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Debunking Myths About Cannabis

Myths About Cannabis

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The advocacy from cannabis activists throughout the years has resulted in various places embracing decriminalization and even the legalization of marijuana. What has led to these triumphs has mainly stemmed from educating folks about the facts and research surrounding the benefits of cannabis flowers.

Unfortunately, the days of reefer madness are still not over. Some countries still criminalize cannabis, which carries the lingering stigma associated with it from years of misinformation and disinformation.


Common Myths Surrounding Cannabis


Myth #1: Marijuana in Kid’s Halloween Candy

Like clockwork, the days leading up to Halloween have various news publications releasing article after article warning parents to check their children’s candy. Many of these articles fearmonger by assuming neighbors harbor nefarious intentions toward trick-or-treating children by planting THC-infused treats to get them high.

Despite this story being circulated in the media for years, there is no real danger as there is no factual documented case of it occurring. Like any moral panic, these are only isolated and rare incidents. A child’s chances of obtaining cannabis-infused candy are rather unlikely.

For many in the cannabis community, it astounds them that his narrative has continued. A running joke when articles like this circulate is how expensive cannabis-infused treats are rather costly and wouldn’t waste their edibles giving them to unsuspecting children.

Hopefully, one day, this myth eventually goes up in smoke completely.


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Myth #2: Marijuana is the Gateway Drug to Addiction

The danger of any drug is addiction. Addiction is typically characterized as the compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance. It’s a destructive form of mental illness since addiction can cause health, social and economic problems.

With that definition in mind, it begs the question: is marijuana addictive?

Mostly, people don’t usually develop an addiction to weed. However, you can’t rule out the possibility of it becoming addictive for some people. The risk of becoming dependent can increase from 25 percent and 50 percent if used multiple times a week, along with using cannabis at a young age (e.g. a teenager).

It’s important to note this is usually a small minority who become addicted. Compared to other drugs like heroin and cocaine, only nine percent become clinically dependent on cannabis. Like anything, cannabis is good in moderation and is relatively harmless if used responsibly.


Myth #3: Death From An Marijuana Overdose

The word ‘overdose’ conjures up the image of an unconscious individual, their life in danger from using too much of a drug. Since marijuana is a recreational drug, some might think you could put yourself at risk of an overdose. While it is possible to overdose on weed, you don’t need to worry about dying.

A marijuana overdose mainly causes you to become physically ill (e.g. nausea or vomiting) and possibly experience extreme anxiety, paranoia, and short-term psychosis (loss of touch with reality).

Edibles are notorious for overdose because it takes longer for the effects to kick in, and people make the mistake of consuming more to feel high faster.

Thankfully, such effects go away after several hours. Also, drinking water and sleeping the effects have been known to help those experiencing cannabis overdose. So, in essence, a marijuana overdose is not fatal.


Myth #4: Able to Drive After Marijuana Use

A lot of the time, alcohol and marijuana are compared to one another. For the most part, weed is less harmful than alcohol for various reasons. However, there is one commonality that they do share – you shouldn’t be under the influence while driving.

You may not be swaying like someone drunk on alcohol, but cannabis is still a psychoactive substance at the end of the day. When impaired by cannabis while driving, it can heighten your risk of getting into a car accident, which can have dire consequences resulting in either injury or death to you or someone else.

Plus, even if you feel the effects are gone, cannabis remains in your body for quite some time – even longer for frequent cannabis users. In turn, it also comes with legal ramifications if you’re caught driving impaired from cannabis. Ultimately, when it comes to driving and cannabis, it’s a safe bet not to do so.


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Wrapping up with Cannabis Myths

These are just a few of the common myths surrounding cannabis. It’s important to understand what’s fact and fiction when it comes to information about cannabis. Having proper information about cannabis not only helps to destigmatize it but also ensures safer usage for everyone.

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