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Who says you can’t buy happiness? I can’t entirely agree with this cliched statement. You can buy or gift a bundle of joy and ecstasy by subscribing to any of the best weed boxes discussed in this article.

Due to the pandemic, these difficult times don’t allow you to party with your friends. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t express your friendship by gifting your weed-lover friends the out-of-the-world 420 subscription box.

Furthermore, you can have a virtual party where you and your friends can smoke the same weed using similar tools. Pure heaven, indeed!

Read along to learn about the exciting weed boxes containing all kinds of cannabis products and smoking essentials.


Selection of the Top 420 Subscription Boxes

hippie-butler-boxHippie Butler
from 15,99$
Every week
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Hemper BoxHemper Box
from 33,99$
15th - 30th
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nugg club boxNugg Club
THC Products
from 99,00$
7-10 days
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stoney babeStoney Babe
Girly Smoker
from 30,00$
1st - 8th
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DHC subscription boxDaily High Club
Crazy Value
from 9,99$
Last day
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Reliable Brands
from 29,99$
20th each
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Dank BoxDank Box
Good Quality
from 3,92$
14th each
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sensiboxSensi Box
Best Gift
from 20,50$
10th - 12th
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Hakuna SupplyHakuna Box
from 20,00$
1st - 5th
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Wake and Bake BoxWake & Bake
Smoking & Coffee
from 53,00$
Last week
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Dubs and Shrubs 420 boxDubs & Scrubs
from 43,00$visit button


Are Cannabis Subscription Boxes Worth?

Without any doubt, Yes!!

First, it’s a digital world, and online weed subscription boxes serve as a great surprise every month.

Second, these monthly subscription boxes are meticulously curated, keeping in view the specific requirements of the cannabis connoisseurs.

Third, a cannabis subscription box is extremely convenient because it saves you from the hassle of picking up different smoking accessories, dab rigs, and other add ons from multiple stores and then making different goody boxes.

Not to mention you need to go to courier delivery services and pay individually for all the boxes to dispatch them.

That’s why a subscription to a marijuana goody box minimizes all the manual work and elevates your and your friends’ smoking experience.

Lastly, cannabis subscription boxes are quite affordable; thus, you don’t have to spend all your pocket money buying them. It’s because the subscription companies buy products in bulk. That’s why it’s going to cost you less to pay for a single 420 subscription box instead of purchasing the individual accessories.


How to Choose a Weed Subscription Box?

It’s no longer about marijuana products but also about the smoking supplies such as glass pieces, rolling papers, dab rigs, and other accessories to enhance the smoking experience.

That’s why an all-rounder smoking subscription box contains all the supplies you require. However, you need to keep in view certain pointers before selecting any marijuana subscription box.



Of course, before subscribing for your monthly weed subscriptions, please check the price tag. Usually, the prices range from as low as one dollar to as high as 100 bucks a month.

Don’t worry, as you can find plenty of marijuana subscription boxes in the market to match your budget. However, if you want to go for a pipe glass piece or a new bong every month, you may need to look for some premium-quality cannabis subscription boxes.


420 Box Quality

By box quality, I don’t mean the material of the box, but what’s inside and if it’s worth paying for every month. You need to evaluate the 420 goody box based on both quality and quantity. Also, check the glass piece quality and material. If the glass breaks after a couple of uses, you may need to opt for some other 420 boxes.

Monthly subscription companies offer multiple options to match your cannabis requirements. You can select a suitable 420 goody box from three or four available box variants.

Lastly, you should check if the quantity of the smoking essentials will last for a month or not. What’s the point of subscribing to a monthly 420 box if it won’t last more than two weeks?


Styles of Packs

Whether you smoke from bongs or by rolling papers, you can get the different weed boxes based on your liking.

For instance, you can buy a glass pack if you want to smoke from glass. Moreover, you can get pre rolls, loose rolling papers, and rolling tips in a paper pack. You can also buy a bundle pack that contains both glass and paper smoking products.


Best Weed Subscription Boxes Reviews


1. Hippie Butler Box – Customizable

hippie butler 420 box

Price: Starts at 15,99 dollars.

Description: The Hippe Butler box is a complete surprise package containing all kinds of smoking accessories for beginners and experts. It’s essentially a hybrid 420 goody box containing both paper and glass.

Another great news is that Hippie Butler allows you to customize this subscription box in the following three styles:


Roller’s Club

It’s curated for smokers who love hand-rolled weed. Moreover, it’s an affordable box, available at $15.99 per month.


Butler Box

It’s a hybrid box containing both paper and glass products, packed in an affordable subscription box of $39.99 per month.


Master’s Club

Starting from $139.99 per month, it’s a limited edition subscription box containing rolling papers, a storage jar, and a hemp wick jar. However, the themes for this box change every month, so you need to check online about the upcoming box.

The Hippie Butler box consists of a total of 12 items packed in a brown box.

These items include:

  • Glass Spoon Pipe – Is made of thick glass with a deep bowl and a fairly large-sized mouthpiece.
  • Four-piece Grinder – Comprise four pieces, a magnet, a scraper, a pollen screen, and diamond-shaped teeth.
  • Full-Sized Rolling Tray – Simplifies the rolling process of marijuana.
  • RAW cones – Perfect for amateurs.
  • RAW Paper and Tips – Unparallel paper, perfect for a weed smoker.
  • Hemp Wraps – Recommended for people who prefer natural smoke.
  • Juicy Jays – This is a pack of different flavored papers, liked by weed connoisseurs.


  • Hand-picked smoking products
  • Affordable
  • Includes limited edition products


  • Glass may break during transit if not handled carefully.

Shipping: Worldwide from the U.S. every week.

Visit TheHippieButler.com


2. The Hemper Box | High-Quality

hemper box

Price: From 33,99 dollars.

Description: Designed by the New York-based company Hemper, the Hemper box is essentially a high-end stoner pack containing different surprise items, such as bongs, puff packs, clipper lighter, glass filters, glass pads, hemp wraps, tornado Rigs, and much more.

This premium quality stoner box has been featured in Now This and High Times, offering ten different cannabis products. Priced at $39.99 per month, the subscription box contains goodies, such as legal CBD joints, a glass, and weed papers.

Furthermore, the smoking products vary each month, so be ready to get surprises. Moreover, you can have a great collection of smoking products, especially glass.

For your record, the Hemper Pineapple Rig costs $59.99, excluding the shipment charges. However, you can get it in the Hemper box in addition to other products for less than $40 a month. How cool is that!

All the products present in this limited edition subscription Box have a net worth of more than $100, which you can’t buy from anywhere else.


  • Premium-quality products
  • Includes different glass pieces every month
  • Collaboration products from other companies


  • Expensive
  • Higher shipping costs outside of the U.S

Shipping: Worldwide from the U.S. between the 15th-30th of each month.

Visit Hemper.co | “topgrows” code for 5% off


3. Nugg Club Box -THC Products

nugg club subscription box


Price: Starts at 99,00 dollars.

Description: With a net worth of more than $225, you can subscribe to a Nugg Club box for only $99 plus taxes. So if you are a fan of cannabis assortments and THC products but don’t want to buy at a full retail price, the Nugg Club box is designed just for you.

Another great thing about this OG goody box is that it can personalize your subscription box, saving you from the hassle of selecting different products. You must be wondering, how? It’s easy; all you need to do is take a quiz to analyze your likings about the vaporizer cartridges, pre-rolled joints, and other THC-infused edibles. And leave the decision up to the Nugg Club.

Moreover, the prices may vary for future boxes as you may also add discounted add-ons from your previous cannabis boxes. You can also track your box delivery progress via your smartphone.


  • Versatile box with discounted add-ons
  • Allows tracking of the box via a smartphone
  • Wide selection of cannabis and CBD products


  • Expensive
  • Only available in some states

Shipping: Within 7 to 10 business days from ordering.

Get the Nugg Club Box


4. The Stoney Babe Box – For Her

The Stoney Babe Box

Price: From 30,00 dollars.

Description: If you want to dedicate a pink and girly subscription box to a stoner girl, you must buy the Stoney Babe box. As the name suggests, this marijuana subscription box contains seven to 12 girly smoker products. The price ranges from $30 to $35 with a net worth of more than $60.

Designed in bright colors, the Stoney Babe goody box contains the following accessories:

  • Grinder – Comes with an ultra-sharp blade that smoothly cuts and sifts out the clumps.
  • Spoon Pipe – Is Made of thick glass and contains a deep bowl and a large mouthpiece.
  • Flavored Papers – Easy-to-roll thin and lightweight flavored papers.
  • Wraps -Recommended for people who like natural smoke.
  • Other Items – Weed rolling tray, smoking pipes, and a lighter.


  • Hand-picked products
  • Ideal feminine gift
  • Affordable
  • Contains different smoking essentials


  • Specific days for shipping
  • It May contain irrelevant surprise items

Shipping: Worldwide from the U.S. between the 1st-8th of each month.

Visit CrateJoy.com for StoneyBabe Box


5. Daily High Club – Crazy Value

El primo box daily high club

Price: Starts at 9,99 dollars.

Description: The Daily High Club is one of the best weed subscription boxes, offering three types of subscription boxes at affordable prices.

Based in Los Angeles, the Daily High Club has experienced employees who curate high-quality glass. Not only that, but the company also collaborates with different cannabis brands to include exciting goodies in the following three subscription boxes:



It’s an all-natural box containing a RAW clipper lighter, an assorted sticker, RAW filter tips, and 25 wide organic hemp rolling papers.

You can buy all these smoking accessories for only a $9.99 monthly subscription.


Connoisseur V2

If you want to enjoy marijuana while remaining within the budget, you can select the Connoisseur V2, containing seven to nine items for just $20 per month.


El Primo

It’s a top-quality box that costs around $100 a month, offering cannabis products, such as glass bowl, DHC 14mm bong, DHC heart dab wand, directional flow silicone carb cap, and more.


  • Three subscription choices
  • Top-quality glass piece in El Primo Box
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Prolonged shipment to overseas users

Shipping: Worldwide from the U.S. on the last day of the month.

Visit TheDailyHighClub.com


6. Cannabox – Reliable Brands


Price: From 29,99 dollars.

Description: Cannabox contains all the smoking essentials and rare indie products that you can’t find in the market. It’s essentially a discovery box; it means you don’t exactly know in advance what you’ll get. However, the box contains six to nine accessories consisting of some basic pipes, grinders, rolling papers, books, and T-shirts.

The Cannabox is available in three types of standard subscriptions that cost around $19.88 for each box. You can also go for a one, three, and six months plan, out of which six months costs you the least $17.88 per month. Moreover, you can also opt for an essential-only box with five products a month for $10 per month with free shipment all across the US.


  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Previous add-ons at discounted price
  • Free shipment across the US


  • Essentials
  • Nothing fancy

Shipping: Within the U.S. and a limited amount of countries on the 20th of the month.

Visit CannaBox.com and get 10%off


7. Dank Box – Good Quality

Stoner Bundle by Dank Box

Price: Starts at 3,92 dollars.

Description: Dank Box 420 box offers to get premium rolling paper bundles of 3, 5, 10, or 25 booklets per month along with a gift ítem. In addition, the box contains mystery ítems, which makes receiving a package a fun surprise each time.

They offer a variety of subscription options to choose from. One can select the desired subscription based on your unique needs and budget. The dank box allows you to créate your decorative bundles and print gift messages on the set, making it ideal for gifting purposes.

The subscription options are:

  • Load n’ Rollin’ Gift Set, which retails for $35
  • Stoner Bundle Gift Set priced at $104
  • The Economist Gift Set for $3.92
  • Weekend Warrior Set for $5.75
  • Pro Smoker Set for $11.33
  • Chain Smoker Bundle for $22.92


  • Multiple subscriptions to suit every budget
  • Customization for decorated bundles available
  • The gift and mystery ítems in every purchase
  • Money-back guarantee if the product is returned within 30 days


  • Due to the low price range, some people might find it lacking as compared to other subscriptions.

Shipping: Within the U.S. on the 14th of the month.

Visit CrateJoy.com for Dank Box


8. Sensi Box – Best Gift

SensiBox by Spiced UP

Price: From 20,50 dollars.

Description: The elegant Sensi Box is designed for both men and women, offering customizable subscriptions and perks. The goody box contains more than seven smoking accessories, random products, and of course, a glass piece for $35 per month with free shipment across the US.

You can sign up for a three, six, and 12 months subscription to enjoy a further discount and get surprise goodies. For instance, you can get a discount of $10 for subscribing for a three-month subscription or more. In addition to that, you can opt for a TOKE box with more than five items for $20.

The contents of the Sensi box for him and her are carefully selected. Furthermore, the Sensi box for her contains some eco-friendly items, such as a paper and bead bracelet and a pair of weed leg socks to please the girls.


  • Different Sensi Box for him and her
  • Discount coupons for extended subscription


  • Expensive

Shipping: Worldwide from the U.S. between the 10th -12th of each month.

Visit CrateJoy.com for Sensi Box


9. Hakuna Supply | Eco-Friendly

Hakuna Supply weed box

Price: Starts at 20,00 dollars.

Description: Hakuna Supply Stoner box is one of the very few eco-friendly weed box options available in the market. The problem-free philosophy of the Brand ensures that you get high-quality ítems delivered discreetly every month.

Some box contents include two Rolling Paper Packets, two 10Ft Hemp Wick Rolls, four Twisted Hemp Wraps, Grinder, Stash Jar, Pipe, Roach Clips, Dab Tools, Rolling Trays, Cleaning Supplies, Incense, Ritual items, and much more.

The ítems within the box vary each month depending on the theme.

You’ll receive a rolling sleeve bamboo box during the first month, which will swap for a monthly theme for the coming box. The bamboo boxes come in five styles; sun and moon, tree of life, geo elephant, sacred eye, and sacred rose.


  • An Eco-Friendly Brand that comes with a plantable seed paper
  • Offer a money-back guarantee
  • World wide shipping


  • Boxes are sent between 1 and 5th of every month

Shipping: Worldwide from the U.S. between the 1st – 5th of each month.

Visit CrateJoy.com for Hakuna Box


10. Wake and Bake – Smoking & Coffee

Wake and Bake Box

Price: From 53,00 dollars.

Description: If you are not getting feel-good feelings from the name, the wake and bake weed subscription box packs in loads of cute stuff and retails for $53.00 a month.

Fan of coffee and joints? Your life is about to get lit with a Wake and Bake 420 subscription box. The box contains anywhere between five to ten items, along with a coffee sample.

You need to be 21 years of age to purchase this box. A few of the ítems include glass pieces, jars, grinders, flavored papers, cones, etc. It is an excellent gift ítems as well.


  • Worldwide shipping
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Free Shipping
  • A good refund policy


  • A tad bit expensive for the ítems present in the box


Shipping: Within the U.S. on the last week of each month.

Visit CrateJoy.com for Wake & Bake


11. Dubs and Shrubs – Handcrafted

Dubs and Shrubs 420 box

Price: Starts at 43,00 dollars.

Description: Each month dubs and shrubs launch a new weed subscription box. The theme box contains handcrafted cannabis-related ítems. The best part is that each of the stoner boxes is filled with high-quality ítems.

Some of the ítems include: assorted themed ashtray and lighter set, adequate detailed themed stash jar, resin finished themed rolling tray, high quality themed glass pipe, high quality themed glass bubbler, and limited edition themed assorted stickers.

It comes in three options;

Buzzed Essential Package

If you are a part-time smoker, this is the perfect package for you. Every month, you’ll receive a total of six ítems, all with a $100+ retail value.


Stoned Premium Package

This package is ideal for the average smoker. It contains nine items, all with a $250+ retail value.


Trippy Elite Package

The trippy package is ideal for lifestyle smokers. It contains ítems, all with a $300+ retail value.


  • Worldwide shipping
  • Value for money
  • Discreet Shipping Available


  • Similar ítems every month

Visit CrateJoy.com for Dubs and Shrubs


Wrapping Up with the Weed Subscription Boxes

Now you can buy subscription boxes for yourself and your friends to enjoy the same smoking experience.

These cannabis goody boxes allow you to collect different smoking accessories by customizing your subscriptions.

To sum up, the above subscription boxes are a one-for-all and all-for-one smoking package for both beginners and cannabis connoisseurs.

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