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What is Cannabis Ruderalis + 9 Best Ruderalis Strains

Cannabis ruderalis

Cannabis Ruderalis is a type of cannabis plant in which experts cannot agree on whether to classify it as a species or a subspecies.

This type of marijuana grows in adverse conditions requiring minimal care.

Cannabis breeders are extensively researching the Ruderalis seeds and creating new cannabis strains as we speak.


What is Ruderalis Plant?

Cannabis Ruderalis is a type of marijuana plant famous for its tendency to grow in the worst conditions.

The cannabis plant is famous for its fussiness with conditions to grow. Everything has to be just right with the right amount of water, acidity of the soil, and sunlight.

It originates from Central Asia, Central, and Eastern Europe. However, other cannabis species cannot thrive in these areas.

Ruderalis strains are known for their resilience despite human activity in close proximity and aren’t as delicate as other species of the marijuana plant.

It is an extremely versatile plant, and many cannabis growers prefer to harvest it.


Some Notable Cannabis Species of Ruderalis Plants


Ruderalis Skunk

It is a amalgamation of indica and sativa. Usually, it contains 10% of Sativa and the remaining Indica content.

Ruderalis plant is known for its low Tetrahydrocannabinol. However, this strain has higher traces of THC than any other cannabis Ruderalis plant.

Uniquely the plant emits an earthy close-to-coffee scent, and it grows as a short plant.

Mostly the plant is used for medicinal purposes for its benefits and lower THC count than other cannabis plants.


Growth Pattern

The plant has known for its resilience and grows with human activity around too. Ruderalis buds have fast-flowering tendencies and create a high potent known as skunk 1.

Out of all cannabis Ruderalis varieties, this grows in the most adverse weather conditions and harsh climates. The seed produces male and female plants and enables growers to grow more supply of seeds.

Ruderalis growers also cross-breed it with other variants. It is known to result in 50% time into an auto-flowering plant, while some depend on the photoperiods.

The Ruderalis seeds flower for a duration of 40 to 50 days. Essentially, growers enjoy harvesting this variant for its multiple yields year around.

The tallest this plant can grow is 200 cm, while the average plant grows to 120 cm at the most. Growing them indoors or outdoors wouldn’t impact the height.

Most Indica-dominant variants are bushy plants. Similarly, Ruderalis skunk is also quite bushy with thick stems. The buds are chunky and covered in a sticky resin.


Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is strain number 4 in the Ruderalis strain. The plant’s properties lean more towards Sativa and have less or no cannabis Indica strain properties.

As can be seen, the vertical growth pattern and speed are an indication of cannabis Sativa’s properties.

It is a cross of Sour Dubb, Chem’s Sister, and Chocolate Diesel and is dubbed Original Glue. The name glue stayed because of its extremely sticky buds.

Due to the high resin, the growers witness the scissors becoming gluey when trimming the cannabis Ruderalis plants.

Since the plant is known for its high THC content, it is advised to consume it at nightly hours for its couch-locking properties.

However, the users explain that they can still focus despite the high.


Growth Pattern

The plant has a duration of eight to nine weeks until its ready for harvest. Usually, harvest time falls around October.

In ideal conditions, the plant can yield 18 ounces per square meter indoors. When grown outdoors, can his Ruderalis weed yield up to 21 ounces?

When in a vegetative state, Gorilla Glue grows at a room temperature of more or less 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Seeing that the plant has begun flowering, you can bring temperatures down to 75 degrees during day times.

But at night, more or less ten more degrees can drop. But if it goes below this level, it may put the plant under stress.

Initially, the plant needs humidity levels up to 60%. During post seedling phase, the Rh levels are required to decrease until they reach a vegetative state.

During the blooming phase, RH should not go any higher than 45%. It may go down to 35% during harvest time. It is one of the fussiest among Sativa and Indica strains.

To grow the plant in proper conditions, having a grow tent with a fan, humidifier, and heaters would help increase the yield.


Royal Dwarf

A strong variant of cannabis Ruderalis strains, Royal Dwarf, gets its name for being royally potent and short in height as a plant.

It is of the Ruderalis hybrids, a combination of skunk 1 and unknown Ruderalis. It has an extremely peculiar taste. When smoked, it gives a hint of skunk, wood, and diesel.

Dwarf cannabis starts showing its effect slowly. Hence it would benefit if you waited for it to start showing signs. But when it finally does, it comes up strong and amazing. An ideal strain to relax on the weekend, at home.

When expecting a social activity, take these in small quantities to reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress.


Growth Pattern

The plant is suitable for outdoor and indoor cultivation. When grown in the right conditions, the plant generates a lot of yields.

It is one of the autoflowering strains; hence you can expect them to grow all year round. Ideally, it yields 3 ounces of weed Ruderalis per plant when grown outdoors.

For an indoor setup, the plant needs little attention for its peculiarities. On average, these Ruderalis buds start flowering on their seventh week of sowing the seed. And on the tenth week, it’s ready to harvest.

Indoor growers also use a hydroponics system to encourage better and faster growth of this Ruderalis strain.

Since this Ruderalis plant is effortless to grow, most marijuana growers grow them in an indoor setup all year.

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Moby Dick XXL

A hybrid of White Widow XXL and Haze XXL, Moby Dick XXL is the better version of Moby Dick Auto.

Namely this cannabis Ruderalis has a vibrant taste, a combination of citrus and sweet Indica, with a hint of exotic woods and pine trees.

It is a potent strain and has lasting physical effects on the consumer. It has a high yield, an auto-flowering plant, and an incredibly easy harvest.

It was a cross-germination experiment, a better version of Moby Dick Auto to facilitate growers in a plant that generates higher yields.

When grown in precise conditions, this plant yields a thick resinous bud, compact and chunky.

The Ruderalis leafy strain has a vicious growth speed and is famous for its incredible cerebral and physical sensations.

Usually, it is consumed for its potent psychoactive experience and recreational purposes among consumers.


Growth Pattern

Comparatively, it is a resilient and vicious plant and is favored for industrial cultivation due to its high yield.

Ideally, it gives a good yield when grown both indoors and outdoors. The plant grows vertically with internodal spacing. As a full-grown plant, it measures 1.2-1.4 meters, not feasible for indoor settings sometimes.

It oozes an intense aroma that may bother neighbors and pets. When growing indoors, it may require an anti-odor filter in the grow tent.

Unlike other Sativa strains, it thrives on good fertilization. It is desirable to plant it in a large ten or twenty-liter pot to see its full potential.

When the buds form right before flowering, they may need stakes or clampers to help them support the weight.


Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies have dominant Indica strains. It is made by the cross-germination of Durban Poison and OG Kush.

Identically famous for full-body relaxation and euphoric effects, the girl scout cookies (SGC) leave you hungry, stress-free, and happy.

Given its higher THC content, seasoned users mainly use it. Most medical marijuana patients prefer SGC for its THC levels and relief from symptoms of nausea, appetite loss, and especially chronic pains.

In effect being a favorite Indica strain consumed widely, it has some exceptional flavor profile. Coupled with bold notes of sweet cherry and mint, with a hint of lemon, it gives a pungent taste and desert-like aroma.


Growth Pattern

The plant is slightly fussy and needs just the right conditions to grow outdoors. It takes roughly ten weeks from seed to flower.

It may be a fussy plant outdoors, but it has a better yield when grown in an indoor tent in a controlled environment.

Hence home growers enjoy growing this plant. Also, this Ruderalis leafy plant grows gorgeous purple-green buds, with orange hair protruding around the bud.


ruderalis weed



Evident by its name, this cannabis Sativa is highly potent; it hits you like a truck in no time. Hence novice users should tread with caution. Even seasoned users take it with utmost care and caution.

It is a cross of Royal Queen Seeds, with the strain OG Kush combining Strawberry Diesel, thus the high THC levels.

It has an aroma profile of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, a perfect combo of strawberry and diesel with a hint of lemon.

The smell had a huge impact on the taste; soon as you light it up, the smoke enhances the flavor profile.


Growth Pattern

The plant needs plenty of light and is an easy plant to grow. It takes roughly ten weeks to begin flowering, from sowing the seed to seeing magenta and deep purple buds.

Mostly Marijuana growers prefer to grow it in an indoor tent with the help of a light and humidifier to grow it in a controlled environment.

Also, the strong scent that plants release gets you unwarranted attention.



A strain of cannabis Sativa, Haze is also known as OG Haze, and Haze, brother. It’s known for its high potency and lasting effects.

Since the sunny California seasons complement the growth cycle of this Ruderalis seed, the plant slowly started getting famous around the 1960s.

It is a combination of spicy and zest aromas with a hint of earthy tones. Famous for its stress-relieving effects, haze doesn’t affect the focus.

One of the reasons why it is taken even during a casual workday is to gain focus without stress.


Growth Pattern

It takes a while to get the flair of this plant; hence only experienced growers grow haze. Uniquely, this Ruderalis weed takes up to fourteen weeks to fully bloom state.

It is grown in warmer climates and mostly replicates Santa Cruz’s weather patterns. Nevertheless, growers in cold climates prefer to grow them in grow tents in a controlled environment.


Northern light

Commonly known as NL, it is an Indica counterpart of Afghani and Thai. The Strain brings a euphoric state to consumers and induces relaxation.

It instantly eases stress and relaxes muscles—another reason why it is a favorite of medical marijuana patients.

By the same token, users with insomnia, depression, and anxiety use this strain to combat the symptoms.


Growth Pattern

Comparatively, it is an exceptionally effortless plant for harvesting and can thrive in both indoor and outdoor settings. It takes around 40-45 days from the seed to flower cycle of this cannabis Ruderalis.

It thrives well in sunny warm climates when grown outdoors and gives one of the highest yields. Since it gives a very rewarding yield, it is famous among industrial hemp growers.

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With dominant Sativa strains, AK or AK-47 is cannabis Ruderalis hybrids of Thai, Afghani, Colombian, and Mexican strains.

Unlike its name, it is incredibly mild and soothing. The mild cerebral and physical relaxation keeps you centered and focused as well.

A combination of earthy and sweet notes, this plant is famous for relieving social anxiety and stress.


Growth Pattern

Uniquely, this Ruderalis leafy plant takes roughly 60-70 days from sowing to begin flowering. It can be harvested both indoors and outdoors and also in a hydroponics system.

It has a distinctly pungent smell that can attract passersby.


Closing with Cannabis Ruderalis

Each Strain of Ruderalis weed comes with its particularities, and understanding each will help get better yield and benefits to growers.

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