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Cannabox Review | Great Stoner Subscription Box | Get 10% off

Cannabox review

​If you’re a regular smoker and looking for products to have a good time, you better continue reading. Generally, smokers prefer subscription boxes because of the extra services.

Whether you’re new to subscription boxes or are using any subscription, this Cannabox review will give you an exciting option.

Subscription services are excellent because they reduce your effort to have quality time. However, users often face late delivery and overcharging problems, so it kills the mood.

Often, subscribers tend to switch to other services because they are not satisfied with their current ones.


What’s Cannabox

With Cannabox, many of the everyday worries resolve. It’s one of the top services in the U.S., and there are obvious reasons for it.

Not only can you subscribe for monthly weed but also receive rare indie products. It’s one of the highlights of Cannabox subscriptions because these side-products aren’t that common in the market.

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Cannabox Highlights

Cannabox themes offer some fantastic products like the best weed pipes & bongs, rolling trays, rolling papers, gear, and snacks. No wonder it is one of the best 420 subscription boxes right now.

The great thing about this weed box is that you get the latest smoking accessories monthly.

These are hand-picked products from the Cannabox team, so you’re getting something new every time.

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Cannabox Review

The Cannabox premium contains at least six unique stoner accessories. Here is a quick look:


Glass Pipes

Each Cannabox theme features a unique glass pipe. There are some mouthwatering designs, ranging from the Cannabox Lemon to Vintage Bus. The construction is quite sturdy, and the design intricacy gives it a luxurious look. The prices range from $3.99 up to $55.99.


Glass Bongs

Pretty much like the pipes, the glass bongs look like showpieces that you can use for home décor. Although they might be a touch expensive, the Cannabox glass bongs are truly versatile in terms of size, shape, and price.

Many of these bongs come from GRAV Labs, a renowned bong manufacturer. Cannabox glass bongs have a thick glass body, and they can be as pricey as $189.99


Rolling Papers

The rolling papers generally come from OCB and Raw. You will find a range of organic, herbal, fruit-flavored rolling papers in Cannabox subscriptions when it comes to flavors and materials. The rolling papers have a standard 11/4” size.

The RAW High Times Connoisseur King Size rolling papers are one of the most preferred products.


Rolling Trays

Rolling trays help make a style statement. Cannabox rolling trays come in various shapes and sizes. Moreover, there are variations such as magnetic rolling trays, bamboo rolling mats, rolling disc trays, etc. Many of them come from RAW, Juicy Jay, and Elements.



Accessory lovers will enjoy the range of gear. Most Cannabox themes offer some gear, which mainly comes from Grav Labs and RAW. These products consist of hats, bandanas, beanies, smell-proof pouches, shoelaces, metal poker ends, socks, etc.

If you look at the material quality, the gear is relatively cost-effective.


Additional Accessories

You can also buy loads of other accessories such as dab pens, ashtrays, bags, t-shirts, vape pens, and many others. These accessories may not be in the theme, but they are a delight for accessory lovers.

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Cannabox Themes

cannabox subscription box review

The themes are one of the highlights of this product. Only the best 420 subscription boxes offer themes. What makes this subscription so prominent is that there is an enormous variety of themes. So, we thought of giving you some insights into our Cannabox review.

These monthly themes are hand-picked by 420 Cannabox professionals. Therefore, each theme is unique and full of surprises. These themes are enticing enough to spoil you, so be ready!

Let’s quickly look at some of the user-favorite themes offered by Cannabox:



It’s a mini-bong water pipe inspired by the Empire State building. It’s 6 inches tall and contains a 14mm Male bowl.


Spooky Season

It features a 5 inches tall bong with black print glowed in the dark eyes. Also referred to as the Stoney Ghost, it was a great Halloween accessory to boast among your friends.


Bee Happy

Inspired by honeycombs, this is a beautiful theme loaded with accessories. Therefore,  you will find honeycomb bongs, a t-shirt, honey-flavored cones, stickers, honey swabs, organic rolling papers, and a clipper lighter in this theme.


Lemon Haze

Cannaboc review

One of the unique designs, the Lemon Haze, is truly a showpiece theme from Cannabox. It features a lemon-shaped hand pipe, a t-shirt, herbal wraps, a Cannabox grinder, a Lemon smell proof bag, and rolling papers.



Outer space elements inspire the Spaced-Out theme. Firstly, It features a rocket-shaped hand pipe. Also, there is a take-me-to-the-moon t-shirt, leaf wraps, Moon Pie Chocolate, an Air-tight container, and Hemp Papers.

Other Themes

The other Cannabox themes include:

  • Tripped
  • New Leaf
  • Snow-dazed
  • Lab-tested 2.0
  • Wake and Bake
  • Cali Daze
  • Reefer
  • Invasion

Each theme is unique in its way. Since every month has a unique theme, it gives an adventurous feel to the user. However, it gives the idea that you’re in for big surprises when you opt for Cannabox.

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Cannabox Pros

Here are some highs from Cannabox:

Large Variety

When it comes to themes and accessories, Cannabox is one of the best stoner subscription boxes. Various designs and shapes can spoil you for choice. However, it also means that you can create a collection of unique smoking accessories.


Flexible Plans

The price range is attractive, and the payment plans make it easier for the user. Understandably, it appeals to new and old users. Users also have the liberty of sampling, so they have ease in a payment plan.


Unique Themes

Because of its unique themes, monthly subscribers are always in for a surprise. Therefore, it keeps them interested, so they don’t quit or switch to another plan.

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Cannabox Cons

Let’s look at some of the lows of this subscription:

Expensive Accessories

Some of the Cannabox accessories are highly-priced. Therefore, a subscriber often limits their purchase because they prefer more additions at the same price tag. Hence, some quality yet pricey products don’t sell regularly.


Order Delays

At times, it takes longer than usual for orders to arrive. In some cases, the subscriptions may be up two weeks late. It often upsets the subscribers.


cannabox stoner box review


Cannabox Subscriptions

There are three standard subscriptions. These subscriptions contain 6 to 9 essentials, a t-shirt, and gear. Also, the payment plans are quite versatile, so you can easily choose your payment period.

If you have a Cannabox coupon, you can save some extra bucks too. Here is a quick summary of the subscription plans:

  • The Monthly Plan comes at $29.83 per month, and you can cancel at any time.
  • The 3-Month Plan has a monthly price of $28.83. You must pay every three months.
  • The 6-Month Plan comes at $27.83 per month, and you pay after every six months.
  • A particular one-time plan is available for $34.99. It’s a non-recurring plan, so if you’re looking to try the product once, this is the subscription plan to go for.
  • There is an essentials-only box too. It has five products and is available for $10 per month. If you’re in the US., there will be no delivery charges.

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Cannapack Plan

It is a particular type of subscription and a great option for starters. There is a one-time delivery, and you can choose five to seven of your favorite products.

This subscription is suitable if you want to test the product and then opt for a more extended subscription. Cannapacks are available for $13.99, including shipping and handling charges.


Wrapping Up with the Cannabox Review

Cannabox is the ultimate weed subscription nowadays. All Cannabox products ship on the 20th and 30th of every month. Also, the shipping charges are relatively low

When you buy Cannabox, you get a unique link. Therefore, if you share that link with your friends, both of you get a 10% discount. Moreover, if your friend redeems, you get a unique promo code every time.

So, if you’re planning to get high, there is no reason to overlook Cannabox.

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