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10 Best Weed Subscription Boxes to Try in 2024

best weed box

Do you want to step out of your comfort zone and try new smoking accessories? A weed subscription box comes with various smoking goodies delivered to your doorstep. You can choose these quality smoking accessories according to your preference.

The legalization of cannabis in most parts of the world promoted the idea of weed sub boxes. But the popularity of this convenient doorstep delivery means there are countless options to choose from.

For cannabis enthusiasts, finding the best smoking accessories is a lot of work as you have to look into various factors such as pricing, quality, accessories, and delivery time. Our curated list of monthly weed subscription boxes will help you on this quest.



Price: from $39.99/mth

+100 $ retail value

"topgrows" code 5% off

Stoney Babe

Girly smoker

Price: from $35.00/mth

$60 - $120 reatil value

Daily High Club

Crazy value

Price: from $9.99 to $29.99/mth

up to $90 in retail value


Reliable brands

Price: from $32.99/mth

10% off through link

The Lucky Box

Includes THC

Price: from $117.00/mth

Only shipping within California

The Nugg Club

Includes THC

Price: from $99.00/mth

Only shipping to LA. & Orange County, California

Sensi Box

Great gift

Price: from $20.50 to $31.00/mth

Personalized for him & her

Puff Pack

Extra Supplies

Price: from $5.00 to $12.00/mth

Very affordable

Surprise Stoner Boxes

Unique item

Price: from $39.95/mth

New theme every month



Price: from $36.67/mth

Problem-free philosophy

Are Cannabis Subscription Boxes Worth It?

The best weed box sub delivers vital cannabis products at a lower cost than the retail value. They also cut down your trip to buy smoking essentials and save you time. You no longer have to wander around the shops to find quality accessories anymore.

Curated weed mystery boxes deliver all your cannabis smoking necessities quite discreetly. Thus they maintain your privacy.

Moreover, a weed subscription box delivers all supplies such as glass pieces, grinders, cones, rolling papers, etc.

When you sign up for your weed subscription box, you receive curated paraphernalia and the latest products at a better price. Thus, cannabis subscription boxes are worth it due to their discreet packaging and convenience.


Best Weed Mystery Boxes

A 420 subscription box minimizes your manual work and elevates your smoking experience. But how do you choose the best weed box sub? Here are some of the best weed subscription boxes.


The Hemper Box

hemper subscription box

Hemper is a NewYork based company that designed the Hemper Box. This high-quality stoner box contains a variety of items such as the following: Bongs, Puff packs, Glass filters, Clipper lighters, Hemp wraps, Glass pads, Rigs, and Tornado.

The premium stoner box offers ten cannabis products and is priced at $39.99 per month. In addition, this weed subscription box contains CBD joints and weed papers.

Each month, it comes with various smoking products, so you’re always surprised by these mystery items. This way, you can expect to create an enviable collection of smoking accessories.


  • High-quality smoking products
  • Includes surprise items every month
  • Has collaboration products


  • Expensive

Shipping: Free within the US, worldwide shipments are subject to additional fees. Between the 15th-30th of each month.

Hemper.co | “topgrows” code for 5% off


Daily High Club

daily high club sub box

The Daily High Club is the ideal smoking subscription box for cannabis experts. This monthly weed box is stuffed to its brim with smoking supplies. Cannabis smokers can stay stocked with this stoner box.

It offers three types of subscriptions to smokers;



Contains a RAW clipper lighter, an assorted sticker, RAW filter tips, and 25 wide organic hemp rolling papers for a $9.99 monthly subscription.


Connoisseur V2

If you want to enjoy marijuana while remaining within the budget, you can select the Connoisseur V2, containing seven to nine items for $19.99 per month.


El Primo

It’s a top-quality box offering more than $100 retail value of awesome smoking supplies for $29.99.

Smokers don’t have to hunt for their smoking products anymore with these three affordable subscriptions. Since the company collaborates with several brands and brings mystery products to your doorstep, you’re always in for a surprise at the end of the month.


  • Premium quality glass products in El Primo cannabis subscription
  • Three subscription choices


  • Long international shipment times

Shipping: Free within the US, worldwide shipments are subject to additional fees. Last day of every month.



The Stoney Babe

stoney babe box

The Stoney Babe Box is a themed box with bright colors, specially designed for girls who love hemp. This themed box has about five to ten smoker accessories, such as crystals, papers, cones, pipes, jars, grinders, etc.

These artisan goods are sourced from women-owned small businesses, and the packing is discreet. The price range for the Stoney babe box is about $30 to $35 per box. It’s quite a steal, considering the total worth of the items is about $60.


  • Bright, colorful themes
  • Handpicked accessories
  • Up to ten or twelve accessories
  • Affordable


  • Specific delivery window

Shipping: Free within the US, worldwide shipments are subject to additional fees. Between the 1st-8th of each month.

CrateJoy.com for StoneyBabe Box


Cannabox Monthly Stoner Subscription Box


The best cannabis subscription boxes contain all the essential marijuana products. The Cannabox is one of the ideal boxes for smoking experts because it comes with rare indie products and basic supplies.

Cannabox is a premium weed mystery box for $32.99. It usually has about six to eight useful accessories such as pipes, rolling papers, high-quality grinders, t-shirts, etc.


  • Affordable subscriptions
  • Contains all essential smoking products
  • Free shipment across the US


  • Surprise items may not be useful

Shipping: Free within the US, a limited amount of country shipments are subject to additional fees. Between the 20th and 30th of each month.

CannaBox.com for 10% off


Lucky Box Club (Contains THC)

lucky box club

The Lucky Box Club’s monthly subscription box features a curated collection filled with the finest cannabis brands. Every month you receive premium products delivered right to your doorstep.

You only receive products from the categories you select, so you don’t receive any unusual items. All useful products are state-certified and lab-tested, so you don’t have to worry about quality or safety.


  • Only contains your preferred products
  • Curated service


  • Expensive
  • No surprise items

Shipping: Free, only within California.

CrateJoy.com for The Luck Box


Nugg Club Weed Subscription Box (Contains THC)

the nugg club

Nugg Club is one of the most popular weed subscription boxes available in northern California. The stoner subscription box costs $99 but has a retail value of more than $225.

The Nugg club box comes with five to seven accessories and a few add-ons. You can choose your preferred strains to keep the box personalized for your needs.

The Nugg box contains flowers, rolling papers, vapes, a pack of pre-rolled joints, cannabis-infused granola clusters, rechargeable vape batteries, etc. Most importantly, the stoner mystery box comes with a mini present to surprise you every month.


  • Comes with discounted add ons
  • Highly discreet packaging
  • A wide range of products


  • Only available in northern California
  • Expensive

Shipping: free, only to Los Angeles and Orange County, California. Within 7 to 10 business days from ordering.

Get the Nugg Club Box


SensiBox by Spiced Up

sensi box

The SensiBox is a customized weed subscription box ideal for men and women. This elegant stoner subscription box features up to seven smoking essentials, random items, and a glass pipe.

Cannabis experts can subscribe for three, six, and twelve months subscriptions. You can also expect surprise items from this weed mystery box as it contains eco-friendly items, including weed leg socks, paper, and a bead bracelet.

The SensiBox costs around $35 per month with free shipping.


  • Discount coupons for extended subscriptions
  • Personalized subscription boxes for him and her


  • Expensive subscriptions

Shipping: Free within the US, a limited amount of country shipments are subject to additional fees. Between the 10th and 12th of each month.

CrateJoy.com for Sensi Box


The Puff Pack

puff pack

The Puff Pack is amongst the most versatile stoner boxes available for cannabis enthusiasts to stock up on supplies every month. Besides the essentials, the Puff Pack delivers a few extra goodies to your doorstep every month.

You no longer have to search the smoke shop for add-ons as the Puff Pack has you covered.

It contains products from well-known brands such as High Hemp, RAW, and i-Tal. Thus, you can discover products from newer brands.


  • Extra supplies
  • Four types of subscriptions
  • Discreet shipping
  • Affordable


  • Prices are exclusive of shipping cost
  • Only one pack of rolling paper per box

Shipping: Free within the US, a limited amount of country shipments are subject to additional fees. Within 5 business days.

CrateJoy.com for Puff Pack


Surprise Stoner Boxes by Cloud Nine

Surprise Stoner Boxes

The Cloud Nine cannabis box contains 14 items, including the following.

  • Rolling accessories
  • Candy or snacks
  • An assorted sticker
  • Basic smoking supplies such as a rolling tray, grinder, stash jar

The weed box has a different theme each month. Besides the standard 14 items, it usually contains a unique piece. You can select subscriptions for one, three, and six months.


  • Comes with a unique item
  • New theme every month
  • Up to 14 items
  • Cancel anytime


  • Contents might not be what you need

Shipping: Free within the US, a limited amount of country shipments are subject to additional fees. Between the 16th and 26th of each month.

CrateJoy.com for Surprise Stoner Box


Hakuna Supply

hakuna Supply boxes

Hakuna Supply is one of the most eco-friendly smoking subscription boxes available for you to order.

Box contents include two rolling paper packets, hemp wick rolls, grinders, a stash jar, rolling trays, pipe, roach clips, cleaning accessories, and ritual items. You will also receive a rolling sleeve bamboo box in five styles.


  • Eco-friendly items
  • World wide delivery


  • Not suitable for veterans who might need additional items and flavors

Shipping: Free within the US, a limited amount of country shipments are subject to additional fees. Between the 1st and 5th of each month.

CrateJoy.com for Hakuna Box


How to Choose a Weed Sub Box?

Nowadays, there are many options when it comes to choosing weeb subscription boxes. With the legalization of cannabis, several smoking essentials are available in the market.

If you’re placing an order for your weed subscription boxes, you must know about smoking supplies, prices, quality, and style to enhance your smoking experience. So how do you choose a weed sub box? Here are some factors you should look into.



Before you subscribe to themed boxes containing smoking essentials, you must look into the pricing of subscriptions. Some extended subscriptions come with discount coupons that can help you save a few bucks on your monthly box.

You’ll find 420 boxes that cost as low as one dollar to as high as $100 per month. However, if you decide to pay 100 bucks per month, make sure you’re getting products that are worth the price.


420 Subscription Box Quality

Before you order your weed sub box, you must check the products you will receive. Are they worth the money? Are they sourced from reputable companies?

Unfortunately, many mystery weed boxes contain items that aren’t useful. If you’re paying $100 every month, don’t settle for useless items.

Instead, look for subscriptions that provide you with premium-quality supplies to meet your individual needs. The type of cannabis subscription box you choose will ultimately depend on your personal preferences.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the quality of the products inside the box is more important than the design or size. Make sure to do your research and choose a box that will provide you with high-quality products that you can enjoy.


Style of Packs

You can order personalized weed boxes according to your liking.

For instance, you can choose themed boxes if you’re a fan of certain flavors or items. Such boxes contain products you use regularly. For example, if you prefer rolling packs, you should look for weed sub boxes that have plenty of rolling papers.

But if you’re fond of glass pieces, you must choose a box that delivers glass products.


best weed subscription box


Wrapping Up with the Best Weed Subscription Boxes

Cannabis goody boxes allow weed enthusiasts to expand their collection every month. In addition, you can customize your accessories and try new things with each subscription.

These 11 weed box subs are suitable for both beginners and experts. Place an order for your favorite weed subscription box today!

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