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Cheap Marijuana Seeds | 7 Cheapest Seed Banks in the USA

Cheap Marijuana Seeds

Have you ever bought cheap weed seeds to grow marijuana at home?

Contrary to common belief, cheap marijuana seeds don’t necessarily have poor quality. In fact, some of the cheapest cannabis seeds have the best quality and perform amazingly well during germination.

They also give you a great return on your investment so that you can grow a large amount of marijuana at home within your budget.

Do you know where to get them from? High-quality and affordable cannabis seeds are available from some of the best seed banks online. Dig in to read the reviews of seven options available to buy cheap seeds online.

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Where to Buy Cheap Cannabis Seeds Online

Whether you are an experienced grower or a beginner in the cannabis industry, buying high-quality seeds is usually a big gamble. Some seeds work out great, while others don’t, leaving you nothing. You can’t predict the results until your plants have successfully grown.

However, when you buy weed seeds online from reputable seed banks, the chances of failure and disappointment decrease manifolds. These amazing platforms usually test them repeatedly, so you always get your desired outcome.

Affordable seeds are a blessing, but where to get them? Here are six seed banks to help you find high-quality cannabis seeds at unbelievable prices.

Read the features of each seed bank, and pick those with seeds that offer massive yields, save money, and make growing cannabis an unforgettable experience.


Crop King Seeds

cheap marijuana seeds

Crop King Seeds is one of the most popular and famous seed banks for finding cheap marijuana seeds. The platform offers affordable feminized cannabis seeds, which come with an 80% germination guarantee.

The seed bank is located in North America and is home to 700 strains available. These cheap feminized cannabis seeds provide high quality and can be bought conveniently through PayPal or Bitcoin.

Another great thing about this seed bank is that it offers seamless delivery for your cannabis seeds. In addition, if you buy weed seeds worth over $200, you get free and efficient delivery of your order.

Crop King Seeds also offers exceptional customer support, helping you make a successful purchase.

The only downside of this option is that it doesn’t contain a large variety of normal seeds.

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cheap cannabis seeds ILGM

ILGM, or I Love Growing Marijuana, has auto-flowering and feminized seeds. Auto-flowering seeds are best for beginners who wish to get an outcome within a few days. On the other hand, feminized seeds guarantee top-quality buds.

ILGM was launched in 2012 and soon became quite famous courtesy of its cheap feminized seeds with great results. You can also find grow kits on the official website for sale. Besides, there are tutorials and guides available to help you grow weed successfully.

What’s more, ILGM runs many deals on its popular products. You can also get free cannabis seeds when you buy ten popular seeds on the online platform.

ILGM offers smooth delivery of seeds with free shipping in all US states. You also get various payment options to try and great customer support from the seed bank.

But if you want to purchase rare seeds online, we recommend choosing a different option. ILGM doesn’t have many rare seeds to sell.

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Rocket Seeds

cheap weed seeds

In your search for the cheapest cannabis seeds, you may land on Rocket Seeds. This seed bank takes pride in its collection of top-performing seeds with an affordable price tag. Moreover, you get great customer support and efficient delivery options to kickstart your growing process as soon as you wish.

Rocket Seeds sells more than 600 strains with a wholesome collection of regular seeds. The platform also features growing guides, helping new growers pick the right seed.

Another great thing about Rocket Seeds is that it doesn’t charge for delivery on orders above $200. You can pay for your regular cannabis seeds or other products via various payment options.

But unlike most other seed banks on the list, Rocket Seeds may disappoint you with its limited discount offers. In that case, you may want to get your quality strains from somewhere else.

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seedsman cheap seeds

You may have heard about Superman or Spiderman, but have you ever come across Seedman? This amazing online seed bank is the ultimate solution to buying cheap marijuana seeds online.

When buying cheap cannabis seeds, you may end up getting the ones with poor quality. This could be disastrous for your plan to grow dense buds at home.

However, with Seedman on board, you don’t get such disappointments. This seed bank offers you more than 4000 seed options to choose from, and there are both common and rare seeds available.

What’s more, you also get six free cannabis seeds with your order. You can use every free seed to grow a new plant in your space.

Although Seedman doesn’t provide free shipping, you can benefit from the platform’s excellent loyalty program and frequent promotions.

This seed bank helps you find the best products from famous breeders, allowing you to enjoy excellent germination results. You can check the online platform’s website and read through some amazing reviews by customers.

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Mary Janes Garden

weed seeds discount

Do you want to buy all the seeds from the source? In that case, buy cheap cannabis seeds from Mary Janes Garden. This seed bank is Canada-based but ships high-quality cheap marijuana seeds all over the world.

Whether you want autoflower seeds, medicinal strains, or female and male seeds, this platform can help you get all your required products effortlessly.

In addition to that, Mary Janes Garden features some well-curated growing guides for its buyers. There are some tutorials, too, helping advanced and new growers to achieve the best outcome.

Unfortunately, Mary Janes Garden doesn’t have many promotions and deals on its website. However, there is something available for everyone under one roof, making your weed shopping experience unmatchable.

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cheap pot seeds

Herbies offer a seamless experience as you shop for the best seeds for successful outdoor or indoor cultivation. With a wide variety of cheap marijuana seeds available, Herbies has ten years of experience in this industry and is one of the top advocates of using cannabis seeds for their amazing healing properties.

This seed bank often has many deals and promotions running on its platform. Currently, Herbies has its birthday sale going on that you can benefit from.

Unfortunately, Herbies don’t offer free shipping. But you can get one free seed with a certain order. This reduces the cost incurred per seed, saving you lots of money.

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Seed City

cheapest seed bank

Our final best seed-selling platform for cheap cannabis seeds is Seed City. This seed bank is great but lacks an updated website and user-friendly interface.

However, if that’s your least concern, Seed City offers a great variety of feminized seeds for a successful growing experience. You can also benefit from frequent discount offers on the website and avail of 40% to 50% off on your purchases.

In addition, you can also get free shipping on orders above $200, so it is an excellent platform to buy in bulk.

Seed City guides you about the best strains, their yield, strength, and other factors to help you reap maximum benefits from your seeds.

You can also get your favorite seeds in packs, saving yourself a substantial amount of money.

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All the above seed banks sell high-quality and cheap marijuana seeds to use for your cannabis-growing mission. It is always best to visit the platforms, experience customer support, and read testimonials before picking the right options.


How to Order the Right Cheap Marijuana Seeds for Sale

It is very risky to buy cheap marijuana seeds with high quality. Most vendors will promise to sell you the best stock, but it is tough trusting everyone.

Therefore before you pick a seed seller to buy the best seeds online, here are some imperative factors to consider.



Cheap marijuana seeds are often available online. However, most of them have fake genetics or offer low quality. They may fail to germinate or yield cannabis plants per your expectations.

Instead of facing these issues, make sure to evaluate the reputation of the online seed-selling platform before purchasing cheap marijuana seeds.

You can join forums or groups with growers interested in the production of marijuana and cannabis seeds. Read through their positive and negative views and analyze the reputation of the companies that sell high-quality seeds at affordable prices.

You can also find expert reviews to shortlist the best platforms. If you don’t want cheap cannabis seeds to ruin your marijuana plants, research well and then spend your money.



An online seller that sells cannabis seeds for a price lesser than your competitors may attract you to invest in their products. However, we suggest not doing that blindly.

Often sellers sell seeds for cheap but offer poor customer support or quality of products.

Make sure to pick a platform that promotes cannabis seeds at a competitive price but also offers discounts every now and then. As a result, you can get a great deal to meet your budget.


Free Seeds or Discounts

When it comes to getting discounts, a trustworthy online seller will offer you great deals to match your budget constraints. You can choose the offers and buy cheap weed seeds in bulk to reduce costs.

Additionally, many good companies offer free seeds with your purchase.

Suppose they may offer a deal in which you can get ten seeds for free with every ten seeds you purchase. In this case, you might save a lot of money and get more seeds than required.


Strain Selection

Lastly, when ordering weed seeds online, choose a platform that has a huge variety of strains available. This makes it convenient for you to conduct an effortless strain selection and then pick the seeds that you may want.

Most platforms shortlisted above have more than 4000 strains available. This means you have a wide pool of cannabis seeds to buy and experiment with.


Bad Seeds Do Exist – Don’t be Fooled by Cheap Weed Seeds

When looking for the best seeds online, you may come across many platforms and dealers with great offerings. Some may promise to sell you weed seeds at a price lower than competitors, while others might offer you attractive discounts to reduce your overall cost per seed.

In that case, instead of locking a deal with one platform, do your research to evaluate the views of experts and the reputation of the seller. There is a high chance that they might be selling you bad seeds to get rid of them.

Bad seeds exist and are usually discolored, have different varieties and sizes, and lead to low germination. Moreover, flat seeds rarely sprout, so you mustn’t get those.

Bad cheap marijuana seeds don’t produce potent plants and are also a disappointment for the grower. Therefore, find the cheap ones without compromising on the quality of the seeds.


Cheap and on Sale but Still Guaranteed

Reputable brands will never disappoint you with cheap and high-quality seeds. They have a huge variety of cheap cannabis seeds available, with different strains. Moreover, the sellers also guarantee top seed performance through customer testimonials posted on their websites.

Our list above gives you many options for cheap cannabis seeds through smooth shipping and various payment options. Explore each platform above before finally picking the one that may strike your fancy.


Types of Cheap Cannabis Seeds

Most seed stockers will have three types of cheap weed seeds available for sale. These are:


Cheap Feminized

These seeds can only produce female plants, and that too through a special procedure. This makes the cheap feminized seeds perfect for a substantial yield. Also, the process saves marijuana plants from being pollinated by male weed plants.


Cheap AutoFlower Seeds

When you work with normal seeds, you may see them produce flowers according to the sunlight, humidity, and temperature provided. The tenure of the flowering period may change with the fluctuations in these elements.

However, unlike normal seeds, autoflower seeds don’t require this protocol. They don’t demand timers or special lights to work. Instead, they flower automatically within seven to nine weeks.


Cheap Regular seeds

You may not want to buy cheap regular seeds because of their characteristics. These usually include the inability to produce sufficient yield and getting pollinated to ruin crops.

However, if you need both male and female plants, affordable regular seeds are your best option. They are also perfect for breeders who want to produce their own unique strains.


Strain Selection of Cheap Pot Seeds

When looking for a strain of cheap cannabis seeds, make sure that you are aware of the options available. Three common strains of pot seeds are Indica, hybrid, and Sativa. Each offers its separate benefits and outcomes; however, your primary ones should be their quality, performance, and price.

For example, Indica dominant strains produce very small flowers and have a short growing period. This makes the seeds easily available and is comparatively cheaper than other types.

Sativa dominant hybrid seeds produce large flowers and have a long growing season. This means that you won’t find them easily as the other strains, which is why they are often used by professional growers only. Moreover, this strain is more expensive than Indica strain seeds.

When making the strain selection, you must also consider the varieties available at your preferred online platform. Most online seed banks have more than 4000 strains available, so choose those that are sold and used more commonly than others.


Who Has the Best Cheap Marijuana Seeds

Many online banks have high-quality cheap cannabis seeds for anyone looking to grow the plant at home. Some of the most reputable platforms with a big customer base include Crop King Seeds, Seed City, Mary Jane’s Garden, Herbies, Seedman, Rocket Seeds, and ILGM.

On our list, ILGM offers a large number of strains with affordable rates and many discount offers. They also have excellent shipping and payment options.

Similarly, Rocket Seeds is also a great place to purchase cheap cannabis seeds. While they offer fewer discounts, their variety and net prices for the seeds are quite exceptional.

You can also get your preferred seeds from Seed City, which is a perfect place to buy them in bulk. Seed City has seeds available in different strains and strengths. This platform has guides and tutorials to explore all the knowledge you need in using cannabis seeds.




What Cannabis Strains are the Cheapest?

If you are looking for high-quality strains at an affordable price, there are a few options available. For instance, Blue Mango can be easily found for less than $10 from most online shops. Similarly, Northern Lights have an average price of less than $8, and in most online shops, it might be available for $4 after a discount.

Bubba Kush strains are indica dominant hybrid strains with a good amount of THC. You can also get them for an average price lower than $10.

Other cheap marijuana seed strains for sale include White Widow and Pennywise. Most online sellers also offer promotional discounts, decreasing the prices of these strains even further.


Why Buy Cheap Marijuana Seeds?

Cheap weed seeds are often those that are common and easy to grow. They have a high supply which makes it convenient for sellers to bring their prices down.

If you are a beginner with no experience growing cannabis, getting a cheap seed will help you experiment and learn the process while staying within your budget.

Moreover, when you buy cheap marijuana seeds, you prefer purchasing them in bulk. This allows you to have these seeds always in stock and use them whenever you want.


Are Cheap Seeds Worse Than Regular Price Seeds?

There is a common misconception that cheap seeds are always low quality and more ineffective than expensive seeds. However, that’s not the case.

Some online platforms sell affordable seeds regardless of their high quality. This is because they like selling their products to a majority of people and encourage the production of marijuana.

Besides, cheap seeds are usually those that are common and readily available. Sellers sell them at a low price, so they can reach their buyers before getting bad.


Where Can I Buy Cheap Cannabis Seeds Online?

You can get cheap weed seeds from many reputable online platforms. We have mentioned six of the best weed seed sellers above. Pick the one that matches your requirements and get your stock.

Some of the popular online seed suppliers are Seed City, IlGM, Rocket Seeds, and Seedman. You may want to compare the strains and their prices before opting for a suitable option.


Why are Some Marijuana Seeds Cheaper and Others More Expensive?

Some seeds are cheap because they are easily available and have a high supply. Sellers promote them at low prices so that they can be sold easily and used by their rightful owners without any budget constraints.


Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Weed Seeds?

But the main difference is just in their prices. Cheap cannabis seeds are readily available on various platforms and at discounted rates. However, the expensive ones have a high price tag and are usually suitable for professional or experienced growers.


What Yields Can I Expect From My Cheap Weed Seeds?

It depends on the strain and type of weed. However, if provided with optimal external conditions, the yield would be as great as expected. Some cheap seeds produce more buds than expensive ones.


Wrapping Up with the Cheap Weed Seeds for Sale

We hope that your quest for finding the best quality but cheap cannabis seeds has ended here. Besides, all your misconceptions related to cheap weed seeds are clear now, and you won’t shy away from buying them online.

As long as the cannabis seeds are good and available from reputable sellers, you shouldn’t worry about their performance. Feel free to avail of any discounts and buy in bulk if needed.

When selecting a seller online, ensure to evaluate their prices, delivery and payment options, strains available, customer reviews, and all other factors that make them better than the rest.

Best of luck with your search and a successful weed-growing journey.

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