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CBD Dosage Chart & How Long Does it Take For CBD to take Effect

Cbd dosage

Cannabidiol is a highly talked about drug these days. It comes from the Cannabis plant. Although many of the active cannabis compounds can get you high, CBD is different. Instead, research suggests that it has many positive effects.

But how long does it take for CBD to take effect? We will find out here.

In this article, we will look at many essential questions that people generally worry about. We will address queries such as:

  • How to take CBD?
  • What is the proper CBD dosage?
  • How long does it take CBD to kick in?

And many similar questions.

If you wish to include CBD in your dosage, you will also find a CBD dosage calculator chart that will allow you to make proper dosage and time schedules.


CBD Working Mechanism

One of the primary purposes of CBD is to reduce anxiety and insomnia. It does so by stimulating the endocannabinoid system.

It helps in the production of cannabinoids, which ultimately helps in overcoming anxiety problems and stress. Ultimately, it helps prolong the stay of endocannabinoids in the body.


Is CBD Safe?

Because of fewer regulations, there are questions about the use of CBD. Currently, the FDA does not have an official recommendation regarding the CBD dosage. However, experts suggest that the drug is completely safe if used under supervision.


Benefits of CBD

If you’re wondering if CBD can fit your health needs, here are some health conditions where CBD is found useful:



Epidiolex is a CBD product that is effective against seizures. It’s equally useful for children and adults and helps reduce seizures and related conditions. Researchers also found it helpful in reducing seizures in tuberous sclerosis patients.


Multiple Sclerosis

CBD is likely to help patients who have Multiple Sclerosis. Sativex, a CBD drug, treats muscle tightness, urination frequency, and pain relief. According to the experts, the results may be inconsistent, but there are more positive results than negative ones.


How you can Consume CBD

If you’re wondering how long it takes CBD to kick in, you must know the mode of consumption. Currently, there are four primary methods of CBD consumption. Let’s briefly look at these modes:


Edible CBD

It is CBD consumption through pills or capsules. It’s tasty, and CBD foods are commonly available, so many CBD users prefer it.



When using tinctures, CBD is taken through drops or spray directly into the mouth. Experts believe that this is the best method for CBD consumption as it is easy to control.


Oils and Balms

CBD oils and balms are considered safe and easy to use. However, it requires a larger quantity of oil and CBD for proper dosage. Therefore, it may be safe, but it is much more expensive.


Vape Pens

Vape pens allow the CBD to reach veins directly. However, you cannot control the amount of consumption, so it is not a preferred practice.

There is no restriction on how to take CBD; however, consulting your doctor can save you from any adverse effects. It’s also important to know that your method of consumption also affects how long it takes for CBD to take effect.


How long does it take for cbd to take effect


Factors Affecting CBD Dosage

It’s a common problem where people don’t know how much CBD to take. The right amount of CBD depends mainly upon the following factors:

  • Body chemistry
  • Condition under treatment
  • Bodyweight
  • CBD concentration in the pill or capsule

It’s a bit more complicated, as several other variables also factor in. Therefore, it is better to seek medical advice before starting with such medication.


CBD Dosage Calculator Chart

Calculating the right amount of CBD dosage seems to be a problem, especially if you are new to it. However, with a CBD dosing chart, it becomes straightforward to pick the right amount.

If you’re using CBD oil, the dosage is usually written on the bottle. However, with the CBD calculator chart, there is nothing to worry about.





Low Dose






100 lbs

45 kg

10-20 mg

21-49 mg

50-60 mg

110 lbs

50 kg

11-22 mg

23-54 mg

55-66 mg

120 lbs

54 kg

12-24 mg

25-59 mg

60-72 mg

130 lbs

59 kg

13-26 mg

27-64 mg

65-78 mg

140 lbs

64 kg

14-28 mg

29-69 mg

70-84 mg

150 lbs

68 kg

15-30 mg

31-74 mg

75-90 mg

160 lbs

73 kg

16-32 mg

33-79 mg

80-96 mg

170 lbs

77 kg

17-34 mg

35-84 mg

85-102 mg

180 lbs

82 kg

18-36 mg

37-89 mg

90-108 mg

190 lbs

86 kg

19-38 mg

39-94 mg

95-114 mg

200 lbs

91 kg

20-40 mg

41-99 mg

100-120 mg

210 lbs

95 kg

21-42 mg

43-104 mg

105-126 mg

220 lbs

100 kg

22-44 mg

45-109 mg

110-132 mg

230 lbs

104 kg

23-46 mg

47-114 mg

115-138 mg

240 lbs

109 kg

24-48 mg

49-119 mg

120-144 mg

250 lbs

113 kg

25-50 mg

51-124 mg

125-150 mg

260 lbs

118 kg

26-52 mg

53-129 mg

130-156 mg

270 lbs

122 kg

27-54 mg

55-134 mg

135-162 mg


How Long Does it Take CBD to Work?

It is one of the most general questions. Potential CBD users have had growing concerns about the reaction time for CBD dosage. CBD is insoluble in water.

Therefore, it is stored in the body’s fat cells. This reserve CBD releases into the blood and the endocannabinoid system as per the need.


Fat Cells and Absorption Rate

Therefore, it depends on the composition of fat in your body. Understandably, if you’re skinny, there will be less accumulation of CBD in your body. Secondly, how long it takes for CBD to kick in depends on the body’s absorption rate.



The amount of consumed CBD has a direct effect on how long it takes for CBD to take effect. For instance, a high oral dose of up to 1500 mg daily, is likely to stay longer. Ultimately, the results will last for longer too.

Therefore, if you want a controlled effect, you must know how much CBD to take.


Mode of Consumption

Depending on how you consume CBD, the duration of your stay varies. For example, vaporized CBD lasts longer as compared to oils and other edible forms.


Some Other Factors

Other factors that affect the duration of CBD effectiveness include:

  • Presence of other drugs and medications inside the body
  • CBD Potency


Duration of CBD Metabolism

Although CBD effectiveness varies from human to human because of the discussed factors, researchers have estimated the approximate time for complete CBD metabolism. According to research, it generally takes around one week for CBD to consume inside the body completely.


CBD Half-Life

For people with more fat, the time for metabolism may be longer. Another study found the half-life of CBD drugs to be around two to five days.


In a nutshell, if you have consumed CBD, your drug test is likely to result in negative results after a week. However, it is essential to know that CBD traces can remain inside the body and still not show in the drug test.


How Long Before CBD Kicks In

Each of the factors that we discussed earlier has a role to play. Your body composition also plays a significant role. It makes it harder to predict when the drug will start taking effect.

Sublingual tinctures may kick immediately, If you are using vaporized CBD, it usually kicks in after 15 minutes of consumption. If you consume an edible form, it can take up to two hours to kick in.


How Long Does a Bottle of CBD Last?

New CBD users often ask how long their oil bottles will last. There is no definite answer, as it mainly depends on your consumption. Usually, CBD oil bottles comprise of 30 ml liquid.

It also depends on the CBD concentration. Higher CBD concentration means less oil consumption. CBD oil tinctures have a minimum of 15 mg dosage, which means that a 200 mg tincture can last up to 13 days. If your measurements are accurate, the results will be more precise.


How much cbd to take


Storing CBD Products

Caring for proper storage is equally important as knowing how much CBD to take. Especially if you are using higher concentration CBD products, you must learn appropriate storage techniques. Use a refrigerator for storage. It’s the best option.

Firstly, oil and tinctures tend to crystallize in open areas. Secondly, CBD compounds last longer in colder environments. Since a refrigerator is likely to be present in most households, it’s the safest bet when it comes to the storage of CBD products.

CBD products also need protection from intense light. Keep them away from sunlight.

In addition to that, extreme heat can also damage these products. Therefore, never store them on shelves near ovens or heaters.

Exposure to air also disturbs the composition of CBD compounds, which directly affects the potency of the drug.


CBD Side Effects

CBD has several positive effects on the body. At the same time, there are a few common side effects of CBD. It’s essential to know the side effects because patients often face compatibility issues, so there is a health risk attached to it.

Here is a quick look at some common side effects:

  • Digestive problems are quite common. You may experience loss of appetite or Diarrhea.
  • It can cause mood swings. It is known to induce agitation and irritability.
  • Drowsiness and lesser alertness
  • The drug may interact with other medications which can lead to severe results.
  • It can affect your body weight.
  • May cause fatigue
  • In some cases, it can cause liver failure.


Last Thoughts about CBD Dosing

In a nutshell, several factors determine the dosage and how long it takes for CBD to take effect. If you have a healthy body, the chances are high that the reaction time will be less, and the drug will be more effective.

However, tools such as the CBD dosage chart and calculators can make the job much more straightforward. Nevertheless, you must seek medical help from a practitioner about how to take CBD to avoid any severe health issues.

Often, it comes down to the patient’s tolerance level. Even though the calculator may present the appropriate amount, inner health may not allow a larger CBD dosage. Therefore, you can never ignore medical advice.

Also, since there aren’t, many FDA-approved CBD products, so it is better to be on the safe side and use it as per prescription.

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