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best weed subscription boxes

Weed Subscription boxes are all the rage these days as you can get literally anything delivered to your door on a monthly basis.

From skincare to pairs of socks, subscription services deliver your essentials right at your door without you needing to make that store trip or order them online every time.

In these times you can subscribe to a 420 box? That’s right, you can receive all your smoking supplies delivered in the best marijuana subscription boxes every month.

These boxes contain all the stuff you need like papers, pipes, and lighters minus the weed itself.

Some may even deliver flowers depending on where you are and whether marijuana is legal for recreational use.

Here are the thirteen best weed boxes you should try:


Selection of the Top 420 Subscriptions

Image420 BoxVisit
hippie-butler-boxHippie Butler
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Hemper BoxHemper Box
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DHC subscription boxDaily High Club
Crazy Value
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stoney babeStoney Babe
Girly Smoker
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Reliable Brands
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Dank BoxDank Box
Good Quality
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sensiboxSensi Box
Best Gift
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Hakuna SupplyHakuna Box
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Wake and Bake BoxWake & Bake
Smoking & Coffee
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Dubs and Shrubs 420 boxDubs & Scrubs
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Dojabox subscription boxDojaBox
For Ladys
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doyougoody boxDo You Goody
Great Value
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the puffpack boxThe PuffPack
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Best Weed Subscription Boxes in 2021


1. Hippie Butler – 420 Subscription Box

hippie butler 420 box

If you don’t become a fan just because of the name you would when you find out you can actually personalize your subscriptions. Hippie Butler offers a high-quality marijuana subscription box, starting at just one dollar. Once you select one, you can choose what you prefer most. They will then personalize the box to meet your specific needs.

There are quite a lot of options, so basically, there is something for every type of stoner. The prices are quite reasonable. They even have mobile apps where you can manage and track your smoking subscription box from.

As is usual with most subscription boxes, you can change or cancel anytime. The packages are super discreet with the return address indicated only as HB.com.


  • Very affordable prices
  • Most customizable
  • Hassle-free returns if something is broken or you are not satisfied


  • The website can be a little more user-friendly.

Visit TheHippieButler.com


2. Hemper.co High Quality Weed Box

hemper subscription box

The Hemper Box subscription packs in loads of cool stuff that would otherwise cost you a lot of money. There are a few options you can choose from that have been carefully designed for those newbies as well as seasoned smokers. If you are always after cool smoking accessories, this might just be one of the best 420 goody boxes for you.

They claim they add stuff worth over $125 at a monthly subscription price of $39.99. The basic box is just $5 while the Hemper pack costs $19.99. Most of the products are their own, but they have done collaborations in the past with the likes of CustomGrow420, Ty Dolla $ign, and Strain Central to add more from other brands as well.

The boxes are delivered discreetly and securely without any branding. Delivery depends on the date you ordered the weed subscription box. It usually takes seven to ten business days. Afterward, the boxes are shipped on the 15th of every month.


  • High-quality stuff
  • Long-term savings
  • The flexibility of choosing the frequency (month-to-month, three months, or six months)


  • A bit pricey for a monthly expense
  • Refund only possible in the form of store credit

   Visit Hemper.co | Use “topgrows” Code  


3. Daily High Club – Crazy Value

best weed subscription boxes

The Daily High Club subscription is insanely cheap. Their RAWsentials subscription pack is priced at just 9.99 dollars. They are literally the dollar store for stoners. You get your basic stuff like papers, filter tips, and hemp wicks for just a dollar. You would not find any 420 good boxes this cheap anywhere else.

Aside from this ridiculously cheap smoking subscription box, there are two other options: the Connoisseur and El Primo. The Connoisseur contains all your essentials as well as some other smoking accessories for just $19.99. In total, it contains seven to nine products. The El Primo is like the premier 420 box containing all the fancy stuff. However, there is a fee for shipping if ordering from outside the US.

The Daily High Club is a favorite among stoners as it gives multiple affordable options depending on your consumption. A lot of times people avoid subscriptions thinking they would get stuff they do not need. Their best 420 subscription boxes solve that problem in just a buck.


  • Crazy value for money
  • Timely delivery
  • Ships internationally too


  • As the price is really low, you might find it lacking compared to expensive boxes.

Visit TheDailyHighClub.com


4. The Stoney Babe – Girly 420 Box

 subscription box for girls

The Stoney Babe is specially designed for girls who love smoking. Because of its unique collection of hand-picked feminine smoking accessories, it is known to be the most girlish box in the market.

And why not? The personal touches on each of the items are just incredible.

Moreover, the box comes at a fantastic price ranging between $30-$35. If you want the most adorable cannabis-themed items, you should give this box a shot. In other words, you won’t find such a unique collection of things elsewhere.

Although it may seem a little pricey, the handmade details are genuinely worth the money. All you need to do is order once, and we bet you will be restless to get your hands on the next box.

Like most of the other weed boxes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, the subscription renews automatically at the end of the month. All in all, the Stoney Babe is the best stoner subscription box for females.


  • Worth your money
  • Includes cute little artisan items
  • Best stoner box to gift someone


  • Boxes only ship between the 1st and 4th every month
  • Shipping time may exceed a month


5. Cannabox – Reliable Brands

best 420 subscription boxes

The cheapest of the best cannabis subscription boxes is the Cannabox. It starts just at $13.99. This subscription is called the Cannabox Essentials. It contains papers, filters, hemp wraps, pipe, some munchies, and an accessory. That is a lot of stuff for a small price.

In addition to the essentials monthly subscription, those looking for something extra every month can go for the Cannabox. For just a little over $28 per month, you get a box jam-packed with stuff you would be showing off to your friends. If social media is anything to go by, these guys are quite popular.

Each month, the box has a unique theme, and the products are based on that theme. You can be sure you will not be getting similar stuff months on end. Whenever you want to cancel, you can simply do so by logging into your account or starting a support ticket. If you go for a six-month renewal, you will save money.


  • Something for every type of consumer
  • Only uses reliable brands
  • Long term saving on smoking essentials


  • They do not give refunds once they have been shipped.

    Visit CannaBox.com   


6. Dank Box

Dank Box - Monthly 420 Subscription Box

Dank Box 420 box offers to get premium rolling paper bundles of 3, 5, 10, or 25 booklets per month along with a gift ítem. The box contains mystery ítems, which makes receiving a package a fun surprise each time.

They offer a variety of subscription options to choose from. One can select the desired subscription base on your unique needs and budget. The dank box allows you to créate your decorative bundles and print gift messages on the set, making it ideal for gifting purposes.

The subscription options are:

  • Load n’ Rollin’ Gift Set, which retails for $35
  • Stoner Bundle Gift Set priced at $104
  • The Economist Gift Set for $3.92
  • Weekend Warrior Set for $5.75
  • Pro Smoker Set for $11.33
  • Chain Smoker Bundle for $22.92


  • Multiple subscriptions to suit every budget
  • Customization for decorated bundles available
  • The gift and mystery ítems in every purchase
  • Money-back guarantee if the product is returned within 30 days


  • Due to the low price range, some people might find it lacking as compared to other subscriptions.

  Visit CrateJoy.com 


7. Sensi Box

sensibox smoker subscription box

The Sensi Box is one of the best marijuana subscription box given that they offer quite a selection at reasonable rates. You can select either the Original SensiBox or the Light SensiBox at $30 and $20 for each delivery respectively.

The Original box contains over items whereas the Light-box contains five items. If you are not a regular smoker and occasionally buy accessories and supplies, you can reduce the frequency to three months, six months, or even 12 months.

What makes this 420 box unique is that often the items are themed. If you are a collector, you are going to appreciate the carefully curated items this New Hampshire-based company picks for you. They have recently moved towards making their boxes more gender-neutral.


  • Timely delivery
  • Best weed subscription box to gift a stoner
  • Flexible cancellation/refund policy


  • If you order after the 10th of any month, the subscription does not start until the 10th of the following month.

  Visit CrateJoy.com 


8. Hakuna Supply  Eco-Friendly

Hakuna Supply stoner box

Hakuna Supply Stoner box is one of the very few eco-friendly weed box options available in the market. The problem-free philosophy of the Brand ensures that you get high-quality ítems delivered discreetly every month.

Some box contents include two Rolling Paper Packets, two 10Ft Hemp Wick Rolls, four Twisted Hemp Wraps, Grinder, Stash Jar, Pipe, Roach Clips, Dab Tools, Rolling Trays, Cleaning Supplies, Incense, Ritual items, and much more.

The ítems within the box vary each month depending on the theme. You’ll receive a rolling sleeve bamboo box during the first month, which will swap for a monthly theme for the coming box. The bamboo boxes come in five styles; sun and moon, tree of life, geo elephant, sacred eye, and sacred rose.


  • An Eco-Friendly Brand that comes with a plantable seed paper
  • Offer a money-back guarantee
  • World wide shipping


  • Boxes are sent between 1 and 5th of every month


9. Wake and Bake

Wake and Bake weed Box

If you are not getting feel-good feelings from the name, the wake and bake weed subscription box packs in loads of cute stuff and retails for $53.00 a month.

Fan of coffee and joints? Your life is about to get lit with a Wake and Bake 420 subscription box. The box contains anywhere between five to ten items, along with a coffee sample.

You need to be 21 years of age to purchase this box. A few of the ítems include glass pieces, jars, grinders, flavored papers, cones, etc. It is an excellent gift ítems as well.


  • Worldwide shipping
  • Discrete Packaging
  • Free Shipping
  • A good refund policy


  • A tad bit expensive for the ítems present in the box
  • A bit pricey for a monthly expense

  Visit CrateJoy.com 


10. Dubs and Shrubs

Dubs and Shrubs 420 box

Each month dubs and shrubs launches a new weed subscription box. The theme box contains handcrafted cannabis-related ítems. The best part is that each of the stoner boxes is filled with high-quality ítems.

Some of the ítems include: assorted themed ashtray and lighter set, adequate detailed themed stash jar, resin finished themed rolling tray, high quality themed glass pipe, high quality themed glass bubbler, and limited edition themed assorted stickers.

It comes in three options;

  • Buzzed Essential Package

If you are a part-time smoker, this is the perfect package for you. Every month, you’ll receive a total of six ítems, all with a $100+ retail value.

  • Stoned Premium Package

This package is ideal for the average smoker. It contains nine items, all with a $250+ retail value

  • Trippy Elite Package

The trippy package is ideal for lifestyle smokers. It contains ítems, all with a $300+ retail value.


  • Worldwide shipping
  • Value for money
  • Discreet Shipping Available


  • Similar ítems every month

   Visit CrateJoy.com 


11. Doja Box – For Her

Dojabox subscription box

Before going into the details about this subscription service, can we just take a moment to appreciate the logo and artwork at Doja Box? They are obviously here to make smoking fun, and they could not be clearer about their mission with their logo, packages, stickers, and the whole website honestly.

The Doja Box subscription starts at $33 per month. There is a discount if you opt for three months or six months of prepaid plans. You can also add an extra essential product, for instance, a lighter, to your box for under a dollar.

Doja box produces the best cannabis subscription boxes that can be chosen to either be discrete or have amazing artwork and branding. On top of this, every box exclusively contains what Doja calls a ‘bomb strain’ bath bomb. If you are low on new music, there is a Playlist of the Month list as well. Now, that is something worth trying.


  • Interesting selection of products
  • Creative boxes
  • Promo codes also available


  • 5% may be deducted from refunds

   Visit CrateJoy.com  


12. Do You Goody 420 Box

420 goody boxes

The 420 Goody Boxes at DoYouGoodyBox.com are packed with loads of interesting stuff in addition to the regular stuff you need. There are two choices: the Good Box and the Top Shelf.

The Goody Box contains five to seven items having a collective value of over $65 but priced at $27.98 per month. The Top Shelf, as its name indicates, is a pricey subscription containing high-end accessories with a value of over $150.

The 420 goody boxes ship every 20th of the month with a new theme every month. They are quite flexible with change or cancellation. You can pause your subscription anytime you like if you are under the weather, traveling somewhere, whatever the reason may be. All packages are super discreet, so even if you live in a state where smoking weed is illegal, no one would know.

These boxes sometimes contain munchies too in addition to smoking essentials and accessories. Now, who wouldn’t like that?


  • Good value for money
  • Package tracking available
  • 100% refund within seven days of delivery
  • They accept brand and product suggestions as well


  • For some people, delivery on the 20th of every month can be a little late.

Visit DoYouGoodyBox.com  Use “TOPGROWS” Code


13. The Puff Packs

best cannabis subscription boxes

Are you looking for a marvelous variety of smoking accessories? Well, you won’t find a better option than Puff Packs. Puff Packs is the only one to offer a wide range of marijuana subscription boxes starting from as low as $1.

Besides, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a regular smoker. You can get all you want at a reasonable price. Not just that, you can also customize your box according to your own needs.

Moreover, the boxes are designed to suit everyone’s needs. At the top of the list, you have the Premium Club priced at $90. This 420 smoking subscription box is no doubt, exclusive for cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

For a luxurious smoking experience, the Premium Club contains high-quality glass along with glass cleansing agents, chrome lighters, rolling papers, and more. Therefore, this makes it the best cannabis subscription box amongst all.


  • Affordable and worthwhile
  • You can customize it as you wish
  • Available online in Puff Mart
  • Also includes high-quality accessories
  • Free shipping for the Premium Club


  • Glass pieces may not fit together
  • Items may be lesser than you expect

   Visit CrateJoy.com  


Wrapping Up with the Best 420 Goody Boxes 

If you are opting for a marijuana subscription box service, you should first figure out what type of smoker you are.

For some, the essentials 420 box subscription would be more than enough.

However, those who are enthusiastic stoners who treat smoking as a passion may want to try out some of the best weed boxes.

The biggest benefit of subscribing to a 420 box is convenience as you never run out of the essentials and have many interesting accessories and gear on top of that.

You would also be saving money in the long term.

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