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best weed pipes

Cannabis is available in different forms, which you can eat, vape, dab, or rub. However, if you want a practical and portable solution, you should buy a weed pipe.

A weed pipe can deliver more THC compared to a bong because of the absence of water filtration. Not only that, but the venturi effect cooks down all the smoke and delivers stronger rips.

That’s why you should be careful while selecting a weed pipe. Read along to learn about different types of marijuana pipes available in the market and reviews of the best cannabis pipes.


Top Weed Pipes Out There

Genius PipeGenius Pipecheck price button orange
Session Goods Glass Hand PipeSession Goods Glasscheck price button orange
Marley Natural Glass & Walnut SteamrollerMarley Natural Glasscheck price button orange
Freeze Pipe Glycerin Hand PipeFreeze Pipe Glycerincheck price button orange
Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Spoon PipeMarley Spoon Pipecheck price button orange
Higher Standards Heavy Duty Spoon PipeHS Spoon Pipecheck price button orange
GRAV Labs Glass BluntGrav Labs
Glass Blunt
check price button orange
The Fumo PipeFumo Pipecheck price button orange
White Rhino Glass BluntWhite Rhino
Glass Blunt
check price button orange
Incredibowl i420 PipeIncredibowl i420 Pipecheck price button orange
BudBomb Metal Hand PipeBudBomb Metalcheck price button orange
GRAV Sandblasted Spoon PipeGrav Sandblasted
Spoon Pipe
check price button orange
The Weezy S CTIP Smoking PipeWeezy S CTIP check price button orange
V12 Twisty Glass Blunt MiniV12 Twistycheck price button orange
Glass BluntSesh Supply G
lass Blunt
check price button orange


Types of Best Marijuana Pipes

Before discussing the functionality of the best cannabis pipes available in the market, let’s briefly overview the different types of marijuana pipes that you can use to smoke cannabis. Only this way can you make a well-informed decision while buying a suitable weed pipe that matches your smoking requirements.


Glass Pipe

Available in different sizes, colors, and shapes, a glass weed pipe is one of the most commonly available pipes to smoke weed. You can burn the weed at the bottom and inhale the smoke from the mouthpiece.

One of the most significant reasons for using a glass weed pipe is that it’s non-porous and keeps the smoke inside the pipe, thus keeping the flavor intact.

A glass pipe is certainly breakable and delicate, but it minimizes the buildup inside, so you don’t need to worry about fungal or bacterial growth.

Furthermore, glass pipes are aesthetically appealing and available in multiple colors to match your personality.

Lastly, cleaning glass bongs and pipes is a piece of cake. All you need to do is to boil the pipe in water for ten minutes. Alternatively, you can soak the pipe in 91 percent or more concentrated alcohol for ten minutes, rinse in water, and let it dry.


Wooden Pipe

These are the ancient pipes used for centuries to smoke tobacco, cannabis, and other herbs. All you need to do is light the weed in the pipe’s bottom bowl and inhale it via the pipe. People use wood weed pipes to incorporate earth and natural wood aroma.

It’s the simplest method to smoke cannabis if you don’t know how to roll a joint. You can find so many options in wood pipes based on grains, color, type, and densities of the wood.

However, it’s difficult to clean a wood pipe compared to a glass weed pipe. First, you need to separate the wooden pipe’s parts and use a pipe cleaner to remove the debris from inside. Next, you need to run water through the pipe to wash the buildup.


Acrylic Weed Pipe

If you are an artsy person, you can buy vibrant and colorful acrylic pipes.


Metal Pipe

If you want to invest in buying a durable and concealed pipe, the metal pipe is a perfect choice for you. Also known as the chamber pipes, these pipes are compact and portable.

The cleaning process of metal pipe is less the same as glass pipe; however, you need to soak a metal pipe for 15 minutes because metal requires more time to soak.


The One-Hitter

As the name suggests, it’s a perfect pipe that gives you one hit if you want to limit your cannabis intake. It’s essentially a cylindrical tube similar to a cigarette. Next, you need to press the tip into the marijuana enough for one hit or puff.

The one-hitter offers discretion and portability, allowing you to smoke a small amount every time. It’s made of clay, glass, metals, wood, bamboo, or stone. Furthermore, you can easily carry it in your pocket and take a quick hit on the go.

You can also buy a dugout, a compact case where you can place the one-hitter and grounded weed.



A Chillum is essentially a cylindrical or tubular pipe made of bamboo or clay. It’s compact, easy to clean, and store.

If you want to buy a reliable and affordable weed pipe, you can buy a simple Chillum. Moreover, you can invest in buying a fancy Chillum if you have the budget.


Spoon Pipe

As the name suggests, it features the shape of the spoon and is quite popular in Canada and the US. It’s made of glass and available in different sizes and designs.

One of the most significant advantages of using a spoon pipe is that it can’t be broken easily. Moreover, since it’s glass, you can clean it easily by soaking it in hot water or alcohol.


Glass Blunt

It’s made of a glass cylinder open on one end while the mouthpiece is attached to the other end. Moreover, the mouthpiece is attached to an auger system allowing you to twist the mouthpiece and auger. This way, you can dump the burnt cannabis while keeping the unused cannabis intact.

All you need to do is load the glass blunts and keep them in your pocket to smoke throughout the day.


Sherlock-Style Pipe

As the name suggests, the Sherlock pipes feature a traditional U-shaped type from the bowl to the mouthpiece. As a result, these pipes are one of the most attractive pipes available in the market.


Steamroller Pipe

These are long cylinders made of glass with a bowl on top while both the ends of the cylinder are open. You can say it’s a handheld dry bong because it doesn’t have a water reservoir. It’s most commonly used for hemp flowers and cannabis.


Bubbler Pipe

A bubbler pipe is made of glass, comprising a central water reservoir with a mouthpiece and bowl on either side. You can call it a small bong that produces a smooth hit. Furthermore, you can use a bubble pipe to smoke hash, kief, or hemp flowers.


The Gandalf Pipe

These are regular hand-held weed pipes with longer stems similar to the pipe Gandalf smokes in The Lord of the Rings novel.

The principle behind the longer stem is it gives more time for the smoke to loosen before you inhale, thus offering a smooth hot.

Unfortunately, the Gandalf pipes aren’t portable because the stem is delicate. However, you can make a style statement in your party using the Gandalf pipe.


Reviews of Best Cannabis Pipes


Genius Pipe

Genius Pipe

The Genius Pipe is an all-metal hand pipe featuring advanced air circulation technology. This easy-to-use and straightforward weed pipe have three main sections – filter, pack, and slider. Furthermore, a magnetic seal not only keeps all the sliding sections together but also facilitates cleaning and packing.

You can see hundreds of tiny dimples or circles on the bottom layer of the anodized aluminum shell. It’s because the smoke flows through these spheres by curving around them until it reaches the mouth. This way, the smoke cools and filters as it moves, thus offering you a smooth and cool hit.

All the layers of the Genius pipe are made of anodized aluminum, known for its ability to withstand higher temperatures. Moreover, it’s reliable, lightweight, and entirely safe for use.



Session Goods Glass Hand Pipe

Session Goods Glass Hand Pipe

As the name suggests, the Session Goods Glass Hand Pipe is a handheld, compact pipe, which you can carry in your pocket. The good news is you can store a packed bowl without worrying about the ash falling out of it.

The Session Goods pipe features a 2.5 mm thick tapered glass, which is tinted in black color. Additionally, you can select any seven colors for the silicone sleeve designed to protect the glass pipe. The steel key ring attached to the silicone sleeve allows you to attach the Session Goods pipe with your bag or belt loop.

Furthermore, the pip comes with an ash-catching indent and a flat end, allowing you to place it upright on a flat surface.



Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller

Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller

The Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller is an allrounder weed pipe featuring a heat-resistant hand-blown glass and walnut wood mouthpiece. It features a classic design that’s a perfect combination of thick borosilicate glass and rounded black walnut wood.

Furthermore, the curved wood stand offers convenient handling. The Marley Natural Steamroller is designed in such a way to fit in your hands comfortably.

All you need to do is load the finely ground herb in the bowl, which you can detach from the steamroller. This way, you can load the weed without crushing it. Moreover, you can detach all the parts of this versatile Marley Natural steamroller to clean and store.



Freeze Pipe Glycerin Hand Pipe

Freeze Pipe Glycerin Hand Pipe

As the name suggests, the Freeze Pipe Glycerin Hand Pipe isn’t any ordinary weed pipe. Instead, it offers you ultra-smooth cool hits. So if you don’t want your chest and throat burning, you should buy the Freeze Pipe.

This unique glass pipe is filled with liquid. That’s why you need to put the pipe in the freezer for one hour to freeze the liquid. Now, you know, how are you going to enjoy the cooling effect of smoking?

The Freeze Pipe is undoubtedly heavier than the weed pipes available in the market because of the liquid. You can conveniently detach the deep bowl piece to pack and empty it without digging out the ash.



Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Spoon Pipe

Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Spoon Pipe

The Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Spoon Pipe is one of the best weed pipes featuring hand-blown glass and black walnut wood. The heat-resistant glass bowl offers you consistent hits, while the rounded stem guarantees perfect grip.

Moreover, the spoon pipe Marley Natural is only two inches tall with less than five inches total length. Therefore, you can detach all three parts of this spoon pipe to carry it while traveling.

Furthermore, the rounded mouthpiece is made of wood and comes with a side carb.



Higher Standards Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe

The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe is a perfect pipe, offering a handheld design featuring durable pipe made of high-quality borosilicate glass of 3mm thickness. Furthermore, the large-sized glass bowl allows you to enjoy big rips of smooth and flavorful smoke.

The Heavy Duty pipe includes a side carburetor hole to optimize the airflow. Additionally, the mouthpiece guarantees an airtight seal to prevent any smoke wastage.

The heavy Duty pipe has a wider flat base to keep the cannabis pipe upright on a flat surface, unlike the previously discussed glass spoon pipe. This way, you can quickly load the bowl. Another purpose of the flat base is to offer a secure and comfortable grip within your hands.



Grav Labs Glass Blunt

GRAV Labs Glass Blunt

The Grav Labs Glass Blunt is a four inches long cannabis pipe made on 12mm tubing. Moreover, it comes with an outer sleeve that perfectly encapsulates the slender mouthpiece to block ash.

As the name suggests, it’s a glass blunt, making it a perfect choice for smokers who don’t want to roll a joint. The Grav Labs glass blunt comprises two pieces joined together by a custom-fitted heat shrink rubber tubing.

The mouthpiece pushes further into the outer sleeve as you smoke to ash the blunt and expose fresh herbs continually.



Fumo Pipe

The Fumo Pipe

Fumo, derived from Italian, stands for smoke. The Fumo Pipe is a premium weed pipe with a three-inch polycarbonate tube, one carb button assembly, one bowel with screen, and two extra stainless steel screens.

The main pipe is made of billet aluminum, while the glass tube is durable polycarbonate. Not only that, but it also offers a spring-assisted vacuum button to facilitate single-handed operation.

The billet body, which is essentially a heat sink, cools down the smoke. Next, you can fill the chamber with as much smoke volume as you desire. Lastly, you can push the button on the pipe to close the bowl and allow the fresh air to come through to clear the chambers.



White Rhino Glass Blunt

White Rhino Glass Blunt

If you want to save yourself from the hassle of rolling dry herbs in a joint, the White Rhino Glass Blunt is a slider-style glass blunt with an extendable mouthpiece. It’s essentially a four inches long glass blunt that you can extend to six inches.

Since it’s a slider-style glass blunt, it comprises three main parts: a mouthpiece, an outer glass piece that holds the weed, and a rubber grommet that joins the two components together.

First, you need to pull the mouthpiece to the glass tube’s end. Next, you need to load the dry herb as much as you want. Next, you should light the weed allowing it to turn into ash. The sliding feature facilitates you in pushing the mouthpiece forward while sliding to remove the ash and expose unused weed.



Incredibowl i420 Pipe Standard Edition

Incredibowl i420 Pipe

The Incredibowl i420 Pipe Standard Edition is one of the best weed pipes because of its advanced features, including borosilicate glass interior, annular purge carb, and smoke injection nozzle.

This sturdy cannabis pipe is made of indestructible polycarbonate coupled with an anodized aluminum carb system. It’s only eight inches long pipe which is lightweight and easily manageable.

The patented annular purge carb technology works well with the waterless downstream filtration for efficient weed smoking.

Moreover, you can remove all the parts to clean and store. Lastly, it comes with a lifetime warranty, thus offering you a long-term investment.



BudBomb Metal Hand Pipe

BudBomb Metal Hand Pipe

As the name suggests, the BudBomb Metal Hand Pipe is a metal pipe made that comes with a built-in cooling system.

This four inches long hand pipe comes with an internal cooling helix that runs through the metal shell. The smoke becomes cool and smooth as it moves around the air-tight helix through the circular corridor. As a result, you enjoy a smooth hit as you slowly inhale the smoke.

The BudBomb metal hand pipe comprises the mouthpiece, main cover, bowl chamber, and helix. The good news is you can unscrew all the pieces and soak in alcohol or boiling water to clean.



Grav Sandblasted Spoon Pipe

GRAV Sandblasted Spoon Pipe

If you want to buy a spoon pipe with a frosty and matte finish, the Grav Sandblasted Spoon Pipe is a perfect choice. You can carry this four inches spoon pipe in your pocket.

The Grav Sandblasted spoon pipe features a hand-crafted glass with a bubble bowl and a side carb. Moreover, the frosted finish gives this glass spoon pipe a texture that you can easily grip, unlike the glossy glass pipes.

All you need to do is place the dry herbs in the spacious bowl, light them and inhale the smoke. The hole underneath the hole is wide enough to allow you to enjoy a big hit but not big enough to suck herbs or ashes.



Weezy S CTIP Smoking Pipe

The Weezy S CTIP Smoking Pipe

The Weezy S CTIP Smoking Pipe is one of the best weed pipes featuring a refillable jack-pod system, CTIP carbon filter, and smell-proof storage container. It’s essentially a one-hitter pipe that comes with a pod system.

The Jack-pods are essentially small pods that are reusable and recyclable. Moreover, each pod contains up to 0.2 grams of your favorite cannabis. The good news is you can use each pod up to 100 times before you discard it.

The Weezy S CTIP smoking pipe comes in a smell-roof and airtight storage container.



V12 Twisty Glass Blunt Mini

V12 Twisty Glass Blunt Mini

The V12 Twisty Glass Blunt Mini features a metal twist screw inside the pipe, responsible for keeping the cannabis lit. It’s a relatively new concept that allows you to remove the ash with one twist in the clockwise direction. This way, you get to enjoy the fresh herbs in your next hit.

First, you need to pull the screw out of the glass pipe. Next, you can fill the tube with dry herbs and twist the screw towards the left in the glass tube. Lastly, light the herbs and enjoy a smooth smoking experience.



Shesh Supply Glass Blunt

Glass Blunt

The Glass Blunt features a chillum shape so that you can load more cannabis per session. In addition, it features a sliding mechanism allowing you to load the herbs and remove the ashes.

The Glass blunt features an inner and an outer tube, held together by a rubber casing. You can slide the inner tube outside to load the cannabis.

Moreover, you can pull back the inner glass tube to customize your smoke intake. The chamber can hold one to 1.5 grams of cannabis. After loading, you need to slide the inner tube inside till it touches the weed.

Next, you need to light the herbs and inhale the smooth smoke via the mouthpiece.





What Is the Best Pot Pipe to Smoke Weed?

A cannabis pipe features a unique design that improves your smoking experience. If you want to buy the best glass pipe, the glass should be thick and durable that don’t break easily.

Furthermore, the placement of the carb hole distinguishes the perfect pot pipes from average or good weed pipes. Finally, the placement of the carb hole should be within reach of your hands to enjoy effortless lighting and smoking.


Who Makes the Best Glass Smoking Pipes?

Two features play a significant role in making or breaking a glass pipe – Ventura force and the placement of the carb hole.

The unique shape of the cannabis pipe produces a strong hit by incorporating the venturi effect. If you wonder what’s a venturi effect, it’s the study of the fluid or smoke pressure from one larger area to another via a choke pathway or point.

Furthermore, the best weed pipes are designed in such a way to slow down the smoke, thus giving it some time to cool down before inhaling.

Secondly, the carb hole is a tiny hole on one side of the bowl where you place the weed. It regulates the oxygen that comes in contact with burning cannabis. The challenge is to use the carb hole correctly to burn weed more efficiently.

First, you need to place the thumb on the carb hole till the cannabis turns ember orange. Next, you need to move the thumb on and off the carb hole allowing more oxygen to come in to ignite the herbs more.

It means you need to experiment with different finger combinations to elevate the smoking experience. That’s why the positioning of the carb in the glass pipe plays a significant role in making it one of the best marijuana pipes.


best marijuana pipes


Wrapping up with the Top Weed Pipes

Why are you looking to buy the best cannabis pipes? It’s because it delivers THC without requiring any additional accessories or water. In addition, a pot pipe is compact and can accompany you wherever you go as it can easily fit in your pocket, unlike a bong.

The primary takeaway of the above article is to learn different types of weed pipes and select one of the best pot pipes that match your smoking requirements.

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