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Chikamasa Scissors Reviews | Top 4 Chikamasa Trimming Scissors

Chikamasa scissors review

Maintaining a garden or looking after your house plants can quickly become a tedious task if you don’t have the right kind of tools. One such tool is gardening scissors.

Chikamasa scissors come in various sizes and forms. Each pair of scissors cater to a specific need. There are special scissors for trimming, harvesting, cutting, and pruning your plants… The list goes on.

As the market has a large variety of these tools, it becomes difficult to pick the right growing supplies. One of the popular brands of gardening scissors and shears is Chikamasa, which boasts a large variety of scissors and shears suited for many functions.

Trying to find the best pair of scissors for your gardening? Read on to find which Chikamasa gardening scissors you need.


About the Brand: Chikamasa

Shojiro Wada founded Chikamasa over a hundred years ago at the tender age of 15 years.  The initial products that the company’s founding father launched were Mishoryo and Ikenobo flower scissors in the early 1900s. The quality and utility made these scissors made them very popular and high in demand.

Specializing in scissors and shears of all types and forms, the Japanese brand is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the business. This company has manufactured more than a hundred different types of shears and scissors so far.

They use high-quality Japanese Stainless Steel to manufacture each type of scissor and shear. Each of these tools has a specific purpose like gardening, pruning, trimming, handicrafts, office, or school use.

Chikamasa is a family-owned business, and Yoshikazu Wada is the current head of the company. He is the grandson of the founder, Shojiro Wada. This company is based in Osaka, Japan. However, its products are available for sale all over the world, including in the US.


Top 4 Chikamasa Trimming Scissors

Chikamasa B-500sf

B-500sf w/Fluorine Coating

Chikamasa B-500SRF

B-500SRF Curved / Fluorine Coating

Chikamasa TP-500SF

TP-500SF Ultra-Light Japanese

chikamasa t-501

T-500S Harvesting


Chikamasa Scissors Reviews

Here is a list of some of the best products for cannabis growers.


1. Chikamasa B-500sf Stainless Steel Scissors (Resin-resistant)

Chikamasa B-500sf

The Chikamasa B-500SF is made of stainless steel with a fluorine coating. They are lightweight, weighing only 2.4 ounces.

The Chikamasa B-500SF is ideal for gardening owing to its lightweight and sleek design with rounded edges. The fluorine coating adds to the longevity of the scissors as it keeps any residue or sap from sticking to the blades.

The rounded edges allow you to work with precision and protect the plant’s sensitive parts from bruising. These garden clippers have been tested and proven as ideal scissors for gardening by the US federal occupational safety hazard inspector.



2. Chikamasa B-500SRF Curved Scissors with Fluorine Coating

Chikamasa B-500SRF

The Chikamasa B500SRF curved gardening scissors are well-suited for pruning and shaping cannabis plants. The curved tip allows the user to prune and shape the tricky parts of plants without damaging the delicate parts.

These scissors are made of high-quality Japanese stainless steel. Weighing only 2.08 ounces, these scissors are quite comfortable to work with for long periods. The Fluorine coating on these scissors prevents the plant sap from sticking to the blades.

Owing to their lightweight, distinctive shape, and fluorine coating, these scissors carry out the most delicate gardening tasks with utmost precision.



3. Chikamasa TP-500SF Ultra-Light Japanese Trimming Scissors

Chikamasa TP-500SF

The Chikamasa TP-500SF trimming scissors are extremely lightweight. These scissors have sleek blades with a rounded outer edge of high-quality stainless steel. The blades also have a fluorine coating to avoid the accumulation of residue or plant sap.

A number of features make these scissors the best trimming scissors on the market. These garden clippers have spring-assisted handles to ensure minimum effort. The rounded edges of the blades make it easy to trim precisely without damaging the sensitive parts of the plant.

The grips of these scissors are ergonomic.  They have a coating of soft resin gum. In order to reduce the discomfort caused by continuous snipping and trimming, these scissors have a specific design. This allows the user to keep on working for long stretches of time without any fatigue.



4. Stainless steel Harvesting Scissors T-500S

chikamasa t-500s

The Chikamasa T-500S stainless steel harvesting scissors feature a set of sleek, narrow, and sharp blades ideal for harvesting fruits, and vegetables as well as for trimming leaves.

The non-slip handle allows you to have a firm grip and make clean cuts without damaging the plant. In addition to this, the rubber band grip closure gives you more control over the scissors. Combined with the narrow blades, this feature makes these scissors ideal for harvesting small-sized fruits and vegetables from flowering plants.

T500-S has spring-assisted handles. This feature allows the user to keep on working without experiencing any kind of fatigue.



Wrapping Up with the Chikamasa Scissors

Chikamasa garden clippers offer the best deals in terms of functionality and comfort. All these scissors are durable and high-quality.

Before purchasing any scissors, consider the kind of job you want to get done. If you want to carry out light pruning of delicate flowering plants, consider getting the Chikamasa B-500S. However, if you want to trim buds, choose the best bud trimming scissors, the Chikamasa TP-500SF.

For harvesting fruits, vegetables, or herbs, you need clippers that have a strong grip and narrow blades. For this job, T-500S is your best bet. The Chikamasa TP-500SF is also among the best trim scissors on the market. They are extremely lightweight with rounded blade edges.

All in all, choosing the right kind of garden clippers is quite important as they can dramatically transform your garden.

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