Is CBD Oil Safe During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?

CBD Oil During Pregnancy

CBD, which is the other name of Cannabidiol is a compound from the Cannabis plant. A lot of people nowadays are using CBD oil for medical purposes though there is no significant study that outlines the good or bad results of using it. CBD doesn’t give any hallucinating effects unlike THC; another compound from the Cannabis plant.

As we proceed, we will be discussing how CBD oil acts on a pregnant woman and to her unborn baby, as well as on a breastfeeding mother. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will know more and get answers if you are one of those who wonder if CBD oil is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Can You Use CBD Oil While Pregnant?

Typically, when a woman is pregnant, almost anything that she interacts with could possibly have an impact on her fetus. This is why pregnant women take plenty of helpful products like prenatal vitamins, maternal milk, and some other products that don’t give any bad effects on the fetus.

So, in line with this, many are now asking if CBD oil or CBD tincture can be used while pregnant. The very best answer to this should definitely come from a doctor, so if a person is really interested or curious, then the best thing to do is to schedule a visit to the clinic.

Knowing that there is only limited research about the impacts of using CBD oil on a fetus, a doctor will know if using CBD oil is helpful or not while a woman is pregnant. On the other hand, many women are now claiming that they were using CBD oil while pregnant to ease nausea and vomiting.


CBD Oil for Cramps and Labor Pain?

Every pregnant woman’s labor experience is different, some have it for days to a week while some have it very quickly. With regards to early labor, it comes with a stubborn pain in the lower back or even abdominal pain same with premenstrual feeling accompanied by untiring cramping.

The tightening or the painful contractions may come in varying frequency and strength that could slow down, stop, and then start again. Because of this agonizing feeling, a lot of pregnant women are now using CBD oil to help them pass the early stages.

Accordingly, CBD oil had been successfully giving relief to pregnant women in terms of cramps and labor pain. Way back then, pregnant women are already using CBD to stop the bleeding, induce the labor, ease the pain, and even help in starting the lactation procedure.


CBD Oil for Cramps and Labor Pain


A lot of mothers residing in the US are now claiming that using CBD oil helped them manage their labor pain, and they are now sharing their experiences through messaging threads online. All of them are praising CBD as a hero in administering pain as they have used it instead of epidurals.

There are also some reports about using CBD bath bombs as a helpful aid in relaxing the body before heading to the hospital. Reports say it helps ease the pain and accelerate the contractions. While some mothers have used CBD cream that accordingly helps in reducing the tears in the cervix because it gives elasticity for the crowning.


Is CBD Oil Safe While Breastfeeding?

Experts say that a breastfeeding mom needs to add their diets with about 450-500 more calories daily to counterbalance the amount you supplement for the baby.

Not having enough amount of calorie intake will make new mothers suffer from harmful weight loss and fatigue. According to some studies, CBD oil increases the appetite and reduces nausea, which is a great help for breastfeeding moms in increasing their calorie intake.

Additionally, a nice and decent sleep is really hard to achieve if you are waking up countless times during night time to feed your newborn. CBD oil is also helpful when it comes to that matter since it is proven to upgrade sleep quality as well as help in fighting insomnia. On the other hand, CBD oil could also lessen the creation of cortisol; it’s a hormone produced by stress that could stop you from falling back to sleep.


cbd oil and breastfeeding


Several studies about CBD oil and breastfeeding have presented the fact that cannabinoids are naturally present in a mother’s breast milk. Therefore, even when the mother is not taking CBD oil, the endocannabinoid system in her body appears to be a significant system taking part in the baby’s development.

While most of the studies are mainly focusing on the effects of THC on breastfeeding moms, it is obvious that when it is consumed by the mother, CBD and THC are directly transmitted into the baby mother’s breast milk. Doctors come to terms that pregnant women and nursing mothers should not flash their babies to THC, but there is minimal to no evidence showing the negative effects of CBD on a breastfeeding baby.

One of the greatest myths about CBD and breastfeeding is that CBD oil will give you and your baby delirious feelings or “high”. This is simply not true. CBD is not like THC, it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects that make a person get high.


What Do We Know About the Effects if Any?

There isn’t enough definite data that concludes the impacts of using CBD oil on an unborn baby. But, it is acknowledged that a developing fetus is armed and fortified with the endocannabinoid system, even if the fetus is just made up of two cells.

In a research made on mouse embryos, experts discovered that the compound THC subdued the growth of embryos which have fewer than eight cells. Moreover, there is one natural cannabinoid in the human body called the anandamide, which also interrupted the embryos’ development. Amounts of anandamide can be increased by CBD, so perhaps, there are some adverse effects of using CBD oil while pregnant. However, bear in mind that this study was done on mice and so the end results may not be the same to humans.


Pregnancy and cbd oil


Last Thoughts about CBD Oil and Pregnancy

Nowadays, CBD oil seems to be in rage as a cure for various illnesses that also include chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. Because of the legality and outgoing acceptance of the Cannabis plant in a lot of states, CBD oil, and other CBD derived products are now flooding the market. There are CBD candies, CBD hemp Flowers, gums, lattes, beauty products, and lotions, and fans are raving for their extraordinary healing powers.

However, none of these are FDA approved and regulated in terms of formulation, dosage, and methods of distribution. Additionally, even if CBD oil that comes from the Cannabis plant is known to be non-addictive, there aren’t enough studies that tell it is safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

So, if you want to know if CBD oil is safe to take during pregnancy, the best advice would be to talk to your doctor. Discuss the reason why you would like to use CBD oil and look for ways to take advantage of the relief it suggests without giving any bad effects on your baby.

Always keep in mind that being pregnant and nursing a newborn are extraordinary experiences, both physically and emotionally. So, don’t just surrender to the desire of trying CBD oil.

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