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How to Choose Which Cannabis Strain to Grow at Home?

choose cannabis strains

First of all, you should determine for yourself your personal need for cannabis, and for what purposes you need it. You may want to use cannabis for entertaining and relaxation or for the medical and healing effects.

Choose for yourself what effect you want to get, and then it will not be difficult to choose the right variety. For this reason, you can find many people planting weed seeds at home, indoors, and outdoors.

There are elite varieties of marijuana and its more straightforward types. The huge genetic and geographical diversity in which marijuana varieties are represented on the modern market today can put you in an extremely awkward position regarding the complexity of choice.

Therefore, we will consider with you the main varieties of marijuana and their differences.

But, when you choose between varieties for the first time, you should understand which one is right for you and why. It can be weak, medium, or strong. It can be strong, easy to grow, and smell delicious.

Everyone should answer why they are going to buy the best marijuana seeds, what is the purpose of using and growing marijuana?


Types of Hemp, which differ in their Phenotype

Indica strains: The phenotype is low-grade marijuana that is most commonly sourced from India and Afghanistan. The main feature of Indica is stimulating the appetite, eliminating insomnia, and gently calming the nervous system. The strongest low-grade marijuana can even relieve pain.

Sativa strains: This species is a variety of cannabis seeds for open ground, mainly found in humid tropical areas. Sativa can stimulate the moral and physical tone, and enter into a state of euphoria. However, in some individuals, the use of Sativa can begin to develop a panic and anxiety state.

Hybrid strains: They offer the best traits from both Sativa and Indica, making them a top performer among growers.

Note that varietal cannabis is also divided into auto-flowering marijuana varieties and photoperiodic ones. The first varieties do not grow in the wild and bloom after reaching a certain age. But in the second type, the transition from vegetation to flowering depends on the length of daylight.


Top Marijuana Strains for Open Ground.

There are many articles about the rules of growing marijuana, but few people write about which varieties are optimal for growing outdoors and at home.

When choosing a type of marijuana, a photo of its fruits will play an important role. Therefore, you can study them in advance on the Internet and compare what you see with what the market offers.

A few of the Top varieties of marijuana for outdoors

  • Pablo Escobar. Resistant to local growing conditions type.
  • Jamaica Sativa. It has a high yield. It has a delayed effect.
  • Divine Indica. It is considered an exquisite view, pleasantly relaxing and introducing a state of light euphoria.
  • Auto Big Bang. One of the varieties that quickly bloom, smells nice and produces high fruit-bearing results.

You can always find simpler varieties, but no one can guarantee their positive and high effect.


Varieties of Marijuana for Growing at Home.

If you are interested in the question of which variety of marijuana is best grown at home, then the easiest way is auto-flowering varieties. They bloom for 2-4 weeks, grow quickly, and give a good harvest.


The Top Marijuana Strains for Growing at Home:

  • Sweet Skunk Auto. A hybrid variety that will need 7 weeks for fruiting. It has a long and stable taste, a pleasant smell, and relaxing smoke.
  • Royal Cheese Auto. It is unique due to the persistent smell of cheese. To harvest, you will need to wait 10 weeks.
  • Royal Critical Auto. In 9 weeks, you can get up to 80 grams of the crop in the form of dense buds.
  • White Widow Auto. The growth and maturation period is 75 days. It has a sweet and sour smell and taste.
  • Royal Jack Auto. After 10 weeks of planting, each plant will be able to give you up to 70 grams of harvest. Has a small stature. With stimulating and creative effects.


Having this list at hand will help you decide which strain you would like to grow at home. With it, you are guaranteed to get a good harvest and will be able to please yourself with marijuana of the highest quality.


choose marijuana varieties


Favorable Conditions for Growing Weed at Home.

The home grower always has to provide an optimal microclimate to grow healthy and strong. The more plant requirements are met, the higher the final yield will be.


Suitable Soil and Fertilizers for Hemp.

Today, the best soil for growing cannabis can be bought in any flower shop. An excellent option is a soil mixture on a peat or humus basis with the addition of perlite. It can also be universal soil mixtures. The main thing is that the soil’s pH level is in the range of 5.5-6.5.

Among all the available options, it is better to choose those containing the most nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It is these nutrients that are most important for cannabis. In smaller amounts, calcium, sulfur, and iron should be present in the soil.

The nutrient-rich soil mixture will be enough for the full life cycle of the plant. Of course, when using additional cannabis fertilizers, the result will be better, but if the gardener has a limited budget, you can do without them.

This will not be enough for photoperiod varieties, so the grower will have to resort to fertilizing during the growing season and flowering in any case. Stimulators of growth, root formation, and flowering will also not be superfluous. All this can be easily found on specialized websites.


Lighting for Marijuana.

Energy-saving and LED lamps are now the best options for grow tents. They practically do not heat up during operation, are easy to install, and consume little electricity. The best option will be LED grow light panels that emit the most favorable full spectrum light for cannabis, positively affecting its growth and development.


Temperature for Cannabis.

The comfortable temperature range for cannabis is between 18 and 27 degrees. The ideal mark is considered to be the thermometer at 24 degrees. It is under such conditions that all the processes of plant life proceed in the best way. This applies to photosynthesis, gas exchange, and nutrient uptake. Also, at this temperature, excess moisture evaporates well from the surface of the foliage.

If for some reason, it is possible to keep the temperature exclusively in the area of extreme values, it is recommended to choose frost / heat-resistant varieties for growing.


Humidity Level for Hemp.

The humidity level favorable for growing marijuana is in the range of 40 and 60%. A situation is acceptable when the humidity level is at around 30 or 80%, but it is highly undesirable to bring it to this level.

At low humidity, you should bet on heat-resistant and stress-resistant varieties. However, it is worth remembering that when flowering lush bushes, a humidity index of 30-50% is considered the norm since this significantly reduces the likelihood of mold infection.

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