Coffee and Cannabis – Have you Thought about Mixing Them?

Coffee, which contains caffeine, is one of the most popular and used drugs for helping us wake up and stimulate the brain.

Cannabis, another of the most popular drugs is used both medicinally and recreationally. Cannabis is mostly used to help one enter a state of calm whereas coffee is used to enhance the mood and improve focus.

So if coffee is meant to wake you up and cannabis is meant to put the mind at rest, what happens when you mix the two?




Coffee vs Cannabis

Some coffee houses have started brewing coffee infused with cannabis. Is this a good idea and are there side effects one suffers from consuming this infusion? The advantages coffee packs is opposite of THC.

THC is the product in cannabis responsible for achieving a “high”. Caffeine helps in improving the focus, motivation, and attention span. It also helps one stay awake.


What does Caffeine do?

A2a receptors in our brains are responsible for causing drowsiness. Caffeine attaches to these receptors and blocks what causes the drowsiness.

It helps people stay in a state that’s opposite of drowsiness and stay alert. A2a receptors are also responsible for inflammation.

Caffeine activates the sympathetic nervous system which directs the body on how to deal with stress. On the other hand, THC gets rid of stress. THC has also been shown to restore memory in animals. Are there benefits that can be achieved when coffee and cannabis are consumed together?

In a study conducted by Zucker Hillside hospital, it’s not advisable to take two stimulants at a go. A study was conducted on rats which concluded caffeine couldn’t mitigate against the memory loss caused by THC. It’s important to note the effects these two stimulants will have on a person depends on the person. Some people report sleeping well even after consuming these two products together.

Other studies conclude caffeine helps add to the effects THC has. For it to work properly, THC must be consumed in small amounts. One reason people consume cannabis and coffee together is the “happy “feeling they experience owing to the increased dopamine levels in the brain. There isn’t any risk of consuming these substances together. Caffeine in coffee is highly addictive and it’s therefore wise to tread carefully and avoid taking high amounts of coffee.


What Does Cannabis Do?

Cannabis also affects how the A2a receptors work. When taken in small amounts, CBD produces the same effects as caffeine. You can opt to take this together if you want to experience a burst of energy, at the same time keeping anxiety at bay. CBD has some advantages over coffee which include:

  • It’s not addictive
  • Works closely with other receptors instead of overwhelming them
  • Works well with the endocannabinoid system and therefore promotes homeostasis


There are several ways to infuse your coffee with cannabis:


In conclusion, mixing cannabis compounds like CBD and coffee pack many benefits for your body. CBD helps fight anxiety and coffee helps increase alertness. When you combine small amounts of cannabis with your coffee, you’ll not only increase alertness but decrease feelings of anxiety.

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