aptly
  • The grow box kit comes with 24 W fluorescent bulbs to effectively fulfill the light needs of the plants all the time
  • The air filtration system includes a high-class internal air circulation fan
  • Other valuable tools present in the kit include a digital hygrometer, thermometer, removable and adjustable anti-mold panels



  • Extremely spacious and can hold up to 12 plants at a time
  • An integrated app lets you have complete control of the box including lighting and water schedule
  • Dual chambers with energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs
  • Includes an adjustable seedling shelf
  • Offer you both hydroponics and soil grow medium
  • Top-notch air-filtration system keeps the odors at the lowest



  • It May seem pricey to many
  • Due to its large size, you may need more space to fit it

  SuperCloset      GrowersHouse 


3. The Roommate Automated Grow Cabinet by BCNL

Roommate stealth grow box

Anyone looking for a compact, economical, and premium grow box would love The Roommate in their house. It has small size with big yields; hence you can place it even in the smallest of places.

The overall size of the LED grow box is 28″x54.5″x28″. So, it can grow up to 4 plants at a time. In addition, the box allows you to harvest every 10 to 12 weeks yielding approximately 1.5 to 3 ounces per plant.

This automated grow cabinet guides you through each and every growth stage from seed to the ripe plant stage. The kit includes every essential tool required for getting started such as 3 cycles of nutrients, LED lights, and more.



  • Automatic CO2 injection
  • High-quality carbon filter for odor control
  • Deepwater (DWC) culture hydroponic system
  • 400 Watts Digital ballast and bulbs or LED
  • Computerized digital timer
  • Powder-coated aluminum structure
  • 3- cycle nutrient supply



  • Provides step by step guide
  • Allows you to harvest every 10-12 weeks
  • Has a small size and can fit anywhere
  • The brand offers 24/7 customer support
  • Injects CO2 automatically to maintain levels



  • Not suitable for large scale cannabis production like their other grow boxes

BCNL use “topgrows” Code for 5% off


4. The Armoire Bio Chamber Kit – Complete Grow Cabinet

the armoire biochamber kit

This kit looks like an actual cabinet with an added feature of a grow box. Due to its’ uncanny similarity to the furniture, the Armoire Bio Chamber kit maintains the secrecy element of growing weed. In addition, if you have minimal space, you can even place this marijuana grow box in your bedroom without anyone noticing it.

The company offers you a 90-day “Concierge Service” to helps its customers grow maximum cannabis. Availing of this service, you can contact an expert cultivator at the company for any grow-related queries. The offer shows the brand’s pure commitment to the customers.

With 25×25” and 54” lengths, the LED smart grow box allows huge space for smaller-scale yields. . Overall, it provides the best environment for growing cannabis in soil.



  • 12 spectrum proprietary timed LED light
  • Digital temperature and humidity scale
  • 4 Strong air circulation fans
  • Carbon filter to make the box odor-free
  • Automatic child-proof lock
  • A wifi camera to check the internal environment without going inside the box



  • The sleek design blend with the furniture and keeps growing cannabis secret
  • Professional help service for 90 days
  • Low heat 12 spectra LED lights
  • The Soil is 100% organic with all necessary nutrients
  • Childproof locking keeps the external disturbance away



  • Does not come with a hydroponic grow system
  • Isn’t already assembled out of the box
  • A bit expensive



5. Superbox LED Smart Grow Closet by Supercloset

SuperBox LED Smart Grow Box

A strong little grow cabinet, the Superbox LED smart grow box is best suited for compact spaces. Be it a kitchen, bedroom, or garden space, it can fit anywhere. The sleek design keeps the box discreet and protects the plants as well.

The Supercloset grow box is 18 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 30 inches tall. The size suggests that it can easily accommodate short-scale cannabis crops. In addition, the automated grow cabinet comes with a soil and hydroponics system option. The soil-based cabinet can house around 6 plants on average while the hydroponics grow box can fit 8 plants.

Overall, the body of the Supercloset Superbox is composed of 16 gauge steel that ensures its excellent durability and makes it fireproof as well.

Its built-in app integration is another exciting feature for potential buyers. By syncing it with your smartphone, you can access grow light timer, and keep track of the watering schedule, and transition between different growth periods. In addition, a wifi camera is also included in the kit to allow you to check the internal conditions from anywhere.



  • Dual kind LED grow lights
  • Carbon air filters for odor control
  • Anti-mold, and reflective internal air circulation fans
  • High-quality door lock to protect the plants



  • Has a Sturdy structure and compact size to fit in any place
  • 3 years warranty and 24/7 customer support to help you with any query
  • Has the ability to house up to 10 cannabis plants
  • The ventilation system is extremely efficient
  • Offers both hydroponics and soil arrangements
  • The box is fire and light-proof



  • Ideal only for small scale cannabis production

  SuperCloset      GrowersHouse 


6. Grandma’s Secret Garden 6.0 | 4 Plant Led Grow Box

Grandma's Secret Garden 6.0 automated grow box

Grandma’s Secret Garden is another premium automated grow box by Dealzer. It is an ideal weed plant grow box for beginners within an economical price bracket. The LED grow box keeps the activity secret and gives you the best quality marijuana crop.

Suitable for home producers, it can easily fit up to 4 cannabis plants. This hand-made wooden Grandma’s secret garden smart grow closet comes with a hydroponic system and LED lighting. In addition, you can find essential nutrients and a feeding timetable out of the box.

Excitingly, the grandma’s secret garden allows you to grow cannabis 20 times faster than the conventional method.



  • Equipped with Mars Hydro TS6000 LED light
  • Top-notch exhausts and deodorizers to minimize odor
  • Excellent internal air filtration fans
  • Firm composition



  • Can easily adjust 4 cannabis plants
  • Has premium quality LED lights
  • Grows crops at 20 times swift pace than conventional plantation techniques
  • Contains everything needed for a successfully growing marijuana
  • Comes with a life-long warranty and tech support



  • Fans produce loud noises
  • Light can leak sometimes

  Dealzer.com      eBay.com 


7. Bloombox Automated Grow Cabinet by Northern Lights

BloomBox automated grow box

Designed for maximum efficiency, Bloombox is another exciting grow box by Northern lights. It is much larger in size; hence you can house a higher number of plants.

The cabinet has a height and length of 54.5 inches, and a depth of 28 inches so it fits through any doorway. In addition, it comes with two separate chambers i.e. one for sprouting your seeds and the other for flowering plants. You can keep one mother plant at all times, take up to 48 cuttings, and vegetate 12 clones, while flowering up to 9 plants in the right chamber.

Typically, the cabinet can flower up to 9 plants with an option to harvest them every 6-8 weeks. Each plant harvests around 1-2 ounces per crop. Conveniently, this weed grow box is automated. Therefore, you do not have to worry about anything, it shows you how to perform everything at every step.



  • DWC hydroponic system
  • 400 Watts digital ballast HID lights
  • 48 site power-cloner for swift root growth
  • 3 cycle supply of nutrients
  • Carbon filtration system
  • Air and water pumps



  • With 32 feet of cubic space, you can grow a large number of cannabis plants
  • An automated system guides you at every stage of plant growth
  • Allows you to harvest every 6-8 weeks
  • Increases plant growth rate



  • Takes up more space
  • No integrated app

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8. Cash Crop 6.0 | Weed Grow Box

cash crop 6.0 hydroponic grow box

This product by Dealzer is a jack of all trades and has everything that a beginner needs to grow weed. The cash crop is the cheapest but efficient grow box that makes it stand out from others.

Its small size makes it the best grow box for home growers that don’t need large crop. In addition, the size also makes it more discreet allowing you to grow in complete secrecy.

Overall, the cash crop 6.0 cabinet is available in both soil and hydroponics configurations. However, the hydroponics grow box gives you a mature crop two weeks earlier than the traditional method. Excitingly, you get a lifetime warranty on the box. However, the warranty of LED lights is valid only for a year.



  • Next-Gen quasar LED light
  • Automated system
  • Air and water pump
  • Carbon fabric ventilation system for odor control
  • Made of high-quality wood



  • Has a surface that reflects maximum light
  • Comes with water oxygenation and ventilation systems
  • Hydroponics grow box system of the Cash Crop grows plants quickly
  • Heavy-duty LED grow lights ensure continuous light delivery



  • Extremely small space can’t accommodate large crops
  • Price is high too

  Dealzer.com      Amazon.com 


9. StealthGrowBox – Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box

Hydroponic Led Grow Box

The LED Hydroponic grow box by Stealthgrowbox.co.uk includes everything you would expect from a Plug & Grow stealth system. Ideal for both beginner and experienced growers that can only manage small space, combines quality with productivity at an affordable price.

Stealthgrowbox.co.uk has chosen to go with wood as the main material in order to offer the best growing environment for your herbs while also considering your needs to have a piece of furniture that can easily be placed in your home and blends in perfectly. With 40x45x90 cm dimensions and weighs only 18 kg which makes it easy to move around.

This plug & play Grow Box comes with amazing Led grow lights to maximize yield and everything you need to get awesome results from your favorite plants & herbs. You can easily control the light intensity with the integrated dimmer. In addition, its lock allows you to keep the intrusions by pets or kids at bay.

For an even better growing experience, you can choose from a variety of add-ons and a branded 3D Printed Carbon Filter.



  • Removable air pump
  • Digital thermometer and hygrometer
  • Double activated carbon filters for odor control
  • Plain cabin look maintains stealth
  • Exceptional cooling system with dual fans



  • High-quality LED lighting keeps the plants active
  • Strong structure does not let light leak
  • The carbon filtration system removes all unwanted odors



  • Can only manage 2 plants at a time
  • Not suitable for a big crop



10. Stealth-Box | Marijuana Grow Box

stealth box

As its name implies, this grow box keeps home cannabis growing discreet and stealthy. It is an all-in-one, plug-and-play super grow box that gets you started effortlessly.

The overall size of the box is compact with 20” x20”x36” dimensions. It can easily fit 4 plants inside and gives around seven ounces of each bud. In addition, it comes with a one-year warranty.



  • Composed with powdered-coated steel
  • Solid door lock
  • Full-spectrum LED Quantum Board white light
  • A certified carbon filtration system
  • Multiple inline ventilation air fans



  • Produces 7 ounces per plant
  • Consumes short space
  • The sturdy structure protects the internal environment
  • Has everything needed for a successful crop



  • Can only accommodate up to 4 plants



Wrapping up with the Best Stealth Grow Box for Beginners

Grow boxes let you have the complete experience of growing cannabis at home with stealth and discreetness. That’s why these are highly in demand nowadays.

By and large, a grow box must have maximum production efficiency with minimum costs. Each grow box detailed above has unique benefits for home producers. Some support large-scale cannabis production while others can only fit fewer plants.

You can get yourself the best grow cabinet with the help of the guide above in accordance with your needs.

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