Review of the Best Cannabis CO2 Regulators – Top 5 for 2018

Best cannabis co2 regulators

When growing weed indoors, simply relying on the fact that climate change is happening and the current CO2 levels would be enough for your plants to flourish, is not enough. Sure, you can use mushroom boxes or fermentation, but what can really make a difference is if you use the best CO2 regulators for marijuana.

It is believed that there is 400 PPM of CO2 in the environment these days, thanks in part to climate change. However, if you ramp it up to upwards of 1000 PPM, your weed can grow fast. If you utilize the best weed CO2 regulators, you can end up with 30 percent more yield.

CO2 levels of the environment are crucial for a good grow, and indoors, the levels can be even lesser as compared with outdoors. So here we have the best cannabis CO2 regulators for you to choose for your grow tent.


Best co2 Regulators for Marijuana- Top 5 for 2018

ImageProductRatingBuy on Amazon!
VIVOSUN Hydroponics CO2 Regulator Emitter SystemVivoSun CO2 RegulatorCheck on amazon
Hydroponics Extoic Injection SystemExtoic Injection CO2 RegulatorCheck on amazon
Titan Controls Carbon Dioxide (CO2) RegulatorTitan Controls CO2 RegulatorCheck on amazon
Titan Controls Spartan Series Basic Digital EnvironmentalSpartan Dig. Environment ControllerCheck on amazon
AutoPilot APCG4LP 4 Burner Co2 GeneratorAutoPilot 4 Burner CO2 GeneratorCheck on amazon

1.- VivoSun Hydroponic CO2 Regulator

VIVOSUN Hydroponics CO2 Regulator Emitter SystemThis is one of the best CO2 regulators for marijuana as it is made from sturdy brass. It is not vulnerable to moisture or humidity and will work seamlessly for years to come. It has a solenoid valve flow meter and a high-pressure gauge for 0-4000 psi.

You also get a 5 meter plastic dispensing tube with this regulator. It keeps the CO2 levels that are ideal for weed and potentially can yield up to 40 percent more. It fits all standard CO2 tanks and can work with any kind or size of the grow tent. The maximum level you should keep is 2500 PPM as anything above that can be harmful too.

The manufacturer of this product specializes in hydroponic system products so if you are growing the weed in a hydroponic system, this is the best CO2regulator for hydroponic you should have in your grow area.



2.- Hydroponic Extoic Injection System CO2 Regulator

Hydroponics Extoic Injection SystemThis product is made from industrial grade materials and is designed to work with any grow room or greenhouse. It comes with 10 foot long ¼ inch air pipe and a generously long 6-foot power cable. It can be used within a system that runs on 120 Volts.

The flow gauge is capable of producing 0.5 to 15 SCFH of CO2 every hour which is optimal for weed. It can easily be connected with a 20# or 50# Carbon dioxide Tank. It works with the majority of the valves regardless of the condition they are in.

It is designed to last long with only quality materials used in the construction. You will need a CO2 meter to be used with this for accurate readings of CO2 levels.



3.- Titan Controls CO2 Regulator

Titan Controls Carbon Dioxide (CO2) RegulatorThis one is compatible with all 120 Volts controllers and timers. Titan Controls is known for their high-quality products for indoor gardens and if you already have their humidity or light controllers, you can get this one for maintaining required CO2 levels.

It features a strong solenoid valve and oil-less pressure gauge. The CO2 dispensing line is quite long measuring 12 feet. It also comes with two plastic tank washers which makes it all the better in terms of value for money.

If simplicity cuts it for you then this is the best marijuana CO2 regulator. It is easy to install, easy to use and works well with other controllers.



4.- Titan Controls Spartan Series Digital Environment Controller

Titan Controls Spartan Series Basic Digital EnvironmentalIf you are looking for something more multipurpose, then this digital environment controller from Titan Controls should be your choice. It is a completely digital system that controls both humidity and CO2 levels of your grow tent leaving it with optimal conditions for the weed to grow faster and yield more.

The photocell on this one allows you to set up the system for day or night. What makes this particular model one of the best cannabis CO2 regulators is that it has a very basic interface. Someone who does not have a lot of growing experience can easily work with it.

Since it is a digital system that does two jobs (humidity and CO2 regulation), it is a bit expensive. However, it bears the name of Titan Control which has gained a steady repute in the weed growing circles. It has an enclosure that protects it from moisture and dust, keeping it functional for a long time.



5.- AutoPilot APCG4LP 4 Burner CO2 Generator Liquid Propane

AutoPilot APCG4LP 4 Burner Co2 GeneratorAdvanced CO2 generator that is best for you if you have a large grow area and growing marijuana is more than just a hobby. It features a two-stage safety pilot that only allows the fuel to the burner once the pilot is lit. The solid state electronic ignition module lights the burner itself.

This device is available for both propane and natural gas. It is an expensive model but its running costs are very low. The fuel supply automatically stops if the unit falls which makes it very safe. Everything from the burners to the enclosures is made from high-quality materials and protected with powder coating.

It has four burners that produce ample CO2 for a large growing area. This thing weighs over 22 pounds, which is a lot more than what the conventional CO2 regulators weigh. Even though it is a big device, it is relatively easy to use.




Conclusions of the Best Cannabis Co2 Regulators.

The above five products are the best weed CO2 regulators on the market today. CO2 is extremely important for any kind of indoor plants. In order to allow them to grow to their full potential, you have to provide optimal conditions for that particular plant. Weed can really flourish if provided with CO2 levels of 1500 PPM. That may not be possible to achieve without the help of a regulator.

Most of the best cannabis CO2 regulators are quite affordable and will last for years. Nevertheless, if you have the budget for it, invest in the best one regardless of the price. The amount of money you will save by growing your own weed should pay back for the regulator or any other device you may have purchased soon enough.


Best PH Soil Tester for your Garden – Top 5 in 2018

Best PH Soil testerOne of the things people forget when growing their own plants is to check for the pH level of the soil. There are virtually hundreds of kinds of vegetables and plants that require a specific pH to grow properly. People spend a lot of money on fertilizers when all they really need is the best pH Soil Tester.

Fertilizers, in fact, go to waste if the pH level is not as it should be. Anyone embarking on growing something in their backyard or setting up an indoor tent should have a basic knowledge of what pH means. It means the potential of Hydrogen and indicates the number of Hydrogen ions concentration. Using a meter can give you the chance to lime up your crops to bring the soil to the desired pH level.

This small tool can tell you the pH of your soil, which ranges on a scale of 0-14. A reading of 7 indicates a neutral level while below 7 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline. You should know what the required level is for the kind of plants you are growing. Here are the best soil pH testers you should consider for your garden.


Best Soil PH Meter – Top 5 in 2018

ImageProductRatingBuy on Amazon!
Soil pH Meter, XIYIXIFI 3 in 1 Soil Test Kit for Moisture3-in-1 Soil Test KitCheck on amazon
Soil pH Meter, Jellas 3-in-1 Moisture Sensor MeterJellas 3-in-1 TesterCheck on amazon
Kope Soil PH Level Moisture Light MeterKope Soil TesterCheck on amazon
Luster Leaf 1845 Soil Garden Plant pH MeterLuster Leaf Digital RapiTestCheck on amazon
Soil Ph & Moisture Meter Long ElectrodeSoil Ph Meter, Long ElectrodeCheck on amazon

1.- Ph, Moisture & Light Soil Test Kit 

Soil pH Meter, XIYIXIFI 3 in 1 Soil Test Kit for MoistureThis is a handy tool as it is not just the best pH soil meter; it is also best for measuring moisture and light of the soil. All three things are absolutely crucial for the timely growth of the plants. This meter does not require a battery and has two probes that go 4 inches deep into the soil.

It can be used for any growing area like a lawn, garden, patio or backyard. It is a simple, cheap, and eco-friendly tool you can carry in your pocket. What makes this one the best pH soil tester is its elaborate meter with clear indications about what the levels mean.



2.- Jellas 3-in-1 pH, Moisture, and Light Tester

Soil pH Meter, Jellas 3-in-1 Moisture Sensor MeterThis one too provides three measures, including pH, moisture, and light. You can know when to adjust the pH levels or provide more water or sun to your plants. This is especially useful for indoor gardens where light is already insufficient so you have to measure it constantly.

Its pH range is 3.5-8, moisture range is 1-10 and light range is 0-2000 lux. This is what you would find on most meters. The probe length is quite long 7.9 inches to be exact which allows it to produce highly accurate results. If you want something small, light, and portable, this is the best pH meter.



3.- Kope Soil pH and Moisture Tester

Kope Soil PH Level Moisture Light MeterKope Soil Tester is yet another best soil tester as it offers dual purpose: you can check the moisture as well as pH levels. The design is very modern and the device probes into the soil itself. It is entirely self-powered and produces accurate results for pH (3-8) and moisture (1-8).

The waterproof metal electrode, lightweight, and unique design make it the best soil pH tester as well as moisture tester. PH is an extremely important reading for any farmer as your plant’s life depends on it. It is a little pricey, but the high accuracy makes it worth the money.

This product also includes a helpful guide to vegetables, fruits, and shrubs and their corresponding pH and moisture levels for optimized growth. Although you can easily find this information online too, sometimes it is helpful to have a guide right in your hand.



4.- Luster Leaf 1845 Rapitest Digital Soil pH Meter Sensor Tester

Luster Leaf 1845 Soil Garden Plant pH MeterThe Luster Leaf Digital Soil pH Meter is completely digital and shows legible results on a screen. You can immediately know if the soil is acidic or alkaline. Although it is quite simple to use there are instructions included to make things even easier. You also get a list of plants and their corresponding ideal pH levels.

This one runs on batteries which are included in the product. Since its digital, you can rely on the results and go about making any changes required to the soil. It is designed and made in the US, which ensures high-quality and is best pH meter for home gardens. In terms of pricing, it is good value for money; however, it costs more than analogous meters for pH.



5.- Soil Ph & Moisture Meter 295mm Long Electrode

Soil Ph & Moisture Meter Long ElectrodeThis device is highly accurate with an accuracy rate of +/-0.2 pH. Not only does it indicate the pH level on a scale of 3-8, it also measures the moisture content of the soil. It is simple and lightweight which makes it best pH soil meter if you want something portable.

There is no need to insert batteries as this device comes ready to be plugged into the soil. A simple color coordinated meter reads the pH levels. The red indicates acidity and green indicate alkalinity. The metal electrode is 295 mm long which is ample for any kind of field. With this in your pocket, you can constantly measure the pH level of your plants and give them the best environment to grow in.



Conclusions About the Best Soil PH Tester

When growing plants you have to make sure that all the conditions for optimal growth of that particular plants are met. This includes moisture, pH level, humidity, and CO2 levels. pH of soil depends on the kind of plant you are growing but most plants need a level of 6 or above. Using the best pH soil tester will ensure that you get an accurate reading. Some might even give you an accuracy of 2 decimal points.

These tools should be a part of your garden or lawn equipment and do not cost a lot. For under $20, you can get the best pH soil meter that you perhaps will use for years and years. If you do not have tools for other things like humidity or moisture, you might want to invest in something that contains all of these things in one tester.