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Cannabis Products You Can Easily Make at Home | DIY Weed Products

Cannabis Products You Can Easily Make at Home

If you have decided to plant weed at home, we bet during harvest time; you got more weed than you can handle on your hands. What if we told you other than selling the extra stash, there are products you can make at the comfort of your home from weed. Sounds awesome, right?

Some may choose to harvest and store the flower buds for use later when they need them, but chances are they won’t be as fresh as when you harvested them. So if you harvested a lot of weed or you find yourself with more weed than you need at the moment, here are some awesome products you can try to make.



Weed tinctures are the best, especially if you want to consume your weed discreetly. You only take a few drops under your tongue, and you get your much-needed high, and what’s more, they don’t come with the weed smell.

Making weed tinctures takes a lot of time but worry not; the wait is definitely worth it. Making your weed tincture at home is easy. Soak your flower bud in wood-grain alcohol. The amount you need is around an ounce of weed in 750ml of alcohol. This is approximately 3.5gms in 3oz of alcohol.

Before soaking your weed in the alcohol, ensure you decarboxylate it first. To decarboxylate, you must heat it first at a low temperature for half an hour. The heat is used to turn THCA into THC, which is what you need to get high. During vaping, decarboxylation is done when you heat your weed in your vaporizer. For more information on vaping, please read our guide to vaping.

After your weed is decarbed, store it in the jar with the alcohol and ensure you shake the mixture once a day for a few weeks. After that, sieve the mixture, then store it in a dropper or a bottle of your choice and use a few drops when you need it. Weed tinctures can last a long time if stored properly.

DIY tinctures


Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is also another product you can easily make at home without using any chemicals. It also goes by the name ice water hash. You make it using ice because the low temperatures break down trichomes found in weed which you collect as the hash.

People call it bubble hash because of how it forms bubbles and melts. The quality of this product is determined by its ‘meltability’ and from the easiest to the hardest to melt.

To make a small amount of potent hash, you will require a lot of weed flowers, but you can start with an ounce. All you need to start is two buckets, preferably five-gallon buckets, bubble bags, water, ice, and a stirring stick. Start with soaking the flower buds in ice water in one of the buckets for at least twenty minutes, then stir the mixture. Put the bubble bags in the second bucket, then pour the mixture after stirring for a while in the bucket.

Bubble bags are usually a set of fine mesh bags. Once you have poured your mixture into the bucket with the bubble bags, pull them one by one to refine your mixture. The finesse of your mixture is determined by the bubble bags you use. If the bubble bags are fine, then your mixture will come out finer.



Edibles are also another way of making weed products. You first decarb the weed, then simmer it in butter. You can then use the cannabutter to make brownies, cookies, cake, or anything you want.

To make weed butter, you need a cup of butter, 10 grams of weed, cheesecloth, and a cup of water. Start by decarbing your weed. We discussed decarbing weed earlier on, so we are sure you are familiar with how to do it by now. Then after doing that, you simmer the weed in butter and water for a few hours and then strain the mixture through a cheesecloth. After that, let the mixture cool down and solidify. After that, it’s ready for use in any edible you wish. You can also use a cannabutter machine.

Using the same method, you can also make cannabis coconut oil for use as a topical to apply to your skin or add to your food. Remember, this is a high dosage of weed, so when making your edibles, use a tiny amount and go slow.


DIY cannabutter



Rosin is also another weed concentrate you can easily make in your house without using chemicals. Rosin is created by using pressure and heat. Heat weed buds between two plates and collect the oil that oozes out from the process. You can either buy a rosin press or use a curling iron with some parchment paper. The rosin press costs a few hundred bucks, and it comes with a device that packs the flower buds you press.

After pressing your weed buds, remove the remaining product and then scrape your resulting rosin from the parchment paper with a dab tool, put it into your dab rig, and light it up!


Cannabis Cigar

Lastly, you can make your cigar using some extra weed you got in the house. However, you will need some of your friends to help you finish this one. You will need a mold and 2 or 3 grams of weed.

Place the weed in the mold, which has a stick in the center. Once the weed solidifies, pull the stick to allow air to flow. Then take a blunt paper or any rolling papers you use to wrap the mold. If you have any weed leaves left from the harvest, you can wrap your mold in those. Your cigar is now ready!


Closing With DIY Weed Products

Ensure that any weed you have leftover, you store in airtight containers. Even with these products, you make sure you keep them well if you plan to use them later. Remember to label everything you make. You wouldn’t want people in your house to mistakenly consume any weed concentrates you have created in the house. Better be safe than sorry.

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