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For the layman, trimming cannabis seems to be a straightforward job with minimal requirements. Trimming scissor, the best trim tray, a chair and you’re good to go.

But people who trim cannabis, know how tedious the task can get.

And as time passes by, your back starts aching, and your wrists get irritated by the constant rubbing on the plant pot. As a result, the plant gets neglected.

An answer for all these woes is using a good trim tray.

Not only does utilizing a trim tray helps you save all that loose THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), but it also makes you work more efficiently.

Using a trimming tray provides you with a workstation, thus, making it more productive and efficient.

I personally would recommend using trim trays for everyone who handles a lot of weed trimming.

If you’re looking for a quality trim tray, you might want to consider one or two different options before making your final decision.

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Selection of the Top 7 Trimming Trays for Weed.

Trimming trays come in several designs and shapes. This means that you have several options to choose the best trim tray from.

Here are my top five picks for the best trimming tray for cannabis:

TrimBin Harvest MoreHarvest Morecheck price button
COMMON CULTURE Trim TrayCommon Culture XLcheck price button orange
Heavy Harvest Trim TrayHeavy Harvest check price button
Harvest More Trim Bin FilterTrim Bin Filter Herbcheck price button
Happy Hydro Kief CollectorHappy Hydro Kief Collector check price button
Greensadi Trimming Tray kitGreensadicheck price button
Agree Table-Trimming trayAgree Table Top Traycheck price button


 Marijuana Trim Trays Reviews – Get the Best out of Your Plants.


1. Harvest More Trim Bin

TrimBin Harvest More Trim Bin

The Harvest More Trim Bin ranks first on our list as the best trimming tray. This product contains two bins that allow you to trim your plant as well as collect pollen.

The top bin is equipped with a non-removable 150-micron stainless steel screen which only allows the finer pollen grains to fall through the screen. The bottom bin, on the other hand, has a mirror finish and it comes with a static brush.

Ergonomically designed, this trim tray works well to reduce back, wrist, shoulder strain, and fatigue. Besides this, the high back and side walls avoid any accidental spills.

Moreover, the product itself comes at a reasonable price and is made in the US.

This trim bin will transform any area into the best trim station. It is user-friendly, easy to clean, and made using recycled plastic.



2. Common Culture XL Weed Tray Kit


Common Culture Trimming Tray is a 13’’x20’’ is designed to hold large quantities of pollen without any loss. Its sturdy body that uses a thick polymer, makes the trim easier for you due to a practical design.

The trim tray is rivet-less with high walls that are anti-spill. You do not need to worry about dropping the flowers down while you are sifting them, and no rivets mean no pollen loss.

The cannabis trimming tray comes with a 150 micron dry sift screen to help you get massive amounts of pollen collected in the harvest bin every time you sift.

It comes with an accessory kit that has all the crucial accessories such as scissors, a brush, magnifying card, and other accessories.



3. Heavy Harvest Bud Trim Tray

Heavy Harvest Trim Tray

The Heavy Harvest Trim Tray is the best trim station to opt for if you wish to reduce the amount of waste produced while trimming your weed.

The product can be used in two ways, by placing it on the table or in your lap.

This makes the trim tray super comfortable to work with. The trimming station itself is multi-layered. The 150-micron tray top can easily sift loose pollen grains and kief. These pollen grains and kief can be utilized later.

The most noteworthy feature this tray offers is that it’s equipped with a magnifying card. This card can help you get a closer look at what needs to be trimmed.

In addition to this, the tray comes in a bright orange color, which is quite appealing.

Furthermore, the tray is very light, making it easily portable. What’s more, you get all these excellent features at just seventy dollars.




4. Trim Bin Filter Herb Trimming Tray

Harvest More Trim Bin Filter Herb Trimming

The Filter Herb Trimming Tray is another one of our top picks from Harvest More.

This tray features a sorting screen at its base which allows you to separate unwanted sizes and materials in a collection bag.

This filter will fit into all other trim bins, and together, you can use both the products to separate buds for maximum processing power, staging, and storage.

Such filters are usually made by people themselves, but Harvest More has finally launched a product that not only helps you in catching all the clippings but also in sorting them out.



5. Happy Hydro Kief Collector

Happy Hydro Kief Collector

The Happy Hydro Kief Collector is the best trimming tray available in the market at such a great price. It costs fifty dollars yet delivers results that rival even the most expensive trimming trays.

The product is equipped with a 150-micron stainless steel mesh screen, which is great at collecting pollen grains and kief.

Furthermore, it has a non-slip grip on its bottom, which is perfect for holding the tray in your lap or on a table. This grip also prevents any mishaps from happening that might affect your weed trimming progress.

The product, although is made from plastic, still delivers great quality and is durable. The tray’s depth is around two and a half inches. This allows you to trim the weed while resting your arms on the walls.

Alongside this, you also get a magnifying glass that can be used to check the trichomes or to get a closer look at what needs to be trimmed.



6. Greensadi Weed Trimming Tray

Greensadi Trimming Tray kit

The Greensadi trim tray is a great choice for you if you wish to get a small and lightweight herb tray. The size (19.3 x 12 inches) makes it ideal for your home, as well as commercial places.

This double plastic tray has a 150-micron mesh in the top tray that helps you gather pollen. You can easily collect your dry-sift, making sure that nothing goes to waste.

The feature that makes it one of the best trim trays is that it has a rubber bottom that will avoid spills and make sure the tray stays in place.

It comes with some essential accessories, including a magnifying glass, to see where you need a trim. The package also includes a small brush to clean up the mess and two pairs of trimming scissors.

Just get a chair and transform it into one of the best trim stations with this high-walled tray.



7. Agree Table Trimming Tray

Agree Table-Top Gardener Portable Potting Tray

The Agree Table Top Tray is the most basic product on our list as compared to the others. However, being basic doesn’t mean that it’s any less.

This product doesn’t come with any fancy features like the micro screen mesh or the magnifying card. It has a simple design, and it can be used for trimming or other gardening needs.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a product that will last for a long time, then this is the best bud trimming tray you’ll ever find.

The nice open front lets you trim your cannabis buds easily while the high back and sides make sure the trim stays within the bin.

Besides this, this product comes at a very reasonable cost and offers good value for the money.

In my opinion, the Agree Table Top Tray is a versatile product that is no less than our other picks for the best trim trays.



Best trimming tray

Wrapping up about the Best Trimming Trays

Trim trays are an essential product for when you’re trimming your cannabis buds.

These trays not only help in keeping the buds within a contained space but also catch large amounts of loose pollen grains and kief.

For some, this might just be trash, but for others, it is medicine.

As it’s evident, all trim trays bring something new to the table. In the end, it depends on your requirements and what are you comfortable with. Hence, it’s not wrong to say that all trim trays are the best trim tray within their own domains.

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