Best Nutrients for Hydroponics – Top 5 Review and Buyers Guide

Gardening and nourishing your very own crop is not a recent phenomenon. Many have loved taking care of and protecting their plants and crops since ages. It’s my one favorite pastime that gives me peace, fulfillment and a sense of satisfaction as I see the lovely buds sprout out of my own home-grown plants fed with the best nutrients for hydroponics

Thanks to technology, growing plants and crops is now so easy, even beginners can get on the bandwagon and start their very own nursery. The hydroponics system for one is ideal for growing leafy plants, vegetables, and fruits that you can easily grow in-house or commercially.

The most important thing you need to get started with, though is a good fertilizer with all the essential nutrients for growth. The markets are flooded with cheap hydroponic nutrients; so you better be safe than sorry!

For your ease, I’ve covered the top five best cannabis nutrients reviews here in this article. But for a better understanding, let’s start with the basic minerals your plants need:


Best Hydroponics Nutrients – Top 5 for 2018

 ImageProductReviewsCheck Price
1General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, MicroGeneral Hydroponics Flora Setcheck price button
2Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil FormulaFox Farm FX14049 Trio Soil Formula.check price button
3Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow & Liquid BloomDyna-Gro Liquid Grow & Liquid Bloomcheck price button
4Humboldts Secret - Golden TreeHumboldts Secret: Golden Treecheck price button
5Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Grower BundleAdvanced Nutrients: Hobbyist Grower Bundlecheck price button

The importance of selecting the best nutrients for hydroponics can’t be more emphasized. In order to see your plants grow and stay healthy, you need to take good care of the type of food you give them. Here I’ve listed the five best hydroponic nutrients available all over the stores for your convenience.

Let’s take a look:

1.- General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom &  Micro Fertilizer Set.

General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, MicroIf you are new to this hydroponics business, the GH flora series is heaven sent! The kit comes complete with the full-range of fertilizers, fit for each stage of the plants’ lifecycle. With this in your hand, you can definitely enjoy a much higher yield.

Plus, it also gives you a free hand to experiment with various flavors, quantities, etc. The mixing often leads to better aroma and flavor of the crop. The GH flora series is also known for the best results when it comes to improving the overall quality of the crop.

I for one started with this series for my hydroponics. The range takes care of the solubility, is pH balanced and has a wide range of nutrients all in one – something you won’t find in many other fertilizers.

Fun fact: NASA has also successfully used the GH Flora series for growing plants in the outer space!



2.- Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula.

Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil FormulaNext, on the list, I have the Fox Farm FX14049. This U.S. made formula, is the best for the growing stage of the crop. The thing I love about this one is that they’ve categorically divided the growth stage into three parts.

You start with the Grow Big, that’s ideal for producing a higher yield. Then as soon as the first bud or flower pops out, you can start with the Tiger Bloom formula. As growth progresses, you can use the Big Bloom.

From my personal experience, this one is great for preventing any wilting or damage. You see it particularly nourishes the roots and gives the crop all the good nutrients that you need for proper growth.

Basically, the Big Bloom formula can be used all over the growth phase. This one works on yielding greener and healthier crop. Just make sure to leach the system twice a month in order to prevent any clogging and also to keep things sanitary and fresh.



3.- Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow & Liquid Bloom

Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow & Liquid BloomThe Dyna-Gro formula basically has two divisions: The Grow formula and the Bloom formula. Starting with the liquid Grow, it’s really good for fast growth during the growth phase. As soon as you reach the flowering stage, you switch to the Bloom formula.

The Dyna-Gro formula has a unique blend of all the key micro as well as macronutrients that your plant needs for faster growth.

In my opinion, this is great especially if you aren’t working on an even ground. It also works effectively on the plants kept in containers and provides thorough nourishment.

The liquid formula easily seeps through the soil and stones to get to the roots. If you are fond of orchids, you’ll love how it affects the color and size of the flowers!



4.- Humboldts Secret: Golden Tree

Humboldts Secret - Golden TreeAnother one of the best nutrients for hydroponics you’ll find is the Humboldts Secret Golden Tree. This one is for professionals and can also be used commercially. The formula works amazingly well when it comes to increasing the yield and preventing wilting and drying out of the leaves.

It nourishes deeply and provides all major nutrients you need for the health of your plants. The best part, you can use it for about all kinds of plants. Whether it’s the roses, vegetables, big trees, or other floral plants, Humboldts Secret Golden Tree is all you need.

Another point to note here is that it also reduces the vegetation time; i.e. you get a greater yield in much less time than you normally would with any of the other brands. My advice, for the best results, use the formula in combination with some other nutrient formulae. That’ll give you the best results!



5.- Advanced Nutrients: Hobbyist Grower Bundle

Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Grower BundleAnother one of my favorites Bundles is the Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Grower Bundle Voodoo Juice, Big Bud, B 52 & Overdrive Plant Fertilizer. If you are a beginner, you’ll find this one really simple and easy to use. This is also the best nutrient for hydroponic plants.

The formula works by strengthening the roots of the plant. This makes it ideal for the larger plants or a bigger yield.  You see, it works like this: The stronger the roots, the better their ability to absorb more of the nutrients and so, the higher and better your crop.

The formula balances the pH levels and has a balanced ratio of phosphorus and potassium. Basically, it’s the best for the bloom phase. If you want healthier, fuller and quality fruits and flowers, I definitely recommend this one.

Plus, I also found that it significantly affects the taste and aroma of the crop. The fruit tastes much better and natural if you know what I mean. It has the right ingredients and vitamins, so there’s no wonder your crop gets healthier and naturally fresh.



Beginners Guide for Hydroponic Nutrients


Essential Minerals for the Best Hydroponic Nutrients

Here are some of the most important nutrients that you can add to the ‘must have’ list when you look for the right nutrient formula for your plants:

  • Boron
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Nitrogen
  • Chlorine
  • Zinc
  • Phosphorus
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Sulfur
  • Manganese
  • Molybdenum

But, you need these in the right ratios too. As your expertise level increases, you will know just how much of each you need for each plant. Here’s ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Mixing Hydroponic Nutrients’ for more on the subject.

Keep in mind though every plant needs different types of nutrients; so what works for one type, won’t necessarily give you the same results for another species. Then again, stay away from the cheap hydroponic nutrients they may actually do more harm than good.

Types of Hydroponic Nutrients

Picking out the right hydroponic solution can be a bit overwhelming particularly if you are new to the game. But don’t worry, here’s a simple guide that’ll get you on the right path in no time:

Powdered or Liquid

The nutrients are available in two forms; powdered and liquid solutions. The liquid solution is premade, so much less trouble to use.

The powdered ones are more professional kinds where you can easily mix and make a unique solution for each yield. This one is more appropriate for a larger yield or commercial usage.

Tips for Choosing the Best Nutrients for Hydroponics

  • Go for those with micro-nutrients
  • Try to be specific; if growing cannabis, pick out the brand made for the purpose (i.e. best weed nutrients, )
  • The formula should be for the hydroponic system only
  • Should not include much organic matter


How to Add the Nutrients?

Simple, just follow the instructions! All of the best hydroponic nutrients are clearly labeled and come with directions for use. Especially the ones in liquid form; just go by the box and it’ll be as simple as can be!


Last Thoughts about the Best Nutrients for Hydroponics

Picking out the best nutrients for your hydroponic plants can be a daunting task. But, a look at the requirements, climate, and usability will help narrow down your choice.

For most home-growers, like myself, I would recommend the liquid formulae. Simple, fast and effective most of these are premade for ease of use. Others may be concentrated but by following the instructions you can easily dilute the concentrates for your plants.

Another thing, I would suggest is to pick out a duo or trio solution, as they have the essential nutrients for each individual phase. All in one solution are good for beginners but won’t produce the same results as the combos.

Anyhow, the most important thing is to really enjoy what you do, take it as a hobby and love your plants. Trust me on this, there’s nothing that works better and it all comes back in the form of flowers and buds, all the result of your hard work.

Happy Harvesting!


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Top Bud Trimming Machines for 2018 – Review & Buyers Guide

When you have spent so much time, energy, and care growing your buds, it is vital to ensure that they are harvested properly. The main part of this process or perhaps the trickiest is trimming. You are going to need a bud trimmer which is basically a machine that makes the job easier and quicker. The good thing is, there are many models and types available, but if you love your buds, you would want to go for the top bud trimming machine only.

 ImageProductTypeReviewsBuy on Amazon!
1iPower 16-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer Twisted Spin CutiPower 16-Inch Leaf BowlManualcheck price button
2Growtent Garden Bowl TrimmerGrowtent Bowl 16 InchManualcheck price button
3SpinPro Hand-Trim Manually Operated Leaf TrimmerSpinPro Hand-TrimManualcheck price button
4EZTRIM Wander TrimmerEZTRIM WanderAutomaticcheck price button
5Trimpro Rotor Leaf TrimmerTrimpro Rotor LeafAutomaticcheck price button
6Trimpro ORIGINAL Leaf Bud Plant TrimmerTrimpro ORIGINALAutomaticcheck price button
7Triminator - Industrial Trimmer SystemThe Triminator – IndustrialIndustrialcheck price button
8the terminator dry - trimming machineThe Triminator DRY BudIndustrialcheck price button
9The Centurion Pro Mini Leaf TrimmerCenturion Pro MiniIndustrialcheck price button

There are several kinds of bud trimmers that make it difficult to choose between them. You need to find which one is the most appropriate for your use and unique needs. Obviously, you would not want to jeopardize your crop with a poor trimming job. So to make things simple, here we have the best bud trimming machine of each kind.


Top Bud Trimming Machines – Top 3 of Each Type!


Best Manual Trimming Machines for 2018

 ImageProductReviewsBuy on Amazon!
1iPower 16-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer Twisted Spin CutiPower 16-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmercheck price button
2Growtent Garden Bowl TrimmerGrowtent Garden Bowl Trimmer 16 Inchcheck price button
3SpinPro Hand-Trim Manually Operated Leaf TrimmerSpinPro Hand-Trim Manually Trimmercheck price button

1.- iPower 16-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer 

Top bud trimming machine - manualThe iPower manual Bowl Trimmer has a 16 inches diameter and a clear glass top for transparent operation. There are 30 scissors in this trimmer so you can imagine that even for a manual trimmer, this is going to be pretty efficient.

It comes with one straight blade and one wire blade. You do need to remove leaves if you were growing the plants in a hydroponic system. This machine makes the process hassle-free and leaves no mess behind. It is ideal for home weed growers.

The handle and the grille are removable for convenience in use and storage. It weighs just 5.3 pounds and it is designed for small batches of buds so it can only process a small quantity in one go. Nevertheless, the sharp blades ensure minimized damage and clean cutting.

For all these pros, this unit from iPower is great value for money. If you prefer manual trimming over others, this is the product you are looking for.



2.- Growtent Garden Bowl Trimmer 16 Inch Hydroponic Bud Trimmer

Growtent Garden Bowl TrimmerThe Growtent Garden Bowl Trimmer is a 16-inch manual trimmer, perfect for buds grown in a hydroponic system. It is quite similar to the bowl trimmer from iPower, in that it has the same diameter and 30 scissors for trimming. It comes with 1 wire blade, 1 serrated blade, 1 straight blade, 1 pair of scissors, and a user manual.

Comes with premium quality metal blades, ensuring that the cuts are clean and you get nicely trimmed buds as close to perfection as it possibly can be. It is a bit heavy though, weighing 13.25 pounds. It is a reasonably priced product and the best bud trimming machine if you have a limited budget.

Grow tent Garden is a new brand on the block and is quickly garnering a strong customer base due to its smart designs and affordable pricing.



3.- SpinPro Hand-Trim Manually Operated Leaf Trimmer

SpinPro Hand-Trim Manually Operated Leaf TrimmerThe SpinPro Hand Trim Manual Trimmer is perfect for those first-timers who are new to growing weed. It is a small pot that is usually used for removing leaves and twigs before producing essential oils from plants.

It features blades that are of medical grade and high-quality rubber components that aid the process of trimming. You just have to spin the handle gently and the rest is the machine’s job. It can get the job done faster than hand trimming and since there are no electrical components, you save on power utility.

You can use it with both wet and dry buds; however, it works even better if they are dry.



Best Automatic Trimmer Machines – Top 3 for 2018

 ImageProductReviewsBuy on Amazon!
1EZTRIM Wander TrimmerEZTRIM Wander Trimmercheck price button
2Trimpro Rotor Leaf TrimmerTrimpro Rotor Leaf Trimmercheck price button
3Trimpro ORIGINAL Leaf Bud Plant TrimmerTrimpro ORIGINAL Leaf Bud Trimmercheck price button

1.- EZTRIM Wander Trimmer

best bud trimming machine - automaticThe EZTRIM Wander saves 80% time if you trim the same batch with hands. Even though it is automatic, the results are similar to that of scissor trimming. You can use it for both wet and dry trimming as it can connect to both wet and dry vacuums.

This automatic trimmer has a stainless steel blade and is equipped with a high-torque motor. You can trim batches after batches of buds as it can operate smoothly for hours. It is simple and quick to reassemble and does the job well.

All the parts are made from high-quality materials and can be replaced in the long run. If you get this, you will not need to get a new trimmer any time soon. This product is made in the US and is backed by a one year warranty. It weighs 19.3 pounds but does not take much space.



2.- Trimpro Rotor Leaf Trimmer

Trimpro ORIGINAL Leaf Bud Plant TrimmerAsk any old-timer weed grower which is the best trimming machine that is automatic and they will say the Trimpro Rotor Trimmer. It uses leather fingers that circulate the buds over the non-stick grate. The steel blades on this trimmer are tempered and extremely sharp.

Why is it so popular? It is incredibly simple to use and it is this simplicity that further cuts down the operation times. In the end, you can trim a lot of buds in a short amount of time.

Because it is built at an angle, it is easy to empty out the contents from the rotor. You just swing the latch to release the trimmed buds while the machine is running. You can basically trim them in a continuous flow without needing to stop the machine. The blade height can be adjusted easily according to your need. All in all, a great machine that gives even industrial trimmers a run for their money.



3.- Trimpro ORIGINAL Leaf Bud Plant Trimmer

Trimpro ORIGINAL Leaf Bud Plant TrimmerThis is another great product from a great manufacturer, Trimpro. This one makes the cut because of its easy separation of leaves from flower and powerful trimming. It features a 110 Volt motor.

For a largely sized harvest, this is the best option as it does most of the work by itself. Imagine having to remove the leaves of such a big crop all by yourself. It will take ages and gradually the quality of work will plummet. That is not the case here with the Trimpro Original Trimmer.

The stainless steel blades deliver a clean cut with no damage to the plant. The leaves recovery system makes things further easy and it is dismountable so you can carry it too.



best bud trimming machine


Best Industrial Trimming Machines – Top 3 for 2018

 ImageProductReviewsBuy on Amazon!
1Triminator - Industrial Trimmer SystemThe Triminator – Industrial Trimmercheck price button
2the terminator dry - trimming machineThe Triminator DRY Bud Machinecheck price button
3The Centurion Pro Mini Leaf TrimmerCenturion Pro Mini Leaf Trimmercheck price button

1.- The Triminator – Industrial Trimmer System

Best industrial trimming machineThe Triminator Industrial Trimmer System is the top bud trimming machine for large-scale operations. It has a robust designed that has been tried and tested over a long period in order to ensure perfection.

Features the patented Automated Mist System which basically self-cleans the drum saving you a lot of maintenance time. It features a truly large drum that is considered the largest in the world for a trimmer. This provides 30 percent more surface in comparison. Therefore, you get more trimming done at the same time.

You get the speed that is 2.5 times faster than most industrial trimmers. The motor has an IP65 protection which means you can wash this machine. The Resin Repel spray system makes it a breeze to operate and maintain this trimmer.

It is definitely pricey as most industrial trimmers are but in the long run, it will reduce costs associated with trimming thanks to its sizeable trimming capability and innovative features.



2.- The Triminator DRY – Trimming Machine

the terminator dry - trimming machineThe Triminator Dry is simply the best trimming machine for dry trimming. Like all Triminator machines, it is designed and produced in the USA. It features an automatic timer and removable bin.

Dry trimming is, in fact, a preferred method for many commercial producers. The color and aroma of the finished product are better which is what all commercial growers are looking for. It is cheap to maintain this trimming machine as no lubricants are needed. It has wheels that make it easy to move around the machine. It has a 120 V motor and weighs 75 pounds.

This product is backed by a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. It is a fine work of engineering from the Triminator that produces quality results one would expect from a commercial producer.



3.- The Centurion Pro Mini Leaf Trimmer

The Centurion Pro Mini Leaf TrimmerThe Centurion Pro is a highly advanced industrial trimmer that may be small in size but is big in terms of functionality. It is very popular for its trim quality thanks to the suction power that results in a tight trim.

It can process six to eight pound so buds in an hour. It is also equipped with a 1.5 HP leaf collector system that further improves its results. There are two bags, one 25-micron outer bag, and a 200-micron non-stick inner bag.

Made in the US and has a 3 years warranty. The Centurion Pro has quickly made a strong repute of its own in the industry. It is great price wise as well if you compare it with other industrial trimmers.



Bud Trimming Machine Buying Guide

Now that you know which bud trimming machines are the best for each kind of trimmer, there are a few things you should consider before buying. First of all, take into account the size of your crop that you will be trimming. For a sizeable crop, it would be smart to go for an automatic option as it will save you time.

Your budget is an important factor when buying a trimmer. Any top bud trimmer machine can set you back hundreds of dollars. You have to set a budget prior to searching for the right product. If you are buying for commercial use, you will need a bigger budget “$$$$”.

Think of the trimmer as an investment in your harvest. You must have already bought a lot of equipment for the growth of these buds, do not shy away from investing in a trimmer because honestly, it can make all the difference in the end. In any case, you do not want to compromise on quality.

One interesting thing about bud trimmers is that they do not have a set design or look. Some trimmers can, in fact, look a bit quirky. However, an unattractive trimmer is not exactly bad as long as it works smart. This is more of a personal preference and depends on whether you are a ‘looks’ person or ‘just get it done’ person.

Never go for a manual trimmer for a commercial/industrial use. These are not made for that scale of trimming and will take forever to reach your target.

Dry and Wet Trimming

The above three types can further be divided by the kind of trimming i.e. wet or dry trimming. Wet trimming is more commonly used as it produces a more manicured look and improved yield.

Dry trimming is done when all the buds have dried completely. This requires removal of large fan leaves first. Dry trimming is usually more time-consuming and suitable for arid areas. Some machines may be capable of both kinds of trimming.

Kinds of Bud Trimming Machines

Bud trimmers today are classified into three different kinds: manual, automatic, and industrial. The difference mainly revolves around the use and the size of crop they can help harvest.

  1. Manual Bud Trimmer

This type works manually, i.e. more labor on your part. Still, it is easier than going with the hand trimming option. You operate the machine that trims the buds and many growers actually prefer this type of trimmer. It is the best bud trimmer if you have a small grow tent.

  1. Automatic Bud Trimmer

Fully electronic bud trimmer that does the job for you. All you have to do is plug it in and run it, and the rest is the machine’s work. These automatic trimmers have seen consistent improvement over the years. They are easy to work with and a lot faster in comparison with manual trimmers.

  1. Industrial Trimmers

Industrial trimmers are essentially automatic trimmers that are way more powerful and designed for trimming large crops. For that reason, they are quite expensive too.

Top Bud Trimming Machine Brands

Choosing a product from a trusted brand can make things easy as you do not have to research too much. These brand names are known for delivering the top bud trimmer machine:


iPower is a well-known brand for grow lights and grow tents, but they have ventured into almost all the machines and tools one could need for growing weed. This brand retails all over the world and is quickly becoming a top choice for the new generation of weed harvesters.

They mainly produce grow lights of all kinds CFL, HPS lamps, and LED lights. They also produce accessories and a manual trimmer which is a personal favorite. It is based in Irwindale, CA and has been in the business for over a decade now.

It is one of those manufacturers that deliver great value for money and offer great after sales services. They are quickly becoming a favorite of domestic growers who are looking for small, cheap, but effective tools to harvest some beautiful buds.


Triminator produces highly sophisticated dry trimmers that are used for commercial trimming. In fact, they have won awards for their machines including the High Times Award for Best Industrial Dry Trimmers.

This manufacturer too is from California and produces top-quality trimmers that do not need any lubricants. It is famous for its Mini Dry automatic trimmers as well that is basically a smaller version of the Dry Trimmer but just as efficient.

They do produce wet trimmers as well, which are quickly garnering popularity thanks to the repute built by their dry trimmers. Industry experts have been using their products for years and have given these machines a thumbs-up.

When you are investing in something expensive, it is essential that you buy from a trustworthy brand like the Triminator. Aside from their high-quality trimmers, the name of this manufacturer is genius.


Trimpro is a pioneer of trimmers as it is one of the oldest in this industry. They produce an array of automatic, mostly wet trimmers. These machines range from small-scale trimmers suitable for home use to heavy commercial machines designed for heavy duty industrial use.

Their most popular trimmer is the Rotor which is a favorite in the weed growing community and hands down the best bud trimmer. This is that type of brand, that you do not really have to think about twice.

Someone who does not know a lot about growing marijuana or trimming the buds, in particular, can trust Trimpro. Their automatic trimmers take all the guesswork away and make trimming buds a job done in minutes. It is definitely the most sought-after trimmer brand that guarantees reliability and durability and who would not want that?



Last Thoughts About the Best Bud Trimming Machines.

Whether you are a home grower or a commercial producer, one thing is essential and that is speed and quality. You have to opt for both for optimal production. If a trimmer is fast but trims haphazardly, is it any good?

There are ample choices out there, but the above products have been tried and tested time and again. Each of these has more pros than cons and most importantly live up to the standards set by their manufacturers. Hobbyists and small-scale weed growers can either go for the cheaper manual options or automatic if they have the budget for it.

Best Tent Fan for Hydroponics – Top 7 Fans for Grow Room in 2018

For your hydroponics and your grow tents, the exhaust/intake fan might just be one of the most important things. It can help exhaust any odors and help with temperature controls, making sure the ideal environment is provided for your plants.

To make your grow tent the best, you obviously need the best tent fan. There are plenty of choices in terms of size, brand, and price. Nowadays these fans are also super quiet and utilize less energy. Want the best fan for grow tent? Here are seven of them.

Best tent fan for hydroponics

Best Fan For Grow Tent on the Market – Top 7 for 2018

 ImageProductReviewsCheck Price
1Vortex 347 CFM S Line S-600 FanVortex 347 CFM S, 6-inchcheck price button
2Active Air 400 CFM Inline FanActive Air 400 CFM, 6-Inchcheck price button
3Hurricane Inline Fan 12 in 1060 CFMHurricane, 12 in 1060 CFMcheck price button
4VIVOSUN 6 Inch 440 CFM Inline Duct VentilationVIVOSUN 6 Inch 440 CFMcheck price button
5TerraBloom Inline Duct Fan 240 CFMTerraBloom, 240 CFM, 6 Inchcheck price button
6iPower 6 Inch 442 CFM Inline Duct VentilationiPower 6 Inch 442 CFMcheck price button
7VIVOSUN 6 Inch 390 CFM Inline Duct FanVIVOSUN 6 Inch 390 CFMcheck price button


1.- Vortex 347 CFM S Line S-600 Fan 6-inch

Vortex 347 CFM S Line S-600 FanThe Vortex 347 S-Line S-600 Fan is the best tent fan as it has advanced technology that allows it to be energy efficient and less noisy. It features mixed flow dual impellers and an AC brushed motor that lasts long and works on less power.

It comes with the bracket and is quite easy to install. The casing of this fan is made of high-quality and high-resistance polycarbonate. Because it has dual insulation, you hear no noticeable sound.



2.- Active Air 400 CFM Inline Fan, 6-Inch

Active Air 400 CFM Inline FanThis 6-inch fan from Active Air has an air flow rate of 400 CFM. It features UL recognized components and a generously long (8 foot) pre-wired cord. This grow tent intake fan is made durable by finishing it with a ceramic coating.

This one too is a quiet one that does not produce very loud blade noise as many exhaust fans do. It comes from Active Air which produces many grow room products for hydroponic systems and guarantees high-quality and long life.



3.- Hurricane Inline Fan 12 in 1060 CFM – 736590

Hurricane Inline Fan 12 in 1060 CFMThe Hurrican Inline Fan is truly the most commercial and best inline fan for your hydroponics. It is thoroughly made from superior quality materials: UL components, stainless steel casing, powder coated finishing.

This one you can install in just a matter of minutes. It comes in smaller sizes too but 12-inch one is the best for a large grow room. Combine this with other great products like carbon filters and fan speed controllers and you have an unbeatable exhaust system.



4.- VIVOSUN 6 Inch 440 CFM Inline Duct Ventilation Fan

VIVOSUN 6 Inch 440 CFM Inline Duct VentilationThe highlight of this fan from VIVOSUN is its variable speed controller. You do not have to buy the speed controller separately as it is included with the fan. The noise level of this fan is only a mere 50 dB which makes it the best inline fan in terms of quietness.

Another great advantage of this fan is that you can use it for other purposes too, like cooling the led grow lights or control humidity in the grow room. It comes with galvanized steel construction that is painted for protection from moisture and dust.



5.- TerraBloom Inline Duct Fan 240 CFM, 6 Inch

TerraBloom Inline Duct Fan 240 CFMThe TerraBloom Inline Duct Fan can be used for exhaust as well as intake. It is great for a small grow room and features a 6 feet long cord. With a 2600 RPM speed, the air flow rate of this one is 240 CFM.

It is the perfect grow tent intake fan to bring some fresh air to the plants. Backed by a one-year warranty, this product is also very good value for money. If you want to control speed, you can opt to buy a cheap speed controller from TerraBloom which works well with the fan.



6.- iPower 6 Inch 442 CFM Duct Inline Fan Vent Blower

iPower 6 Inch 442 CFM Inline Duct VentilationThe iPower 6- inch fan is a robust and sturdy fan with 442 CFM air flow and below 50 dB noise. If you are looking for something that does not require maintenance at all, this one is the best fan for grow tent.

It is designed for both commercial and home use so you can expect only the best results from this. It features composite fan blades that produce little noise, almost inaudible. This one is also backed by a one-year warranty.



7.- VIVOSUN 6 Inch 390 CFM Inline Duct Fan

VIVOSUN 6 Inch 390 CFM Inline Duct FanThis is the best grow tent exhaust fan as it uses less power and produces almost no noise (below 37 dB). It has a clean look and a minimalistic design suitable for any grower looking for pure functionality.

The duct ends are removable so maintenance is basically a breeze. The maximum ambient temperature for this one is 45 °C. With balanced blades and a lubricated motor, this exhaust inline fan is designed to keep the air fresh all the time.



Best fan for grow tent


Conclusions About the Best Tent Fan for Hydroponics

Getting the best tent fan will ensure that you can exhaust any pungent smells and balance heat levels when needed. These fans are not at all expensive and can work for a long time without requiring maintenance. Most of them are suited for small to medium sized grow rooms but some may even work with a large growing area.


Best Carbon Filter For Grow Room – Top 5 for 2018

When growing weed indoors, it is hard to avoid the sharp pungent smell of the leaves and buds. Even though some may actually love the smell, it can be very strong and disturbing at times. Therefore, growers use air filters to absorb those smells and make the air odorless.

Carbon filters are great for this purpose as the activated carbon in them absorbs the compounds in the air that are causing the odor. The best carbon filter for grow room usually contains a bed layer of Australian charcoal.

There are not many choices when it comes to odor filtration and the best indoor carbon filter is both effective and affordable.


Best Grow Room Carbon Filter – Top 5 for 2018

 ImageProductReviewsCheck Price
1VIVOSUN 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter Odor ControlVIVOSUN 6 Inch Air Carbon Filtercheck price button
2TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filter 6 x 16TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filtercheck price button
3iPower 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter Odor ControliPower 4 Inch Air Carbon Filtercheck price button
4Phresh Filter 4 in x 12 in 200 CFMPhresh Carbon Filter 4 x 12 Inchescheck price button
5Amagabeli 4 inch Carbon Filter Odor ControlMagabeli 4 inch Carbon Filtercheck price button

1.- VIVOSUN 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter

VIVOSUN 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter Odor ControlThe VIVOSUN carbon filter contains a superior quality Australian virgin charcoal bed. The inner and outer mesh layers allow air to flow freely. Basically, 53% of the surface area is open so you get better airflow. It comes with carbon filter belts and changeable Velcro pre-filter.

It gets rid of any kind of odor in or near your grow tent or area. When growing weed indoors, the pungent smell can be somewhat of a problem at times and with this filter, you will not have to worry about letting it out. It works as an intake as well as an exhaust filter. With a simple but sturdy construction, it is the best grow room carbon filter.



2.- TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filter

TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filter 6 x 16The TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filter comes in a variety of lengths to meet the needs of different grow rooms. They have used RC-48 Charcoal carbon that originates from West Australia. The bed is machine packed and is 46 mm thick which makes it the best carbon filter for marijuana.

It comes with two machine washable pre-filters. With high-quality materials and carbon, this one is made to last for a very long time. This product is also backed by a 90-Day Warranty from the manufacturer. If you are looking for something that works best for all kinds of odors in the grow room and filters out quickly, this is it.



Best carbon filter for grow room


3.- iPower 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter

iPower 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter Odor ControlThis 4-inch iPower Carbon filter has an air flow rate of 200 CFM. It is the best carbon filter for grow room as it contains the most absorbent carbon in the world: the 1050+ IAV Australian RC412 activated carbon. This is a long-lasting filter which just requires you to replace pre-filter every 6 months.

The carbon layer is 50 mm thick so you can only expect the best performance from this one. With positive indoor carbon filter review; this one is also great value for money. iPower is a trusted manufacturer of indoor grow room products.



4.- Phresh Carbon Filter 4 x 12 Inches

Phresh Filter 4 in x 12 in 200 CFMThe Phresh Carbon filter will make sure that the air smells fresh in your grow tent. This 4 inches x 12 inches filter has a 46mm thick layer of RC-48 carbon bed. The flange on this filter is riveted and you cannot remove it.

This one comes with a great sealed packaging that ensures it stays intact when it reaches you. You can also go for smaller or bigger sizes as per your need as there are plenty of options in terms of size. These use Nano carbon technology for maximized absorption. It is the best grow room carbon filter for those who do not have any budget constraints.



5.- Magabeli 4 inch Carbon Filter

Amagabeli 4 inch Carbon Filter Odor ControlThe Magabeli carbon filter is the best carbon filter for marijuana especially if you are growing them in a hydroponic system. This one offers more than 99% filtered air flow and contains only the highest quality 1050+ IAV Australian virgin charcoal bed. It can work with 4-inch inline fans, duct fans, exhaust fans, paint fumes hose, and ventilation ducts.

This one too has reversible filtration and you can use it for both intake filtration and exhaust filtration. With great air flow rate, the outer and inner aluminum mesh provides a lot of open surface area.



Conclusions about the Best Carbon Filter for Grow Room.

When buying a carbon filter for your grow room, make sure to take into account the size of your grow tent. There are many sizes available for most models and the prices do not differ much either for the different sizes. The best carbon filter for grow room would make sure that your weed’s smell is under control and the odor of the room is neutral. The strong smell can travel outdoors quickly and may even cause trouble for you.


Best Hydroponic Humidity Controllers – Top 5 for 2018

Hydroponic systems are great for growing indoors, especially cannabis. It gives you all the tools to control the process and have them grow faster and better. One of the tools you will need for your grow tent is a hydroponic humidity controller. Humidity for hydroponics is of great importance as too little or too much can have an adverse effect.

You definitely need these controllers regardless of the fact whether the climate you live in is humid or not. You never know how low humidity can be, especially indoors where hydroponic systems are usually found. Keeping a humidity controller within the system will ensure that your plants get the kind of environment they need in order to grow to their full potential.

The best hydroponic humidity controllers will ensure that the humidity levels are as per the requirements of the plants. They basically monitor the levels and humidify or dehumidify, whatever the need be. The following products are exclusively chosen for you based on favorable hydroponic humidity controllers reviews:


Best Hydroponic Humidity Controllers- Top 5 for 2018.

 ImageProductReviewsCheck Price
1CAHUM1 15 Amp 120 VAC Humidity ControllerCahum1 Humidity Controllercheck price button
2Custom Automated Products, CACGC1, Complete Greenhouse ControllerCACGC1 Greenhouse Controllercheck price button
3Titan Controls Humidity ControllerTitan Humidity Controllercheck price button
4Inkbird ITC-308 Temperature ControllerInkbird Temp & Humidity Controllercheck price button
5Titan Controls Digital Environmental ControllerTitan Saturn 4 Digital Controllercheck price button

1.- C.A.P. Cahum1 Humidity Controller

CAHUM1 15 Amp 120 VAC Humidity ControllerThis one can rightly be regarded as the top hydroponic humidity controller as it works with any system and produces the best results. It is compatible with equipment that is operating on max 120 Volts. All you have to do is set the desired humidity level, and the rest is its job.

It is one of those appliances that you just have to buy once and then perhaps use the rest of your life. It is a favorite among gardeners, farmers, especially those who grow weed. The humidity level can be set up with the knob on the controller.

It weighs just 2.7 pounds so easy to transport as well. C.A.P (Custom Automated products) made sure that you do not have to replace your humidity controller anytime soon by using only the best materials and technology.



2.- C.A.P. CACGC1 Greenhouse Controller

Custom Automated Products, CACGC1, Complete Greenhouse ControllerIf you are looking for something a bit more all-rounder then CACGC1 is the perfect fit for you. This one is a complete greenhouse controller, i.e. it regulates humidity, temperature, pump cycle, and CO2 cycle. Not only that, but it can also control the lights in the greenhouse with a 24-hour clock.

It is a modern tool designed for bringing the entire control of the hydroponic system in your hand. It helps to optimize all the aspects so that your plants can grow fast. That qualifies it as a contender for the top hydroponic humidity controller. Considering you are getting multiple controllers in one, this one is good value for money.

The HID lights are controlled 24/7 and there are two outlets for that. Light, as you know, is equally important as moisture or pH. When lights are off at night, an auxiliary nightlight is turned on. It weighs just a little over 5 pounds and is quite easy to use with the most knobs for controls. Since everything is timed, you can sit back and relax as your plants grow at above average rates.



Top hydroponic humidity controller


3.- Titan Controls Humidity Controller

Titan Controls Humidity ControllerWith a 20% – 90% range, this controller accurately detects the humidity in the room and adjusts it to your required levels. There is a switch for humidification or dehumidification which you can set up depending on the weather for the day.

This one features ventilation louvers that protect from water accumulation. You can be sure that this product will last longer and help you grow many batches. It requires 120 Volts tops and can work in virtually any setting. It is made of durable powder-coated steel that makes it ideal for use in any kind of climate.

It comes with a grounded piggyback cord that makes it easy to work with. It is built in 4 percent split differential. If you live in an already humid climate, this is the product you need.



4.- Inkbird Temperature and Humidity Controller

Inkbird ITC-308 Temperature ControllerThe Inkbird Controller is a dual-purpose as you can control both temperature and the hydroponic humidity level. With calibration functions, you can calibrate the temperature and humidity. It works with a simple on and off switch. It features an alarm system that notifies you if the levels are below or above the range you have set.

The sensors in these controllers are waterproof and work highly accurately. If you are looking an affordable but functioning controller, this is it. The probe wire length of 6 feet is quite generous and makes it more flexible.



5.- Titan Controls Saturn 4 Digital Environment Controller

Titan Controls Digital Environmental ControllerOne of the best hydroponic humidity controllers is the Saturn 4 which is highly useful for controlling temperature and humidity. It basically works to keep the whole environment better for the kind of plants you are growing. It also features a CO2 controller and a night only device, making it a complete solution for your hydroponic system.

It is equipped with a 15-foot remote sensor and photocell for the night. Since it is digital, you can trust it to be accurate. The device is covered in by a plastic enclosure to keep it safe from dust and moisture. It is expensive, but you can think of it as an investment in your garden.

This is a good buy as you are not just getting a humidifier, you also get CO2 controllers and night control so that your plants have optimized conditions round the clock. The best part is that it comes with a three-year warranty. This is an ample period to see how effective this device really is for the plants.



Hydroponic humidity controllers reviews


Last Thoughts About the Hydroponic Humidity Controllers

Based on positive hydroponic humidity controllers reviews, these are the top five products that have helped many growers. Every plant requires a certain level of humidity and if that is not consistently maintained, the growth rate can slow down.

If you opt for the best hydroponic humidity controllers, you ensure that regardless of what the climate or conditions are in your indoor garden, the plants have the required humidity. It comes down to your budget in the end as to which one you can afford. Any of the above controllers can easily last a lifetime if used properly.


Review of the Best Cannabis CO2 Regulators – Top 5 for 2018

When growing weed indoors, simply relying on the fact that climate change is happening and the current CO2 levels would be enough for your plants to flourish, is not enough. Sure, you can use mushroom boxes or fermentation, but what can really make a difference is if you use the best CO2 regulators for marijuana.

It is believed that there is 400 PPM of CO2 in the environment these days, thanks in part to climate change. However, if you ramp it up to upwards of 1000 PPM, your weed can grow fast. If you utilize the best weed CO2 regulators, you can end up with 30 percent more yield.

CO2 levels of the environment are crucial for a good grow, and indoors, the levels can be even lesser as compared with outdoors. So here we have the best cannabis CO2 regulators for you to choose for your grow tent.


Best co2 Regulators for Marijuana- Top 5 for 2018

 ImageProductReviewsCheck Price
1VIVOSUN Hydroponics CO2 Regulator Emitter SystemVivoSun CO2 Regulatorcheck price button
2Hydroponics Extoic Injection SystemExtoic Injection CO2 Regulatorcheck price button
3Titan Controls Carbon Dioxide (CO2) RegulatorTitan Controls CO2 Regulatorcheck price button
4Titan Controls Spartan Series Basic Digital EnvironmentalSpartan Dig. Environment Controllercheck price button
5AutoPilot APCG4LP 4 Burner Co2 GeneratorAutoPilot 4 Burner CO2 Generatorcheck price button

1.- VivoSun Hydroponic CO2 Regulator

VIVOSUN Hydroponics CO2 Regulator Emitter SystemThis is one of the best CO2 regulators for marijuana as it is made from sturdy brass. It is not vulnerable to moisture or humidity and will work seamlessly for years to come. It has a solenoid valve flow meter and a high-pressure gauge for 0-4000 psi.

You also get a 5-meter plastic dispensing tube with this regulator. It keeps the CO2 levels that are ideal for weed and potentially can yield up to 40 percent more. It fits all standard CO2 tanks and can work with any kind or size of the grow tent. The maximum level you should keep is 2500 PPM as anything above that can be harmful too.

The manufacturer of this product specializes in hydroponic system products so if you are growing the weed in a hydroponic system, this is the best CO2regulator for hydroponic you should have in your grow area.



2.- Hydroponic Extoic Injection System CO2 Regulator

Hydroponics Extoic Injection SystemThis product is made from industrial grade materials and is designed to work with any grow room or greenhouse. It comes with 10 foot long ¼ inch air pipe and a generously long 6-foot power cable. It can be used within a system that runs on 120 Volts.

The flow gauge is capable of producing 0.5 to 15 SCFH of CO2 every hour which is optimal for weed. It can easily be connected with a 20# or 50# Carbon dioxide Tank. It works with the majority of the valves regardless of the condition they are in.

It is designed to last long with only quality materials used in the construction. You will need a CO2 meter to be used with this for accurate readings of CO2 levels.



3.- Titan Controls CO2 Regulator

Titan Controls Carbon Dioxide (CO2) RegulatorThis one is compatible with all 120 Volts controllers and timers. Titan Controls is known for their high-quality products for indoor gardens and if you already have their humidity or light controllers, you can get this one for maintaining required CO2 levels.

It features a strong solenoid valve and oil-less pressure gauge. The CO2 dispensing line is quite long measuring 12 feet. It also comes with two plastic tank washers which makes it all the better in terms of value for money.

If simplicity cuts it for you then this is the best marijuana CO2 regulator. It is easy to install, easy to use and works well with other controllers.



4.- Titan Controls Spartan Series Digital Environment Controller

Titan Controls Spartan Series Basic Digital EnvironmentalIf you are looking for something more multipurpose, then this digital environment controller from Titan Controls should be your choice. It is a completely digital system that controls both humidity and CO2 levels of your grow tent leaving it with optimal conditions for the weed to grow faster and yield more.

The photocell on this one allows you to set up the system for day or night. What makes this particular model one of the best cannabis CO2 regulators is that it has a very basic interface. Someone who does not have a lot of growing experience can easily work with it.

Since it is a digital system that does two jobs (humidity and CO2 regulation), it is a bit expensive. However, it bears the name of Titan Control which has gained a steady repute in the weed growing circles. It has an enclosure that protects it from moisture and dust, keeping it functional for a long time.



5.- AutoPilot APCG4LP 4 Burner CO2 Generator Liquid Propane

AutoPilot APCG4LP 4 Burner Co2 GeneratorAdvanced CO2 generator that is best for you if you have a large grow area and growing marijuana is more than just a hobby. It features a two-stage safety pilot that only allows the fuel to the burner once the pilot is lit. The solid state electronic ignition module lights the burner itself.

This device is available for both propane and natural gas. It is an expensive model but its running costs are very low. The fuel supply automatically stops if the unit falls which makes it very safe. Everything from the burners to the enclosures is made from high-quality materials and protected with powder coating.

It has four burners that produce ample CO2 for a large growing area. This thing weighs over 22 pounds, which is a lot more than what the conventional CO2 regulators weigh. Even though it is a big device, it is relatively easy to use.


Best cannabis co2 regulators


Conclusions of the Best Cannabis Co2 Regulators.

The above five products are the best weed CO2 regulators on the market today. CO2 is extremely important for any kind of indoor plants. In order to allow them to grow to their full potential, you have to provide optimal conditions for that particular plant. Weed can really flourish if provided with CO2 levels of 1500 PPM. That may not be possible to achieve without the help of a regulator.

Most of the best cannabis CO2 regulators are quite affordable and will last for years. Nevertheless, if you have the budget for it, invest in the best one regardless of the price. The amount of money you will save by growing your own weed should pay back for the regulator or any other device you may have purchased soon enough.


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